Trump just got the news that left Robert Mueller drowning in sorrow

After over 2 years of digging, the Russia investigations are wrapping up.

The final reports on Trump-Russia collusion are being turned in.

And Trump just got the news that left Robert Mueller drowning in sorrow.

The Senate Intelligence Committee is wrapping up their investigation and NBC News has learned their final report will state that the committee found no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

It was not for lack of trying.

The committee interviewed 200 witnesses and combed through millions of pages of documents and emails.

Committee Chairman Richard Burr made it clear the facts did not support the conspiracy theories about Russian collusion.

NBC News reports:

After two years and 200 interviews, the Senate Intelligence Committee is approaching the end of its investigationinto the 2016 election, having uncovered no direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to both Democrats and Republicans on the committee.

But investigators disagree along party lines when it comes to the implications of a pattern of contacts they have documented betweenTrump associates and Russians — contacts that occurred before, during and after Russian intelligence operatives were seeking to help Donald Trump by leaking hacked Democratic emails and attacking his opponent, Hillary Clinton, on social media.

“If we write a report based upon the facts that we have, then we don’t have anything that would suggest there was collusion by the Trump campaign and Russia,” said Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, in an interview with CBS News last week.

These Russian investigations are a national nightmare that has been tearing the country apart.

They persisted because the media refused to believe that Donald Trump could win the election, and they wanted to undo the results by whatever means necessary.

So they floated this hoax about a Russian conspiracy and created a firestorm that forced Congressional Committees to waste valuable time chasing ghosts.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. How about lying to clergy about campaign laws, how about lying to the military about a 10% raise that was actually 2%. How about lying about Mexico paying for the wall. How about lying to the people about his taxes

  2. Who’s selling uranium to our enemies? Your hero’s then, treasonous e-mails paying billions in u.s cash money on pallets directly to Iran, a known terorist state no matter how you look at it, for on a libtard or conservative.

  3. I’ll tell you what we need to do we need to take one of these Democratic senators on one of these investigation Witch Hunt departments that they work in I say we take Adam Schiff and waterboard him and let him tell us who the culprit was that made up all this dissemination about President Trump cuz I’m sure he’ll Spill the Beans really quick just like he was so quick to want to find nude pictures of the president so Mister Shifty Schiff what do you say now who was it how many of them was it you better start naming names or we’re going to have to pour more water oh you’re going to give up the information trust me if not him then we’ll go with Maxine Waters waterboard the hell out of her find out who bought and paid for this stupid made-up dossier and once we get all the names then we can start throwing them all in prison along with the people who squealed

  4. Only if we can bring her up on false charges like jussie Smollett who’s facing 16 felony counts of filing a false police report this is the same deal this was nothing but a dossier trying to frame Donald Trump in order to have a great story for why she lost! Hillary lost because she wasn’t bill and because she’s not likeable to anyone for that matter much less people in her own party I mean she basically all but bought and paid for her a nomination everybody knows that freaking Bernie beat the crap out of her and I mean beat the crap out of her worse than Obama did! Now it’s going to be fun to watch Trump dismantling one of these far-left nuts I don’t care which one of you put on stage with Donald Trump there going down and they’re going down in flames along with their careers cuz anybody that gets beat by a non politician should never run for a government again if you can’t beat someone who’s never ran for government then you need to get out of government cuz you’re not very good at it I’m glad Hillary took my opinion to heart and decided to stay out of this year’s election!

  5. I guess you believe everything that Pravda tells you don’t you you must because anybody that still watches MSM loves your government ran media because that’s exactly what it is now anybody that watches MSM is watching Pravda the governmental arm of the news now since they’re in bed with the government and they report talking points that only the government wants them to put out that’s why I call them Pravda and that’s exactly what they are just like in the Soviet Union days when your media no longer has the will to do their job and not be so opinionated then you can say we have a free press in this country not until then not until all of Obama’s and Clinton’s misdeeds are investigated damn all this Trump bashing I got news for you is all it’s going to do is get Donald Trump re-elected and then what are you going to do for the next 4 years except sit there and whine and complain just like we did through 8 years of Obama so good luck with that

  6. Everyone needs to watch this video!! It details the entire back story of AOC, Omar, & Tlaib! THIS IS SERIOUS & not another “conspiracy theory”. They make no bones about it,post video’s for all to see. “Justice Democrats” is real & the media is just now starting to report on it?? Everyone needs to Google ”Justice Democrats”, NOW!

  7. James Berry: Which lie are you refering to. You are apparently are a demoncrap leftist commie. Come on and show us how neutral you are and enlighten us further. We need to know like Obama if you like your plan you can keep it and if you like your Doctor you can keep them. Like the USA is no longer a CHRISTIAN nation. Those are two samples of bummers truth telling skills.

  8. Like With Richard Nixon who was caught in an endless web of lies Donald Trump and his family have been busy spinning lies for a very long time what is major crime is his money laundering

  9. Mueller can’t investigate Hillary because he is part of the investigation and could not be unbiased, he would have to give himself a pass or prosecute himself and I don’t see that happening.

  10. Yes, Hillary and the Obama administration committed treasonous crimes… however, no one has the balls to prosecute them… not one in Congress…not one in DOJ…. and that is why they walk free.

  11. Can’t WE THE PEOPLE sue the Democratic Party for negligence and fraud? Just a thought… don’t know the legality of the issue, but thought it would be a good idea.
    Class Action Lawsuit by the PEOPLE OF THE US…… against the said Democrats and the Democratic National Party…. How about it folks? P.S. I will sign the petition.

  12. Ain’t that something Hillary spends 12 million to dig up false Russia lies against Trump. Then us American Taxpayers spends 50 million to investigate Trump. She’s probably laughing perty Good. Not bad for Hillary 12 million investment the Democrats Party invested.

  13. If the DEMS think they have a chance in 2020 all that is going on now will leave them at a big loss. They rightly deserve it.

  14. Ok is the Left going to reimburse the 50 million spent on this B.S. or are we screwed again as the cry babies have it there way. Poor Hillary.

  15. They went after Trump to keep Hillary from being investigated. It’s said there is proof that she Colluded with Russia.

  16. I agree. These people don’t like America as far as I’m concerned. Mueller should be in prison for what he has done and the rest of them too.


  18. February 28 at 8 oclock, there will be a large protest in Washington at the Capital steps. Be there if you can. It’s time we stand up against the curruption in Washington and tell them we are not going to take this anymore. Please pass the word around to everyone you know. Thanks

  19. I hope and pray that you people on the left are waki g up now to the democrats, there will be a day that you vote for a President, and they will do the same to them. The deep state needs to go down, they are all bought off by lobbiest and big money. They only want power and control over all of us, they do not care about any American. They own almost all the media channels, and they lie to you every single day! Wake up before its to late. Trump is not guiltily for anything, and he’s cleared of all the hog wash that the deep state put forth!

  20. The thing that will always bother me the most about this whole collusion nonsense and connected investigations is the fact they have been putting people in prison for unrelated charges like “false statements” which is always the trap they use to squeeze the person into submission and hopefully bare false witness to the real target which in this case of course is Trump, but its the fact Hillary “Hilldog” Clinton Body Count was literally caught in lie after lie after lie in front of the whole world during the email testimony and instead of her facing those same types of charges with way more important information being mishandled we had Jim “the leaker” Comey drafting her exoneration letter before he even interviewed her or any of the other criminals involved with her and her corrupt dealings. We all witnessed that and the media just pretends like it never happened and keeps pushing Trump and Russia. Its despicable and sickening how deep the corruption really goes and most people go their whole lives just following the brainwashing material without question or debate. Its so angering that nobody is ever going to do anything about holding all of them to account for their crimes against humanity…

  21. Yes J Edgar had salacious dossiers on most of known Americans!

    He was a flaming homosexual as is the tradition.

  22. Libs got the talking part done years ago,
    Trouble is, that’s all they got to this day
    and the cry wolf, sky is falling, the dam is gonna blow, Levee is busting
    finger in a dyke (lol) libscuckery was as we all knew, a libstravaganza.

  23. Nothing will happen short of people grabbing him and making citizens arrest, just like the good people of Iceland did to rid their government of corruption and treason! But nothing will happen because of blind patriotism and belief that any corrupt government is too big to fight or fail!~

  24. Nothing will happen to them ,only those common Americans with blind patriotism to all corruption of the past administrations! Americans can be fools to allow it and the belief of blind patriotism to the false mindset that any government is too big to fight or fail!

  25. Muel face Mueller and his investigating commitee just pissed away 25 million dollars. The american tax payer should not pay for this trumped up iinvestigatio. The Dumicrats should be liable, call your senatord and Congressmen and complain. Build that wall President Trump!

  26. Mueller and his co-harts should be facing charges of their own for hiding the facts that they were investigating the wrong people. Instead of going after President Trump they should have been investigating Obama, Clinton and a host of other Democrats. I hope President Trump and incoming AG Barr will open up legal proceedings against them, but who in the DOJ and the FBI can be trusted.

  27. James if Trump collided with Russia and it is proven I will bring you a crack whore as soon as your mama gets out of prison.

  28. All of these witches were nailed for non-Trump election crimes. The only Russian collusion activity along with clear lying was fone by the Democrat party under the direction of the former lead Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton. Your either Demicrat liar or your just another AOC level stupid Democrat.

  29. Mueller, Enough with all of you and the Democrats lies and Failed Attempts to find anything on anyone. You are as crooked as Hillary Clinton as well as all of your lying people and staff. It is over and just go away.

  30. you took the words from my mouth. Well only one thing that happened was Mueller must have made lot of money which he wwould have never dreamed in his life time.

  31. It’s a WHICH HUNT not a WITCH HUNT, however a LOT of WITCHES have actually been found with many more to come. It”s just a question of WHICH one of DRUMPFS grifting family members and WHICH one of the CORRUPT CRONIES he has surrounded himself with, will be found to be actual WITCHES.
    13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies indicted, 12 Russian GRU officers indicted, about 24 overseas Russians charged with election interference, Richard Pinedo pleaded guilty, Alex van der Zwaan pleaded guilty, Konstantin Kilimnik charged, Sam Patten, George Papadapoulos pleaded guilty, Paul Manafort convicted, , Rick Gates pleaded guilty Michael Flynn pleaded guilty, Michael Cohen pleaded guilty, and 1 red-headed Russian operative/spy in conspiracy with the NRA pleaded guilty. A Lot of WITCHES caught!! The question is: How many more WITCHES will be caught and will the head Warlock , Trump, be held accountable as well??

  32. Thanks for spending millions of our tax dollars on this “witch hunt” The demonocRATS are full of hate. Do not vote for another demonocRAT ever again. Arrest the wicked witch of the west and chuckie scummer for treason. Also aiding and ab-aiding murder and other atrocities.

  33. The whole damned mueller instigated coverup for hilary’s crimes are treasonous acts instigated by bo’s treasonous wannabe dictator whims and ways from hell ! The commie part of this fraudulent fiasco is a dem instigated & created crime to disrupt our voted POTUS to secure U.S. Government administration ! Treason is the crime & execution is the deserved justice for all the dem cronies !


  35. Where is your proof or at least tell us what you suspect. Not just saying he is guilty, what exactly has he done ✅?

  36. They should take it out of their pay checks until all the money is payed back to the American people! Use it to build the wall!!!

  37. The democrat national party needs to pay Our Treasury back for this 2 Year WITCH HUNT. They knew where to find hillary all along.

  38. Russia wasn’t trying to help Donald Trump. It was a setup by Hillary Rotten Clinton to get that Russian woman to tell Don Jr they had a scoop on Hillary.
    Julian Assange released those emails to help Bernie Sanders, not Donald Trump. Bernie is the one who was wined and dined by the Russian Oligarchs when in his undies and on his honeymoon with his new child bride.
    Bernie has probably had more Russian connections than even Hitlery Clinton.

  39. We all knew who the real crooks were,we didn’t need him to tell us. I’m wondering when he will be charged with his conspiracy? He went after those that were not into anything but charged them with phony crimes,it’s wrong because they went bankrupt,at least one did.

  40. The First head of the FBI was J. Edgar Hoover, he used his power to blackmail Politicians, Bobby Kennedy said he was going to fire him but his brother was banging every girl he could. He was a cross dresser and lived with his mother. Looks like thing haven’t changed much !!!!

  41. Dems will NOT win big in 2020, even the most flagrant illegal voting isn’t enough and occurs in blue precincts, anyway. Besides, Trump will have proof of the wall being built, a great economy and jobs to report and his opponent will be someone further left and even more unelectable than Hillary.

  42. The corruption continues. Hilary, Obama, and all their associated need to be charged. I would bet the materials collected by Mueller would be plenty to hang them all. Un fortunately it won’t happen. The Dems with win big in 2020 unless illegal voting can be significantly reduced. Pelosi, Feinstein, and the rest of the democrats want to import another bunch.

  43. They blame the media for the witch hunt…..IT WAS HILARY CLINTON, the DNC and THE DEMOCRAT SWAMP THAT CREATED THIS WITCH HUNT, EVEN HAD DEMOCRATE INVESTIGATORS RUNNING IT. This will not end here, I want full justice for this coup de etat backed lie…this will be a black eye in our history….this type of brash lying should never happen again, yet it won’t….time for term limits and changes to the way our governments operate.

  44. the lunatic democrats thought they will win 100% and then there nightmares
    begin and the democrats planned this so called collusion to framed up the
    newly elected president TRUMP and Obama give his blessing to james clapper
    to blame trump on Russian collusion to harassed/ruined the trump administration
    agenda,but the democrats will never succeed because we,the people support the

  45. The attempt at the largest scam in the history of the United States is about to run its course without the desired outcome that about a dozen political criminals were assured would happen. The criminal element of this country (Clinton’s Mob) were sure that the country could be fired up into an over reacting mob and almost accomplished it and the investigation would never need completed. They could go with the narrative of assumptions guilty until proven guilty and make an ignorant and naive country believe. But the little remaining honor and justice prevailed. Too bad all of this criminal element cannot be taken out to the nearest public square and hung by the neck until dead.

  46. about time when are we going after that piece of garbage Obama, Clinton, and of course the soros. the best president since Reagan. I and my whole family will vote for trump 2020, of yea how about that ny democrate who does not know jack about anything and how about that arab. all of this garbage should be put out to hang. trump 2020

  47. What a waste of tax payer money!! Now FINALLY the democrats will have to work for their money and get back to work. I think we should have one party only – Republicans!!

  48. now the committee needs to arrest, charge and convict those who actually colluded with Russia. both Clintons and most of the Obama admin senior operators.

  49. After two years of obstructing the Trump administration, it is gratifying to know that it was just a witch hunt. It is amazing that so much has been accomplished for all of us in spite of all the obstructions to improve the welfare of the average citizen. I will vote for Trump on the 2010 election. MAGA!!!!

    HIS ASS //// HE WILL
    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  51. Madame0….Name the “so many ties between Trump and Russia” and the documents you obtained the information from.

  52. Mueller should have to pay back to the taxpayers for his “crimes” against the USA! Frivolous lawsuits were the fodder of the day. Let him eat his words and make the Hillarites pay too the Liars/lawyers from the Dems. pay as well!

  53. Him and all the rest of these ignorant low lives on the left are Drowning in their IGNORANCE hell they all knew it was Hillart all the time or at least I hope they was not that stupid but they were well 40 million bucks the Dems can tax their money back and through it away like the rest they have wasted PERIOD !!

  54. Robert Mueller is a corrupt, ignorant man who needs to be put in jail for wasting millions of dollars on a WITCH HUNT started by the Democrats, Obama, Clintons, Pelosi,and the Democratic National Committee because President Trump beat the Clinton Foundation’s money and her corrupt, criminal background and all of them JEALOUSY Trump beat her because this country saw through her lying and evil, devil smile. Okillary & Mueller should share a jail cell.

  55. A hoax? There are so many ties between Trump and Russia, I would not be surprised if he eventually gets tried for treason. There doesn’t have to be collusion to find him guilty of profiting from a foreign enemy while being in office.

  56. Just another waste of our tax dollars if they would do this to the democraps then it wouldn’t be a waste of money

  57. Rob Bert Mueller’s ‘drowning in sorrow’ is just a warm up exercise for hell. He will pray to GOD he never heard of the deal he took from pope Urban II. ‘Guaranteed Absolution’ is a fraud.

  58. I already asked my Senator Richard Burr. I’m waiting fr an answer. He does answer his constituency as fast as possible.

  59. Okay Senator Burr, you work for me, i also vote for you. Now it’s time to go after the Dems. Impound all of Mullers investigations findings and turn it on the Dems for prosecution, including Mueller.
    RenewedRight, may I suggest you all interview my representative, Richard Burr and ask him about now going after the Dems based upon what we know and what RM has documented please. Thanks.
    Yes I will be contacting Mr. Burr so you don’t need to ask me to.

  60. No surprise. In a town where secrets have a shelf life of about 45 seconds, Robert Mueller and the most aggressive team of Trump haters and investigators he could assemble could not find any evidence of Russian collusion from either Trump or the GOP. Mueller and his team have blatantly ignored any evidence of Russian collusion that involved Hillary Clinton or the Democrat party. 2 years, 200 interviews and more than $40 million have been spent in pursuit of this one sided chimera, and they still refuse to deal with the results: Hillary was the colluder, not Trump.
    This was more than just another government boondoggle. This was a Leftist coup attempt to overthrow a duly elected US President. The Mueller investigation was just one leg of this attack. Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and company continue their efforts unabated. It is time to bring this radical partisanship to an end.

  61. The Mule of Mueller part of corruption in our country…send all these snakes to California that state is already ruined by another Pelosi family the governor secular sick being….

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