Trump revealed a secret about Sarah Sanders that no one could believe

The fake news media has been whispering about Sarah Huckabee Sanders for months.

Journalists questioned if something was wrong.

And then Trump revealed a secret about Sanders that no one could believe.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders last held an on-camera press briefing on December 18.

The fake news complained because the lack of briefings deprived cable and network news correspondents the opportunity to shout at Sanders and argue with her in order to create viral content for their outlets to promote on air and social media.

Journalists dressed these complaints up in the framing that the Trump administration was not doing enough to inform the public.

But President Trump constantly answers questions from fake news reporters and routinely tweets out his administration’s response to the story of the day.

Trump finally revealed why Sanders didn’t hold the press briefings anymore: the President told her they were a waste of time since the fake news inaccurately and rudely covered them.

The media will claim this is Trump “declaring war” on the press.

In reality, Trump is making more valuable use of his staff time.

There is no reason for Sanders to appear on camera so reporters like CNN’s Jim Acosta can heckle her in order to create viral moments for members of the #Resistance to share on social media.

But the media thinks everything is about them so expect a bunch of huffing and puffing on cable news.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Hey man you sound “pained” that fits the so called journalists dialog of today they dont like what they hear so they make up what they want! Just like a movie script. . . .For a Heckel and Jeckle cartoon.

  2. CNN was talking one day after election in November 2018 about how DNC was planning to plays as a Presidential candidate radical politicians either Robert O’Berk of Texas or Andrew Gillum of Florida for presidential candidate in 2020 and were very sad that both lost the election for the Senate This is Obama’s propaganda That’s why Obama still is in US and didn’t keep his own words to retired in Cuba

  3. Like CRAZY donald has been Distorting the Truth every Chance he gets, Which is every time He Opens His Big, Fat, Stupid LYING Mouth & Flaps His Equally Big, Fat, Stupid, LYING Tongue!

  4. Wrong, rick, it’s d. trump who would not know the Truth if it kissed him on His ASS or anywhere on His Entire Fat, Stupid Body just like some republican Retards having been doing for so long.

  5. Wrong, eileen, it’s d. trump who should apologize to the America people. Apologize to them all for him Duping them into thinking he’s a Bon Fide Member of the (Human Race)?

  6. To answer your question, joseph. INTELLIGENT Americans everywhere support d.trump like a Alert Mongoose supports a Deadly Poisonous Cobra.

  7. Yes, jay, GOD does indeed need to Save America from a Washington White House WORTHLESS WORM & His Equally WORTHLESS White House WHORE.

  8. Hey, dennis, the very same way we been dealing with all of a certain Oval Office Spoiled Child by ignoring all of his temper tantrum’s from day one!

  9. Most politicians in the democrat party admit to being communists. Why have a press briefing if the press cannot be civil? No one should have to put up with their abuse.

  10. The only one who really likes d trump is d trump himself like the Conceited Piece of CRAP he is, always has been & always will be.

  11. Oh come on!! You are not all there. She does her job and does have to report what she knows (truthful) and with guarding her POTS. You know what as a REPUBLICAN now
    I voted for OB first term, but he just let me down on everything he did. From WI my parents were demrats for years and I always voted that way. But, the past years demrats do not fill the needs of the people of party the from years ago. It is all hate and they come up with no solutions to fix what the common people what. Wish the demrats would spend more time in fixing our problems then hate, hate lies and
    more investigations spending our tax dollars I pray that TRUMP beats their as ses
    in 2020. Pray like heck.

  12. Trump is like a breath of fresh air after years of politicians promising to get things done, Trump is doing it.

    Trumps the man …Trumps the man

  13. HoHum .. despite the rumors of Soros’ arrest his organizations are apparently still paying trolls like Andy Pandy here to be disruptive when the adults are talking. Ignore him – or taunt and make him really work for his money.

  14. Hey andy, any garbage come from the mouth of bumma??? No, thats because everything he did was sneaky & underhanded. Hypocrite!!!!

  15. I disagree it seems to me that nothing but garbage is exactly what came out of your mouth. I just call them as I see them.

  16. You should apologize to Delores. She was simply stating the truth – that if you support the President, many people will come against you. Please don’t be so hasty to respond before you are clear about the comment. You certainly don’t want to be mistaken for a left-wing journalist.

  17. I’ll bet that is really going to chap some liberal fake news media ASS’S……I sincerely hope that it does. U know Trump is a TV guy, he should put together his Trump News Media Channel and broadcast the news he wants everyone to hear…. Don’t allow any of the fake news reporters in for questions and be done with those msm liars.

  18. Good for Trump. Sarah put up with a lot of disrespect from those so called Journalist. Most of them are nothing but self serving jerks and liars. Jim Acosta and CNN are the worst of the worst. We love you Sarah.

  19. E~4 Foster, So the last open press brief was 18 Dec 2018. Good, I love that Jim Acosta has put himself & CNN in the dog house but he & they are too stupid to know so. I love it that the Pravda Propaganda Yellow Fake Jack Ass No NEWS complained a lot ripping about no new briefings. Good that in doing so that act is depriving them to shout at Mrs. Sanders to argue Viral Lies content for the rest of the Yellow Jack Ass Fakery to keep the SheePeople informed with stupid & lies. They claim it’s all do to POTUS Trump not doing enough to inform the country. I like it a LOT that POTUS Trump laid out the press members ”The real reason Mrs. Sanders is not up in the press brief room is 100% of you of the fake NEWS because you do not report the truth. You cover her so RUDELY, INACCURATELY, & Even VERY VIOLENTLY. As it is we all ready have a member of our Government who I must remind you also took ”THE OATH” to protect this county as the rest of us did, She has failed to do so in direct violation of that very OATH of office, her actions have caused assaults, forced removal of other Americans & even sparked off starter firers that can turn into 51,200 acre forest fires (that’s 40 sq miles) RIOTS of that action I as POTUS can do something, of the very same actions of you of the NEWS this action is what I can do. Both acts are acts of TREASON. She & you of the Pravda Yellow Propaganda Fake JACK ASS lies NEWS are who ”WE THE PEOPLE” hold totally responsible for the pain you have way helped put on to the GREAT People Of This the worlds only ”Costutionaly Free Republic” I told Mrs. Sanders to stop & not bother anyway because anyway we say it you of the YELLOW NEWS MEDIA will always lie, you don’t cover the truth, your not fair, you lie so your ”FAKE NEWS” Start with Jim Acosta = C N N
    Jay I’m going to steal that one I like it ::: YES if POTUS Trump walked on water the Commie Privada JACK ASS NEWS would report that POTUS Trump could not swim. Page #1 Above the fold.
    In future starting right now all members of the press need to be investigated all the way back to the 10Th birthday. SO NOT BY the F.B.I. they, as we know, are BLACK to the core just like the apple Sleeping beauty had a bite of, however, we do have others that can fill in for some time so from now on investigations are to be done on all members of the White House Press by the IRS, US Marshals, CIA, DEA, Treasury, & all of the Military Army Navy Marines Coast Guard & Air Force. We are doing this because of the actions you have done that are in truth the very first steps of fanning the spark of fire that becomes TREASON & even Civil WAR. My acts as POTUS is to stop you By Law I must diss allow you to in truth feed the fires of hate to create a war with ”WE THE PEOPLE” The Constitution, Our Government, & our Constitutional Freedoms. I took an oath to that effect so did all the SinICans, The ConnYouInToGriefs, the White House staff & every member of the US Military we do not take lightly this OATH & other than a diminished mental ability that very OATH does not sunset totally life long. The New Press Pass will be active for only 6 weeks at a time. The cards will look somewhat like a driver license with a computer strip that is on the top & on the bottom of the back of the card. Any misquote, lie, none truth, or left lean will be entered within 24 to 36 hours & will kill your press pass permanently so then your YELLOW media will need to pick a new face & be out of the loop for as long as it takes to run one’s security background. This is my line in the dirt cross it 1 time I’m Not B H O !!!

  20. We love you Sarah and more power to you. I would not hold any additional press briefings until the press learns how to act like human beings.

  21. I would like to see Sarah Sanders and Nancy Pelosi get after it, politically. Now talk about a “talk fest”!! Sanders would win, hands down.

  22. You are so right. When Nancy Pelosi is on camera struggling to make sense of what she is trying to say, she looks like a mule looking at a new gate. Doesn’t have a clue.

  23. Hey Sarah :


    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

    PS GO TRUMP!//// WALL!

  24. I agree with President as far as Sara Sanders is concerned. The liberal press has never been respectful of her and give her a hard time for no reason. Smart move, President Trump. The liberal press will criticize you no matter what. You continue to support our Country and are doing a good job as our leader. We support you 100% and the decisions you are making. The liberal media wouldn’t be happy if they were hung by a gold rope!!!

  25. Good for president Trump!!! Thank you president Trump for putting a stop to the bullying and abuse that Saray Sanders suffers at the hands of the media. And after each briefing you will find vile nasty remarks – petty and childish remarks in reference to her looks. I for one am glad she will no longer be suffering that treatment.

  26. When Hillary said ” if Trump gets in, we are all going down.”(“we” meaning Hillary and the evil democrats)

  27. I want to be the front person for a few weeks.

    “Well, mr. acosta, THAT was a very stupid question. Would you like the opportunity to rephrase the question so it has valuer to America?”

    “Miss **** I know you were hired for your looks, but why are you even here?”

    “Why yes, I am gad you asked that question. It says a lot about your intellectual abilities, NEXT.”

  28. Never so much hates news report on the President as much during Trump term. They don’t like the new guy who don’t cater to their needs.

  29. Don’t listen to them either!!!Can’t stand the Dems. They don’t want Trump to win in 2020!!! Sorry, he will win hands down!!!

  30. I like Sarah Sanders,as she has the guts to stand up to the communist Dimwitcrats and their stooges in the press, universities,and Hollywood. Keep up the good work Sarah and refuse to hold press conferences with them. After all, She shouldn’t hold these meetings with those irrational one sided leftist news idiots.

  31. Like the Covington School slop, the media has proven themselves to be untrustworthy, so why waste time in front of those that are more interested in posturing and giving their “slant” rather than reporting. They have committed professional suicide with their nonsense. They keep thrashing about in their quicksand bias – to their demise!

  32. I’m OK with Trump limiting Sarah Sanders appearances…those stupid fake news distributors (they’re not worthy of being called journalists! or even reporters, for that matter!) don’t report the news accurately to begin with! So why the hell waste Sarah Sanders’ time by giving those fakers any TV time to spew more of their stupid lies? And if it’s the truth, they don’t report it anyway, so why bother? I NEVER listen to CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, etc….nothing but a bunch of liars!

  33. good for TRUMP not letting her get abuse any more the press is a bunch of idiots and liberal that she doesn’t need to be out there but a good job you did Sarah.

  34. The best way to handle Spoiled Chil.., Reporters is a good ol’ fashioned spanking!!!In this case, a 2×4 should work just fine!!

  35. Trump and Sarah did the right thing. Maybe now the fake media has less lies they can make up. I knew a long time ago that there were too many press conferences.

  36. The libturd media doesn’t even give news. It’s all gossip and opinions. The only news that even comes close to fair and honest is the local channels. They are upset like the demoncraps because Trump is NOT a politician and owes no favors to anyone in Washington DC so they can’t “own” him. They can’t get power over him and every time they try, Trump dumps on them.

  37. Good job Mr President, you will never be able to please the press who hates you so much. I love Ms Sanders. She will do well without their cruel heckling. God Bless you.

  38. Sarah Sanders is great. she has more Class and Intelligence, in her little finger’s nail, than the whole CNN, MSNBC and the Social Media combined. Add Pelosi – Schumer and Democrats to that list…….. Trump is so lucky to have her on his side, back him….

  39. The liberal lying progressive left are deplorable! A friend of mine remarks that –
    “If Pres Ttump walked on water, the lying libs would say he couldn’t swim!!”.
    That sums it up for me!
    God bless and save America!????????????????????????????????????????
    Trump,2020 ????????????????????????????????

  40. That’s right….and it very well could be a security threat with the way they talk about the President. I do not blame them for doing this. It is (I am sure) less of a headache for Sarah Sanders also, not having to confront the crazies every day. Makes her job much better.

  41. If Trump hired the Pope, they would be saying bad things about the Pope, if he had nothing to do with the Pope they would be saying bad things about Trump. If Trump jumps to the right they will scream he should of jumped to the left. It’s a never ending thing with the lying media!I honestly do not even know how they live with themselves!

  42. Fake news … full of liberal opinions designed to brainwash their followers. Trump Derangement Syndrome is what it is since day one. Probably stolen from one of the CIA brainwashing techniques that were used to create the social chaos in the dictatorship-ruled third world countries.

    It worked well, thanks to the years of liberal dumbing down the traditional education. Most kids in our society probably skipped the constitution section in either history/government class in high school. Why can’t the universities respect freedom of speech?

    DeVos need to revise the national educational curriculum now.


  43. Ironically – as we have ALL watched the press declared war on President Trump before he even took the oath of office. Now these candy-assed wankers are whining that President Trump declared war on them? How much more PATHETIC can the main stream media get?

  44. While I miss MS Sanders briefings I fully appreciate the decision. The fake news media never says anything positive about this administration.

  45. I thought Sarah Sanders was a hero for standing up and putting up with that BS from CNN and MSNBC. My TV hasn’t be turned on to CNN or MSNBC for 3 years now to much fake news.

  46. It’s what I keep telling you, Mr. President, the best way to deal with spoiled children’s tantrums is to ignore them.

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