This Trump-hating Senator just got the worst news of his life

One U.S. Senator has dedicated his life to destroying Donald Trump.

He tormented him during the campaign and now that Trump is in office he has gone out of his way to take pot shots at the President.

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    • There are only a small handful of good,decent Senators and House members in the US Govt. MIst are a bunch of obstructionist. They spend their congressional lives answering to lobbyists, the EPA,the NEA and other special interest groups and these people line their pockets with gold. That’s why most all of congress goes to Washington, not poor, but certainly not wealthy, and after a couple years the money starts lining their pockets. All are a bunch of phonies.


        • Doris you forget the son is just as bad as the father, so don’t bet on the money stopping totally. They both should face jail time for their crimes!

        • A good number of Congress are like Mujaheen from Afghanistan. They can’t be bought …………………

          …….. But they CAN be rented.

          • As my favorite author once wrote, “An honest politician is one who stays bought.” This was written in 1965!

        • I must say Sen. McCain at least, had the balls to stand up to the railroading of the party and vote in the best interest of the country instead of along party lines. This causes me to respect him even more!

          • socialized medicine is the bane to this country and not in its best interest. It is what he was saying before and now the reversal? Does everyone in this country have a brain tumor or what?

          • Then you have no idea what socialized medicine is; LOOK AT THE VA~~~ I am a VA patient and can tell you YOU DON’T WANT THIS….LONG WAIT TIMES, NO CHOICE OF DOCTORS AND GENERAL GOVERNMENT GARBAGE

          • @Fred Brown: McCain stood up for what the Democrats conceive to be the best interests of the country, not for the best interests of the country. We will be well rid of him, the sooner the better.

          • Fred,good for you…you admire McCain the lying the deceiving traitor of Vietnam who betrayed his soldier’s and denied no POW/MIA and they died under his hand and Obama giving him a medal of heroic honer the only honer he deserves is by the hand of the POW that might be left in the era of that disgraceful piece of Democratic trash,he is another Obama made over or maybe Obama took over where McCain left off they both are scums of the earth

          • I’m sorry, but McCain to me is part of the swamp. He does nothing but bash Trump any chance he gets. He needs to go.

          • Are you kidding me? What hole were you in? He is just a mean and evil old man and a traitor to his country and the men he served with.

        • Sorry DORIE….But I read that Soros has a Son waiting in the wings to take over doing the same crap his sickening father has been doing….sad if true.

      • I am fully aware that not all members of the Deep State ate Democrats. In another posting I suggested that the Republican Party be renamed the RINO Party AND that their “symbol” be changed from an elephant to a rhinoceros. In the same posting I suggested that the Democratic Party be renamed CPUSA (Communist Party of the USA) and that their “symbol” be changed from a donkey to a wolverine.

      • Yep…….just let them keep running their big anti-Trump mouths and they will sink themselves when it’s time to vote again.

        • The one thing Sasse has going for him is his career voting record on immigration issues. Unlike the Democrats, 93% of which have accumulated career grades of D’s and F’s on immigration issues because they’ve been aiding and abetting the illegal alien and Muslim invasion of this country for DECADES, Sasse consistently maintains a B or B+ grade for supporting American workers. If anything can save his political bacon in 2018 election, that might do so.

      • We should not have to wait until the next regular election to fire somebody in government. They were elected because of a platform that they campaigned on and identified themselves as being the person to represent their constituents. When their actions like this guy are brought to light, then their constituents should be able to hold another election and take out the garbage immediately

        • Daniel, years ago California had a Govenor, Gray, who was running California down the cliff. California has a special election and Schwarzenegger was elected…..but he was not any better. LOL

    • I have a suspicion that Sasse ran as a Republican just to get elected. If he thinks he can score points with voters by trashing everything President Trump does, he is sadly mistaken and certainly does not score well with the majority of people who voted for the President. Hopefully, he will be voted out of office and will just fade into the Nebraska sunset…, never to be heard from again!! However, if he decides to run as a Republican, his chances of winning the presidency are zilch. If his ego urges him on, I’ll bet he changes his Party affiliation to Democrat.

  1. Send this Ben sassy out to my area and I will change his attude very quickly and then read him his rights plus a swift kick in the ass and raise him off of the ground a few inches I believe it would help his attude.

  2. One more piece of the swamp that needs drained. He is one more liberal in a republican disguise. One disguise that failed. Send this piece of excrement down the drain as quickly as possible.

  3. Great! Just what someone who behaves like this moron should be put in his place! I think these fine folks have just done that to Sasse! Good job Jeff Kauffman!

  4. It’s really a shame that this president can’t get the respect the office deserves. My god, compared to Socialist’s, Muslim, America hating Obama Trump is a Prince. Obama trashed our country and Christianity and he sure stole enough of American people’s money to go out with quite a fat bank account. He isn’t worth the time of day and the democrats drooled all over him. Shame on all those that are treating Pres. Trump with such hatred and disrespect.

    • I agree Jimmy Johnson. Trump is really scaring their mules b/c he is a true American and is doing everything he can for this country. The Demo-rats have so many scams, crimes and thefts going on they are terrified they are all going to be exposed. They’re like rats scurrying around trying to save themselves any way they can and they think obstructing Trump and bad-mouthing him will help. Nope…..all it does is keep exposing their stupidity and ignorance along with all the rest of their vices.

    • The person holding that office has to EARN respect! Just because he got the most electoral votes doesn’t mean he automatically gets respect, plus, he has no respect for anyone who doesn’t share his views. There are a lot of views that I don’t agree with but respect their holders. He doesn’t even listen to opposing points of view, just tells his followers to beat the crap out of them. That is in no way deserving of respect from anyone

      • Perhaps your point of view is skewed? Most liberals suffer from that problem. It is not Trump that will not listen to other points of view, it is liberals who will not even consider the POSSIBILITY of a point of view dissimilar to theirs!

  5. Sasse may not be an asset to Republicans, but we have 7 better targets for removal in the 7 Republicans who voted against a repeal of Obamacare, the three turncoat women along with McCain, Alexander, Heller, and Portman. These are the Republicans that I will put first to work and contribute to remove at the earliest primary opportunity. So far as I’m concerned, they are the RINOs who will forever live in infamy while we continue to be oppressed by Obamacare, and until they are all removed from office.

    • The push needs to be to remove them immediately. What happens if you do not do the job that you were hired for? You get fired immediately. These people need to be fired immediately!

    • Oh! I get it now! The Republican Way is a documented and verified war hero is elected to the Senate, serves with integrity and dignity for 30 years through 4 presidents (2 of them Republican), but since he votes for the people, instead of the party, it’s “throw the lousy bum out on his ass” time! What makes you think you are any better than those “Demo-rats” you so handily vilify? You can’t answer that without a whole stupid bunch of republican catch phrases and party line rhetoric (look that up in a dictionary).You haven’t got a fact (except Trump’s “alternative facts”) to back it up with, so go on believing your little fairy tale dream of Trump going to fix everything and make this country great again. Remember, The Antichrist is coming, if He’s not already here!

  6. He’s anti-Trump? I’ve waited 8 long years for Mr. Trump and this guy is working against our president? Heck with him.

  7. Another DemocommIe Rhino AssHole. Better start looking for a job Blowjob.He or she better sign up with McCain on the bread line cause we’re through carrying his slimy ass.

  8. Great bunch of comments from ALL of you good, patrioticAmericans. 8 years of bringing down America was enough. President Trump is a breath of fresh air. Te”established” politicians are afraid of being held accountable, and possibly lose some of the “benefits” that THEY voted for THEMSELVES !!! Drain the swamp is RIGHT !!! Semper Fi !!!!! God Bless America. A lot of us fought and bled to keep OUR country strong, and solid. She is the best there is. DON’T let what has happened to Europe happen here!!!

  9. He is a democrat maybe now he will run as one, being from Nebraska he should have been smart enough to not betray the farmers, if any sector means business its the farmers.

    • Your right. Sasser is a. Ass h. Just like the idiot clinton going to PENSYLVANIA & telling the coal miners she’s going to put them out of business and she wanted them to vote for her she’s a parasite just like. Sasse

  10. He is not even in a league with a pimple you know where on President Trump………crawl back in your hole for 50 or so years……..then, if able, try again…….if I am still around, I will send this same email.

    • Your right. Sasser is a. Ass h. Just like the idiot clinton going to PENSYLVANIA & telling the coal miners she’s going to put them out of business and she wanted them to vote for her she’s a parasite just like. Sasse

  11. Several Republican senators need to be primaried: Sasse, McCain, Graham, the three women from Alaska, West Virginia and Maine, McConnell, Boozman, and the fellow from Ohio. There are undoubtedly more, but this is nearly a tenth of the entire Senate and 20 percent of Republicans. Throw in Dimocrats and we’re not going to see much of the president’s agenda passed into law. We definitely need a ballot box revolution.

    • I agree, but please don’t forget Alexander and the Nevada Senator. They also voted with their fellow Democrats to preserve Obamacare (or should we call it McCainCare, now that he has adopted as his own healthcare policy).

    • They don’t need to face opposition in a primary, they need to be voted out now! They don’t need to face opposition in a primary, they need to be voted out now! In addition, we need to push forward to have any and all benefits including and especially the very lush retirement plan that they will receive paid for by taxpayers alone with security details medical benefits and you name it for the rest of their lives. We need to put them at the bottom of the ladder in America where they belong.


  13. Ben Sasse talked a good talk and was elected by the trusting citizens of Nebraska. However, he has shown his true colors and appears to be working only for the interests of Ben Sasse. I am hopeful he will serve his one term and disappear into the abyss. Washington is full of Ben Sasses, we do not need anymore like him.

  14. You know you ass.h must Republicans that’s why this Country is so F.up because of people like you you ass.h got to remember we are USA not Russia this is a free Country not Russia and we a Dictator running this country Yes I am Democrat if you don’t like it do something about it

  15. What a shame Fake Senator Sasse. You sure have the right last name with the smart mouth you have. Too bad they wanna replace you so you aren’t All that as you thought you were. You shoulda kept your smart mouth shut and supported Your president as it is your responsibility as a supposed republican. I think you’re really a liberal!!

  16. All of you are right these are not true republicans they are all phones that want you to believe they are republicans when they are real democrats l have met some in person and I was never impressed they are phony and crooks that cannot be trusted at all. Yet the same damn people vote that kind of crap they are all jealous of Mr Trump They are the swamp that needs a swift kick in the ass and show them the front door

  17. Just consider a few things: Sasse ran as a conservative Republican. He is NEITHER.

    Sasse graduated from Harvard, the most corrosive college in the U.S. He got his Masters and Phd degrees from Yale, only slightly behind UC Berkley at the leftmost end of the political spectrum. He went to tiny podunk college, Midland College (who??) President. There are only a very few conservative colleges in America and Midland isn’t one of them.

    Now, for very good reason, the good citizens of Nebraska, after foolishly electing too many liberals to Congress, have had enough of Sasse! GOOD FOR THEM!

  18. This Sasse guy is just another RINO——ex. the hag from alaska, Mccann and the other ole hag that voted against the Repubs on the health care .
    I DO NOT LIKE SASSE AT ALL. There is no telling the number of skeletons in his closet. He talks alot but says NOTHING!

  19. This guy is a poster child for UN-SENATORIAL and Anti-American.
    He and his ilk do not belong in America.
    Can’t imagine who would want or take them.

  20. This guy is obviously a Democrat !!!
    He is a piece of garbage and should be TRASHED by the Republican party!!!
    We have a duly elected President that is trying to make America great again and doesn’t need trash like him and other RINO’S trying to destroy America as a free nation !!!

  21. Paonessa..why do you liberal idiots always blame the other guy when its you liberal demorat mental retards who f**ked up america ?..sad state of affairs when there are too many of you idiots running around..Chicago is a good example of what you idiots do..

  22. The more these idiots try to take down President Trump, the better it gets for him and the worst it get for them. Brainless morons!

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