Trump just trolled the left with his border wall plan

If there’s one thing the left loves as much as it hates Trump, it’s so-called “green energy.”

Whether it’s wind, or solar power, the environmentalists that make up the Democrat base are obsessed with promoting renewable energy sources (though usually with costly government subsidies).



  1. I think a cement wall with cement blocks inside each panel straight up in the air so high that no ladder or anything else the illegals might use to climb over could ever get them high enough to climb over. Don’t care if it’s beautiful or not, just so it keeps the illegals out of our country. Could also use electric wiring on top for good measure.

  2. There are reasons for a wall. There are reasons for solar electricity. There is no reason for a solar wall. Except one: an electrified wall which will kill people who touch it.

    I do not like this idea.

  3. It seems to me that spending all that money on a solar fence to be destroyed by vandalism would not work very well! It’s a great idea but I can just see that the first group that tried to get over it would start throwing rocks or shooting and it would be destroyed!

  4. Another great idea from our President! Isn’t it refreshing to have someone with his background as our leader rather to another old politician who doesn’t know squat? He will be our greatest President ever! I pray he stays safe.

  5. I really don’t care how it look. I just want him to carry out GODS wishes. GOD wants him to build the wall!

  6. How do we protect the wall/Solar Panels, from destruction from the Mexico side of the wall? Great idea which come from outside of the Government…

  7. I think a solar walls is a great idea but how can we protect it from vandalism? The video shows a wire fence with solar panels attached to it. Even if the wire is electrified, wearing rubber gloves may protect the person from being shocked and that person could cut a section of that wire fence. Any solution?

    • Obviously, there will be guards with weapons ever so often plus the wall will be solar over a fence, etc. underneath and high enough that no one can safely come through. And, if Mexico is buying the electricity created, they, too, will probably have guards on their side to protest it as well. A great idea and the wall will be built and paid for pronto and BRINGING MONEY in for us as well as the energy. Clever, worthwhile and who else besides Trump would have thought of this.

    • I may be naive, but I think anyone who can conceive such an idea and get it done will most likely think about vandalism and will find a practical way to defend against it.

      • They could open the funding for this to the public as an investment which returns a certain percentage based on each investment wether Mexico or America buys the power produced. It’s similiar to playing the stock market.

        My question is how susceptible to vandalism will this fence be?

        • Maintaining this wall would be a total nightmare——It will make a lot of money for the companies providing the cells and maintenance;but, I fear ir will never pay for itself.
          Build a very long Dam and capture the Colorado River— to a depth of Twenty feet—study the terrain and see just how wide and perfect a barrier this will be. The outflow , thru a turbine will produce far more electric power with less maintenance and original construction costs. The BIG PLUS is Mexico will buy the water , or , We gain another Lake.

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