Trump supporter obliterates MSNBC host with epic truth bomb

MSNBC is a home for deranged Trump haters.

The network’s lineup is stacked with the most severe cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

One MSNBC host got the shock of her life when this Trump supporter stood in front of the camera.

Donald Trump refers to Congressman Matt Gaetz as one of his “warriors.”

The Florida Congressman appears on liberal networks and fights the fake news narrative that Trump is guilty of colluding with Russia.

Gaetz was a guest on Hallie Jackson’s MNSBC show and battled the host over the allegations the Obama administration sicked a spy on the Trump campaign.

Like all liberal journalists, Jackson tried to play word games and claimed the spy was just an informant.

Gaetz was having none of it.

He blasted the practice of using spies to gather intelligence on political campaigns.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Gaetz argued that, regardless of whether the FBI was spying on Trump or simply using an informant to gather information about Russian meddling, using that type of intelligence collection on a political campaign is a “slippery slope.”

“The FBI should not be collecting intelligence on a presidential campaign,” he said. “There’s a slippery slope there, Hallie. Once you go down the road of allowing political opponents to weaponize the intelligence community against each other, that’s bad for Republicans and Democrats.”

Jackson shot back that intelligence officials have called the collection “standard procedure” and asked, “how do you distinguish between a spy … and an informant doing the work of an investigation?”

“What evidence do you have that it was a political rivalry, congressman? I guess that’s what I’m getting at,” she added.

“The evidence I would have is are the text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page saying the White House wants to be involved, the White House is running everything,” Gaetz retorted. “If one of the tools that was used was the collection of intelligence … my concern is that that crosses a red line.”

In this case, a Democratic administration ordered a spy to infiltrate the campaign of the Republican nominee.

And the FBI’s reasons for deploying a spy ring to penetrate the Trump campaign are shaky at best.

Given the Department of Justice’s and FBI’s reluctance to turn over documents about the spies’ activities to Congress, millions of Americans are convinced the real purpose of the spy was to dig up damaging information on behalf of the Democrats.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.


  1. Well Joann you must of went to the same university to get an Associated Degree, as in most universities it’s called an “Associates” Degree. When you point out someone else’s errors and blunder with your own that’s a Democrat…lol lol lol

  2. Well, Steve, you must have gone to Trump University with your spelling of “tiereny”!! Want to look it up!!?? If not, write me back & I will help! I don’t think I am a “deplorable” because I only have an Associated Degree!

  3. TDS is alive and Stronger in BS NBC and CNN whose PSEUDO Journalists lately seem to have reached Higher degrees of :STUPID” to actually make a stronger case for President TRUMP… KEEP AT IT DUMBASSES !!!

  4. Luckily not everyone is as dumb as you. Yes many are but I think most people are waking up to the truth. Obama was the most corrupt president this country has ever had along with being a muslim plant. Why are his past records still sealed? Where are the pictures of michelle Obama pregnant? Obama was put in place to bring down this country along with most of his administration and Clinton was an opportunist willing and able to continue the plan. But something funny happened on the way to the Whitehouse, real Americans woke up and put a stop to it by electing a real man. Now little girly men like you are all in a tizzy because you don’t know how to handle reality. Thank God for President Trump and the resurgence of the American dream. People like you can go to hell.

  5. So, where, pray tell, was the “confidential informant” sent to the Hillary Campaign to check out what the Russians were doing there? Is that crickets I hear?

  6. This is third world politics. The global elite think they know what’s best for us and that us that are deplorable need them to think for us and tell us how to live. If the Bush administration would have pulled this in 08,the MSM would have cried bloody murder. Buy since it was the side that they go to bat for on a daily basis they want to spin it like he wasn’t a spy. Well you can call him a spy or an informant or anything else that you like but the fact it he was planted there by the elites to spy. All I can say is they must have had a clue that Mr. Trump had a chance to win or they wouldn’t have went through all that trouble. Also,I guess the media couldn’t spin the poll numbers enough to discourage all of us deplorable people from showing up to vote. There is a huge double standard in this country right now. The left can lie,cheat,murder,steal, and do whatever else they can think of and not be held accountable for it. But you let a constutional conservative make one mistake when talking and they are ready to skin them.So to all my “deplorable” brothers and sisters,dont give up your 1st or 2nd amendment rights,we will need both of them both to defend ourselves against the tiereny from the left. God bless all of you and this great nation!

  7. the ‘densocrats’ are the only fabricators of FAKE news, Obamba and crooked Hillary did plant at least 3 spies into toe Trump campaign. What a bunch of lying sickos!!!

  8. Fact 1- “Trump told one ally this week that he wanted ‘to brand’ the [FBI’s 2016 campaign] informant a ‘spy,’ believing the more nefarious term would resonate more in the media and with the public.”
    He went on to use the term “spy” or “spygate” at least 7 times within a few days.
    Fact 2- Informants are routinely used in investigations
    Fact 3- We were attacked by hostile foreign power during the last election.
    Fact 4- I have no idea and neither do you know whether “THERE IS NO COLLUSION”. At this point we simply don’t know what evidence has been collected. We will find out in the coming months and years of the Mueller investigation.
    Fact 5- This is no “WITCH HUNT”. We know conclusively there was an intent to collude with Russians- the Trump Tower meeting with Don Jr. is just one example. The Wikileaks release of DNC emails is also very suspicious.

  9. Obama biggest lie he was born in Kenya his own grandmother said that.
    And all his extended family in Kenya also can prove that ,to bad America was doped .

  10. Congressmen et al NEED Spend More time at their desks
    &&& NOT on MSM. Do you see how media has evolved in
    ‘taking away’ politicians from their ‘real jobs’. ( & they
    fell for it).

  11. jerry: FYI = Dems Are the Wealthiest on Record & Totally
    Taking Advantage of Tax cuts<<< while demeaning POTUS.
    Do you get that ???

  12. Susanna, howard< changed his name to 'howrad' b/cuz
    of his 'trolling' comments. He aggravates & seems to
    like abuse, & upsetting ppl w/smack. a weirdo.

  13. Let me guess.

    You studied for this test and got all smarted up so’ze you would know everything….

    Then left your crib sheet in your other head, had a brain fart and put the wrong answers to the right questions and declared yourself to be the smartest person to ever appear before the assembled masses and expect us to bow to your vastly superior brain power?

    Keep us posted on how that works out for you.

  14. Why did that comment end up under the wrong thread?

    It should have been:

    “he can’t be a spy, all he does is parrot words and phrases.

    Just like a braindead drone.

  15. Now jerry, you do understand that regurgitating the same old lies day after day doesn’t make them come true.

    Unless you have a severely damaged intellectual capacity.

    In that case you should be feeding the lonely brain cell nourishing FACTS instead of the same old liberal poison.

  16. I never have been able to stand McCain. He probably is a democratic mole in the Reublican Party, in my opinion. What I cannot fathom is why the people of Arizona kept voting him in as if he were some kind of king. Trump is doing great in spite of this spiteful creep. I guess McCain’s legacy was his vote to help screw up getting rid of Obamacare. Obamacare is dying anyway. I cannot judge what happened to him in Nam; but, I have never been happy with his shenanigans since he has been masquerading as a Republican.

  17. This all came from the Obambam White House, these agencies didn’t just haul off and do this on their own. Obambam needs to be investigated along with the rest of his gang. We can’t count on Jeff Sessions doing it, so lets fire him and send him packing.

  18. Jerry you are brain washed in deep state foolishness. I take that back. You would have to have a brain to be washed.

  19. Pretty obvious that the democrats had decided they already owned Our Country lock, stock & barrel and that they could simply do as they pleased, much like George Soros does…

  20. Well as usual you are not basing your comment on FACTS. Just like the MSM this is a one sided argument. The Democrats DID in FACT spy on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election and FACT NUMBER TWO, NOW LET THIS SOAK IN TO YOUR DEMOCRATIC ONE SIDED THINKING, THERE IS NO COLLUSION, NEVER WAS AND IF THERE WAS A COLLUSION THIS WITCH HUNT WOULD HAVE GLADLY AND GLEEFULLY BROUGHT THE FACTS TO THE TABLE AND EVERY STATION AND TABLOID WOULD HAVE SPREAD IT ON THE FRONT PAGE. Luckily not everyone is as gullible as the Democratic party to fiction and fairy tales.

  21. Trump is brilliant at merchandising. And what he is selling in this case is more pure nonsense. With the Russian interference into our election in full swing, the FBI was trying to find out what they were up to. Now, Trump is calling this “Spygate”. Luckily not everyone is as gullible as the Trump fans.

  22. What country are you living in ? Venezuela! It was your buddy the big zero that took 500B$ out of medicare to fund his failed Obamacare. Please if you don’t know what you are talking about, just don’t say anything. Tax breaks for the rich, you are a looneytoon! We are a small business (S Corp) and our pass thru tax went from 38% to 25% and we certainly are not rich by any stretch of the imagination. Please start to think for yourself and don’t take liberals rant to be the gospel. I know that is hard. My mantra this year has been “Don’t confuse a liberal with the facts!.

  23. Ronnie..don’t confuse the birdbrains with facts. One of the prerequisites for Progressives is the inability to deduce fact from lies.

  24. He has accomplished nothing except a huge tax break for the rich which he now wants to pay for by cutting social security and medicare. More of the sam
    e take from the poor and the middle class so the rich can make more money, It’s getting to be more and more obvious that the republicans want to go back to the days of king and serf, master and slave.

  25. Yep! One must also wonder just how many spies the FBI inserted into the Democratic presidential campaign, for their cyber protection, of course.

  26. I agree McCain was never a hero he should have been kicked out
    a long time ago he is very corrupt and should have been drained
    with the swamp but I think God is taking care of him and he will
    have a lot to answer for!

  27. That so-called Hero, was an accomplice in helping and urging to bring down the President Trump, with his hate…If that is a Hero, God help this country to survive the attempted overthrow of this country by other so-called heroes of the Left. The Hero managed to fool the Right, by wearing conservative clothes and aiding the Obama regime with his votes. The hero aided the Muellar investigation, by sending a representative to bring back the soiled Dossier without even vetting it. With heroes like that, who needs enemies, especially RINO’s, who defraud at every election.

  28. I know, I was being sarcastic. If you listen which I don’t nor will I to main stream media then you would think that it was our great President Trump who did all those awful things. From now on when I am being sarcastic and will put that word in parenthesis.

  29. I spent 8 1/2 years in the Navy during Nam. McCain was not even close to a hero! They don’t call him Songbird John for nothing. Trying to burn up an A/C carrier, just because he thought he was better than the others! the NV called him THE PRINCE because of his daddy and grandpa! They were a piece of work also. I could go on about McCoward, for a day or so, but suffice it to say, if his daddy and grandpa hadn’t appealed to Nixon, he would not be alive today! Just watch! They will have a hero’s funeral for him and put him in Arlington!!! That will make me hurl!

  30. With all the Democratic destruction & obstruction I am surprised Trump can get anything done, but he has been able to work through a lot of crap getting things done, getting his campaign promises accomplished. Yes there is more to get done. “Drain the Swamp” Build that Wall. Thank you Pres. Trump.
    The big thing now is getting all this DACA over with, we know Trump has tried, 700,000 DACA’s he offered a program for them to stay, w/ NO Migration, NO Anchor Babies & allowing 1.8 Million to stay. DEMOCRATS TURNED IT DOWN!!!

  31. You’all quit pickin’ on the demoncrats. They are just as good as any other communist.

  32. Yep, an idiot republican that is f*cked up totally. When you report for the draft, you have no say what medical conditions may preclude your participation. Trump went, was found to have medical condition that precludes his participation, PERIOD! you should get out of our party fool!

  33. MS-LSD, as well as most all of the Left’s-Lemming, have been reduced to word games as they have nothing to base their attacks on, other than lies and word games.

  34. True Believer, DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT??? Just to enlighten you, it was Hildabeast who sold our uranium to RUSSIA and got paid big ass money that she put into her own fund.

  35. I can only pray you’re being sarcastic as neither Obama nor Hillary have ever uttered a word of truth (unless Obama was telling us how much he hated America, wanted to tear down our Constitution, wanted to use race/gender/status or any other point to divide us, etc…) They thought Hillary was absolutely going to be elected and none of their law-breaking and weaponizing of our government agencies was going to come to light. Then we “deplorables” went and elected an outsider who might just look into stuff and they have been trying to take him out in any way they can. They don’t care about truth – if lying and inciting violence is what it takes, then that’s what they’ll do. If you want to live in a communist country (which is where they want to take us), please leave. There are many of them out there and I’m sure they would like a new person to rule over. T

  36. “If you want the truth listen to Obama or Hilary” good Heavens,we did that for eight years and had bucket lines bailing our ship! If Hilary had won you would be wearing a turban and praying to Allah five times a day. The Democrat party was highjacked by the Clinton Mafia when Slick Willie was in office. Icailed from the party when I realized what was going on.

  37. Democrat’s dictionary. Spy does mean informant. Extremely negligent means careless. I am tired of their word games.

  38. Agree 100%…don’t get complacent in 2018 elections; President Trump/Pence still needs our support to drain the swamp !!! Pass the word !

  39. Miguel Stroe I’m with you on McCoward , any man that comes close to sinking an aircraft carrier because he doesn’t like waiting his turn is no hero , any way shape or form!

  40. The obummer and clinton ‘associates’ did NOT hesitate to break any law to allow crazy, crooked hillary to win. Sorry folks… in spite of your shenanigans, it didn’t happen. Get over it!! The majority is sick of the ‘democrats’ and the garbage they stand for!!!

  41. I have read comments on this thread claiming this article made the story up about a spy in the TRUMP CAMPAIGN however if its fake then Clapper , Brennan are lying because their own words say they ( CIA , NSA , FBI ) had informants in the TRUMP CAMPAIGN.

    Please if you want the truth LISTEN to the claims by the Obama and HILLARY people. Maybe then you will remove the log from your eyes and stop trying to remove a splitter from mind.

  42. Look at the way he spells his name. By all intents and purposes it should be “Howard”, not Howrad. Must be a fake news Russian spy.

  43. You are correct but he also went to Russia during that time. But by golly it was Mr. Trump who colluded with Russia, selling them 20% of our weapons grade uranium and getting paid 500k$ for speeches.

  44. Mike W. Here is what I know about the Nam war. Served 2 years there. How long where you there???? Trump is just like Clinton with the chicks, at least his equal and maybe worse. Another question, being a rich spoiled kid had nothing to do with that deferment???? I lived that era, a rich kid only went if he wanted to. Time hasn’t changed. If the USA ever went to war and little rich Barron was elgible (if the draft was in effect) do you “really” think he’d be in the heat of battle????? Don’t think so……..

  45. Butchy what do you know about the Vietnam War? What you’ve heard on CNN or MSNBC – perhaps Stephen Colbert? Let me enlighten you a little bit. Donald Trump like many others those days received his draft notice – he went for his physical and was given a medical deferment. Medical deferments come up for review periodically. Donald Trump remained in New York and reported every time he was called for review. Bill Clinton had some friends pull some strings and get him into an Arkansas military school – he knew being enrolled in a military school would get him a deferment. As soon as he had his deferment in hand he quit that school and went to Oxford in England – where incidentally he was first accused of rape by Oxford student – Eileen Wellstone – in 1969. Of course like ALL of the other women who have accused Bill Clinton of rape/assault Bill Clinton went into denial – but he left that school soon after the charges were made and where did he go? Back to the states to fulfill his military obligation? Hell no – he ran to Canada for the rest of the war.

  46. More fake news coming from the White House. The comment that the Dems ordered a spy to infiltrate is not in the conversation but written by the author of this biased article.

  47. Your last paragraph tends to be “hypocritical” If Trump hates something or someone he attempts to demean that person, just like the school yard “bully” that he is. Cadet bonespurs “trashes” John McCain but when his turn was up for the VietNam war, like the spoiled “rich” kid he is the first place he ran was to his lawyers and doctors to skirt service. As he would say “SO SAD” FYI I am a republican….

  48. The feelings that most people feel for DONALD TRUMP IS  RACIST. A white, male, with great personal wealth, about to achieve all he wants, by intelligence, and ability.
    He has become the most powerful white male on this planet and therefore the total opposite of what liberal democratic facist idea of who should be running the world.

    Being a powerful, rich, and intelligent white male that can influence people is what the left find wrong and never right in our world.

    Even media seems to hate this guy…a guy that will not cower from people that do not like white males, and demands attention for his personal views.

    He is doing a job…and no matter his deeds only to be vilafied for fulfilling his campaign promises.

    I am with him…because he is the opposite of ANYONE that believes WHITE MALES ARE WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS NATION…A SIMPLE MINDED FORM OF …RACISM.


    Just hating because you just hate him is something that is much more cancerous than hating his politics…and that hate for the person…instead of his ideas…is much worse than RACIAL HATRED…FOR COLOR.


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