Trump turned Nancy Pelosi’s world upside down with this jaw dropping decision

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats thought they had the Trump administration on the ropes.

Pelosi authorized one fishing expedition after another to dredge up dirt the Democrats can use in an impeachment fight.

But President Trump turned Nancy Pelosi’s world upside down with this jaw dropping decision.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler is at the tip of the spear of Pelosi’s impeachment plan.

Nadler fired off 81 document requests to the White House and Trump associates in order to kick start impeachment proceedings.

16 other committee chairs joined Nadler in demanding the Trump administration produce documents and witnesses to appear before Pelosi’s kangaroo courts.

But the Trump administration is not negotiating with the Democrats or rolling over for these witch hunts.

Their response is to turn over nothing.

Politico reports:

As a result — despite high hopes among Democrats that they would quickly be in possession of troves of internal Trump administration documents, and grilling a succession of administration witnesses — a long and frustrating fight with Trump lawyers lies ahead, a fight that could end up in court. Splashy demands of the White House made in the early days of the new House Democratic majority, could take many months, possibly stretching well into 2020, to produce results.

Democrats are already furious over what they call the brazen stonewalling. But David Bossie, a Trump confidant and adviser who served as the House GOP’s lead investigator into the Clinton White House in the 1990s, predicted that Trump officials will face no serious legal consequences for ignoring the requests — and said they are justified in doing so because Democrats are waging what they call nakedly partisan inquiries.

“The White House is taking the exact right tactic to ignore the requests and see what comes of it,” he said. “I wouldn’t respect [the Democrats’] process.”

If Democrats can’t impeach Trump, they want to kill his 2020 re-election campaign through a “death by a thousand cuts” strategy.

Pelosi’s hope is that by holding countless hearings and dragging so many witnesses before Congress and getting their hands on millions of pages of documents, they can create an endless stream of embarrassing headlines that will sink the Trump re-election effort.

But Trump is wise to their ways and refuses to play Pelosi’s games so the Democrats are stuck with nothing.

They have no documents. No witnesses. And no hearings.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Democrats are not doing their job’s they were elected to do!!! they spent millions of America tax money on frivolous. They abuse of power, and other unethical action. they are diving our country with hatred

  2. Right on TRUMP! They refused everything from the Republicans during Obama, and you just give them back what they have coming! These demonrats think they are in control being the Deep State, but they are loosing thier power and hopefully forever! Just ignore them, the same way Obama did to the Republicans.

    • Exactly! But. Why Trump should ignore their demands period? All their bull crap is derived from a phony fake Dossier. So basically. All accusations and crap read in that document is pure unadulterated crap! There is no basis for any investigation’s what so ever! Not even his Tax records. He can refuse all their stupid demands. He should start during them for defamation and slander?They all should be charged with Treason , Sedition, Conspiracy and Espionage! No hanging? Death Penalty by firing squad! 🤔👍😎

  3. Funny how a Democrap can be broke, elected to congress, and 4 years later be a millionair. Maybe some of that needs to be invewtigated. See if that can tie up thier finds for a while.

  4. Is the wall actually being built? Every time a see a picture of it on TV, it seems to look like a picture of the same segment that I have seen before. Would be nice to see if it is actually being constructed.

  5. The Mueller “waste of time and money cost $20 millions and counting”. It was created by goons protecting Hillary and the Clinton “Foundation”

  6. Glad to see the presidents cabinet doing just what the libtards are doing to him.Deny and slow walk their b.s.Don’t give them any materials requested.Let them melt down.

  7. I think it’s just great when President Trump beats the Democrats at their own game. Unfortunately it doesn’t help the country focus on the things that matter to the American people. The Democrats are in lock step as Hillary the loser had sent out the message after the 2016 election for them all to obstruct and join the resistance. That’s about the only thing Hillary has succeeded at doing….MAGA!

    • Her problem is that she’s playing Monopoly and PRESIDENT TRUMP is plying Chess!! She and the rest of the libbies CAN’T out think him!!! No matter what they do he is always 2 or 3 moves ahead of them!!!

    • Think about it, Everything the left has done in an attempt to remove president Trump from office has exploded in their faces, often times it has had the boomarang effect, think Mueller report. Even with the limited knowledge that we know at this point we know that the only collusion with Russia was between Hillary, DNC, and Barrack Obama’s corrupt to the core appointed intelligence heads and the Russians. We also have learned (James Clapper on CNN) that Barrack Obama KNEW that the dossier was bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign yet told his intelligence heads to push the narrative. We also now know that Obama LIED we he claimed he was unaware of Hillary’s illegal server, there is concrete evidence that he communicated with Hillary on the illegal server using an assumed name. Seeing that we also know that Hillary has SAP information on her server that was hacked by many foreign governments it’s not a stretch to assume that both Obama and Hillary exchanged classified material on the unsecured server. The penalty for treason is still the death sentence !!!!


  8. Hey what we really need to do is bus all of the illegals to Shurmers neighborhood see how they like taking care of them . Nancy too!! Let’s see if their neighbors appreciate the new people? When it has an effect on them let’s see if they call for the police they hate?

  9. Like I told you, NANCE … POTUS is always one step ahead of you, GIRL. He is on his way UP (good for America!) … You are on your way DOWN (good for America!). Don’t let the door hit — well, you know …. LOL

  10. You go Trump! They did the same thing to the Republicans when they asked for them to come to testimony, they just laughed at them, and the democrats need to just sit down and shut up! Pay back is hell! 😁

  11. How transparent have the Democraps been?
    1) Fast and Furious – stonewalling and executive privilege
    2) Benghazi – stonewalling and lies
    3) Clinton emails – stonewalling, coverups and lies
    4) Deep State testifying in front of Congress – stonewalling and everyone of them lying.
    The Democraps are all lying POS that need to be tried and jailed.

  12. We need to get as many democrats defeated as possible. They are trying to overthrow the government and we can’t let that happen. Missouri is trying to get a law passed making it mandatory for everyone over the age of 18 to own an AR15. We are already an open carry state. They want a militia ready.

  13. All democraps should be investigated like they sid Republican party and spend all there own money defending themselves! They got by with there election fraud a d cheating for years! Now they do nothing but cause problems in petty games waiting our money! If there were investagate most of them would end up in jail! There screwing up America and trying to all be George Soros puppets! Public enemy #1. Time to stop this bullshit and grow up! Limit what news can do and quit trying to influence and ruin fox for telling it like it is!! Grow up and do what’s best for this country and kick those stupid muslims out of our goverment!!

  14. Now they can go home and cry to mommy. I did not get my way. Poor Nancy and Chuck. They can hardly wait until the next election. They will most likely lose it all.

    • Absolutely! How dare comey, mueller mueller Weismann and all of the rest dirty scum bags Democrats make up lies to take down the president with this expensive witch hunt when the demos are guilty for all of it! How about wonderful Mueller envolved the Clinton uranium deal. We don’t hear anything about that.

  15. The entire DEMS are going to get played every way that the President can find. There will be no documents, no being put on the witness stand, so I just hope they are going to love all the time they have to do what they do best get, nothing from all the things they are waiting for.

    • Let’s not leave out the hidden gem that Trump has on them, can’t wait till 2020 he’s going to show the whole world, and the Democrated party will be diminished completly! 😂😃😊😁😄

    • These malignant self righteous condescending hypocrites think they’re doing America a favor. Each month these pathetic excuses for humans get more deplorable and like a picture of Dorian Grey I can’t stand listening or looking at them.

  16. What our country really needs is a investigation of Nancy & Chuck to the dealings or relation ships with the founder of Open Borders G.S, and his sons that visited them about 5 or six weeks ago at the Capital. Pictures were on the net with his sons with them, of course G.S not there at those meetings or visits what ever you want to call them..

  17. Personally, I think it is about time “We the People,” file a huge lawsuit against the demos for wasting our tax money on frivolous, childlike behavior. How much have they spent on all of these stupid investigations? I demand to know just how much this is costing US. The “Freedom of Information Act” guarantees our right to know how much it is costing. Then we can ask them to REPAY the cost out of the massive salaries. Any gutsy attorneys out there that would take our case? How many of us would join in a class action lawsuit? Would you? I will be the first to sign the paperwork… once an advocate always an advocate.

    • I’d be second in line to join this kind of class action Marilyn. Regardless of the fact I live in Australia. Purely to support 100% & then some the cause of common sense in serving ” WE THE PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE “!!

    • I will Marilyn! They aren’t doing what they were
      Elected to do and are being paid huge salaries for doing absolutely nothing for America. All they do is lie and obstruct.
      They’re so evil they kill innocent little babies. We the people have had enough!!!!

    • The Mueller “waste of time and money cost $20 millions and counting”. It was created by goons protecting Hillary and the Clinton “Foundation”

  18. My only question is when are we going after the ones who started all of this bull,Dems and Reps. it’s time they start going to jail or exicuted for treason.

    • Pelosi along with AOC! The 2 Muslim babes, mad max, Jackson Lee….etc…there is no normal sanity with the demoncrat women in politics today….they all act like escapees from the insane asylum.

  19. Rashida Tlaib: “ … We’re gonna impeach the motherf***** ! …”

    How can she be a honorable representative if she spew like this? Shame.

    Remember how many people shamelessly threatened the President’s life? That’s who we are dealing with. The same people that took a swipe at your red hat. The same people that refused to stop threatening until they get one of the houses back. Shame.

    We need to bring back the law.


  20. With any luck,GOD’s blessings, or what ever you want to credit this and all the other insane acts by the Democraps under Nutsy and Schmuck will blow up in their faces and Americans will toss them all out of office. after which the DOJ can look into all the abuses of power and other unethical actions they took while polluting Congress.

    • Roll on the U.S. 2020 General Election. Then the Congress Dem’s & their supporters will be forced to suck & ingest their own putrid rotten eggs they’ve been throwing since the 2016 Presidential Election went the way of sheer common sense. Note: Soon after then, there’ll be another mid term election & the Dem Rep’s facing re-election will be tossed out en masse as the ordinary, hard-working American voting public are or already have woken up ” Big Time ” to what the Democrats have been doing for decades.

  21. The dems are making it so much greater for trump to win because dems are being assholes when it comes to doing there jobs all they care is to impeach trump a bunch of pos people the dems have become dam jerk off

  22. If only there was a way to get this to the president! I am a Navy vet 77yrs old and while living in Colorado Springs, a city with heavy military presents like Ft Carson Army Base and an Air Force base as well as the Air Force Academy. While one of our previous presidents suggested that we reduce our number of military bases all hell broke loose as the city was going to lose many dollars in revenue. It didn’t happen but I asked myself why they were in the middle of the country and not down near the border. What if President Trump decided, as commander and chief, decided to move all our Army and Marine bases down to the border and build there. As a bonus, they would be acclimated and trained in the same environment they have been fighting in for many years. He could use the Air Force and Navy/Coast Guard to protect and patrol our coastal waters, Problem solved. They could build the wall at the same time….lots of manpower to work on both.

    • Dennis, Pretend you are a bird and tweet it at him. You might get it to him that way. Omar tweets at him. Why can’t you?

    • Brilliant concept Dennis; It would just simply work. The cost of doing so & securing the Southern Border would prove an investment reaping a hundred-fold. Then watch the illegals, human traffickers, Drug Cartels & their Druggy Lords quake in fear & loathing with their mistresses nightly in their beds, not to mention losing billions in obscene profits once the move is done & dusted.

    • Dennis. Excellent idea!! Thank you!
      Let’s all get this message to our great President and his cabinet!,
      Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 The only hope to save America!!
      God bless America and our wonderful brave military! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • First of all, thank you for your service to this country. I appreciate your comments and incites. It may be powerful for you to tweet the president with your concerns, because I think it would be worthwhile.

  23. Democrats need to be doing their job’s they were elected to do! They are dividing our Country with far left hatred. I guess David Duke will get your vote!

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