Trump shocked the media with one idea to stop school shootings

Donald Trump held a listening sessions with survivors of the Parkland, Florida shooting as well as other tragedies.

The media expected him to roll over and accept demands for gun bans.

But he revealed one idea that knocked the gun grabbers back on their heels.

The press was expecting a full on assault by the survivors against Trump.

That isn’t what happened.

Some students and parents even called for expanded gun rights to combat school shootings.

And Trump proposed allowing teachers to conceal carry their firearms as a means to prevent gunmen from storming schools and massacring students.

Politico reports:

“President Donald Trump boosted the idea of having teachers and staff carry weapons on school campuses on Wednesday during a White House listening session with students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students, their families and local school officials.

The president lamented the death of a Stoneman Douglas sports coach who died protecting students from gunfire to illustrate his case.

“If he had a firearm he wouldn’t have had to run, he would’ve shot and that would’ve been the end of it,” the president said.

Trump did not name the official, but appeared to reference assistant football coach Aaron Feis, who died while shielding students as gunman Nikolas Cruz opened fire on the Parkland, Florida school last week.

The president said his administration would “certainly” discuss the option, which he acknowledged was “controversial,” along with a series of other initiatives.”

President Trump is correct in that a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun.

Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. Look at this, actors reading teleprompter with FACTS about guns!

    On Monday, March 26, 2018 7:11 PM, John Wirts wrote:

    PRICELESS: Actors Read Gun Control Facts Off Of A Teleprompter – Minds Blown [VIDEO]
    Austen Fletcher, a YouTuber known for his “man on the street” videos, released a new video on Friday showing actors cold reading firearm facts don’t fit the liberal agenda.
    And their reactions were priceless. PRICELESS: Actors Read Gun Control Facts Off Of A Teleprompter – Minds Blown [VIDEO]

  2. I don’t think President Trump meant all teachers should be armed; just those that wanted to be. And,fire arm training and background checks will have to be part of the program.
    Crazy dems are upset because we the people will have more guns to protect not only ourselves, but the most previous, our Children!!!
    For dems, it is gun control (confiscation) not safety or security for anyone. Their solution will not stop any violence!!!!

    • I believe the Democrats have gone brain dead when it comes to gun control or OUR ability to defend OURSELVES. Wonder how many of these democrats in Washington have an armed security person with them or they carry a concealed weapon themselves……

        • Let’s go ‘Deeper’ than totalitarian ie
          1) Georgia Guidestones – De-population.
          2) Projection re Agenda 21
          21 has been adjusted to new # ( i forgot)
          Agenda 21 is 3 yrs away- ‘they’ are behind schedule
          b/cuz of DJT. IF hitlery would have taken the WH, then Agenda would be happening Faster than it is now.
          3) Lucifer (Prince of Light) ahem – Requires a Whole Lotta Blood. The ENTIRE Agenda IS ‘Luciferian’.

          BTW: you aware of Jade Helm 15 ???

          • Actually UN Agenda 21 refers to the 21st century; they meant to have their 1 world gov’t in place for the start of the 21st century, so they’re WAY behind, already! They upgraded to Agenda 2030 a couple of years ago, which reads like 21 on steroids. And in that agenda is ALL the destruction, etc. They want to reduce world population to approximately 1/2 billion (500 mil) people, and have several avenues for accomplishing that all of which are insidious and outright murder. Leaderships in various nations are completely on board with this but putting on this grand Guignol show that they’re against the very things they’re pushing under our noses.
            I LIVE where Jade Helm happens annually!

          • ‘Pattern’ i notice is by the Decade. Takes re 10 yrs for Development. Watching since born. Lots of Study in ‘cycles’ Before born. 0ne Biggee IS- ‘we’ have been LIED to, for 0ver 2000 yrs, much to my chagrin.

        • hmmm – i understood Agenda 21 to be 2021, yeah rite 2030 cpl yrs ago. According to deagel, not a Century thang. So, i dunno.
          I see SHTF in less than 20 yrs. Hope my ‘sight’ Is erroneous_
          & have some ‘training in RV ).
          Just came upon info re ‘code words’ per NW0 . It has been said :”the rose” which occurred on Valentines day shooting, meaning Agenda now going ‘full swing’. ie March 24 = ‘pre-planned Activities across the Nation ‘exploiting youth’. We must Stop this Any Way we can . Talk re it Loud & Wide__
          I have link re “the rose” -have not listened to All of it yet, but will – then try to send it forth somehow.

          Valentine was ‘beheaded’- you know that, rite_
          Anyway, let’s see if this gets thru w/out alteration. here goes.

          • No; I don’t believe the world will be here as it is now, either, in 20 years. If you put the UN agendas alongside the Biblical and a few other older prophecies; they match up pretty well.

          • I did know that about St Valentine. And I know the kids are the targets; how else to you train up crops of willing obedient “bots”? The reason the left so hates Trump is that he’s the sabot in the gears of their agenda.

          • Well My Dear – the FIRST ‘Deluge’ Need a Majore’ & N0T thru a ‘hologram’ . ps. Expoiting kids seems to be one of ‘final’ calls. LAST Day – Winter 0lympics – yee ha.

          • Post = Altered. Many words deleted. i’ll let it go. this Site Can’t Take ‘IT’. hmmm & humpf__ “Wake UP” you bastards and/or bots. That’s All.

          • DJT IS Deterrent. Make your plans, Body/Mind/ S0UL, ppl. IF You aging, i don’t know what to say, Butt – LIVE . & Be Happy. AnyWay you can. bye.

          • That deluge worked as intended; it simply didn’t stop Satan’s free will choice and since Jesus hadn’t yet come to resolve the sin problem, Yhwh God chose to let things ride; until the “fire, next time” He steps in, to clean up the mess we’ve made of things.

    • You are absolutely right!
      They keep telling me this is a duplication and Ihave not posted on this topic! So why the false accusation?

      • Their version of shadow banning (if you use Twitter), or censorship, I think. It’s happened to me several times when I know I didn’t duplicate too.

  3. While it may be that not all teachers are comfortable carrying concealed weapons, the idea that they legally CAN do so and students know; this may be a deterrent in itself. Who’s carrying?? Which ones him? her?


  5. You cannot disarm the criminal, criminally insane and evil people bent on doing harm, guns and bombs can be made in the garage, the obvious answer is to ARM the good.

  6. Gunfree zones should be eliminated altogether they make for easy targets of people and the people in the government that want to take your guns actually like the shootings so they can call for more gun control if they take our guns it will be easy to take your freedom and take full control the more people that are armed the less likely it is for the nutjobs to attempt a mass shooting

    • Take away guns. That was one of the first things Hitler did along with trying to banish religion. I was very happy to hear President Trump bring up Mental Institutions. Jimmy Carter never should to close them, Along with giving the Panama Canal away and selling The Presidential Yacht, but I diverse.

  7. I carry were ever I go. I disregard that little sign, because I don’t want some nut to have a free target. At 76 I get up of a morning get dress (includes putting on weapon), and go about my day. At the end of day, go to bed with weapon on the night stand, which my wife has hers on her night stand also. Good night! MAGA.

  8. We all but stopped Airline hijacking in the 70’s by shooting a few hijackers.

    Bill Clinton banned so AR 15 type rifles and it made no change in the crime rates.

    Why not try something that has worked in the past?

    These people are cowards, that’s why they always strike in Gun Free zones.

  9. In the 70’s we stopped wholesale aircraft hijacking when we shot a few hijackers.

    Why not try something that works for a change instead of trying to re-invent the wheel.

    Bill Clinton banned “assault” rifles and made no change in the crime rates.

  10. I think teachers being allowed to carry a concealed weapon is a good idea. Many lives could be saved.Also let’s put Prayer and Bible study back in school.

  11. The DEEP STATE CABAL is targeting the mentally ill with HIGH TECH MIND CONTROL WEAPONOLOGY to force them to carry out mass shootings. They are using it to create a huge public outcry so they can disarm America. Main Stream Media is in league with the Deep State Luciferian NWO agenda. Want to really stop it? GO AFTER THEM!!!

  12. If you are going to make it hard for a good guy to have a gun the bad guy with a gun will always have an easy victim to prey upon.

  13. I wonder if Trump feels the same way about He and His staff at the White House. They could all train and carry to protect themselves. Then us Tax Payers wouldn’t have to pay for all their security. Same with His Family. I bet He wouldn’t be for that.

    • Barron’s a bit young; but then POTUS wouldn’t be able to focus on HIS job of running the nation instead of protecting his family; so there is a trade off there, regardless who is in the office.

    • His staff ie secret service DO carry guns just like the cops who protect you and I. As you well know. There is a big target on the chest of President Trump and not you and I. If you were in the position, you would want the extra and appropriate protection.

      • Maurine, point well taken. The point I was making was Trump has security and protection. But He wants a certain amount of Teachers to protect themselves and Kids. He wouldn’t want that same protection at White House. I’m for Teacher’s that want to train and carry at School. That is only one of a hundred things that need to be done.

        • I carry.
          Would have run over those cowardly cops to take that little monster out.
          I would probably been shot in the back because I had a gun in a gun free zone and am a white adult which would make it okay.

      • When “Open Carry” was legalized in Alabama, Slime Stream Media published “Streets will run red with blood”! I open carry, and haven’t seen one shooting in 20 years. Breath of fresh air to hear the logical solution. Few shootings where armed guards are present. ALL shootings I’ve read about are in “Gun Free” zones. Look on “HeyJackass” dot com, and see how well it worked in Chicago, plus their carjackings are almost 900 last year. When we were being ruled by the British, did we win our freedom by letting them take away our guns? HELL NO!

  14. I’ve worked at schools and I would have to say hire security. It gives people jobs and protects our kids. Many teachers are lefties, I wouldn’t trust them with a firearm. They might leave it lying around, they are not the brightest. California spends so much on schools but we are like 48th overall. So maybe spending some of that money on security would be money well spent. Of course Jerry Brown would hike the taxes again to pay for it, it’s not like they don’t get enough. Hey Jerry, take your train and shove it up your tunnel

    • Well, if they want to go that route, there are lots of vets who are already trained and combat experienced, like the coach who was killed trying to defend those kids in Parkland because he was disarmed.

    • Yep. I think they key is extra security. I was recently in Israel and Jordan and every major business and hotel had a guard and metal detector at the entrance. We got used to it and never gave it a second thought. Why not metal detectors and a guard at the entrance to a school. Anyone can walk on campus w/o ID. The weapons ban in England and Wales in 1997 showed an increase in gun violence until 2003 when there was a great increase in cops. It is security and armed citizens that keep gun violence in check, not banning them. That just provides a safe target for the bad guys!

  15. If you really want to curb gun violence first outlaw these extremely violent computer games. You can’t tell me that we are not desensitizing our children with this. They play the game and kill off their opponent and they are rewarded by winning the game, the more people they kill the greater the reward. I truly believe games that reward good behavior would be better for these young minds. They go from killing in a game to killing for real.

  16. I think that the Left purposely, waits for these occasions of terror and are willing to sacrifice innocent life, in order to achieve their goal of eliminating the Second Amendment. Ponder the fact, that they use a event of murder to politicize the act and their first objective is get rid of guns, get rid of the NRA and place blame on President Trump,which is pounced on by Obama Fake news Media. Did the Fake News Media, bring up obama’s negligence of doing anything about the daily murders in his home town, not one thing! President Trump is on the right road, arm those in the schools after under going training in the use of guns and let the maniacal shooter beware. The Left immediately puts down the idea and demands changing the NRA, which is their leftist agenda goal.

    • I disagree; I don’t believe they do “wait for them” to happen; I believe many of them are SET UP by leftists to further their anti-gun agenda. And I’m not convinced this latest wasn’t 1 such, as yet. Further, I don’t believe Leftist give a rat’s ass for the kids who are killed or injured; all they show any concern for is their anti-gun agenda. They NEED us all disarmed in order to bring in their 1 world gov’t and they’re behind schedule.

      • SET UP is right & V.V. Disturbing. A ‘Drill’ was Taking place Inside that School… Does the President know this ???
        0rphan cruz, a perfect ‘patsy’ for mkultra program.
        I’m not wondering if somehow his inheritance of $800,000 from mother life ins policy is coming into play here.
        Red Herring. Trump better not cave.

        • All the false flags to push the agenda toward NWO 1 world gov’t are very disturbing and so is the fact that Congress, the WH and SCOTUS are not only not talking about them or acknowledging they are false flag events, but shut down any effort to discuss them.

          • I know – that’s why this so V.V. Bad…Scary mary. Until this FF/mkultra stuff is confronted- it continues. Now ‘they’ have ‘riled’ the Youth & don’t care if the kids are sacrificed, that’s how bad this is . We in Deep.
            Go to & view HealthRanger Mike Adams Emergency vid.15min some other ones as well. ‘blue’/ ‘green’ screens are used by CNN.(a ‘blue screen’ was used in ‘shooter’ walking on street) i picked it up rite away. Also CGI’s (computer generated images) Hillary was busted in CGI during campaign in Greensboro,NC… there’s more. & this better get thru unaltered. let’s see.

          • I know; I get Natural News and some other sites that deal with the levels of conspiracy going on in the world and reasons for them. I also read the whole Book which tells clearly this WOULD happen; well, it IS, right in front of our faces on a daily basis, and precisely as those prophets of thousands of years ago said it would.

          • Go to NaturalNews (fri)& look at the 15 min.emergency vid.
            0ne of the Best Health Sites out there. Mike has his own lab.Look at his Credentials.

          • One called Conspiracy Theory; the Common Sense show, and there’s another that’s kind of sporadic on conspiracies, I can’t think if the title just off hand.

          • At one point i began to have a prob w/ David Hodges, so it’s been a while. Check out Also have a site that i’m apprehensive to give out. Heavy duty. 0u. Former NSA now in Mex.

          • I don’t swallow anything without checking it; and I agree Hodges can get pretty far afield; too far at times. I’ve run across Steve Quayle too.

          • Also i do not ‘subscribe’ to the word ‘conspiracy’ Any More.
            Well. snopes IS. But the ‘other’ sites we are looking at, are definetely N0T Conspiratorial. Left crap terminology.
            ( not insinuating you) Sometimes interpretation gets mixed up)

          • Thanks for clarifying; “conspiracy” isn’t the “bad” word there; theory is. To call something a conspiracy simply means that there were 2 or more actors agreeing to do something, usually something nefarious and somewhat secretively, but not always either of those. 2 people might conspire to throw a surprise birthday party for a 3rd friend; it’s still a conspiracy and secretive but not necessarily bad intent. Most conspiracies are secretive, and usually small scale; this just happens to involve a LOT of people who want something wholly evil and are conspiring together against those whom they know don’t want that evil.

          • Seems to me ‘conspiracy’ semantics ARE Wide 0pen Exposure Now, Due to Alt (& the good ones,until they are shut down)
            Mike Adams fighting . Quayle IS SAVVY__

    • one must also remember ,these types of killings started to take place during the first four years Obama was our president and gotten worse during his last four years and could not get the job done of removing our gun rights stricken from our constitution ,but dose not mean that those behind having having gun rights taken from we the people of our country have given up ,and those types of people have lost big time when their female crooked evil lying she devil Hillary R. Clinton did not get to run our country ,but that dose not mean that those types of people have given up , and being that after one year of all the attacks on our president that is all about having him removed as our president,and with all that has taken place with all their lies cover ups with the help of the news media wit all their misleading news that more propaganda then truth ,which has only been given to we people of our country ,in ways of keeping us from knowing the real truth of what is taking place, but as I for one of the millions in our country may see they have put the final touches to all their evil good for nothing evil plans ,by trying to use this last killings that taken place by a disturbed person that should of been removed from roaming our streets,by those who had all that information ,and did nothing in ways of doing what he has done ,but used their mistakes to put the blame on our weapons,which may turn out to be their worst mistake that may end all their attacks on our constitution and our rights to bare our weapons.

      • No; they didn’t start then; the 1st mass shooting at a school was in ’66, 2 years or so after removing prayer and God from classrooms. There had been random shootings at schools prior to that, but not the mass shootings. BTW, O was probably barely old enough for kindergarten when that 1 happened in TX.
        What did begin happening is false flag shootings, such as Sandy Hook, with the intent of furthering the anti-gun agenda of the left. Leftists don’t care about how many or who has to die to further their agenda, they never have.

  17. Absolutely!!! The IDEA that there may be concealed guns on site would be a DETERRENT. “GUN FREE ZONES” are MAGNETS to the crazies because they know that there are no guns…and so they can go in an create havoc- kill as many as they can!

  18. Absolutely!!! The IDEA that there may be concealed guns on site would be a DETERRENT. “GUN FREE ZONES” are MAGNETS to the crazies because they know that there are no guns…and so they can go in an create havoc- kill as many as they can!
    Concealed or open carry diminishes crime because most criminals are cowards-who don’t want to stand up to the good guys.

  19. HELL YES !! I agree with Our Great President, liberals quite trying
    To take our rights and give them back to the people where they belong.
    We need more people like the coach and other who will , do what they have too to protect the kids or adults. Not on the so called GOVERNMENT to come save us..

  20. It is already illegal to shoot people. If laws would control criminals there would be no crime.Those who are determined to kill will do it. No gun, bombs, no bomb, drive your vehicle into the crowd, no vehicle, set the building on fire, no matches, poison the water, no poison, machete time, metal detectors, no problem, ceramic knives will not show on the metal detector.
    No mind bending hypnotic prescription drugs, maybe no desire to kill.

    • How about an FBI who are concerned enough to go pick up a killer, when they are informed of their activities and intensions.
      Oh that would be too easy. Then how would we justifie, the disarming of the honest law abiding citizens.

    • Yep, neither do ceramic or plastic guns, and then there are all those household furnishings that have also been used to kill people, and if ALL else fails, there are always ROCKS; how would those be banned?

  21. I agree with the President that having armed security in place would minimize the death count or stop it. Weather it be professional security or trained teachers which ever you prefer will save our children’s lives, and No Mother or Father or family member should ever have to suffer such a terrible, terrible loss.

  22. I believe that certain staff members and teachers should be allowed to carry at schools as long as they are vetted, trained and have the mental fortitude to do what and only what is needed at the time. This will absolutely make these nut cases and others who think that these tragedies will eventually get the American people disarmed think twice before acting. I am really happy to hear that some students and their parents know how important our 2nd amendment is and not listening to these gun-grabbing libtard/demoTRASH/rino hypocrites. Many kudos to the kids and their parents.

  23. Learn that the AR-15 is a semi-automatic gun. Exactly the most side arms and most hunting rifles.
    Pay Attention Leftists.
    semi-automatic = a weapon that will discharge the shell once fired, and inject another round in the ready position. 1 TRIGGER PULL PER BULLET.
    GOT IT?

    • Yes. the AR designation is NOT “Assault Rifle” like people are misled to think, it stands for “Armalite Rifle”, after the company that developed the design. An AR10 is a civilian version (limited to semi-automatic ONLY, no full auto function)of the military M14, which is basically just a 30.08 rifle, but with the military full auto feature as well. NONE of the rifles available to public are assault rifles, NONE OF THEM can be set to full automatic fire. Some try to LOOK military, but are NOT military rifles.

        • ok – i heard audio of shots : 1234 in less than 1 sec., then 123, 1 etc. i don’t think this kid ‘pulled the trigger that effin fast. i have V.Good Timing in 1/5 second 5 parts to 1 second. re Vegas: Mike Adams was 1st to bust the meme in a ‘forensic test’… sound/speed/distance/angle. Many ‘Know the Truth’ re Vegas. I am waiting for him to do the same here, but not so far, & wonder why. Thnx S & 3030.

  24. Disarming the public will not deter mental cases that are obsessed with mayhem and death. Guns will always be accessible or constructed in secret. If the progressive dream of arms elimination actually occurred madmen would turn to vehicles, explosives, and poisons to accomplish their evil deed.

  25. Some teachers should be armed and have regular training class sessions so they are proficient with their fireams! Worthwhile expenditure for school district s!

    • the Isreal teachers carry , assault weapons, & they havn’t had a school shooting in over 20 yrs
      would also work for us, also there are plenty of ex – military myself included
      that would volunteer to help patrol the school for only a free lunch , Sign me up,
      & us old F–TS can still shoot very well

      • The teachers there also all served in the IDF and were trained with those weapons for combat. If you were a shooter looking for a “soft” target would you go up against a combat trained and armed person? I doubt it.

  26. All we have to do is look at some of the foreign countries who have in the past taken away guns and see what has happened to the country itself – bad leaders ! Anyway, gun removal is not the answer. There is no one answer. I like the idea of certain teachers having carry. One chief of police here in Texas has done this in his town and someone asked him if it has been effective and he replied that “I hope I never find out” He has also posted signs at all street entrances stating that school personnel are armed. Doors that are locked from the outside but can be opened with a push bar are good once something happens, however, the idea is to keep it from happening. I don’t like the idea of a six foot fence – makes school look like a prison. Much of what we see today, not only school shootings but other misuse of firearms, relates back to home teaching and supervision. We cannot leave use and safety teaching to the schools and or police or “laws” it has to start at home!! Leave the guns alone and work on teaching and training PEOPLE. I was taught and so were my five kids !

  27. Start by reopening the mental institutions. And then allow teachers to conceal carry and also have armed defenders on campus. The closing of mental institutions have led to many crimes committed by those who should be institutionalized.

  28. of course he is right . if they take guns away then only the bad guys will have them , and we will be at their mercy . have the doors to the school locked and only the panic bar on the inside will open it , and if someone wants to come in they must be on full video from inside to let them in

    • Jack, I agree with you. Keep all of the doors locked from the outside with panic bars to open them from the inside. Add security cameras trained on all entrances and armed guard/s at the main entrance to check people entering the building. If the bad guys can’t get in they can do harm.

    • The President is right. The schools have a concealed carry. It’s the bad guy that has a concealed weapon carry. This problem could of been stopped years ago of it weren’t for brain dead liberals and bureaucrats. All they think about is what makes them look good today, They don’t think about tomorrow. Look at the streets in San Francisco,Chicago,Dallas, New York.
      Jerry brown, Nancy Pelosi, 99% of the liberals have mental problems. from Cheyenne Wyoming

    • Yes that is true but you would need more than one or even two in schools are larger than 5,000 kids because the school shooter had a cop on the school found in Florida and he couldn’t get there in time. I would say metal detectors at all exits and entrances of every door in the school with one veteran or retired cop at that metal detector.

  29. I agree with the President if a good guy with a weapon would have a better chance to stop a bad guy a weapon. The FBI can’t seem to do there job properly an we the people who are paying them get the sh!*t end of the stick an nothing will happen to the FBI agents just like nothing will happen to Hillary an Bill an Obama. Yet we can spent millions of our tax money on a fake Russian collusion.

    • I disagree. Nothing fake about the Russian affair. Three convictions (by plea agreement) and two indictments suggests there is collusion with the Trump regime.

      • Jumper,
        . . . . WRONG! There is collusion here but it is between the democrats aka communists and the rest of the communists in the world including the Russian ones.
        America: Love It or Leave It!
        GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

        “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”

        -Thomas Jefferson

        • Dear Dick,

          The only collusion backed by evidence is the collusion of the Trump team and the Russian team. The meeting at Trump Tower in June of 2016 is uncontested. There is no evidence, only raw emotion, to support your claim. If you can articulate an argument with evidence to support it, please do.

          Your “quote” of Thomas Jefferson is actually incorrect. These are not his words, but words of an Italian writer that he noted and wrote about in one of his writings. He examined the concept, but did not endorse it. More important, this is not a quote from him.

          Please do your homework.

          • If you were correct, the Mueller investigation would be over.
            Who is stating “facts” not in evidence?
            The lie is the democrat’s(and half the Republican’s) stock in trade.

          • Collusion between the Russian and the Clinton’s is pretty damning. If only Mueller would get his head out of his ass and check the Clinton’s. If you are so FN blind not to see that the Clinton’s have played us all as fools than you are the biggest fool of them all. Now go away

          • He already knows that; that’s ALL the evidence of collusion he has found in all these months and over $10mil!

          • Jumper,

            The meeting at Trump Tower was between Don Trump Jr., Kushner, Soviet woman who said she had information against Hillary and another man. When Don Jr. found out there was no information about Hillary, he left the meeting. There was NO COLLUSION in that meeting at all. Rosenstein said that NO AMERICAN was involved in Russia collusion and that Russia did NOT CHANGE THE ELECTION RESULTS. Do you not listen to the news, or do you only listen to CNN and MSNBC who lie every day about Trump???


    • Not so, but even so, you are suggesting all student should be armed? Why not? Hand out shot guns with two shells to each student every day. Lots of gun sales. Everyone packing in class. If a bad guy shows up, everyone can shoot at him or her till everyone is dead. Great idea.

  30. Has anyone noticed that none of these school shootings occur in inner city high crime areas? I have a pal who is a police officer. He also happens to be black. He says that the potential shooters realize that they just might run into people who are also packing heat.

  31. President Trump is right and we should have trained armed personnel in our schools. This should have never happened if the FBI had followed up on the tips that were received about what this shooter had plans to do

  32. Several states have already passed a bill authorizing ARMED. PERSONEL ON THE CAMPUS OF EVERY SCHOOL, We
    have many veterans in the school who could and would redily carry a weapons in the school. The students don’t and should not be informed as to who the ARMED TEACHERS ARE . Also, the “GUN FREE ZONES’ have to be CANCELLED
    AT ONCE. They are an invitation to any nut case out there who wants his name and picture in the paper, or on TV.

  33. No gun free zones. They are an invitation to every murderous nut job out there.
    Armed security at entrances with the authority to search backpacks, purses, etc.
    Entrances closed and locked during school hours.
    Teachers armed if they wish. Teachers to carry keys to external doors, in case of fire.

    • Panic bar locks would be wiser. They automatically lock to the outside when the door closes but the locks release when the bar is pressed from within. Key locks put lives at risk, especially in thick smoke or toxins, or an active shooter situation.

      • Sandra Lee Smith,

        I feel that all schools should have a metal detector at each door so no student or teacher can enter school with a gun. Also, at least two armed ex-military personnel at each small school and more at bigger schools. There should be a meeting at the first of school to introduce these officers and to give their cell phone number. The officer can tell the students to call him/her anonymously if they see anything suspicious.

        • I remember when metal detectors first went into airports to stop skyjackers from taking guns onto planes; so the crooks developed plastic and ceramic guns which don’t trigger metal detectors. NOT a viable plan. The skyjackings continued too; now pilots are armed in cockpits; a much better deterrent.

          • Yes, I know, and it did the first few times ’til they got that figured out and got different ammo as well.

          • I got some Polycase ARX comp ammo. Bullet is copper and polymer dust formed under high pressure. Case is polymer.
            Primer and copper set off detector at courthouse.
            Haven’t found anything else commonly available.
            Don’t care if I do. Only got those to prove a point to a friend(deputy sheriff). I lost the bet.

  34. Maybe it would help to have the Ten Commandments posted prominently in the school somewhere, Just a thought, it’d be worth a try.

  35. Absolutely,that has been mentioned in hundreds of post’s on the net. ONCE again, guns don’t kill in and of themselves, but People kill and that is how it is. The staff in the schools should be allowed to get a carry permit except states that have Constitutional carry and they could just bring a gun to school and wear it in a concealed manner. If a shooting started they could look for the culprit and take him out. Also having armed staff at entry points to the schools. It just needs to be Done. Gun control will do nothing!!!

    • Right. We need a couple of people with GAU .30 caliber mini-guns stalking the hallways. No one would ever come near the school. Don’t worry about a student or crazy on the inside overpowering and shooting everyone. Just give every student a shotgun with their backpack every day at the door when they arrive and don’t worry about a thing. I am trying to remember why we stopped having everyone wear a side arm in the Old West and why other countries, like England, do not copy our brilliant fun policies. Remind me please.

  36. Arm the teachers than can be armed.have armed guards to make sure any person that enters
    the she school doesn’t have a gun. Eventually all schools shall have a 6’fence around it and a minimum of gates and I know this will be expensive but I believe this and also have an armed guard at each gate. Also, either the guards are trained or use the military to guard these schools.

    • Did you note that an armed deputy on the scene in Florida, at the school, declined to enter once he heard the shots. How does one account for human behavior? The good guy failed to act, the kids died.

      So, why not consider less guns and fewer bullets?

      • Because monomaniacal nuts will find a way to get those weapons, no matter what you do.
        Mass shootings in Europe should give you a clue as to how well virtual gun eradication has worked.
        Because ONE officer was a coward does not mean all of them will be.
        Armed teachers would probably have stopped him early on.

      • DID he simply “fail” to act, or was he ORDERED to not act? The local sheriff seems to be a pretty avid “gun grabber”, from his post shooting comments, and to pal with others who are also known to be such. How many times were police ordered to stand down during antifa and BLM or OWS riots, for the agenda? There’s a witness who was interviewed, a girl, who said she not only knows Cruz, but that she saw and spoke to him outside the school after she was evacuated and the shooting was still in progress. OF COURSE MSM isn’t carrying this, it doesn’t fit the narrative or agenda. But it certainly does raise questions about a “false flag”. Leftists don’t care how many or who are killed or wounded to push their agenda.

        • I heard an int’view of girl w/cruz Inside the school. Also 2 int’views of multiple shooters. Students were told of shooting ‘blanks’ don’t be alarmed. Has anyone noticed that ‘drills’ take place in many of the ‘shootings’…
          WHY would school Administrators agree to a Swat Drill in a High School. The event ‘smacks’ Red Herring & mkultra.
          I just read Cruz has $800,000 coming from his deceased mothers Life Ins. Policy. Also i think something not right w/that David Hogg kid. (on the ‘program’) thru his retired fbi dad.

          • One of the others has come out and said that CNN set a script for what was to be said by the survivors, in which he refused to participate because it wasn’t getting to the solution at all. I don’t doubt that for an instant, and the FBI man’s son was 1 who did participate following the script.

          • That’s my instinct on it. Given all the evidence of Israel’s political leanings and the fact that Peterson resigned virtually immediately then went into department protected seclusion, it makes more sense than that he simply stood outside and listened to the shooting because he was a coward. I’ve worked alongside cops as an EMT, for years and still know cops; they’re generally not cowards.

          • Also, Petersen was Awarded High Honors for past few yrs. Exemplary. So, Highly Doubtful he ‘didn’t want to go in’ .
            You know what up – ‘stand down’. Israel is ‘bad to the bone’.

          • The indicators are definitely present; but absent evidence he actually ordered a stand down, I hesitate to accuse outright.

  37. Armed guards on every school campus is the only way to combat this threat. Gun control will stop nothing bad guys will always have guns they do not care what the law says.How can people not realize that taking away freedom to defend yourself can not be infreniged on. Our fore fathers knew this that is why the second amendment was written.

    • I disagree; armed personnel, yes; not necessarily posted as “guards”, however. In fact, it’d be less disconcerting for kids to NOT see open carry guns or know who does or doesn’t have them, but insure that there are armed personnel on the campus at all times who are well trained and experienced in handling those weapons. And remove the “target rich” signs; those are like chumming the waters and wondering why a shark showed up for chow.

  38. Right now, Trump is holding an open round table on OAN live, with various leaders about this problem: he’s talking about reopening mental institutions, arming persons on school campuses who are already adept with guns (ie former military who are teaching/coaching, etc) and removing the “gun free zone” markings which criminals read as “target rich zones”.

    • If President Trump reopens mental institutions, we could fill them all up immediately with the Washington Democrats, Hollywood, progressive liberals which include feminists, etc. Then we might be able to help our innocent children.

      • There are a good many of those who do belong in them. I remember working as a student nurse at one such, and most of the people there were far less dangerous and a lot more reasonable.

  39. Maybe we need to go back to having mental institutions. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the spate of mass shootings started when we closed them.

    • Then you will be surprised to learn you are incorrect. In the 1920’s with “mental institutions” across the nation, the worst school attack in Michigan history took place. Please feel free to look it up.

      Making policy based on anecdotal evidence and not true research and due diligence is what inspires people to suggest more guns is the answer.

  40. This all goes back to the fact of the century….when guns are outlawed,only outlaws will have guns. There is no reason why a school can’t have a few teachers,well trained and receiving extra pay, having concealed pistols under their coat or jacket. With a sign in front of the school,”ARMED DEFENDERS ON CAMPUS”

  41. Pres. Trump is absolutely correct. It may not be the final solution but we have to rememer that regardless of how much security there is, we cannot prevent a bad situation from starting. All we can do is mitigate and minimize the carnage.
    In every situation where a good guy had a gun and shot back at the bad guy, fewer innocents were shot or killed. They were either able to slow the assault or stop the assault.

  42. Pres. Trump is absolutely correct. It may not be the final solution but we have to rememer that regardless of how much security there is, we cannot prevent a bad situation from starting. All we can do is mitigate and minimize the carnage.
    In every situation where a As The Nation Mourns, Disturbing New Details Emerge – Mommy Underground
    guy had a gun and shot back at the bad guy, fewer innocents were shot or killed. They were either able to slow the assault or stop the assault.

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