These Trump-bashing Senators just found out their actions have consequences

Republicans haven’t had an anti-incumbent primary cycle since 2010.

The establishment took a lashing back then, but have been dishing it out to grassroots conservatives ever since.


  1. Read about what this French politician wrote about how one country can lose its Democracy by not paying attention to history

    Jean-François Revel

  2. I am completely disgusted with our elected representatives. Every damn one of them should go, with the exception of President Trump. And if he don’t produce in the next three and a half years, then he should go too. Term limits – yes! You get two terms at whatever job you’ve been elected to do. If you can’t move up, you have to go. I vote in EVERY election from local to national, and EVERYBODY should do the same. I am retired military. I love this country, and if you don’t feel that way too; you need to find somewhere else to park your ass. I’ll help you pack, I have 20+ years experience at packing.

    Sorry, I kinda went off on a tirade there. Be well,

  3. All you back-stabbing, do-nothing government stopping ass-clowns in congress, WE have your number, and a Bastille Day is coming to you!

  4. Get rid of all those RINOs, they don’t serve our conservative agenda. Murkowski and Collins both have got to be replaced. As far as McCain, hopefully by then he’ll have kicked the bucket.

  5. The left complains about The President not getting anything done, how can he when his own party is against him! Any conservative voting against him should be sent to the desert with a rifle!

  6. Any one with a senator or congressman who is not in
    cooperation with the President elected by a majority of Americans should know what to do! Go to the polls and
    kick their behinds to the curb and put someone in who
    Is willing to help our President MAGA! It is very simple!
    These folks are doing a job for us….go with the wishes of
    President Trump! Send a message really loud and clear!

  7. I look forward to making political contributions to Heller and Flake’s primary opponents. I’ll be making an effort to save and maximize my contributions.

  8. I would love to see all the anti Trump office holders get challenged and defeated.
    I live in Pa but gladly send campaign donations to other state candidates that run against the RINO’s

    Go Trump agenda……

    • Most work for whoever pays the most. Highest bitter, then comes back and lies to us. The old saying with a small change- lies, damn lies, and D.C. lies.

  9. Folks Trump has done more for our People
    in months than Obama did in 8 years. 8 yrs
    and trillions of dollars of debt. There is
    no comparison. MR Obama has a record to live

  10. Yes and I hope and pray that they all get defeated they are surely not for the citizens that put them in Washington and they are absolutely not for the America that we the people love so dearly! I have said it before and I’ll say it again, there was devine intervention in President Trumps election, GOD put him there through his people and he will protect him!!!

  11. Those against President Trump are called, RINO’s, Republicans in Name Only, which means they are really Liberals trying to sneak in under any party that is the favorite at the time. They are the worse kind of politicians, as they are only in it for themselves and not for the people who elected them. They are frauds and are the ones who give a bad name to politics and politicians. They don’t stand on principle, and they don’t deserve a chance at all.

  12. I personally only vote for Conservatives, I don’t look at the main stream party affiliation, just the C or L, which means Conservative or Liberal. No Liberals for me, that is why there is the term, RINOS, Republicans in Name Only, as they are Liberals under the Republican umbrella, to undermine Conservatives’ good work and our attempt to prop up everyone, and to show that individuals can do better for themselves than to rely on the government to help them. Conservatives are always misrepresented as bad or evil people, but Conservatives aren’t the intolerant ones, we feel each person has a chance to better themselves, regardless of their upbringing, as like Morgan Freeman stated at one time, ‘the bus leaves everyday’, in other words, get on the bus and get away from the negative socio-economic environment one lives in to get to a better place. A place where there is better opportunities for an individual who isn’t afraid of the hard work to get where you want to be. Conservatives appreciate individuals who try to help themselves, legally, and that hard-work never hurts any one. If you want your current circumstances to change, don’t rely on the government to do it for you, the govt. doesn’t care, but you have to be creative your self and figure out ways to better your circumstances. It isn’t easy, but it is NEVER impossible. And once you achieve what YOU have worked hard for, the better off you will be in the satisfaction that you alone can take all the credit and not by govt. hand-outs. The govt. has gotten too big and too much ‘over-reaching’ against individual lives, that must stop and President Trump is doing just that, pulling back on the govt. reins from continuing to over-reach into individual lives, and the old stale Congress ‘status quo’ doesn’t like it, but this is the hard work that Conservatives take on to stop the over-powering and unethical corruption a ‘too big’ govt. creates. President Trump has the gumption to get it done, and it has to be done, or else USA will become just as bad as the EU when it comes to socialism, communism, and isn’t that why America had the Revolutionary War, to STOP the European influence over America? Yes, and that is also why the United States of America’s Constitution was written and still is in effect today, over 200 years later. Don’t let the Liberals try to make America like Europe. If they, the Liberals, like Europe so much, then they should move there, and see how bad it is.

  13. There is a movement to DITCH MITCH and I hope it happens. He and the little arrogant Paul Ryan are a detriment to President Trump and need to be replaced. They are part of the Republican Establisment and neither are for the American people. They don’t deserve their paychecks.

  14. i think absolutely that these republican rhino’s will be voted out they don’t support the president and they do not support the people that elected them to office in the first place.their in it to fill their own pockets with tax payer money and do not give a danm about the people it’s time for these fake republicans/demoturds to go and put in someone who supports the president and the people vote these scum out now.

    • All those 7 RINOs are not up for reelection . McCain, McConnell, Collins and Collins . Unless these scumbags retire, we are stuck with them. Hell its looking ie the Dems have the majority. 55-45. Disgusting they cannot support Trump and the American people. The special interests and Chamber of Commercd own them lock, stock and barrel. Trump cannot do it alone. Fighting dems, repubs, the MSM and the deep state(Obamas shadow government ( Rosenstein and Mueller bringing this President down . Trump should have fired Rosenstein right off as soon as he took office . Mueller should never have been appointed . Nothing warranted a special prosecutor. Sessions should never have recused himself. Ridiculous !!!

  15. I think the swamp draining will be a process that involves several things including the electing of new Senators to replace politicians of contradiction and reverse representation like John McCain, etc.

    Finding out where the treachery is located is part of the deal, so I hope President Trump is not tempted to take his foot off the gas one bit in MAGA – which I don’t think he will.

    Notable, as President Trump is involved in a bout with a maniacal tyrant about a nuclear exchange – (3) Senators did not have one bad word to say of the idiot North Korea dictator, but they did have open criticism before the whole world of President Trump in this matter. These are McCain, Feinstein and of course Chuckie Boy Schumer – the human cockroach.

    • jwal, Please do not defame the cockroaches any further by attempting to associate Chuckle Ball less Screwup as a part of their society.

    • jwal, Please do not defame the cockroaches any further by attempting to associate Chuckle Ball less Screwup as a part of their society.

  16. We the voters can pull the drain plug on the swamp. It is time for a change and time to limit the terms of these career politicians.

  17. A golden opportunity doesn’t come along very often, and the old money establishment Republicans are throwing it away! It makes about as much sense as Nancy Pelosi behind a podium! It just doesn’t get any better than this! What are they thinking? Someone slap them into reality, stubborn-snooty, old farts! The Democrats are thinking, wow, dude, I can’t believe they are so easy!

    • That’s OK, Rob!! WE can’t believe they were so ‘easy’ either!! More people are getting ‘educated’ and involved in the political system than ever before!! Thanking both Hillary Clinton AND Donald Trump!! Hillary Clinton demonstrated just how ‘deep’ corruption has taken hold of our government and the techniques used to do that!! Donald Trump ripped the cover of ‘lies’ off their schemes and let in the ‘light of day’!! It was a shock and shook the nation but, we needed that. We are no longer complacent about our government!! Our trust in them was abused and now they’ve lost it!! It will take a long time to win it back, so they had better get busy! We came so close to the edge of losing the precious freedoms we took for granted–now, we need to make very sure that never happens again!!

  18. It is all part of draining the swamp. They should all go down in the next election so that the Trump agenda voted for in the last election can get approved by the Congress.

  19. Great, it is about time these guys got some flack, they all seem to be ignoring the people who voted for them. Keep pounding Trump lets clean the swamp completely

  20. I hope every last one of them are voted out of office by the American Public, in a landslide election. Good bye and good riddens!!!

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