This Trump-hating Senator just got the worst news of his life

One U.S. Senator has dedicated his life to destroying Donald Trump.

He tormented him during the campaign and now that Trump is in office he has gone out of his way to take pot shots at the President.

But he just got the worst news of his life.

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse is the media’s favorite “conservative.”

They love that they can always get him to trash Donald Trump.

During the campaign, he refused to endorse Trump and announced he would write in a name rather than vote for Trump against Hillary Clinton.

Since Trump became President you can always count on Sasse to join the mainstream media chorus and denounce Trump’s behavior as “unpresidential.”

Now Sasse may about to pay a massive price for repeatedly stabbing Trump in the back.

Big League Politics reports Republicans in Nebraska are getting fed up with Sasse’s playing to the liberal media and are plotting a primary challenge:

“Multiple Nebraska Republican insiders confirmed to Big League Politics that Senator Ben Sasse’s standing has taken a big hit in recent months, especially with the rural agricultural base that supports President Trump. Sasse’s courting of the mainstream media and constant attacks on Trump are wearing thin with Republicans. Farmers think he’s abandoned their interests in preparation for a presidential run. Active discussions are taking place to find a primary challenger to run against Sasse when he comes up for re-election in 2020.”

Talk of a primary challenge isn’t the first push back Sasse has received for his anti-Trump showboating.

He recently visited the state of Iowa – which left some pundits buzzing that he could be laying the ground work for a 2020 primary challenge to Trump.

But that talk was quickly dashed when Iowa State party chair Jeff Kauffman ripped Sasse in very personal terms.

CNN reports:

“He crosses the Missouri River, and in that sanctimonious tone talks about what he doesn’t like about Donald Trump,” state GOP chairman Jeff Kaufman said. “You know what Sen. Sasse, I really don’t care what you like, we love Donald Trump! And if you don’t love him, I’d suggest you stay on your side of the Missouri River.”

Sasse thought he was building a national profile with his anti-Trump persona.

Instead, he may have punched his ticket out of elected office.