Trump may never host a Michigan rally again after what Governor Gretchen Whitmer did

Democrats are working overtime to prevent President Trump from winning re-election.

Their top target is his massive rallies, which have been an incredible hit since the 2016 election.

But Trump may never host a Michigan rally again after what Governor Gretchen Whitmer did.

Make no mistake, Democrats have been celebrating since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

It has given them the opportunity to expand their powers in ways they never imagined before.

They can now decide when you can and can’t leave your home, if you can or can’t get a haircut, and what you can and can’t buy at the store in many states.

That is becoming less true every day as cases plummet, and people begin to enjoy their re-opened economies in many states.

But Democrats are still holding on for dear life to retain these powers they have become so accustomed to.

There is no Governor this applies to more than Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan.

Being that she commands a state that Trump won in 2016, she is trying to use her new powers in unprecedented ways to prevent that from happening again.

Speaking to the Associated Press (AP), she made clear that she doesn’t want Trump to be able to hold a campaign rally in her state before the November election.

Some of President Trump’s most successful rallies have been in Michigan, and they likely are the reason he won that state few expected him to in 2016.

She told AP, “We know that congregating without masks, especially at an indoor facility, is the worst thing to do in the midst of a global pandemic.”

Whitmer then admitted that she isn’t sure of what legal tools she can use to stop Trump from holding a rally, before adding that she is looking to limit them in any way if she can’t stop it outright.

“I just know we have limitations on the number of people that can gather and that we’re taking this seriously,” she said.

She then attacked her own citizens following a petition that was circulated to try to limit her powers.

“I want to be very clear, any attempt to strip away the powers of the Governor during this time is irresponsible, dangerous, and foolish,” Whitmer said.

Whitmer was given insane amounts of power due to coronavirus, and isn’t going to give them up without a fight, proven by her signing an executive order to extend her state of emergency until July 16.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.


  1. hey jim jordan! i would rather see the mask on than look at that wrinkly plastic face!and the one that’s scared the most is her plastic surgeon!having to look at it several times a year!

  2. This evil lying self centered no good broad needs to be recalled by the good people of Michigan. Do not let her stifle your freedoms, get rid of her any way you can. Come on President Trump hold a couple of rallies in Michigan and show her who is the real boss!

  3. Nancy Pelosi must not be wearing a mask all of the time like other people. How can they do all of those face lifts on her if she is wearing a mask ?

  4. I am in awe that people still trust ANY Democrat. Obama’s administration was corrupt and weaponized his most important departments AGAINST citizens and Conservative politicians. TREASON! and yet Democrats turn a blind eye. I don’t. I see it as the party of GREED and CORRUPTION. I will NEVER vote for another Democrat as long as I live.

  5. Let’s use the word….Assassination. It’s high time some of these lefties are sent to their father satan. Ecclesiastes says there is a purpose for every season. The democrats are hell bent on seizing control at all cost and if it happens, freedom is gone forever!

  6. She has freely and openly stated that she is using all methods at her disposal to violate the Constitutional Rights of the POTUS! This is blatant, self-admitted election meddling in an attempt to unduly and illegally have a detrimental impact on a particular candidate and thereby manipulate the vote, voters and outcome. She has literally confessed to conspiracy to commit campaign/election fraud through abuse of power and office!

  7. We are not little babies….we are adults who know we have to be safe and careful. Those who are sick should be wearing masks. (from the US Surgeon General) Not all will be sick….and if someone gets sick – 99% recover!!! That is wonderful news. The frail or unhealthy should stay away from large crowds. It is THAT simple!! Whitmer…a Demoncrat….She is in with the “take down the economy before the election” sicko crowd.

  8. Mr. President, override that moron Whitmer and go to Michigan and have an outside rally. And people of Michigan, remember that moron Whitmer when voting comes around. VOTE HER OUT THE COMMUNIST. Never let a communist tell you what to do, stamp them out.

  9. whitmer is a typical devildemocommiecrat, a power hungry tyrant only interested in personal power and wealth.

  10. America just does not understand how these Democrats get elected. The Democrats in the 1960s started learning how to control the elections in America. They control the Electoral College and voting precincts and I have no doubt about that.

  11. Whitmer is one stupid boob. I sure do hope the people of
    Michigan are not so ridiculous to ever elect this woman to
    any office, not even garbage collection. I doubt she would
    be competent to handle that job either. She is a total
    embarrassment to all females. She has made us all look bad
    and incapable of handling a job with power.

  12. Comrade Witmer is another deranged demonic witch. So grateful for former communist intellectual David Horowitz for his new book predicting a landslide victory for Trump! Amidst the underlying corrupt manipulations by Communist China, America and authentic patriots will overcome the intentional destabilizing mess. In God We Trust.

  13. Some of us are calling Whitmer Governor Goofy. This Woman is really evil and defineately is an example of what a lady Dictator looks and sounds like

  14. What if President Trump had big rallies just across the borders of Mich., so Michiganders could travel to them easily?

  15. If she stops President Trump from holding campaign rallies in Michigan or any other Democrat run tries to do so without stop the ” CREEPY UNCLE ” joe Biden, I bet that state will for President Trump overwhelmingly in November so bad that the time polling close on November 3,2020 central standard time that President Trump will have over 300 electoral college votes

  16. Put Whittemer in line with “anti-fa”.
    The “anti-fa” is NOT a Republican invention but was brought to life, as soon as “DEMs” lost the last election.
    What is, of course, a bad joke is the fact that “anti-fa” was the name of WWII Antifascists, whereas this pseudo”anti-fa” came from a US government that collaborated with Fascists in Ukraine!
    Which is also connected with the vast profits the Biden family got from that collaboration – but let us see: Pres, Zelensky of Ukraine and his Prosecutor are already investigating the name Biden.
    As for US politics and pseudo”anti-fa”, WaPo’s pseudo”fact-checking” has -very deliberately, I presume- overlooked all violence and destruction “pseudo”a” started committing straight from the lost election.
    Acts like the expanding mourning and protest in Minneapolis into looting and murder was not motivated by ‘Black Lives’ but by groups like pseudo”a” with fixed political interests.
    The ‘Occupy’ action in Seattle is also much closer related to the old Obama-camp “Occupy” movement in which pseudo”a” already showed its aggression, not to mention Charlottesville.
    So, let’s check our facts: “anti-fa” is pseudo-anti-fascist and, in truth ‘FASCIST’. – It belongs to the Obama camp and “Democrat” party and was set up to create terror in order to lead to ‘Government Change’.
    The Obama camp had practiced such strategies before for what was called then “Regime Change” – but they don’t dare use that name, because it might badly backfire to call a legitimate US Government such names.
    But that camp has, nevertheless, set up a vicious strategy of aggression, and blaming the acts they commit on the Government side(!) and hiding their own shameful guilt of ‘Police Brutality’ on others.
    Let us be clear: The worst police battering in memory was the one of Rodney King in LA – and the Justice Commission Head who tried to get all police then free of prosecution was a certain Mr. Jo Biden!
    The Justice Commission Head who, later, designed and got passed the Police Laws under which the US population, black and white, still had suffered today, until Pres. Trump ordered changes, was Mr. Biden, too.
    And when, under President Obama, the mass of police shootings of black people occurred (90% of them in “Democrat” cities and police forces), his Vice President, Joe Biden, was too busy with his son’s business
    in, then fascist, Ukraine, and he did not really have time for just a few police excesses against some “under-class people” (which is only the vocabulary of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned (Un)Parenthood).
    In short: Let’s not think of “anti-fa” as realistic – but just as fascist storm-troopers; and their commanders in chief? Can you guess?

  17. Whitmer is a political slut ,,, she’s like a boil that needs to be popped !!!! The people from Michigan should get thier head out from between thier thighs ,,,,, and get rid of her .

  18. I would suggest BARRELS of Hot Tar and bushels of Feathers dumped in front of the capitol and her home.

    I doubt there is enough ‘love’ from the Police or other LEOs to notice anything until after she calls, and the ‘investigations would be focused on LEFT WING GROUPS as the PROBABLE SUSPECTS.

  19. People were warned what she was capable of doing doing during the election yet they elected her anyway. They believed all the lies that democrats spew out of their mouths. Maybe for this next election we can get a majority of the vote for Republicans.

  20. This ditz is a political democratic operative and pawn, who is totally incompetent to hold any official office. After she has done the D’s dirty work, they’ll drop her if she doesn’t continue to follow their commands. Has lost her soul for what?

  21. Does she possibly think that it is the President of the United States
    she is trying to silence? Perhaps the Trump justice department should
    pay her a call and pick her up on civil rights violation charges. That
    might make her realize she is a two bit governor and there is an end
    to her supposed powers. She can ponder that in a few days in federal
    prison awaiting her hearing.

  22. Cannot believe she is going to try and stop Trump from holding a rally. Well if she does she will never be governor again. She does not care about the people.

  23. Whitmer you are just being a hatful Bit-h and you will not win your fight. You already lost to the Barber

  24. These are the very actions that should send shivers down everyone’s spine. It just reinforces the danger our country faces if the Democrats gain the Control and Power they seek. It’s like an addiction they can’t do without. Their actions and behavior these past nearly four years, scream out evidence confirming how obsessed they are with this do anything they can regardless of who they hurt, regardless of the incredible harm it brings to our country, to hurt our President, discredit him at every turn, and never agree with him, even when it benefits every single American… all due to their overwhelming desire for Power and Control. The Democrat party along with their biased, once proud msm partners, has gone so far to the radical left, it is becoming more and more dangerous to the future of our country. VOTE REPUBLICAN EVERY CHANCE WE GET. HELP STOP THIS MODERN DAY ATTEMPTED COUP… ❤️🇺🇸🙏.

  25. Whitmer, you are going to lose this battle in the worst possible way for you. Keep up your pathetic attempts to go after TRUMP and your own people in Mich. will see to that LOL!

  26. She can try anything but who is going to enforce it? It should be clear by now ………never give a Democrat woman power……it fill their heads.

  27. Whitmer is a pathetic loser and should be removed from office. Nothing this old pig does will effect Trump winning Michigan all she is doing is pushing more people to vote for him. Can’t believe anyone can say with a straight face they are going to vote for Biden who has clearly lost his mind and couldn’t run a home based business.

  28. Hood rats crowding each other to commit felonies doesn’t seem to bother the libturd cities and states. Trump should tell that stupid b—-h to kiss his ass.

  29. Dangerous & Foolish kind of like her hogknobbing with hood rats with no mask on. Perfect example of a Model corrupt Politician…

  30. Whittmier is a big stupid ass joke. Michigan people should get a rope and hang it outside there capital building with a sign on the rope. This is for you whittmier.

  31. Whitmer is a walking zombie! Didn’t do anything to stop the ANTIFA and BLM from destory Minnesota! If I was living there I would tell the people to attend Trump rally! If she think the police officer want another war sent them! Even the pu**y national guard! She is a Democrat who doesn’t care about the people in Minnesota. But she also a RACIST AND HATER AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE! BIG TARGETS GOT PLACE ON HER BACK!

  32. Interesting, thugs and radicals can mob our streets in their thousands, but to hold a rally? GASP!!! Well, we’re not having that! I hope I’m not the only one that see’s hypocrisy glaring through the governor’s criticism.

  33. She is a total brain dead moron Dumbocrat!! The Dumbocrats alone are responsible for the destruction of this country. They are turning a blind eye to the lawlessness in our streets, the killings, destruction of businesses and rioting in the streets every single day and night. Defunding of police is What they want. Who is she going to call when someone is breaking in her house in the middle of the night?? The police sure won’t be at her beckon call!! What a disgrace!!

  34. Whitmer is a democrat, and democrats despise free speech. Especially if its the president exercising his constitutional right to free speech.

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