Trump got his hands on swing state polls that will change everything you think about 2020

Trump supporters are convinced the polls are wrong just like they were in 2016.

Democrats and the Fake News Media claim Joe Biden has a hammerlock on the Presidency because polls show him with an average of an eight point lead on the President.

But now Donald Trump got his hands on swing state polls that will change everything you think about 2020.

The American Principles Project and SPRY Strategies conducted polls in ten key battleground states.

Contrary to other publicly available polling data, the President led Joe Biden in seven of these states.

Breitbart reported, “According to the poll, Trump is currently leading Biden in Georgia (49-46 percent); Kentucky (60-34 percent); Michigan (50-45 percent); Montana (52-42 percent); North Carolina (49-46 percent); Pennsylvania (48-47 percent); and Texas (49-45 percent).”

However, Joe Biden led Trump in three key swing states.

Breitbart also noted, “The results also indicate Biden is leading Trump in Arizona (49-45 percent); Iowa (48-46 percent); and Wisconsin (46-45 percent).”

The current media narrative is that the only question left about the 2020 election is how large Joe Biden’s Electoral College margin will be.

Some pundits are speculating that Biden could rack up more than 400 Electoral College votes, a total no candidate reached since George H.W. Bush in 1988.

These polls suggest the race is still a toss-up with neither candidate holding a clear edge.

Fake news pundits want the public to believe the race is over so Trump supporters get discouraged and don’t show up to vote.

That would boost the Democrat’s chances of taking over the Senate.

But with just over 100 days left until the election there is evidence to suggest this race is far from over.

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