Trump gave one speech that erased Obama’s worst betrayal of America

In Barack Obama’s two terms in office, one betrayal stood above the others.

The Iranian nuclear deal allowed the rogue regime in Tehran to march down the road to acquiring atomic weapons.

But it all got wiped away with one speech Donald Trump gave.

Trump delivered a speech where he outlined a new, tough strategy to take on Iran, which is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

In it, he announced he was decertifying Obama’s nuclear deal and allowing the Treasury Department to sanction Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

Decertifying the deal allows Congress to work out tough new trigger mechanisms and bench marks as well sanctions for Iran’s ballistic missile program.

Breitbart reports:

“President Donald Trump announced Friday he will not certify Iran’s compliance with the Iran deal, effectively putting the ball in Congress’s court on whether to end the deal.

“I am announcing today that we cannot and will not make this certification. We will not continue down a path of whose predictable conclusion is more violence, more terror, and the very real threat of Iran’s nuclear breakout,” Trump said in a televised statement from the White House.

“History has shown that the longer we ignore a threat, the more dangerous that threat becomes,” he said.

Trump’s decertification now means Congress has 60 days to decide whether to reimpose sanctions that were lifted as part of the deal with Iran, reached under the Obama administration in 2015 and known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

If Congress imposes sanctions, it could be seen as a breach of the deal, and the U.S. may no longer be a party to the deal. If Congress does not impose sanctions, the deal could remain intact.

Trump said he has directed his administration to work with Congress to strengthen the deal and that some members of Congress are already working on a proposal.”

Conservatives were furious with Obama’s nuclear deal for two reasons.

Frist, it gave away the store to Iran.

Not only was the Iranian government allowed to remain on the path to developing a nuclear weapon, it aloes revealed $150 million in taxpayer money that could be used to fund terrorism.

Secondly, the deal violated the Constitutional right of Congress to ratify treaties.

Since Obama classified the deal as an “agreement” he end ran the Article I of the Constitution in order to cement this sell out of American national security.

And while Trump is giving Congress a chance to pass tough sanctions on Iran and slam the door on weak sports in Obama’s nuclear deal, Trump also said he could end the deal if Congress cannot pass legislation to his liking.

During the campaign, Trump promised to end the nuclear deal.

Decertifying the agreement and following the Constitution by observing Congresses power to legislate is the first step in not only making good on his word, but also strengthening our national security by observing the rule of law.


  1. BHO was made in Kenya, delivered in Hawaii and brought up in Indonesia. He should not have been a president. I don’t believe that he is a natural born US citizen.

  2. Since BHO did NOT allow OUR gov’t to approve this POS “deal”, it should be disavowed. Just be aware, that EU is having a “cow” over this! Apparently, they are also in the Obama “fan club”, where anything the “One” does must be “great”! WORST 8 years of my life!

  3. Your right bagster53 45% of the Republican in Congress are really CLOSET DEMOCRATS, AS IS PAUL RYAN,Mitch, so many liars ,WE NEED TO TURN UP THE SPEED ON DRAINING THE SWAMP.

  4. Democ-rates?
    What the hell is that supposed to mean?

    Call them “Commiecrats”!
    Because that is exactly what they are!
    And it pisses them off because its the truth!

  5. Absolutely. We allowed them to do the damage that they did to us, and stayed ignorant until Trump made us look at it. It is OUR duty to handle and correct this.

  6. That’s why we have 2018 mid-term elections and those who aren’t due for re-election can and should be RECALLED by their home states, where ever those states are that have the recall option in their state constitution. It is up to you, me and everyone we know, to work to make that happen; encourage everyone you know to be sure to vote, in the mid-terms, whether they normally do, or not. It is imperative that ALL VOTERS take the initiative to MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

  7. kotoc -You “can’t fathom WHY fraudbama would have facilitated the nuke acquisition for N. Korea?” Well, just think about this – -in the first place, that muslim fascist “hated/hates” America with a passion; second -he is NOT even a US citizen, he is STILL a citizen of Indonesia, per his adoption by his Indonesian step-father AND his US citizenship was NEVER REINSTARTED (if it ever existed in the first place) when he moved to Hawaii, at age 10, to live with his (supposed) grandparents. Did you not see the photos of him, wearing his collegiate name tag, showing he was a “foreign student”? Perhaps you wonder, did he lie then, in order to receive scholarship assistance, OR has he been lying to US ever since, about everything else? Answer – -YES, he’s never been known to speak truth.

  8. I have to say that the majority of all in the white House and anyone associated with them should be fired.
    It’s my thought that all politicians lobbyists, and all currently associated with law makers should be put out to pasture.
    In place should be a whole new congress and supporting staff.
    They all would have to live by the same rules and regulations we have to live by, including retirement and health care. You had better believe that things would be a word or difference. There would be no Obama care to speak of, and Social Security would be in a lot better shape.
    All congress would be answering to their own voters and could be replaced if not doing their jobs like the rest of us.

  9. When is he going to terminate McMasters who publicly disagreed with the President on the Iran deal. Wonder how he would have acted when he was an active duty General and one of his officers had spoken out in disagreement with his decisions. I thank you call it Court Marshall.

  10. Right now, If anything happens in NK or IRAN , The world knows, that we had something to
    do with it. Just keep your mouth closed and do it. Let the world think what it will,
    but there is several other countries that have no love for them right now!!!

  11. bagster 53 is right . congress will go against Trump so they will have something negative to say about him and how the Iran deal is ok and should not be changed

  12. Like everyone else, I can’t fathom WHY Obama would have facilitated the nuke acquisition for N. Korea… what was going through his mind?!? That was a big no-no, and he knew it, but here we are, concerned about a madman with delusions of world domination thanks to him. I hope Trump will lay it on the line with N. Korea that we will NOT be intimidated, and any affront to another country, ESPECIALLY the U.S., will result in our use of a very powerful military power against them. And I hope he will follow through if N. Korea ignores the warning.

  13. Donald Trump has done more then he promised during his campaign, done more in less then a year with a large group of politicians out to get him then most president’s have done in two terms as president with the support of about 80% of all politicians.
    He has been the first president to keep the American people in the loop of what’s going on not only in the White House and political circles, but also what’s going on in his mind, sometimes off the wall but never the less what he’s thinking, and the direction he want’s the country to head.
    He’s also had a guy by the name of George Soros 27th richest in the world who wants to bring the US to its knees creating nothing but disruption every step Trump takes. Soros has made more politicians rich beyond their wildest dreams just to go against trump and his policies.

  14. The end od the Iran deal, No more money for Odummy care, and of DACA and guess what people!!! Odummy’s Legacy of Muslim terrorist Anti American BS is OVER!!!

  15. i wouldn’t relay on 45% of congress, they are proven closet Democ-rates. they have to be exposed. the people know whoo they are,and it looks like it will be the people to remove them. another traitor is PAUL RYAN. DON’T UNDERSTAND THE DELAY ON GETTING RID OF HIM. HE HAS DEFIED PRESIDENT TRUMP ON THINGS THAT ONLY A DEMOCRAT WOULD ACT ON.

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