Trump made one promise to the U.S. military that will have you grinning from ear to ear

Joe Biden’s first year in office saw an unprecedented assault on the freedoms of Americans who serve in the military.

But that may soon come to an end.

And Donald Trump made one promise to the U.S. military that will have you grinning from ear to ear.

Joe Biden is trying to purge conservatives from the U.S. military because rank-and-file soldiers tend to vote Republican.

Biden set up a new standard that could allow the “woke” brass taking over the armed forces to kick out troops for supporting conservative political groups or causes.

The Biden administration also set up a new trip wire to purge Trump supporters with a vaccine mandate.

Biden has already kicked 500 troops out of the service for refusing to submit to his forced-vaccine regime.

Tens of thousands more troops also face a potential expulsion for refusing to bow to an unnecessary and unscientific vaccine mandate.

At a rally in Texas, Donald Trump proposed that if the GOP wins back control of Congress, the new Republican majority should pass legislation rehiring every member of the military Joe Biden kicked out for refusing to obey his tyrannical vaccine mandate.

“Next year, a Republican Congress should pass a bill rehiring every single member of the military who was cruelly and wrongfully terminated by Joe Biden and his ridiculous COVID mandate and force the Pentagon to give these patriots an apology and full back pay,” Trump declared.

Trump framed the upcoming Midterm election as the American people rejecting Joe Biden’s COVID surveillance state and moving on from mask mandates, vaccine passports, and vaccine requirements.

“It’s time for the American people to declare independence from every last COVID mandate. We have to tell this band of hypocrites, tyrants, and racists we’re done with having them control our lives, mess with our children, and close our businesses — we’re moving on from COVID whether they like it or not, we’re moving on,” Trump added.

This is a message that will resonate with the American people.

A new Monmouth University poll found that 70 percent of Americans agree that it is time to move on with their lives from COVID.

Trump setting the stage for the GOP to campaign on a complete return to normal life will likely strike a chord with voters in November.

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