Trump ruined Schumer and Pelosi’s day with two tweets

The swamp has been abuzz with talks of amnesty.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi tried to claim they had a deal to grant amnesty to illegal aliens.


  1. Come on people, wake the he’ll up. All of the illegal immigrants are criminals, they broke our federal laws! We the American taxpayers, American Workers and American Citizens are tired of footing the bill for all of these illegals! Deport them all!

  2. As far as I’m Concerned, IF there is NO WALL, there better be NO AMNESTY for ANYONE! WE, the American people have put up with this BS for over 30 YEARS, and WE have had it! I didn’t my A$$ off for over 40 years to SUPPORT illegal aliens in the “Lifestyle in which they’d like to become accustomed”!

    • Amen to that, Nancy! It really chaps me that all these wetbacks can sneak in and take our money, and it’s given to them by our government. I hope President Trump puts a stop to it!

  3. Were the three of them even in the same room for this meeting? If they were, did they actually listen to each other? Because they al seem to have different ideas about what was said.

  4. The term “dreamer” sets my teeth on edge. Those people are not “dreamers” but rather criminal invaders who opted to jump ahead of others who are attempting to become citizens through legal channels. “Dreamers” should not be rewarded with amnesty or a so called path to citizenship. If they are allowed to even stay in this country they should have no rights and privileges of citizenship nor have their hands in the pockets of taxpayers. I still advocate the deportation of every illegal whether their only crime is illegal entry or additional crimes added to the original illegal entry.

  5. Two chief liars on capitol hill are at it again. Trump must learn they hate him and will do everything to undermine him and his forward agenda.

  6. Never mind the wall for a short period of time and tell us,the citizens why,and concentrate on removing all of the invaders even if they were born here to parents brought up under the rules of islam. Clean up the country of that threat then take on the traitors in government and such. As to the borders in the mean time set up machine guns and other armament and use them.Like no mans land in the first world war,if you are stupid enough to cross take your chances.Get law working in this democracy again,follow the constitution and never mind the sleight of hand of the domestic enemy.

  7. the worst or maybe the best of the whole idea is that the media for the most part fell head over heals in support of what the Dems said and thus got crossed up trying to out do each other in castigating Donald Trump and to make we the people believe that he has abandon us.

    • PRESIDENT TRUMP has outmaneuvered the left once again , THANK YOU LORD . He is the best man we have in the office of President in a good many years . he takes no prisoners . M.A.G.A .

      • Hayred – you hit the nail on the head. Good for you. We all have to hang in there and support the President. He knows what he is doing. Draining the swamp is no easy task. Even the Republican Leadership is giving him opposition. We all need to help him in any way we can. I’m waiting for his move toward a Constitutional Amendment for Term Limits as well as taking away all the goodies the Congress has ginned up for themselves.

  8. These two democrats are going to say they won a major victory over Trump, if all he did was walk into the same building with them [much the same as they tried to snare Trumps son with that Russian female]. Trump probably had his ‘tweets’ pre-written, knowing they would spin things their way and he popped them out there before the lies could start, which stops them from making him look like he flip-flopped. Hope they never catch on to this negotiator president and he keeps busting their political chops.

  9. The plan of the Obammunists is clearly to establish the “right” of non-citizens to bring their children here illegally, then have them amnestied and made citizens and within a generation create a permanent majority of unassimilated illegal aliens. This is mohammed’s hijra – conquest by immigration. This is also how you take over a country and turn it into a completely different country, or perhaps eventually arrange an Anschluss between the old country and the new one that has been taken over and transformed. The goal is clearly to transform the North American republic into the Central African Republic, and those who are in the way and will be forcibly transformed (more likely worse) had better be ready to fight and defeat this.

  10. Don’t the democrats realize they are cutting their own throat by putting out false information Schumer and Pelosi had a deal with President Trump to grant amnesty to illegal aliens. It’s the democrats who are ruining this country.

  11. At least now we have someone who is determined to drain the swamp regardless of the amount of Gators and SWAMP SNAKES and just imagine what he could get done if he didn’t have to fight everyone off his Back,
    Those Democrats are are nothing but a Total Drain on our economy, they haven’t donated any significant policies in the last 40 years they are like a bunch of leaches just clinging on and sucking the life out of our country

  12. They should not be given green card, citizenship out of the question. These illegals should be case to case. They came here under false pretense. They are no longer children I bet they have children already and making used of our system. We should only allow the ones who have jobs and have not collected social program. They are all over taking advantage of our system.

  13. It never ceases to amaze me, the difference between conservatives and libs. Thank God that I am on the right side, where truth and decent manners and honesty are our strongholds, not lies and depravity like the libs cling to.

    • Amen to that, Donna! You sure got that right! At least I have the peace of mind to know we can eventually come out on top in the end, too. God sees everything and hears everything… even behind closed doors.

  14. It seems very obvious to me that the Plan of the Far Left of the Dems is to cause division in the Republican Party ranks. They truly believe there are enough of us that are gullible enough to fall for that with every one of their lies like this. I know we have a few at the higher end of our Party such as Lindsey & McCain and a few other fence riders, but Trump seems to be shedding enough light on them to even allow them to Fail in their own home states, to wake those very few up. And, if not, to see them Replaced with Republican’s who “Will Do” the bidding of our party, and STOP ATTACKING & UNDERMINING “Our Awesome, Determined Two Term President “DONALD J. TRUMP”!!!

      • The republicans will sell the American people out for money as usual. Ryan and McConnell are the swamp. If he gets the republican nomination for the congress again, I will donate to his Democrate oponent as much as I can afford. Piss on that peice of shit trying to pass himself off as a conservative. There are democrates that are more conservative and better Americans than him.

  15. What a shame that the system is set up for trading policies. In other words, Trump has to give up something in order to get something. If we get the wall, the 800,000 illegals stay, robbing us of jobs and money for disabled people who are REALLY ENTITLED to it. Deport ALL illegals!!!!!

      • Christy, When my GP’s came to America in the 1800’s until they were American citizens no one would give them jobs and their children were sent home to Norway. They became American citizens I am one of six children who are very proud of my Grandparents

  16. It doesn’t matter what Trump does, in the eyes of a Democrat, it’s wrong. They’ll make up stories if they have to in order to turn the public against him. He is unwavering. He’s tough, and he means business. That’s what I like most about him. No more wishy-washy, bowing to Muslim leaders and coddling illegal immigrants… no sir! As time marches on, more and more people are starting to realize this, and it’s throwing the wetbacks (and those who are counting on their votes) into a sheer panic.

    • First of all, think of who we’re talking about here. Schumer and Pelosi! Neither of them the ‘brains God gave geese’!! I honestly don’t think they were trying to lie!! I think they didn’t comprehend a single thing Pres Trump said during that meeting!! They just heard what they ‘wished’ he had said!! He was simply laying out the ‘terms’ of agreement and what it would encompass!! They’re so ‘dense’, they thought that was the ‘agreement’ itself!! No agreement has been made! Pres Trump has not and WILL NOT compromise on building that Wall!!

    • A lot of Hispanics are good people and the gangs from these countries are ruining it for the good ones that assimilate into our culture. But the illegals that believe in Sharia law cannot and will not assimilate into our culture. They only want to force America into accepting their belief. We have freedom of religion here but to them, there us no freedom of religion. It’s theirs or death to you. That can never be acceptable in thus country. They definitely need to be deported.

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