Trump Advisor shut down the Russia conspiracy theory with these 17 words

Jared Kushner has been at the center of so-called “mainstream” media intrigue form months.

The press and Deep State leakers tried to frame him for collusion with Russia.


  1. Crediting the Russians for Trump’s victory is like crediting Hitler for Churchill’s victory back in 1939.

  2. Anyone who disagrees with the Clintons, Obama, Pelosi , or any of their coherts must be silenced. They are totally unamerican. After all, the USA has had its turn at greatness and MUST NOT be great again.

    Look at the damage the USA did during the second world war. If it was not for the USA’s interference the world would be a totally orderly socialist utopia with all speaking two languages, German and/or Japanese. What an atrocity, saving the world from total domination by the Germans and Japanese, and, even worse generously rebuilding those countries after the war. While the liberals mentioned above break every decent law in the book, we must hold them above the law and give them free reign as they can save us from the Evil Trump Machine.

    SOME SPIT !!! oops, I did not spell it right.

  3. NegrObama influenced the 2016 Election against President Donald Trump! He also influenced the Israel Prime Minister Election against Benjamin Netanyahu! He can’t keep his evil little fingers & tongue out of anything! This is what would have happened if Hillary was elected President!
    Obama & Hillary want what is happening in Britain & Germany to happen here! This is the most important video you can watch that explains the problem!

  4. The liberals are losers and they continue to show their butts in everything they attempt! Give it up losers!

  5. Well the party of the left , and especially the Clintons have always sought to deflect any illicit dealings onto others. The whole party buys into their actions against others, and that goes for the media to. They hire dirt diggers to ferret out any and all dirt they may in the past been involved in. It is despicable , but that is the democrats for you. And the gullible fifty percent of the public fall for their crap. Sic-em D.J.T.

  6. Well, Larry, I feel your actions were all committed in total innocence! After all, we were brought up to understand that it was a good thing to speak of things we believed were true. Apparently, times have changed! Now–only spreading ‘lies’ is acceptable and the truth is not! That seems to be the ‘message’ demonstrated by our ‘leaders’!! Pres Trump is being ‘attacked’ for being honest–so, what is that ‘saying’ to our young people and the rest of the world??

  7. They put an illegal woman in prison for 8 years for voting illegally 5 times, but not one Democrat has gone to jail for mass election fraud that has been revealed. Hillary murders any witnesses that might incriminate her. Becoming rich selling favors to our enemies, using a billion dollar charity to launder her wealth from the bribes she accepted. Making deals with the attorney general. Lock these people up. Show us that the big shots have to obey the same laws the rest of us obey. No respect for the common people results in no respect for the government.

  8. The only reason why the democraps are pushing for an investigation on collusion is because that’s what they would do. They just refuse to believe the republicans wouldn’t do it either.

  9. I HAVE TO CONFESS. I can not let Trump and his people continue to take the blame for my mistakes. During the Presidential campaign, I was walking down the street, in a small town in South America. I met a Russian. We chatted for a while. I happened to mention that crooked Hillary was a liar, a cheat, a thief, and a murderer. The Russian asked for more details and I shared them with him. The Russian passed the information on to his friends and relatives around the world. We have millions of Russian-Americans in the US. The word got out to them and they passed it on to their friends and neighbors. Millions switched their votes from crooked Hillary to President Trump. This was enough to swing the election to Trump. This was a classic example of a small pebble thrown is a pond with the ripples spreading great distances. I am sorry that President Trump and his staff seem to be getting blamed for my actions. Maybe if the DNC had not chosen to force a criminal on the US, they might have had a better chance.

  10. well in my opening statement to congress would have bin , can you tell me why use let people from the oboma administration get away with refusing to testafy ,plead the 5th , and lie to use , and walk out scott free, i have yet to see one democrat held accountable for any of their crimes ,for 8 years or government has bin run like a bad 3 ring circus and has a lower approvel rating then president trump, use still have no proof of anything ,yet you treat us like criminals , so when are you going to start holding congress members to the same level as us, use took an oath , but it seems it means nothing to use, the country is a mess thanks to use, and your sitting her playing games

  11. If Russian election influence is being looked at why is only the Republican side is only being looked at ???
    I guess maybe the Democrats are guilty of what they are accusing the Republicans of, let’s have some press on the Democrats !!!

  12. As you can see democrats at work!!! everybody is wrong because you are not a democrat!Well it is time go after Hilary and her people who fallows!!Should be accountable for their doing!

  13. Isn’t it ironic how those who support the Clintons are looking for people to be held accountable – I mean – that is – except the Clintons.

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