Trump made the one 2024 announcement that stopped every Democrat dead in their tracks

Democrats thought they had a plan to shut down a 2024 Donald Trump Presidential comeback.

But once again Trump upended the apple cart.

And Trump made the one 2024 announcement that stopped every Democrat dead in their tracks.

When Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube all banned Donald Trump from their platforms following the events of January 6, the political establishment thought they saw the end of Donald Trump.

Social media was Donald Trump’s political lifeblood.

Trump won the 2016 election because social media allowed him to communicate his message directly to the voters and avoid the lies and bias of the Fake News Media.

Trump was so successful on social media that Big Tech began censoring conservative speech immediately following the 2016 election and also greatly influenced the 2020 contest by banning negative stories about Joe Biden from their platforms.

With Trump off of social media, pundits figured it would be impossible for Trump to run for President again since he would depend entirely on the liars and hacks in the corporate media to cover his campaign and convey his message to the public.

But Trump had another idea.

Instead, Trump is launching his own social media platform called TRUTH – which will debut fully for the public early next year.

This could be the Democrats worst nightmare.

Trump will attract millions of followers to his new platform where no Big Tech oligarch can censor him and Fake News Media “fact checkers” can’t lie about his message.

It could allow Trump to recreate the successful social media dynamics from the 2016 campaign.

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