Donald Trump just got some really bad news

Donald Trump campaigned on a bold agenda.

He has fulfilled some of his promises through executive orders.

But legislation he has proposed is stuck in Congress and some are warning this could have disastrous consequences for America.

One of Trump’s top wish list items is a tax cut designed to boost economic growth.

Candidate Trump proposed a tax cut for every American and it was one of the centerpieces of his plan to grow the economy and bring back good paying jobs to our shores.

But so far, Trump’s legislative agenda is stuck in neutral while Congress bickers.

Paul Ryan has already stated that Congress won’t take up tax reform until the spring.

The New York Post writes in an editorial that this would be a major mistake as that would mean Trump wouldn’t be able to sign any bill until the fall:

“Bad news: Congress is putting tax cuts on the back burner for now — a big risk.

House Speaker Paul Ryan says lawmakers will focus first on replacing . . . er, “repairing” ObamaCare and on President Trump’s infrastructure plans, and only take up tax bills sometime in the spring.

That means Trump won’t be able to sign anything until before the fall — at the earliest, if no other delays pop up.”

The Post warns that by delaying tax cuts, Republicans are keeping the breaks pressed down on the economy and that could lead to Democrats sweeping the 2018 midterms and Nancy Pelosi rising to reclaim her position as Speaker of the House:

“Recall the early 1980s: President Ronald Reagan got his tax cuts passed, but allowed years for them to phase in. The economy didn’t take off until 1983 — and hit recession first. In ’82, Republicans lost 26 House seats.

Similar results in 2018 could make Nancy Pelosi the speaker — and block any further reform, while empowering Democrats to launch endless investigations to gum up the Executive Branch and feed the press a heavy diet of administration “scandal.”


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  5. president Trump can only try to do so much. if something don’t get looked at least he tried for americans. thank you sir for all you do and attempt to do for America.

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