Trump just trolled Kim Jong Un as only he can

While North Korea toys with reigniting war on the Korean Peninsula through its nuclear weapons program, Trump is responding to the threats by getting under Kim’s skin.

At the United Nations, Trump famously derided him as “Little Rocket Man.”

Now, Trump is back to trolling Kim Jong Un on Twitter in the best way possible.

In his annual New Year’s Day address, Kim Jong Un explicitly threatened the United States with the possibility of nuclear war, saying:

“The entire United States is within range of our nuclear weapons, a nuclear button is always on my desk.”

Trump responded on Twitter reminding Kim Jong Un the United States has a large, working, nuclear arsenal.

While the left predictably responded by going apoplectic over Trump’s tweet, Tom Rogan writing at the Washington Examiner reminds readers why Trump’s trolling actually makes strategic sense.

The president was simply reminding Kim and those around him that the U.S. has the ability to annihilate them on very short notice. And be under no illusions, Kim’s questionable sanity requires a constant and explicit counterpart in U.S. deterrence.
In addition, although crude, Trump’s tweet was accurate in its “bigger” button narrative. Consider the most forward deployed element of the U.S. nuclear triad: the U.S. nuclear ballistic missile submarine fleet (SSBNs). As the president frequently points out, at least one of these boats is now constantly stationed off the North Korean coast.
Again, this isn’t about bluster but balance of power on the most consequential of all national security concerns: nuclear deterrence. It’s about Kim knowing that his existence exists subject to the discretion of the United States and not vice versa.

Rogan goes on to argue the tweet also sends a message to China that America *may* be serious about using the military to disarm Kim Jong Un.

If China believes it, they’ll be far more inclined to pressure Kim to give up his weapons program.

What are your thoughts on Trump’s “nuclear button” comments?

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  1. Michael – – In case you didn’t notice the tax bill passed with 51 votes, all Republican. The healthcare bills went down in flames because they couldn’t get the 50 votes needed. No Democrats were needed to pass them. Going forward, they will need Democrats to keep the government open and to pass other bills. Now maybe we will see if the Republican control wants help in a way that will be beneficial to the country.



  4. In case you are unaware, it requires 60 votes in the Senate to get any reasonably decisive legislation approved and sent to the President to be signed into law. Democrats have managed to present a lock-step OBSTRUCTION to prevent any such a thing happening.

  5. Obstructionists? How can anyone be obstructionist when you have control of both houses of Congress and the White House. You can do anything you can finally decide that you want to do. The only thing that is being obstructed is stuff that the courts said were unconstitutional. Why do you need a scapegoat for your inability to get the job done?

  6. Don’t forget the loss of exemptions. If you itemized with $18,000 and had three kids you are looking at $38,000 off of your income and now you get just $24,000. And it depends on how old your kids are, too. If they are late teens you actually wind up paying more. If you get the child credit which doubled you might break even. If you are like most people and live in higher taxed stated, you have less of a chance of a great outcome.

  7. Well Howard…the tax reform will benefit me and many more. The Standard Deduction going from $12000 to $24000 in many cases is a windfall. Especially for those who Itemize and have experienced a reduction in things they can itemize. So, say someone who itemized $13000 gets an $11000 kicker.
    same for singles SD going from $6K to $12K.

  8. Un is meeting with SK for a couple of reasons. One is that the new SK president has expressed the desire to have better relations and another is that NK wants to send athletes to the Olympics. Neither of those has anything to do with Trump.

    The tightening of sanctions is not a U S thing alone as the U N did this in unison with lots of other countries.

    I too, would love to see Trump do something of value. So far I haven’t seen anything. The Republicans in Congress screwed up their attempt to do anything positive about healthcare and the tax bill that they passed is nothing more than a sop to their donors. 80% to people who don’t need it (and have said they don’t need it) with a bunch of that money going to foreigners in the way of dividends and stock buy backs. That money will be spent in the foreign countries. That plus is isn’t simplification. Hope you like your $20 a week if you get that much. Other that Gorsuch and the usual court stacking, I don’t see that he really has done anything.

  9. China and North Korea both respond only to credible threats, Diplomacy does not phase them in the least!

  10. Everyone has their own ideas and opinions. Some valid some invalid…that’s what makes up a society. It’s who turns out to be right and who produces results. Surely there’s always a place for diplomacy…but none of it has worked. Un is meeting with SK. That’s progress as well as Red China has tightened sanctions and agree or not because of Trump’s stand with them. That’s progress and all due to Trump. Voters loved Obama. Why? because he smiled. Never pissed anyone off…for the most part…and on. He also didn’t accomplish anything meaningful. Hopefully, you, the MSM and Trump dislikers will come around and acknowledge what he accomplishes which I’m confident will be quit a bit.

  11. Ed, he might be a POS but he is also the person that has nuclear weapons. I don’t think that Trump knows how to deal with the POS. He deals with everyone that way, even his friends.
    Calling names and taunting is his way of life. Also part of his way of life is being a misogynist and a con man. If you like that kind of a person, fine. I don’t think you would like your kid acting like that, but then, what do I know. Personally, I would rather see a little diplomacy. Even if you think he is better than Obama, Un still has the missiles and the weapons. Trump isn’t going to be able to do anything about it no matter what name he calls Un and no matter how infantile he acts. So the result is still going to be the same as the result that Obama got, and Bush got, and Clinton got.

  12. John, nothing like having Arctic Reserves and National monuments with no growth and no jobs along with massive illegal immigration and the funding of a welfare state.

  13. So tell it like your mind sees it.
    Remember you idea of a liberal doesn’t fit me as I am definitely a fiscal conservative.

  14. So what has done that is so great. Most of what has happened has been in spite of him rather than because of him. Outside of Gorsuch he really hasn’t done a thing.

  15. That’s exactly why he uses Twitter, because you can’t trust the MSM to tell the truth, of course the only faction that reads the MSM any longer are the dumb a$$ liberals.

  16. Millions voted AGAINST the democratic mafia; not necessarily FOR Trump, he stabbed a lot of us in the back with his total disregard for our environment, National Monuments and the Arctic Reserve.

  17. Pres Trump uses Twitter to piss off the media, he is doing a fine job. They can’t stand it that they don’t get to edit his tweets. I love it.

  18. I think you reversed that: “You are a SMALL fish in a very BIG pond”… Kim so Looney isn’t even that. More like a small fart in an F5 tornado.

  19. I trust Trump knowing he has negotiated with smarter people than Kim. Only problem is if Kim is suicidal in which case I trust Dennis Rodman who sizes up Kim as a regular guy. Regular guys tend not to be self-destructive even when provoked.

  20. China has already sent troops to the NK/China border to push back any NK refugees. China does not want refugees in its country. They know Dung is just huffing and puffing, but China also is readying for the worst. China got busted last week transferring oil to the NK boats in international waters, thus proving to the world that they are not serious yet about telling NK to just shut up and acquiesce to the world. But they also know Dung is insane as well.

  21. Nor I second best. As horrible as war is, none of us want it. And not sure N.K. really does either. But they want that bomb against all cost it seems.

  22. So you would rather N.K . have a Nuclear arsenal to terrorize other countries as well, to get what they want.
    Mario, wake up and smell the roses

  23. Kimmy’s military seems to have gotten a more clear picture – -notice how many have escaped across the border lately and during the latest event, his fellow comrades-in-arms didn’t even attempt to stop him. That alone, says a great deal about what is taking place in NK.

  24. Mario, the USS Pueblo is in the past, unfortunately. Our arsenal is so huge AND precise that even Russia takes notice now. Also, remember that we have the THAAD’S right off the coast of NK, able to completely take out anything ole KJ Dung has to offer, even what nuclear he “professes” to have. Trump is a master poker player, and he is winning. Your reply makes no sense. Use facts, not emotion, when making a comment. You will have more people agree with you than if using emotion, in your say on this blog. Yes, as Ed the Merlin says, “NK has everything to lose!” I am not plagiarizing. Just saying how it is. Just the facts, son. Just the facts. Past presidents used “placation” to shut up ole Dung. Trump uses force. Dung cannot stand it. All he does is TRY to use Psychology 101 on Trump, and it is not working.

  25. As much as I am a Hawk on these matters…I think it unwise to take Rocket Man out. Tighten sanctions more and let his own people do it. Fostering this type of action goes both ways. As much as I despised Obama, I never advocated his demise. And the last thing I want to see is a Liberal fanatic or demented individual try something on Trump. Always remember, it’s a two-way street. Didn’t Un take out several family members? can you see a NK blog with comments saying the same thing about Trump. Unfortunately, resolving these matters takes time and they generally take care of themselves if you allow it to happen. Take Iran for example. If Obama didn’t wuss out on the first wave of protest/riots and backed up his Red Line in the sand, things would have been different today. Ergo, Trump is providing support for the protestors. What we need to see is protests /riots in NK. What do you do…take out everyone who disagrees with you? Isn’t that what America is all about…

  26. Right on! Don’t bow to this pimple on the Earth, like Obama was fond of doing. Guess he was used to submission?

  27. JUDY JUDY JUDY A TRUE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE ! NICE , Well Said…. can’t add anything to that statement. I actually copied that and placed it in my folder of things to remember. Certainly as you point out JUDY, the simpler answer is the better approach KEEP IT SIMPLE ! and make it happen. In Closing : THE PUEBLO INCIDENT HAS UPSET ME AS WELL FOR YEARS ! We missed a serious window of opportunity there, If something as you have apply suggested would have occurred then we would not be here looking at this mess today. Am praying that OUR PRESIDENT CAN TURN THIS ALL AROUND. Can you Imagine what the world would look like without NK. “The Bully” constantly causing some sort of grief. what we need is an Entebbe type action.

  28. Trump’s comments hit their mark, right on the button! Go Donald! Call him little rocket man…relate that our button is bigger than his and always will be!!! By the time he realizes it, his regime will be too starved out to actually do anything. The Donald is holding the “Trump” card and it is time itself… If Kim does anything, it’s over. If he does nothing,it’s over. Checkmate. Excellent job Mr. President! You are my president and I voted for you as millions taunted you. Thank you for being a man of conviction, foresight and for knowing how to play poker, and knowing what cards to play when! A remain a thankful citizen.

  29. Nobody could be that stupid enough to believe that nuclear weapons are the answer therefore no ones wins. The president is playing a dangerous game with country that has nothing to lose and a madman who’s every every unstable North Korea has been bullying and getting away with it for years and this failure to act when they unlawfully Captured the USS PLEBLO AND WE DID NOTHING NOW WE ARE FACING NUCLEAR WAR FROM THIS ROUGH NATION AND HERE WE ARE IF YOUR SCARED ONLY TIME WILL TELL. CHECK AND MATE GOD SAVE US ALL

  30. Maybe a “first strike” by CIA operatives to put an end to Kim, and his top level leaders. Drones, flown in at night to do the work. Leave the country with no top leaders and chaos will erupt. Then China will have to act, even if for it’s own defense to quell the issues in NK. Let’s use our smarts, and technology to put an end to that nut case and his insane anger towards America. He has been misinformed about America, and his father was furious that America both stepped into the Korean war, and that he lost to American forces in that war. The whole thing is about revenge. For the best interest of the people, just get rid of the top leadership, and let chaos ensue. The only issue that could arise is someone would still launch. With that in mind, knowing their storage areas, make that ability a non-existent one as well. A drone could carry enough chemical explosives to render their nuke capability and missiles to damaged to be useful.

  31. Well, hitlery’s hubby gave away the SECRET Technology on multi-stage launches.

    Before they couldn’t get it done, then….

    Apparently on a whim, bill and ronnie brownnose decided they needed a ‘commercial satellite’ launched by China.

    The rocket blew up on the pad, but it easn’t supposed to make it anyway.
    China had pulled the multi-stage technology out the night before.

    Shortly thereafter, they started putting their own satellites into orbit.

  32. I think a covert action should take place now, like yesterday, and for the U.S. to take out NK nuclear arsenal. It can be done, just don’t let the MSM know about it a head of time, just do it and as a very top top secretive mission. That will fix the problem with NK, then we can continue to focus on the other enemies of the U.S., like Iran, Pakistan, Russia, China, etc. Then the MSM and the Liberals in the U.S. which are really domestic terrorists themselves, starting with Hillary, then Obama, and the rest.

  33. Although I agree with you to a point, the fact remains we shouldn’t wait to be hit. If necessary a preemptive strike may be called for considering China’s duplicity on sanctions. Their dilemma is, do they continue shoring up NOKO and risk all-out war or stop and allow the collapse to send refugees over the border.

  34. War is and should be the last solution. I’ve been through it and its ugly, terrifying and insane. Having said that, the president has told Kim, in no uncertain words, unlike other politicians, that if one missal hits our land, he will wipe that country off the face of the earth. I agree with that. The US is not the one pushing conflict. We dont want it, but if that insane Korean makes the first move, we must act quickly and totally wipe out that country. If we respond with a surgical strike, than China and S. Korea will be overrun with refugees. They cannot handle that. Sorry, but as I said, war is hell and second best doesn’t sit well with me.

  35. What hasn’t Hillary given away? Ask and you shall receive, or better yet “I’ll just e-mail you the codes, no one will be the wiser”…WHAT A POS..and she still walks around as though she is queen tut. “Cant touch me” my name is Clinton.. When will American wake up or better yet, when will Sessions get off his lazy, pussified a%% and get to work. We need someone at the White House that will grow a set and get these ‘crooks’ (Obammy included)into jail where they belong.

  36. God Bless America and PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP
    FINALLY a president who will not let America and the world be bullied anymore…He is restoring our place in the WORLD as the SUPER POWER WE RIGHTFULLY are… And no more AID to ROUGE REGIMES… HALLEULJIA… Let’s blow the little TROLL of the PLANET..

  37. Howard, I don’t think you get it. It has nothing to do with schoolyard kids stuff. What The Donald knows is how to deal with a POS like Un. And as far as prestige goes, any prestige that the U.S. had disappeared when Obama was elected. Prestige doesn’t work with a POS like Un. And prestige doesn’t win a fight or war.

  38. un wants to be reconnised , like the way the kenyan freak made iran a world player , by giving them billions of our money ,and you see what is happening there now

  39. Hey Sam, I forgot about Hillary giving our response time away. Maybe some additional emphasis should be placed on that fact to remind the mindless Left and the MSM. Otherwise, all the banter about what The Donald says and does is a waste of time and continues to show the world just how much the Left and MSM live in “Wussy World.” That said, I’m with OUR PRESIDENT 1000%.
    He has the character and mindset this country has long needed since Ronald Reagan. Don’t mess with someone born in Woodhaven or Ozone Park, New York.

  40. Hey Sam, I forgot about Hillary giving our response time away. Maybe some additional emphasis should be placed on that fact to remind the mindless Left and the MSM. Otherwise, all the banter about what The Donald says and does is a waste of time and continues to show the world just how much the Left and MSM live in “Wussy World.” That said, I’m with OUR PRESIDENT 1000%.
    He has the character and mindset this country has long needed since Ronald Reagan. Don’t mess with someone born in Woodhaven or Ozone Park, New York.

  41. North Korea is known for their empty streets. Almost as if it is lifeless. Can’t you imagine the rigidity of their society?

  42. Kim Jong Un wants the US to accept him as a major player in the world. Trumps reply translates in my mind to “you are a big fish in a very small pond”, but then, again, I am not a rabid far-left word twister.

  43. Kim Jong Un wants the US to accept him as a major player in the world. Trumps repply translates in my mind to “you are a big fish in a very small pond”, but then, again, I am not a rabid far-left word twister.

  44. The problem I have with the Trump statement is that he is more than willing to put our prestige on the same level as that of the North Korean. He acted like a schoolyard kid. “My button is bigger than your button. na nana na na na.” Do we need that kind of infantile behavior out of our president? Do you honestly think that Kim doesn’t know we have more than he has? It’s more that the Trumpster just can’t let anything go, even if it’s not important.

  45. Dear Kim,
    There are 6 covert people in your inner circle. They are quite well trained. When a specific series of words are tweeted, these 6 will capture you and slowly severe your head and display it on a 12 foot spike.

  46. Since hillary give the world our response time on the nuclear missiles during the debate, maybe that’s why he’s so cocky..

  47. Kim Jun Un had better start watching out for whatever he says or does…. If he has any sense about any part of what has already been said, him and his Regime may be non-existent and that is a FACT…..

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