Trey Gowdy’s latest comment sent a big time message to Obama and the deep state

Scandals about illegal leaks and Obama’s spying have dominated the first few months of the Trump administration.

Conservatives believe these leaks about surveillance were done to damage the Trump administration.


  1. My frustration with this Administration is that still there are Obomit people in office. Like Federal Judges pinted by Obomit taking actions on political issues that are beneficial to the country. Why Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and many others are free as a bird just after their crimes have been uncovered? Business as usual.

  2. If anyone has the fortitude to take on Obama’s usurper network, it is Trey Gowdy. The only issue is, will others in Congress possess the same fortitude. This is my biggest concern, those deeming themselves Republicans; however, are anything but.

  3. turn Mr. Gowdy loose on all crooked and spying people even our last president Obama if found guilty then prosecute all guilty parties with prison terms no matter who they are.

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