Trump trolls liberal hypocrisy over Comey firing

Democrats blame James Comey for causing Hillary Clinton to lose the election.

Many repeatedly called for his resignation or for Comey to be fired.


  1. I agree. Anyone with any sense would eventually quit trying what don’t work. But not this bunch of liberals. Good sense would have them working with the president but I guess that is too much to ask.

  2. Get rid of ALL of Obama’s left overs. All those precious democrats wanted Comey to GO 6 months ago and now the hypocrites can’t stand that a republican got rid of him. What a pathetic bunch.

  3. Close all offices that have people appointed by democrats, then hire / rehire using very extreme vetting to select those who are definitely non-partisan and non-political. The vetting should be intense – possibly even up to waterboarding to prove non-partisanship. I want government agencies staffed by real Americans who are for America not for their own agendas.

  4. Excellent move by President Trump – now an actual prosecution of felony crimes can commence starting with Hillary Clinton. Its incredible that Comey thought he could simply perform a “press conference” whitewash of such a corrupt individual and give her the shot at the Presidency. Obama ultimately pulled the strings and Comey’s jaws moved.

  5. Another example of Democratic hypocrisy. Of course they can always rely on the liberal media to spread the lies.

  6. Democrats continue to display their losing tactics instead of trying to right their sinking ship.

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