Trump shut down the NFL anthem protesters with this one photograph

Patriotic Americans are fed up with the anti-American national anthem protests.

Fans booed their hometown teams and refused to watch the games on television.

And Donald Trump shut down the spoiled millionaires with one picture.

The NFL regular season wrapped up on Sunday.

Ratings for the year were down 10 percent.

Many fans and pundits blamed the decline on the NFL embracing displays of anti-Americanism during the national anthem.

The protests kicked into high gear after Trump said owners should fire players who disrespect our flag and military.

Fans sided with Trump over the ingrate players as they avoided the stadiums and watching the games on television.

Trump reminded the players how disrespectful their protests are when he tweeted out a picture of a grieving military widow at her husband’s grave.

Do you agree with Trump that NFL players should stand for the anthem?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. Thank God the season is over! What an awesome image – it speaks volumes and made me cry. They should post that picture on that big screen before every game, so everyone in the stands can see it! Maybe next year, the NFL will cease to exist. I hate that those whiny ass, over paid thugs have disrespected our country, our flag, our military and our veterans. God Bless America!


  3. HELL YES,I welcome any NFL Player to go to another country and do,say,see,watch anything they want without being shot,sent to prison or anything you millionaire crybabies need to grow a set and act your age or hang up your cleets for good.

  4. I have been a fan of pro football since 1958 but no more. stopped this year in week six. I record NCAA games on sat and watch on sun. Am in the process of E-mailing all NFL sponsors
    that I will not buy anything that sell. I played football and loved it. Too bad. Too much money to too many half heads. I wonder how most of these guys made it out high school much less college. Call the sponsors stop the money that will end the problem!!!!

  5. I was planning to suggest showing the photo of the grieving young woman and her baby at her heroic husband’s grave until someone else suggested it. Let’s get together and DEMAND that it be shown during the National Anthem. Measure the I.Q. of the protesting football players against chimpanzees and gorillas, and this is NOT a racist statement. Also measure Goodell’s I’Q., then measure them against the elephants. They would all look like the neanderthals they are.
    Good God, don’t began the draft again and draft these nincompoop players who cannot even explain what they are protesting. They would run at the sight of an enemy. At least they could outrun the enemy, then hopefully get lost and end up in Afghanistan, and start complaining about their civil rights. Put that on the screen, too.


  7. End NFL
    College football only, by scholarship- then mandatory military service for time equal to scholarship.
    After that, they can earn a living with college degree- like everyone else.
    No more coddled athletes!

  8. well they think they evolved from monkeys. then train chimps to do their job. it wouldn’t cost millions just throw the chimps some bananas. this bunch of ungrateful, over paid bunch of thugs whom most should be in jail. but because they can play a child’s game their paid millions. if it wasn’t for football they probably be drug dealers and murders. if they want to kneel it should be to thank God and the men and women who blood and some died and some came back broken so these idiots could make millions.

  9. NASCAR, on Sunday’s offer a better, more exciting afternoon than NFL. Pre-race ceremony often include a ” flyover” by the air force “falcon”, preceded by the national anthem, with most singing along, but ALL standing. Totally opposite of what you esee at NFL Games.And to me, a better show to.

    • Agreed. At the A.F.T.(American Flat Track) motorcycle races it’s the same. They stand at the presenting of the Colors, the Invocation and for our National Anthem.
      IF you never have seen one of these type of races you can check it out on Fans Choice.TV

  10. The nfl can do what they please, fire goodell, fire the players, it doesn’t matter to me.
    The nfl is over forever so far as I am concerned.

  11. Goodell should be fired to but he doesn’t have the guts either.He needs to have his millions in salary cut significantly.Players need to be fired.GOOD BLESS THE MILITARY AND USA.GOD BLESS ALL VETS AND OUR FALLEN HEROS AND THEIR FAMILIES.

  12. I agree with the president that all players should, no must, stand for the flag and the National Anthem. And if they hide in the locker room while the Anthem is being played they should be kicked off the field and kicked of the team. It’s a pity we can’t kick them out of the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    • To dishonor our flag and our country by not standing during our national anthem is the same as spitting on the graves of those who bravely gave up their lives so that these players could make their millions of dollars a year plus in salaries. What a disgrace!

    • Not when you take a job and in the job description/rules it says you MUST stand for the National Anthem. Our great President is 100% correct! If these thugs the NFL now choose to hire off the streets, do not stand for the Anthem, then, like others in the past that do not follow rules they took on when they got hired, they must be fired!!! 2.4 million a year paid to each player in the NFL or more says FIRE THEIR AZZEZ loud and clear. They deserve everything that gets thrown at them. So happy soon there will no more Sunday night football. They did it to themselves. Self inflicted, pretty soon, if things keep going the way I think they’ll go, there may not be anymore football on any night. As far as I’m concerned, I wouldn’t care one dang bit. Good riddance I say. God bless President Donald J. Trump.

  13. I stand behind our President Trump, he has the guts to do something that Osama the black Islamic dictator didn’t have guts to do. He was afraid that maybe some people wouldn’t like him otherwise. They talk about Trump having his own ways, Osama that moron didn’t give a damn about this country or the people, he was only worried that somebody wouldn’t like him, he was a filthy communist asshole. I am an America Vietnam veteran, I served with respect and with honor to this country and our Hero’s who many gave all they had, including their own lives for the people here, why I will never know anymore. Osama made this country a disgrace to the American people, and they fell for it and believe it like assholes. I stand and salute the Flag of this country, I take a Knee when one of my brothers falls in defense of this country. These pigs who refuse to stand are just that, filthy overpaid communist pigs who follow that black jackass this country made the mistake of electing, ever…

    • You are so right. These black thugs have never served this country yet they have the freedom to make millions because of our brave men. And they won’t help their own community…they want the whites to do that while they spend their money to buy a mansion in a rich white neighborhood. Goes to show how much they love their own people.

  14. I agree 100%! The baby NoFansLeft players should stand with their hand over their heart and sing their hearts out. I have never been as mad as when the Ravens knelt for our anthem but then stand for God Save the Queen!

  15. It’s too bad that their numbers aren’t down even more. They won’t change their behavior until their finances suffer. Sadly, too many of us value entertainment over correct behavior. The NFL is a national disgrace. Shame on the leaders for failing to enforce the rules.

  16. Not only should they stand, they should be counting their blessings for what this country has given them just because they are good at games!

  17. Pat Tillman was a real hero. He had a bad season once and wanted to give his salary back. He joined the military at the heighth of his career and gave his life for his country.

    • To bad the truth seems to always fall on deaf ears. The rich football players of the NFL only see a misguided, misplaced political views. There’s a time and place for everything and fallen heros should never take backseat to crime in Americas streets. War knows no race. We all suffer.

  18. This,is a true hero.he gave his life for us.Nfl,you are shameful.Do you even have a heart,look at this picture,and ask yourself that question.No NFL at this house.This man have his life for your freedom.Shame on you.God bless our military the real hero,s

  19. What a sad picture,this is a true hero,may God bless this woman and child.I know he,s with the good Lord and she will see him again in God,s new kingdom.As for as the nfl I’m not so sure we’re they are going.God bless our real hero,s and shield the with the angels wings.Thank you to all of our hero,s the military,police firemen you are all true hero,s

    • They have a guideline in their NFL book. “The player will stand at attention, facing the flag, his helmet under his left arm, his right hand over his heart, and stand that way until the anthem is complete.” I know that is hard to understand, but after all they were on a college records. I know most of them can not make a sentence, while interviewing, but they should follow their guidelines.

  20. OK – guys and dolls; show some pity and understanding for those Hillary losers. After all, they invested perhaps $500 for a gold-plated picture frame with her full-color smiling portrait – now gathering dust in their garages.

  21. What’s in a man on the inside ( the real you ) always shows up on the outside. You might fool some of the
    public some of the time, but you won’t fool all the public all the time. Actually, nfl players, you’re only fooling
    yourself. ” BE SURE YOUR SINS WILL FIND YOU OUT. ” Everyone will stand before GOD at judgment day.
    WE will all give an account for our sinful thoughts and deeds. Those in this country, who have been blessed
    so much, will be required to give an account of attitudes and actions. If you really want to kneel, kneel at the cross !

  22. The FACT that the protests were to disrespect our flag, our anthem and our military were stated by Colin Kempernik. The rest of the millionaire, crybabies tried to deny their disrespect. I for one have lost all interest in football!

  23. I just want to tell you one damn thing nfl players that if you do not respect our military and the national flag and anthem you better pack your asses and get out this country to join those burning our american flags somewhere in the world.

  24. After 32 years of service to the United States in a multitude od assignments throughout the world, sometimes in places most folks would rather not go, I have no doubt in my American mind we have the most beautiful and wonderful country in the world! Iam so glad the military members in my family have mostly passed away so they will never see such selfrightous, egomaniacle, pompous, selfserving bovine fecal matter who feel themselves to be heros with their multimillion dollar salaries for the fraction of time anyone else works! NFL, “Not For Long” is my attitude.

  25. Don’t know why the nfl would put up with spoiled bums who get paid millions and much of the time fall short of their so called million dollar talent. The picture is sad, and sad that those players who claim to not be insulting this country continue their childish behavior. Should have stayed in school and learnt what this country is about. The Natiolnal Anthem was written about this country and those who fought for it. Fine their dumb asses millions for every time they take a knee and continue to with the possibility of termination of million dollar contracts with no possibility of returning to the nfl. Don’t these players het fined all the time for unsportsman like conduct, well this is just that. What these morons don’t realize is that there is a time and place for making a statement and during the Anthem is not the time. Also to the play that said “playing for the nfl is like being a slave” – you sir are the dumb ass that signed that contract, and as I recall from history slaves didn’t get paid millions for what they suffered. Poooor little you go cry to someone who gives a damn that you feel that way. Do away with the negative crap, grow some balls choise the right pkace and time to say what you believe in. NOT DURING A SPORT MILLIONS HAVE LOVED TO WATCHH FOR YEARS!!!!

  26. Gosh, that is such a sad photo. She is in a lot of pain, clearly, and her little child will never know the man that gave his life for all of us. Pretty sickening that NFL players actually believe they are heroes.

    • That picture is a heart breaker. Maybe those over paid football players will have second thoughts on their stupidity.

      • Not a chance Louise, they’re nothing but a bunch of weak minded followers. Change their uniforms to camouflage and a steel helmet, you’d see what a bunch of hero’s they’d think they were then, they’d go AWOL the first day.

        Veterans are people who, at one point in their lives, wrote a blank check payable to the United States Of America, for an amount up to and including their lives. Remember ALL of our Vets..

  27. So you stomp on our soldiers who are dead and who are still alive and lived by the anthem and Our flag. You players should go to a war for a month and fight it. Then maybe just maybe you’ll be smart enough to understand WHY we hate you. I hope football dies FOREVER.

    • Well said Denise, but they wouldn’t last a day never mind a month. It’s too bad they are so oppressed and targeted by the police. They were taken out of the ghetto but you’ll never take the ghetto out of them. Thanks to eight years of Odumbo they are all out of control now!


    • Either stand for the Anthem or leave and don’t come back! the NFL should be disbanded for their disrespect for our military, Anthem and country. They weren’t as good as college ball anyway.

  28. That picture brought tears to my eye’s. May God Bless you and your child, please make sure your child knows Dad died a Hero. To hell with the nfl and anyone else that disrespect’s our Great Nation

  29. Take away the NFL tax exemption and do not allow any athlete, in any sport, who kneels to represent the USA in any international event.

    • Reprisals are not only futile but they are totaly against our nation’s resolve to support and defend an individual’s and organization’s right to voice the opinions regardless how how onerous they may be to our views and beliefs.

        • Yes, and we Americans who love our country and respect the flag, national anthem, and military men and women who are serving, still serving, and have given their lives for these freedoms have the right to stop supporting these ungrateful, spoiled, overpaid idiots who disrespect our country. I would like to see how they would react to being in the military and serving on the front lines being shot at and blown up by IEDs. What would they cry about then? Would they kneel down and refuse to fight? Our military men and women are real heroes, not these athletes, who earn a living playing a game that does not add any benefit to our society other than entertainment.

  30. Obviously the NFL players are woefully uneducated what it means to serve & die for our country. We need to educate them that hopefully they would stand for the US flag regardless of any political affiliation in the WH. The education in our public school system teach young students that it is okay to rebel against the authorities. No respect at all.

    Very powerful picture.

  31. It is not only the NFL that has gone astray, most of those in Congress and the various agencies are in the same boat as the NFL, they should join Trump and the rest of Us who believe in this country. Trump may not be everything or anything to any body other then himself, he is what he is, but no one can say he does not love this country. I do, however, Question some of our other so called political leaders in both parties, as well as the Media and the democrats who are only obstructing things not fixing anything the people need.

  32. It is not only the NFL that has gone astray, most of those in Congress and the various agencies are in the same boat as the NFL, they should join Trump and the rest of Us who believe in this country. Trump may not be everything or anything to any body other then himself, he is what he is, but no one can say he does not love this country. I do, however, Question some of our other so called political leaders in both parties, as well as the Media and the democrats who are only obstructing things not fixing anything the people need.

  33. This has happened too many times to American families! Our Country and all its citizens should honor those who have sacrificed so much! These overpaid idiots deserve nothing, so I have chosen to be been done with the No Fans Left League and its gutless commissioner! I hope this years Super Bowl is a bust and they lose sponsors. When it hits the pocket you will either see a change in their attitude or another sport down the toilet! Hope krapperneck never gets hired by any team, ever!

      • Gee 10% that the end of the ledger that the profit is on. Owners your weakness and your commissioner have “pooped in your hat.” as i sit here smiling about it.

    • Steve haven’t you heard another oppressed ghetto rat rapper wants to buy the Carolina Panthers and make Kaperdick the QB. My guess is he will make the owner an offer he better not refuse or else and the owner will wuss out and sell. The sponsors are another bunch of bull s*itter’s a couple of them threatened to stop sponsoring them but it never happened. The weak minded fans that have been filling the stands are another bunch of morons!

  34. If these players after seeing this Picture, still kneel, sit or want to be no shows, then they really, really, really deserve to be FIRED and that means not just for 1 or 2 Games, but from now on at any Games….
    I also think they should Publicly Apologise to everyone for being so Disrespectful and Dishonorable….. If they still continue, then they surely have NO RESPECT, HONOR or APPRECIATION for anything, anyone or anybody no matter where they may be or how they got there….. It’s a very SHAMEFUL ACT to do what they are doing, it belongs elsewhere and certainly NOT at any time while Our National Anthem is being played Honoring Our FLAG…..
    Any Common Decent Person would have more Respect than what these players show….. Besides, SPORTING Events has NO PLACE for any type of Poloticians as this is what’s being shown with these players who only are showing Disrespect and Dishonor…….

    • Your comment about Disrespect and no Honor reminded me of the sci/fi TV show “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, and the resident Klingon, Worf. If you are into that show, Worf is always mentioning the tiff between the Klingons and Romulans, and quite often that the Romulans have “No Honor”. The NFL has “No Honor” in my book.

    • Ronald, they will never be fired the owners are too greedy and the nfl don’t have the balls to enforce any punishment. So screw the nfl the owners and the scum bag players!!

  35. The NFL is gone for me too. I watched a total of 5 minutes while waiting for some food in a casino in Reno. All professional sports, especially football, basketball and baseball are too much of a distraction and are now and have been at the “worship” level of interest.

  36. As far as I’m concerned the nfl is gone for me.. I cancelled my nfl package, and I haven’t watched a game in 2 years.. I will not watch another game as long as these same players are in the nfl.. So I guess if it’s not played by American citizens I’m not watching..

  37. You made a grown man cry with that picture, what a statement. A picture is worth a thousand words. Display that picture during the game on the huge screen they use so the fans can see the game on the big tv instead of the regular screen at home.

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