Trump sent one tweet about the wall that sent shivers down Chuck Schumer’s spine

Pro-open borders politicians thought they figured out the secret to blocking the border wall.

Stall until the eleventh hour and use an impending government shutdown as an excuse to kick the can down the road.

But President Trump just sent one tweet that put an end to all that.

In March, President Trump signed a $1.3 Trillion Omnibus spending bill, much to the dismay of conservatives.

He was promised by Republican leaders in Congress they would deliver on funding the wall.

But the establishment swamp has all but thrown their hands up to proclaim nothing can be done since Democrats are taking over the House come January.

Trump wasn’t having any of that.

But Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) fired back.

Schumer called efforts to fund $5 billion to the border wall “futile.”

The impasse exposed a massive failure on the part of Republican leadership – primarily Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

They had two years to fund a border wall and they refused to lift a finger.

Would you support a government shut down if Schumer and Pelosi blocked funding for the wall?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!


  1. Ms. Meoni; Don’t forget the RINO’s. These Democrats, that are like maggot’s inside the Republican party that are spying for the Democrat’s. This is an obvious reason why our first President, stated the Party System would not work for the U.S.A. We need a system of government that is not so easily corrupted. When you have two parties and one is 100% anti-america, and should not even be allowed to exit, why would you not realize there definitely IS corruption involved within our governmental system?

  2. No to messy, and we’d have to bare the expense to bury them all, not worth it.

    Tell you all something, you all don’t know me from Adam, but I can and will tell you this, if I could get an audience with Pres. Trump, I would explain to him the easiest, fastest least expensive way to secure the border, and have money left over!

    No B. S., there is a way to do it and it doesn’t take a cricket scientist to figure it out or to get it done.

    It could from start to finish be done in 90 days or less.

    If you know how to contact Pres. Trump tell him to give me a call, I’ll share with him!

  3. I’ve been saying that for months. Democrats are all BS talk, but NONE of them would ever go down to the border and cross over into Mexico – they know they’d disappear into a Mexican prison!

  4. Sharon; If you want to get funding for the wall? Then go to the House of Congress and ask 6 Democrats to go to the border dressed as immigrants and wear faded jeans and a hoodie, and with no identification and let them cross into Mexico. and when they are discovered let them ask for clothing, food, and free housing and Amnesty. How many Democrats do you think will take you up on that dare and volunteer to see what will happen to them as being illegals in Mexico.

  5. Pull Nancy andChick’s security detail and send them to live with their beloved illegals in sanctuary cities for ever. See how long they will want to stay.

  6. If we cannot have a wall to protect our country, tear down all walls that surround them. They are not needed. Everyone is loveable and nice. Laughable isn’t it.

  7. Take away all security for every one but the president and his family. I didn’t get security when I worked. You can then have your money to build your wall. Should not be any travel expense for anyone but the president and the ones most important to the running our country. No one should be working in government unless absolutely needed. Get rid of the excess baggage.

  8. Too easy. Too cheap. Won’t happen. Too effective. So sad. I’m so disappointed in our government. Zap em. It will stop tmem.

  9. The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence

  10. We put up an electric fence to keep the horses inside. 5,000 volts for a small fraction of a second kept them away once they touched it once. Let it recycle every 4 seconds. Enough to keep them out. I touched it by accident once and fell on my backside. That will get anyones attention.

  11. I have long thought that electrifying the fence by solar energy would hamper and give illegals a shocking experience. Fences work, whether to keep my dog inside my yard, or keeping illegals out. We also need to search every vehicle coming into the USA. Hire as many border agents from former military as needed.


  13. OK lets put up a Wall and electrify it if any one touches it. They won’t be dead but they will think twice before going near it. Then we use Border Patrol and maybe our own armed forces till they turn around. It is the best way to make them believers that our country is only free to us not them. We don’t need to act nice with them, being they are taking something that is not theirs and not being invited also.

  14. I lived over 20 years on the border. Chuck and Nancy should be issued bullet proof vests before being required to help the border agents try and control illegal entry into our country. I believe I have more incite than most after working in 52 countries over 35 years. Join the real world.

  15. The best way to get the wall funded will also cut down on Prison overcrowding. See have ICE drop each Violent ILLEGAL arrested by dropped into the yard of every Democrap with a wall. Since they have walls, high tech security systems, and armed guards paid for by taxpayers which makes them excellent places for Criminals to be housed. It will take about 5 minutes to make the call to fund the wall and not at $5 Billion but at the $50 Billion dollar level. They will also dig a trench 50 feet by 40 feet on both borders and then film them with cement that they also mixed by hand. They approved $46 Billion under Obozo since he would NEVER spend it so why not the $5 Billion Trump wants simple he will build the wall and that would lose them votes so it cannot be funded or built. Use my suggestion and they will not only fund it but help build it as well.

  16. Nutsy and Schmuck have walls paid for by Taxpayers so why should the people they are supposed to work for not have walls to protect them?????

  17. Hey guys, Nancy Pelosi said that illegals could just tunnel under the wall so I have an idea that will solve the funding problem and take care of tunneling illegals! Whack a Mex!! Fun for the whole family! Grandparents can play too! Just wait till they tunnel under then…WHAM!!!!! Whack a Mex!! See rules where restrictions apply.

  18. Under FFC programing–false advertisements are corruption and reader beware–Now with lying on the News and their networks…file a Class Action Lawsuit to stop those false news…WE the PEOPLE can do it if we all join for the purpose of correct information…Doctors get sued if they create false information…Across the board–You lie you pay!

  19. the purpose is more than keeping illegals out–it is a health issue when they come in with tape worms, viruses, etc…we pay as a population…that includes our tax dollars to care for the sick ones

  20. d m rquidi is experiencing what is known as the liberal rewrite of history. It’s the left’s attempt to cloud the truth with wild accusations and vicious slander. To change the outcome of history to their advantage. Those who forget the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them.

  21. ~ That’s because there wall is completed ~~~ WALLS WORK PROVEN FACTS…..I’m all for add on’s and new tech…..BUT THE MAIN WALL IS A MUST DO PERIOD ~~~~

  22. Stop all The aid to these countries where these people are coming from And build the wall while we’re at stop all aid and take care of our own people, you would have enough too give everyone healthcare, tax paying citizens.

  23. The wall in Europe did not work for Israel. It created a closed up space where they lived and then finally died by being rounded up and encarcerated in the SS prisons, until their trips to the gas chambers. Now they are doing the same thing to others. Build the wall and wwe won’t get killed together, they will. . . . but the Germans did not get killed until after the war.

  24. Absolutely Jerry that’s exactly why I support building a wall, Mr President if it takes the continuing of the government shutdown so be it.

  25. Ok Let’s roll our selves up and break our backs for freedom–We can always overcome if we all pull together from raising the money to getting the workers Let us show the DC rats that we can overcome anything when we REALLY get together our sleeping giant of a Bear Arise…work and survive

  26. Please DO NOT CAVE to the Democrats!! I would counter offer the full 25 BILLION needed for Border Security. We,American Citizens should come before illegals. Those that come thru the border illegally are criminals!

  27. I’m pretty sure this last election was a bit underhanded. See Main’s elections and California’s elections. They tried in Florida and Georgia unfortunately Alabama was dumb enough to fall for it. Lots of other voter fraud throughout the country. I thought there were laws to prevent this sort of thing.

  28. making all the money with ” to do nothing” elected officials…will they do it as volunteer??nope just free money!
    the common man would be FIRED from the jobs if they do nothing!!!

  29. not only the billion man march but the whole country standing up just like we did during our Revolutionary war–with guns but that is why the Democrats want to take our guns…that is why people in the way south fleeing up here because of those who took their weapons …just like being toothless and only a bark left…soon that bark will be silence …especially if people are not angry enough to realize we are losing our freedom, liberty and our country that was designated by our forefathers for VERY GOOD REASONS…see history repeats itself!! until we humans learn from it–if and when??

  30. not only a waste of money and time but nothing is going to happen. All they want to do is satisty their ego’s and screw the county.

  31. Jim, The Dems really don’t give us credit for having any reasoning power! They say walls don’t work, they want to use technology and drones for border security. Okay……so when the high tech sees 16K people approaching our southern border, hell bent on crossing into the U.S. how is the surveillance going to stop from them from illegally coming in? Well silly me, that is the whole idea, isn’t it? That’s what the liberals want, they want any and all people, terrorists, criminals and gang member to come in….just remember to vote and vote Democrat! It’s all about the votes, of course WE know that!

    The system that will absolutely work is a big beautiful barrier (aka wall) with high tech surveillance and drones. Between all these things preventing them from making entry, giving our border patrol time to get there to further secure the wall, should just about do it, don’t you think?

  32. Hey, I got an idea! Let’s equip the drones with 50 cal. machine guns and tell gamers it’s a new beta trial called Stop The Invasion! That might work better that the wall!

  33. Its the Republican sice as well!!? They sit on the butts and did nothing. As a matter of fact Paul Ryan received campaign money from Soros as well as Rubio!!! So…what you think…more swampers!

  34. Where were you conservatives in last election? Sitting on the couch watching Opra! Dont gripe, if you did not vote!! God helps thors who help themselves. Stop the lazy attitude of one saved,always saved. Get up and fight
    Its principalities we are fighting!

  35. If the haven’t given him the money by now do you think they will do it in the last minute? Need to get rid of all of them starting with Chuck Schumer. Bunch of do nothing’s.

  36. You are so calm right all these witch trying to find something Trump has done to try to ruin him.we the supporters do not give a damn what Mr Trump has or has not done in his private life ,before he became out president.if any one of the democrats that causing mr Trumpru so much problem can stand up and say they have never done anything wrong bring it on.we we have all your back grounds,investigated,I thank that should be mandatory.

  37. Doubt that with the money they are paid they could go a long time without a check easily. They took my SS spousal benefits away because I have an $1100 pension for teaching a few years. They actually put me in poverty no spousals SS and took 2/3 of my small amount leaving me nothing and so am paying into SS for medicare parts B and D each month. I am drowning.

  38. If all of y’all think this congress is bad, just wait till the Dems take over the House next week and sweet l’ll 80 yr ld Nancy is in charge of things. Last night heard that they have already got all the paper work started to do 17 or more investigations of the Pres alone…how’s that for a waste of our money and their time.


  39. If Republicans would let go of the abortion issue which is a highly personal issue and does not involve anyone else, we would see many more Republicans. I switched to Republican because I love Trump. The sole reason I voted for Obama was due to the speech between Ryan & Biden. Ryan said:”I am Catholic and I will vote against abortion.” and Biden’s response was: “I too am Catholic and I don’t approve of abortion for my family. But I can’t tell everyone else what to do.” Let it go. There are more miserable people than happy successful ones. We need everyone to win this battle.


  41. Let’s drop chuck and Nancy into the border country close to the Rio Grande so they will see how difficult is actually is to travel in that country, in S. Texas. Getting through that brush country is very slow. Heavy brush, all with thorns, rattlesnakes, feral hogs, lions et al (drug runners) et al. Our Border Patrol does this every day for the safety of this country. Chuck and Nancy are ignorant LIARS, and should be called on it.

  42. Oh really?! Well, a wall is first defense, electronic security is the second defense, which is used to prevent the first defense from failing. The illegals seen on security are in the US and long gone by the time Border Patrol can get there. The wall stops them hopefully lone enough that they can be stopped.
    Every try to keep a group of buck goats in a pen? The HOT electric fence only discourages them from tearing that 4 gauge bull wire to pieces. We need a wall! President Trump is trying, the disgusting Senate has failed him.

  43. How many drones do you think we’ll need at our southern border mr real m? And who’s gonna monitor them? Keep them flying? Then what do we do IF we spot them? The whole idea is to make it easier on the border patrol.

  44. You know something else? Maybe we should stop electing our senators…etc… like a miss America beauty pageant and start actually looking at their credentials. Trump is a CEO, not a politician so he doesn’t have the “promiss them anything to get elected” mentality. Look at that Cortez chic,what a bag of rocks! I’m sure doing nails qualifies her to run the country. Or Maxine Waters!!!! BAT SLAP CRAZY!!!! Maybe we’ve just “evolved” so much that hairdressers and psychos are qualified.

  45. after it was finished.. wall works just fine for illegal aliens.. the chinkees built there wall to stop invaders.. it worked fine until the invaders started flying Wilbur’s contraption..

  46. Rich, Dems say walls don’t work and we need drones, technology, etc. for border security. I have a question that I seriously want answered if anyone can help.
    How does drone and technology stop hundreds or thousands of people from storming across our southern border? Seems all the Dems security would do is allow us to watch them approach and cross illegally into our country. How stupid is it to say yes, there they are and yes they are crossing the border, oops, looks like our border security just failed us!
    I have not seen where anybody has asked the Dems THE question?

  47. So I guess we do nothing. Why do people secure their homes at night? Why can’t anyone just walk into our homes? Last I checked America is our home. We have to do something and end the madness before we end up a 3rd world country.

  48. Betty,
    . . . You are a very sick person. Please go back to your safe space and smoke your illegally gained marijuana. BTW: Do you know anything about slander. libel, and defamation? You are guilty of these. I am thinking of reporting you to the Secret Service and the FBI as a Clear and Present Danger to the President and the First Lady. You might want to seriously consider packing up your bags and leaving. You are also Guilty of High Treason during Wartime. This is a Capital Offense.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  49. The wall around Israel works.
    The wall around zuckerhitler property in Hawaii works.
    The border around Poland works.
    the border around Finland works.
    every mexican has to have a mexican VOTER ID. Why not the US????? The only “developed country””” not having one???

  50. I know something like this sounds foriegn inside the beltway but President Trump said he would do his level best to get the wall built. Of course the Establishment is unable to identify with lauguage like that but that means he will do everything possible within his power to keep his promise. You will note that he has done that up to this point. If Washington ever needed someone with such integrety, it’s right now.
    Why does it make sense to spend trillions to provide border security for forieng countries and not be willing to secure our own county? Build the wall and make America Safe Again.


  52. Trump is smarter than everyone realizes. We will get the wall. There is a gofundme fund being raised for it. The problem is that the democrats have a gofundme account to buy ladders so they can still get over the wall. We need it built with barbed wire and electrified wire. And arrest any democrat caught helping the illegals get in.

  53. I am 100% behind President Trump and would support closing the border and shutting down the Government until the wall is FINISHED. Keep track of and publish the names of those who vote no for the wall, they aren’t “P”ing on President Trump, they are “P”ing on us/US.

  54. Has ANYONE ever came to the realization that the DEMCOMMUNISTS/RINOS are aiding CRIMINALS to come into our country?? YES, they ARE ALL CRIMINALS when they cross ILLEGALLY. The last time I heard THAT “act” alone is VERY MUCH against our LAWS. Perhaps we should place ALL “representatives” that insist on IGNORING and breaking the LAWS,should be arrested tried, convicted, and imprisoned. (Just like we “common” people would be if we did the same.)

  55. How about if we CLAW BACK all of the money WE THE TAXPAYERS spent on paying off the women that Congressmen preyed upon and abused? It certainly would send a message to all of Congress that they should straighten up and STOP THE ABUSE?

  56. The whole debate is joke and we unwashed Deplorables know it. It would be real easy to fund the Wall if they let me do it
    1. Tax each entry from Mexico on the way in daily at least equal to most sales taxes, donated to the Wall fund
    2.Make E Verify the law of land and a Felony with fines to be donated to the Wall building fund
    3.Tax all out going money to Mexico.Make it a felony for check cashers to cash checks without proper ID
    4.continue to Track down illegals on the interior of our Country Deport all. Confiscate all assets and donate them to wall fund
    5.Eliminate push one for English Declare English as our National language
    6.Take a fair amount confiscated drug money and donate to the wall fund
    7.Take 50% of the money taken from El Chapo and donate it to the wall fund
    8.for sure eliminate Birthright citizenship.

    If they would put me in charge one through eight would go into effect the first ten minutes

  57. Two years to do it and waited 2 weeks till Democrats take the house, now republicans can say it’s not their fault when Democrats veto it, well prepared excuse by REPUBLICANS to escape the fact they have set on their collective ass’s for two years and accomplished nothing, TRUMP has, they never have!

  58. The only thing that this congress is “THEY ARE GREEDY” and they do not care about anyone but themselves. This shows that the dumo-RATS and Rinos do not care about the American citizens. IT IS VERY PLAIN TO SEE THAT IT IS THE DUMO-RATS ARE THE ONES THAT “SHUT” THE GOVERNMENT DOWN.

  59. Excellent point! The money we’d save on not having to support them, will pay for the wall a hundred times over. Regardless of what Trump says the money is being used for, Schumer will try to stop it. He even went as far as to tell President Trump HOW the money could only be used where it was allocated and no where else… like when Trump was going to pay the Corp of Engineers to build the wall. Who named Schumer God?

  60. Please write President Trump with YOUR support to build the Wall. We did it recently, along with our holiday wishes and support for him and his family.

    He is under constant attack, virtually every minute of every day. This has to be “tiring” and sad.

    We wanted him to know that (not only did we vote for him) but also we deeply support his policies and agendas. I think most of you do as well. It’s not difficult to write the WH. Just run a request on Bing. I don’t want to support Google.

    Thank you and thank you again for your conservatism!

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  61. Congress can never be trusted on promises they make for future actions. That is just their way of kicking something down the road in hopes the American people will forget about it. The have no intention of following through.

  62. if it were up to me schumer and pelosi would be swinging from the neck just like wind chimes, they don,t care that their bringing DISEASE AND VIOLENCE INTO OUR COUNTRY, build that wall then you can jump over to the other side you f ing as_hole.

  63. Not just the Democrats, but all of Congress. They are all guilty of this debacle.There are some who are for the wall, but the need to work harder to get the others on board. When they start getting paid again, then only on a merit based pay scale. We need to get really tired of this crap sandwich we call Congress.


  65. Solution: No more money for the Congress, the House, Senate , etc. till we, the TAXPAYERS get our REPRESENTATION!!
    We voted, we PICKED : DC!! Wake up for we, the people are getting tired of all your bickering.
    Come tax time-NO MORE TAXES till the job is DONE!
    that will be our answer-no more TAXES

  66. Bill, I’ll believe it when I see it. First of all, I don’t believe the DEMONocrats will manage to impeach President Trump because there has to be an impeachable offense. IF they somehow find a way, there will still not be a mass revolt because Americans don’t stick together for ANYTHING- the closest we came to that was during WW2. I believe that right now, in this country, the only way to get mass reaction is to take away the food supply, or water supply, or make our money worthless, or start confiscating our guns. The gun confiscation is the lowest priority on this list even though it would do something. If any of these things happened, how would you strike back and to who, when these things were set into motion by different people and different groups?

  67. GO TRUMP GO! Too many of us are for YOU! Us Trump supporters and there are millions and still enough to put you back into office are for you all the way. We already know what those demo-wits are up to. When you build the wall with our funds pulled together the demo-wits will be made fools of. Again. The reason that these demo-wits do not agree to build the wall is simple. The wall would be under the TRUMP Administration. Pure, simple and, plain.I would also DIG a ditch 50′ deep x 40′ wide and as long as necessary. This will reinforce on our side not getting getting in backing up “the wall”. I am for you all the way, Mr. President. P.S. I have already sent money for this purpose.

  68. Cart before the horse, the money should be spent to fund the mass deportations of the 40+ million illegal squatters who have been raping and sucking America dry for decades and supporting our military to guard the boarder until they are gone, THEN build the wall to keep them OUT, not IN!

    1952 AND REAFFIRMED IN 1965

  70. I agree the paychecks to congress should be stopped till the funds for the wall (security) be be given. The American people wants that wall but the DemocRATS don’t.

  71. Shut the government down until our borders are safe and that includes any paychecks to Congress. Our safety is worth it.

  72. I agree. I believe if they keep attacking Trump and actually are successful in removing him, it WILL lead to a civil war. The people will revolt!

  73. Shut down the Government and take away the Democrats pay checks screw pelosi and shummer and all the liberals crybabies in Washington DC swamp.

  74. The Democrats are counting on us caving on this issue once again. Their arrogant smugness reeks of the assurance that they eventually will rule the day. The Republicans need to grow a backbone and say NO … It stops HERE ! We are over-represented in the federal government, anyway. These busting at the belt bureaucrats need a pay cut, anyway. Present a compromise, that the Dems are surely to reject, get on the soapbox and explain to the citizen taxpayers that enough is enough ! Politics CANNOT determine how we protect ourselves as a country. If the government is NOT in the role of protecting our borders … scrap the whole thing !


  76. Illegals cost us 64 Billion a year Wall costs 5 billion and decreases illegal costs.
    Democrats are the stupidest humans! Shut down should be for 5 month and then next election everyone in Congress and Senate will be decent GOP as should be. The stupid in America is beyond belief. All the educated people I know except one voted Trump. MAGA

  77. Amen.So Very True.Build that wall now,the go to fund has now gone to about 15 million so they have to accept it with House ways & Means H.R. 7202 and the wall can be built amen.American Citizens and veterans alike donated for this..

  78. Apparently you didn’t read everything I wrote. Please note that I included the Republicans in my remarks & called for term limits FOR ALL, Did you think I meant ONLY for Democrats. How about the part where I said “None of these bastard have any ethics and need to be ousted.” I thought this box was for writing comments, not a damn book.

  79. Only a few things really both me , one that Muller is still making a mess and getting paid for. Two, the Hellery is still walking free, not punished for treason. Third think is that we don’t have a means of stopping all the bad things like disease. And Crime from entering this great country. Congress do your job and quit playing like you know what you are doing. Make THIS COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN!!1! We are now with a Leader that is trying to get is JOB done with a bunch of so called Congressmen that are trying to screw-up our country like the last president.!!

  80. this is what is so funny you blame the democrats for everything well lets see republicans could go nuclear but didn’t why because they still didn’t have the votes to do it, 2 they refused also because there’s more that don’t want it then do last check was 59.8% don’t want it and the last i checked this is america a government by the people for the people, so if to stupid to understand it means the american people have a say not just 1 idiot who thinks there word is god, 3 last time they talk a loud mouth shot off his mouth saying he saved so much money with mexico he could renegotiate with them and include it, so they said from what i heard he didn’t need there help, 4 how did renegotiate with mexico go or did they just say where to go again. 5 who was the idiot who made a campaign promise to this country he was going to build a wall and mexico was going to pay for it, so fools before you blame anyone you better get your house in order and take care of your own party and quit blaming til you get your facts straight and most of all quit listening to all the lies from the republican party the only party in the history that they need to install a revolving door for all the departures, and not that its because of all there criminal activities so you all decided where you want to start cleaning house at but i clean as my mother always told me which is you start at the top and work your way down

  81. BETTY..Try Gargling With DRANO..Its Good For Your Scummy Mouth’! GO TRUMP’! Stop The INVASION From South Of The Border. BUILD THE WALL’!

  82. Shut down the Federal Government and stop the checks to the big businesses who want a permanent underclass, depressing wages, drugging out kids, stealing our identities, and using up our social resources. SHUT IT DOWN!!!! What use is a Federal Government that cannot protect our borders?

  83. If God has purposed for The Wall to be built He has already purposed it to happen and as Lord of Lords and King of Kings, the one true and living God, who created the heavens and the earth it will happen and there is nothing that any of his creatures can do to stop it being built. I pray for the Trump administration to seek His unchangeable will.


  85. Shecky, Betty is a PAID TROLL! She doesn’t care what you say to her. She is on here doing her job which is to insult us so we will “reply” to her and she can get paid for it. I am so glad to see fewer and fewer people are replying to her and when we stop. she will go away to another place where she can insult people, they will reply and she will draw her pay check from it.

  86. If the Wall isn’t built I’ll be a 3rd party voter from here on out. Trump should have been smart enough to know they were lying to him earlier. They all have something to gain form illegals flocking into this country. DemonRats get votes and RINO’s get cheap labor. We the People get the shaft and pay for it all. So I hope everyone understand’s I don’t hold this totally against Trump, but, I do the Republican Party. He’ll get my vote in 2020, and the rest of the creeps will get coal. I don’t want to see (and I doubt I’ll be around to see it happen) our country implode, but, let the radical left take what they can get. I’m thinking lots of conservatives are done with this party. And now what’s up with Chief Justice Roberts? sickens me to see where this issue is going. May God Bless America and forgive our arrogance, our defiant and blatant disregard for his laws and word. I pray we do the right thing in his eyes always. I hope everyone out there keeps praying that our Lord stands by DJT and gives us another chance.

  87. Betty Betty Betty …we are shutting down the government and your welfare check will be late…thank your plantation masters shumer and pelosi. President Trump Gabe them what they wanted….a way for those illegals (you know the dreamers you love so much).to stay. Well, apparently that’s not what your masters wanted as they will let the government to be shut down because y’all can suck hind tit as far as they are concerned. Hopefully one of those illegals takes your place, maybe shoots your lame a$$ the same way Kate was an illegal and let free.

  88. Sending billions of dollars in aid to Mexico and Central America(thereby enabling their overpopulation) and then having them send floods of invading illegal border-crossers to the US is INSANE! Who would DO this? The wall may not be the total answer but you CANNOT have border security without the border wall. That should be self-evident. Anyone obstructing the wall is against border security, no matter what they say. That makes them traitors because this is asymmetric warfare and they are aiding and abetting the enemy. At the very least, shut down the government until they meet their obligation to defend and protect the country. Enough is enough.

  89. Shut it down. Schumer and Pelosi among hundreds of other demonrats have supported building a wall!! Do whatever it takes to make Schumer and Pelosi whine and cry!! Move fund from wherever you can, Planned Parenthood is one good example, and continue building the wall that the MAJORITY of Americans want and recognize is an essential and effective way to slowdown illegal border crossings. I was born and raised in New Mexico and the illegal immigrant problem is out of control!! Even in New Mexico there are some who are against a wall and in the same breath complain about the low wages in NM. It’s amazing they and many others cannot make the connection between illegals taking work that they’d do and taking these jobs for FAR less than the prevailing wage thus driving everyone’s wages down! Duh!! The wall is definitely needed along all of the border states! Sadly this state has elected demonrats to Washington and all Ben Lujan, Torres-Small, Tom Udall, etc. will vote against safety and security for this nation EVEN THOUGH that is counter to what the majority want and voted for! America voted for the wall, a large majority of demonrat congressional representatives have supported a wall AND other border security. Lets make them eat those words one way or another! Play with fire and get burned! Use the military and for national security take some of the money from organizations like previously mentioned! Us deplorable patriots have your back and will do what is asked of us to help and support you Mr. President!! BUILD THAT WALL!!!

  90. Build the cotten picking wall. The Democrats do not care for the safety of their own base, They don’t care how much drugs and gang members come in this country. All they think about is the additional voters coming in to the country so they can stay in power. They care less about the people who voted to put them in office. Build the wall with what you fund Planned Parenthood they get 15 billion plus from us taxpayers. They kill more babies each year. what a crime.

  91. Louise it is every stinking democrap in our congress, they all have gonads the size of peanuts except nancy pulaskie who has a pair as big as bowling balls, I cannot wait until the 2020 election, scumbag schummer and pulaskie Nancy will both be looking for a job, schummer will try out for a piano playing job in a house of ill repute but ex congressman ariz flake has him beat out for that job

  92. Not only shut down the Gov’t and close the border for at least 5 or 6 months until the wall is almost completed. Pres. Trump should use his pen and the 51 VOTE to get what he wants and America needs.

  93. You were in Korea, for whose side. The way you talk you were for the other side. You don’t care if the southern border is protected. A fence is already there and it’s worthless such as your traitorous self.

  94. Right on Buddy Trump is 100 percent For the American Citizens and the Constitution He Took the Oath he took. He in My Opinion and all True American Citizens Alike is a Grate American President and is Standing Tall for Out Grate Country as I Believe he is Doing Gods Will against Satan and his Weak Followers.

  95. Will I support the wall. 1000 percent. In addition I will never ever vote for a democRAT. So go ahead scummer and wicked witch of the west. Hopefully this will be the last straw for even democrats to come to the realization that the democratic party are not deserving of their support.

  96. Maybe Trump should pull his Republican affiliation prior to 2020 election and create a new independant party and overthrow both republicans And demoncats. His people would surely follow, don’t you think?

  97. Our entire economy is built on the federal reserve debt system. Hell just charge the wall construction to credit and worry about paying for it later. That is the American way at present. Build the dam wall already.

  98. This is just like the democrats. DICK in hand. They don’t give a DAM about the FLAG the American people. Only there stupid politics. Which are getting DUM DUM DUM every day.

  99. I said initially that Republicans should not shut the government down to force funding for a border wall, but now the House has passed a bill to fund the government, including funding for the wall, and now it’s the Democrats who are shutting the government down by refusing, at the direction of minority leader Schumer, to approve the government funding bill. The only conclusion I can now draw is that the Democrats are willing to shut the government down to prevent border wall funding.

  100. How dare that pedophile POS Schumer call Trump wanting to protect americans a temper tantrum! That ignorant dog and his handler Pelosi should be forced to stay at the border! 6,500 illegals were arrested by Ice and all of them were criminals sex offenders, and murderers! Can you imagine if Ice was abolished?! Those monsters would be free to continue their crimes!

  101. I would support shut down and stop congress’s pay checks too and make them understand that President Trump and Tucker Carleson are right about protecting our southern border and our Canadian border too!How protecting AMERICANS CITIZENS FIRST AND ILLEGALS ALIENS THAT CRASH THE BORDER LAST! REFORMED THE BIRTHRIGHT CITIZEN’S THAT CROSS TO HAVE BABIES IN THE USA TOO.

  102. Shut it down and hold back pay on all Republicans and Democrats till it opens up again.
    As far as Schumer goes with his BS, telling the President to forget about the wall and go with what the Democrats are willing to give him, so the government can get back to work.
    Mr. Trump tell Mr. Schumer and Mrs. PELOSI the people are donating money to help build the wall that they claim nobody wants.

  103. BTW, I emphasized “government” in quotes because the federal government is NOT an over-government to challenge the Sovereignty of the States, only a committee to allow the States to agree to compromises that enhance our unity. The entire “over-government” concept is based on THE UNITED STATES trying to rule over the 50 countries this nation is made of, since NONE of its officers REPRESENT any State. They are a complete illegitimate scam.

  104. H.R.B. now we know what your initials signify.. Highly Raunchy Balls!! Hey, what do ya know, the name fit the initials!!LOLOLOLOLOL

  105. Shut down the government shut down DOJ shut down House and Senate start with new out with the old what ever you have on the dirty DEMOCRATS let the citizens see it I want to know who a the dirty crooks are.

  106. The Dems are going to give Mexico and Guatamiala 9 Billion dollars to help their country so why not build the Wall!!

  107. I like this. Maybe seeing us at their homes will make a difference.
    I would like to know about their insurance also. I believe that if they had to use our insurance, that problem would be fixed quickly.

  108. Nice and true. We need to know the true and honest Americans will keep making America Great Again and re-elect a leader like regular US Citizens, hard working and honest tax payers.

  109. I agree with President Trump on the shutdown till he has the money for the wall. And a lot of you have some good ideas on how to raise the money. I would add one more demand to the request for money. TERM LIMITS for all of them, and those that have over 2 full terms of service already can leave now with an early retirement at half price.

  110. I served in the military, including a tour in combat in Korea and I think all you people are nuts. A border wall? How about a border fence? But I guess Trump’s ego can only be satisfied with a wall. Personally, I like the sound of “Trump’s border fence”. Oh and btw, I wouldn’t p1$$ on Trump if his hair was on fire!

  111. None of the career politicians represent us or the States that they were elected to represent ANYWAY, throw them ALL OUT.

  112. Then we replace the mines, no problem. They will just prove how criminal they ARE by killing their women and children, it is THEIR CHOICE, not ours to deal with.

  113. they are so stupid and anti america but by some way god will guide trump and others as what to do i am putting my faith in god and trump and the american people just wonder what the dims or any one else would do if one of their loved ones were to be harmed or killed by one of the migrants

  114. Funny, when our Constitution is thge most ethically advanced for mo governance that was ever developed, and what keeps getting put up as “advanced” by the world is versions of monarchic rule, like the “statute Law” that DC loves so much, based on Maritime Law which was first known as High King’s Law. Thye worlsd hates the fact that our nation was as effective as it was, even while being hobbled with the creation of DC to house the European corporation named THE UNITED STATES (whioch has NO representation for any of our States, separate countries all, but choosing to use a SINGLE FLAG to symbolize their unity. But the unity MUST have a federal “government” made of representatives for all of the States, and NONE in DC represent anyone but the corporation whose officer they are. It is a SICK JOKE. For 237 years so far they have ruled over us, it is LONG PAST the time to take our government BACK. Trump made us SEE, now WE have to end this fake pretense of a government that is put on by these criminals in DC.

  115. You are so right and it is what needs to be done. We have a Congress full of treasonous people as they are more interested in tearing down this great nation to have us all under their thumbs. It has to stop and they have to lose their place if they aren’t for America anymore.

  116. Build the wall Mr. PRESIDENT!!! The People of this country will reelect you in 2020 with or without both parties!!! Who needs Democrats or Republicans who are swamp people who argue and point fingers at each other every four years for the sake of their pocketbook and not for the benefit of the American people>We need a solid third party founded by the people with term limits and pay hikes for politicians on the basis of pay for PERFORMANE like it is the rule in industries.

  117. Start showing the homes of any politician that opposes the wall including their addresses. Expose their hypocrisy with views of their walls protecting their personal privacy and security.

  118. I would love to see the Congress’s pay get shutdown everytime this comes up. Force those SOB’s to have the same health care as the rest of our citizens and see how fast they fix it!
    Definitely, shut it down Mr. President until you get the total amount of funds needed to build the wall(s)!


  120. I usually think AOC is NUTZ x10 but I agree with her most recent idea: “Dem darling Ocasio-Cortez calls for furlough of congressional salaries” I don’t get paid when I don’t produce, do you? These jerks have been resting on their laurels while we throw our hard earned money at them and their wasteful spending for far too long. Those funds would be very helpful in funding the wall.

  121. SHUTER DOWN! Mr. President, we got your back! BTW: what is wrong with using confiscated drug cartel money? Who controls these funds? many of our police and sheriff Depts. use these funds for their needs.

  122. Yes, I would support shutting down the government and not paying the SENATE anything while it is shut down and not back pay the SENATE for not working during the shut down.


  124. Not a good idea, the illegal males would just send the women and children to clear the mines, like the Iranians did. You see them pushing them to the front during border attacks. The Israelis have the right idea, snipers, targeting male adults only.

  125. Right idea, no pay for the house or the senate until they get the money the American people (our president)was promised for the wall !!! Damn people don’t do there job at representing us any how, so why should they get payed for NOTHING !!!

  126. These idiots of leadership have shown no respect for Trump or the people that elected him. How long will it be until most Americans see that Congress hasn’t served the public in decades and continuous just act in their own interests.

  127. Democrats, the far left have wanted to do away with our Constitution claiming it no longer works. What really no longer works is congress. How long has it been since they have been able to come up with a legitimate budget. Schumer wants 30 billion for a pet pork project. What Trump is asking for is a drop out of a cupful. Starting to wonder if the SCOTUS works. Neither the FBI or Justice dept works. Only thing in DC that “works” is Trump. And as for Syria or the middle east. Not one scumbag country is worth a single American life. Do you really care who you buy your oil from? 20 years and trillions of dollars and we have yet to civilize people that only want to fight and kill. Trump shutdown? Damn straight! And about time.

  128. I like this idea. There has to be a way to get this wall built. As far as I know there is not one person that is in opposition to it that has their head on right. We, are the American people. Congressmen and Congresswomen work for us – or maybe they did at one time. Not so much now. Plenty of us are getting very upset over this smattering of Dems that are acting like hateful children, but we are too nice. Time for us to Roar!!
    We are behind you, President Trump. Prayers being said for you daily.

  129. Shut it down! Lock all the doors and leave it shut down. Schumer and the other parasites will not let it stay shut down very long because they are afraid that the citizens would realize that we do not really need 50% to 70% of the government departments that we have been funding. They do not want to lose any of their little personal empires. President Trump, just settle down and wait them out.

  130. Marlene, You need to send your idea to the @realdonaldtrump and @POTUS on Twitter. Sounds like an excellent start!!

  131. Harold,
    . . . . I am disabled and I am no longer able to do this myself. It will cost between 5 and 8 thousand for the actual move. I will need to have my two cats moved and boarded. That is another thousand or so. My car needs to have a couple thousand in repairs done before I drive across the country. I will need temporary living funds that will be depended upon how long it takes to find a new home. I figure anywhere from 1 to 3 thousand. Then there are deposits and down payments. It all adds up. Here is my GoFundMe page link:
    . . . . I also want to fix my teeth so that I n=can eat again.
    Please help me do this? I really need to move back to Texas. $5, 10, 20, a 100 it doesn’t matter to me. Every little bit helps. The links and shares are the most important part. Just getting the word out there.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  132. In the 1970s, the Soviet Union had a similar problem but the flow was in the opposite direction – from the Soviet area into Iraq and Iran. A few made it but armed guards deterred or eliminated many. How about colluding and trying their methods?

  133. GREAT IDEA!!! Then we should make the border a minefield, and advertise it as such. We need only the military to install them. Probably the best deterrent of all.

    Paul is gone MITCH HAS TO GO…..PERIOD

  135. Yes I agree 100% they have all committed high crimes of treason and tyranny hang them all in public so everyone can see. No more enough is enough TRUMP DRAIN THAT SWAMP.

  136. Hey everyone, I have a great idea, lets stop congressional pay until they get their heads out of their backsides. Government shut down, congress’s pay is shut down. No pay or expense accounts for anyone in congress until they play nice.

  137. You mean the Schumer Shakedown?
    Will not work.
    Keep it shut down till We The People finish raising the money ourselves.
    Get to building bit.
    Then off to DC to clean house.
    I’m pretty much fed up with this commiecrats garbage.
    Time to put an end to this & T
    Ake Our America Back!!!
    ❤️????????MAGA????????❤️ TRUMP ❤️???????? 2020

  138. Congress is the mafia. Department of Justice is the department of injustice and covers for the mafia. OUR GOVERNMENT IS SORELY IN NEED OF A FLOOR TO CEILING CLEANOUT.

    President Trump should be demanding the entire $25 BILLION TO BUILD THE ENTIRE WALL.

    And, he needs to let schmucky and schnancy know that NOTHING they put before him for the next 2 years will see the light of day… VETO VETO VETO. They do not have the votes to override a VETO.



    It’s time for PLAN C to BUILD AMERICA’S WALL. Tolls on all border entrants on the southern border. Utilize those tolls to pay interest on FEDERAL MUNICIPAL BONDS TO BUILD AMERICA’S WALL. MAKE IT A REAL WALL.

    $25 PER CAR
    $500 PER 18 WHEELER

    ISSUE THE MUNIS AT 3.5% OR 4%. They will be sold in a week. I’ll dump a bunch of others and buy half a million myself. All retirement funds will buy them. And, anyone who invests will buy them.

    A 2nd issue of smaller savings bonds to fund the Wall, similar to WWII savings bonds can also be issued enabling those that don’t have large sums to invest to also support their WALL.

  139. Lt Polans , I too served USAF inlisted during Koreathank you sir for your service , can only give moral support but may God lead and help you achieve your goal back to Texas!!!!!

  140. Yes, President Trump.! Keep the shut-down until the 5 billion is authorized to build the wall. DO NOT back down. We, the people of America are with you. Stay the course.

  141. If the Democrat leadership had proposed a government shut-down, the Republicans would come unglued. But now that their President has supported a government shut-down in favor of securing the Southern Border, there are some that are sitting on their hands, refusing to vote, gnashing their teeth, instead of getting off of their proverbial butts and finding the necessary votes to pass this spending bill along with funds for the “Wall”…it is time to use the nuclear vote of 51-votes and get this bill passed, government up and running, and relief for disaster victims! If not, perhaps, it is time for “marshal law” to get this nation back into order….cleanse the House and the Senate of do-nothings who want to be paid, but refuse to act for the safety of ALL Americans, and find out who the REAL PATRIOTS of this NATION are….and those professional politicians kicked to the side of the road, and those that have evaded the law for so many years [e.g., the Clintons; Loretta Lynch; Barack Obama for organizing a group to overthrow the Constitutional government; George Soros for funding anarchist groups like AntiFA, Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers; the Nation of Islam; Erick Holder; leaders of the F.B.I. working against the Trump Administration; the Reverend Wright; Al Sharpton; etc…TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE!]….TIME TO DRAIN the SWAMP!

  142. republicans have cut their throat , our 2 from tennessee right in there with them. i will not vote for any DEMOCRAT have to hold you nose to vote for a REPUBLICAN and that is harder and harder, about done with them. who can we vote for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. The people of the land fought against tyrannical governments before. Remember the Boston Tea Party. The French Revolution. When enough Americans get fed up with how they are losing their Constitutional rights. When it finally hits them on a personal level, maybe, just maybe, we will see another Boston Tea Party. Maybe enough Americans will finally take a stand and say “Enough”. But until then, “Silence like a cancer grows”, too many are being too silent.

  144. SUT IT DOWN UNTIL WE GET 50 BILLION. Easily done by saving 17% of gov’t cost we would save ~ 0.17 x 500 billion x 2 = 170 billion in 2 years. Earmark xtra 120 billion for building ready reaction facilities plus equipment to react to border intrusions. Plus earmark all drug $$ confiscated at the border as reward $$ for the officers involved in the seizure. This would give a great incentive to them to be extra viligent for drug $$.

  145. Hooray!! Spoken like a true American Hero! And I thought they all died or disappeared. Thank you John Piemonte for putting into words what every Conservative knows but hesitates to say. Time for us to get off our butts and do something about those twisted Liberals who keep throwing our Country to the riffraff that tries to sneak into our Country.
    ????????WELL SAID JOHN! GOD BLESS AMERICA!????????

  146. I remember someone in the crowd of the Caravan who was mad at the USA for not
    allowing them in, shouted about there were Russians that were on their way through the same means as the caravan.
    I didn’t believe it then, but now I’m wondering if someone actually knew what they were talking about.

  147. Build the wall. Shut down the government. Like really shutting down non essential personnel is that big of a deal. They really should shut down all the congress and senators and use their pay to build the wall…

  148. Order the Military to DEFEND OUR COUNTRY FROM FOREIGN INVASION. That’s what we’re facing now. If our Military doesn’t have the balls to SHOOT AND KILL, they have no business being in the Military. We also need to get rid of the ILLEGAL ALIENS who are in Congress, but that’s another issue,

  149. Yes…I would shut the Government down.Them idiots up there don’t care about the American people. All they care about is themself.I just don’t understand Why ? People put these idiots back in the office…Term limits.

  150. Allowing R.I.N.O.’s to lead elephants was not only foolish it was part of a plot hatched by Washington’s ‘swamp creatures” like little chuckie Schumer. Not funding the WALL is an act of (backhanded) treason that weakens Our society and is a major threat to Our sovereignty.




  152. God Bless America, God Bless our President,Let’s through the rest of them out if they can’t support the president in his fight to insure Americans safety, and way of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. The internal invasion would be as a result of open borders. We would be taken over by so call immigrants who would over power the system. The President is trying to stop that now, but is not receiving the support he needs.

  154. Schumer is trying to play games and say President Trump is having a “temper tantrum”.
    Is that what it is called when you keep promises that you made during the campaign?
    This needs to be labeled “The Schumer Shutdown” because he is directly responsible!
    We should also re-direct the foreign aid being sent to Mexico and the other Central american countries to pay for the whole wall…

  155. It’s like “I’ll pay you back when I get my TAXES, never fall for that one.
    We told you: FIRE RYAN, but nope.
    We told you fire Sessions, but nope

    NOW Mattis is ticked and people are now starting to drop like flies, except for your son in law, to whom I do not Trust either.
    We pray for you, we are blessed because of you. However:
    STOP THREATENING TO RELEASE THE TRUTH and RELEASE IT ALL – Let the US Citizens see the Hate these people have for America, because this is the last chance

  156. Congress particularly Schumer needs to feel the heat! How about mounting a recall for him? Because he would be the only one involved it will be much easier to monitor any illegal voting and it be an honest election!
    I cannot believe that the American people are allowing these scum to get away with this! Let’s start visiting Schumer’s office and calling him or his and every democrat on the hill and DEMAND ACTION!

  157. There are two main reasons why the demos do not want to build the wall…
    One: They do not want the President to get credit for securing the border.
    Two: They are globalist like Merkel and want countries to give up their sovereignty and open their borders to the One World Government (international corporations).

  158. Okay so let’s try this again:
    If the Feds won’t stop illegal border crossings then the states must. If they fail to do so, then it is incumbent upon citizens to defend our nation from invasion.
    Nikita Kruschev told Kennedy that communists would not have to fire a shot, that they would beat us from within.
    Today’s Democrats are those communists of yesterday who are within and it is the responsibility all patriots to stop the internal invasion, by force if necessary. It is coming very close to that now. Be ready!

  159. That’s funny that this post above was allowed but two prior posts have not shown up at all! One on this article and one another article.

  160. Test.
    My postings have been censored by renewedright and I have not been given a reason. Nothing I have said is any different than many other postings.
    There is no way to appeal!
    If renewedright restricts me from basic comments, they are as much of a problem as the liberal left wing nuts!

  161. SusanL, I agree 100%! Our Congress is nothing more than a daycare full of useless, whiny, lazy, back-stabbing, lying, selfish, snotty-nosed petulant grown-ups who act like children. They are the worst BULLIES in the Nation. And they are only there for one reason…. the cookies and juice!!

  162. Its really disgusting the way the Democrats and Republicans are hurting our Country just to spite our President Donald J. Trump. They are willing to let millions of people into our country illegally to use up our resources and if that doesn’t work they crash Wall Street and deplete our investment gains. They do not want anything good happening in America that makes our President Donald J. Trump look good.

  163. A promise is a promise. Glad that Trump had enough of political BS. Even Ann Coulter voiced loudly, reminding what his campaign promises were all about. Shame that the GOP congressional leaders weren’t planning to implement it. Hmm.

    At least Trump walked the talk. Thumb up to Trump.

    You liberals need to shut the heck up. You were once for it but now you are not. I rather be a conservative than constant jittering liberals that are so hell bent on political correctness that are completely anti-American.

  164. shut er down until the democrats come around you know unless they can override trumps vetoes they are stuck with a shutdown that needs to include there pay

  165. Thank-you and Merry Christmas all!!
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  166. Mark I say bring the military in & let them build it!!! It will cost a lot but not as much as private enterprise. And use LOTS & LOTS & MORE LOTS of Concertina wire!!!

  167. Mr. Pope, I am a senior widow & unable to help you but I prayed for God to send many folks who can help you to get that move accomplished. Thank you also for your service to this country. My late husband was Air Force as well & darned proud of it. God Bless Each & Every serviceman & Woman…active & retired!!!

  168. Start the Shutdown with EVERY congress person and Every Senators Pay check. hold it until the wall is funded. the full $25 BILLION

  169. Lt. Robert Polans, 1st…Thank You Sir for your service! 2nd…GO TEXAS MINUTEMEN!!! You are my kind of Hero…giving of yourself to protect this glorious country we call Home. I am a FIRM supporter of our Blessed President Trump & he has been sold out by traitors who are so untrustworthy & full of doodoo that that if a semi ran over them I don’t think it would kill them…just a LOT of poop would get squished out. I am as ashamed of the traitor Republicans as I am of the demonrats. The dems must have a lot of nasty dirt on the repubs to control them…but what’s new…the dems are CONTROLLED by satan himself the great deceiver & they will do & say ANYTHING TO GET WHAT THEY WANT! They are also cowards so if Trump can hold his own steady on course he will beat them down. No more Mr. Nice Guy…hit ’em where it hurts.

  170. Congress is a farce. Ryan and McConnell are as useless as teets on a bull. Trump has nothing to lose. Republicans lost the Midterms because they didn’t perform. Unfortunately voting in Democrats is like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. What a freakin’ shame. You have to know that Trump is pissed. There’s no lip-service with him. A promise or commitment means something to him and if you renege…you’re toast…I’m the same way. I’m cancelling all Republican subscriptions. Haven’t given them a dime in years.

  171. I support President Trump if he shuts the government down due to no funding for the wall. This was his signature campaign promise and he must and will do all he can to fulfill his campaign promises. We are in critical danger of literally losing our sovereign country! FUND THE WALL, BUILD THE WALL, SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

  172. If congress will not vote to fund the wall, build it anyway and take it out of their paychecks, back dated and shave their heads and put them to work as laborers. It is what they want from us for eternity.

  173. Robert,
    . . . . Thank-you for your service. I just contributed to the wall GoFundMe page. I was born in Texas and raised in Las Vegas. I live in Southwestern Wisconsin and I am trying to move back to Texas to live out my final years. I am a disabled senior citizen. I served in the Air Force for four years. I have a GoFundMe page and I am trying to raise 25K for moving expenses for I can no longer move myself. Can you folks please help me out?
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  174. Let’s see, will we be represented in January? or are we now? No, so a government shutdown will mean nothing to us. A gofundme for the wall? I tried that years ago, how many years do you have? There are a few other ways though. Border security has asked for we the peoples’ help. The military as in ALL battles, skirmishes, etc. were held back because of rules of engagement. In Nam we realized screw the rules or be killed. The cartels are literally killing the agents. These are invaders, so what do we do? Become the wall ourselves, but a wall that shoots at them. Right now I’m in Laredo, but they go to more remote areas to get in, so I’ll be leaving with my guys soon. Texas’ Minute Men really have a good handle on this.

  175. I agree with all the above, especially stopping their pay until we have a wall built, not just the $5 billion in promises. And no retro pay! That way they’ll have to do it if they want their greedy little hands on it.

  176. I am in. You have to have a defensible boarder. With a wall you have that. We have discussed this for years. Now we have a President with moxie. He has a great sense of right and wrong. He stands by his word. He has the majority of American people with him. He gave the left an opportunity to “pony up”, and they did not. The right did not do the right thing either. SO SHUT IT DOWN

  177. How about corporate sponsorship for wall advertising…lawyers, politicians, ACLU, NAACP, PAY FOR SENDING YOUR INFO DIRECTLY TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!

  178. Yes, yes, and yes!!!!!!!!!!!! So called Americans that don’t support the border walls and legal immigration are guilty of High Treason during Wartime and should be treated as such. High Treason during Wartime is a Capital Offense.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  179. I support a government shut down we will get the wall. And I’m behind the GOFUNDME.COM TO RAISE THE MONEY WE NEED FOR THE WALL.

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