Trump stood in front of the FBI and you won’t believe what happened next

The FBI is at the heart of the Deep State coup against Donald Trump.

It’s come to light that one agent even discussed an “insurance plan” against Trump should he win the election.

But when Trump stood in front of the FBI no one would have guessed what happened next.

Trump traveled to Quantico to address the recent class of FBI academy graduates.

The President has blasted the Obama era FBI leadership as corrupt and biased against him.

And recent events have proven him right.

Top FBI agents sent anti-Trump text messages and even alluded to plotting against him.

So the media was expecting the FBI graduates to give the President a cold reception.

That was not the case.

When Trump mocked the fake news media, the graduates laughed along with him.

The media spent today clutching their pearls over Trump saying many people were upset about what is going on at the FBI.

This is true.

Millions of Americans are outraged over the anti-Trump rot that infected the Bureau’s leadership.

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