Trump vs. Biden Poll Results

POLL: Who are you supporting for President in 2020?
Donald Trump
Joe Biden

What do you think of the results of the poll? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!



  1. I read some comments and I can’t believe how people think so different and Believe Biden will be a great president. Biden has enough trouble figuring out where he is half the time. They should keep him in his basement where he’s staying safe from the virus along with other Dems. While Trump is in the middle of it

  2. Trump may not be perfect but most of are past leaders like Obama and Bush thought they were smarter than Americans and Obama even said it to our face
    Trump is a president of the people and not for the people for we’re all in this together. And I believe we should cancel China money we owe them and make them financial responsible for this viruse. If Trump is elected I believe he will go after them

  3. I can’t believe how many idiots voted for 45!! He is the biggest mistake America has ever made. He is a comical character. He is a blatant racist liar. It’s beyond belief how blind you people are to the facts. Lord help us because the DEVIL is a liar. Biden!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love my president, hope we can take back the house, and keep the Senate, and a great WIN for President TRUMP, then and only then can Americans make good progress, VOTE RED ACROSS THE BOARD

  5. Trump is slowly sinking. Can’t wait til he’s out of office. The biggest mistake America has ever made to elect # 45.

  6. All we have to do is vote these Democrats out of office limit terms to 1 TERM and NO salaries forever. They have all gotten Rich by receiving kick backs from everyone they support. THIS HAS TO STOP. Selling stocks and using coronavirus to there advance is disgraceful.

  7. President Trump is an excellent president. To anyone who thinks otherwise is just plain out foolish. If you can’t see how much he has helped the American people well you are blinded by media and they are ones making you the fools. If the democrats would stop being little cry babies and started working with the president instead of constantly working against him then I have no doubt we would be stronger than ever. President Trump has had to take on more challenges than most presidents and has to constantly defend himself for problems he didn’t create especially now with Covid-19 and still stands strong for the American people! He is a billion dollar business man who has fought his way to the top more than once and this country runs on business … he knows what he’s talking about people! Give him a darn chance and let the man do his thing!

  8. I would not vote for trump if it meant we would NOT have a president at all. Our country would be better off if he was OUT.jean hudson

  9. Trump will be know as the best President of our time. To all the haters.. get ready for your next big upset because realise it or not our great President has already won!😆😆😆😂😂😂🤣🤣😄😄😄😅😅😎 TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!

  10. I voted for President Trump in 2016 and will do do again in 2020. He’s turned so many things around in this country. Through the impeachment process he kept going strong and has ignored the attack from the Demorats!! He and his coronavirus task force are doing a great shop despite attack from the media and far leftists! Go President Trump! Joe Biden is Mott a well man and belongs at home being cared for by his family! Shame on them for exploiting him!

  11. I feel that we know the Donald Trump tried I think we ready for a change we can go we can go in the wrong room what we already done so I feel that we should look forward keep our heads up and hope for the best

  12. It is about time the American people are getting smart and we are standing behind a great man our President Donald Trump 💪

  13. To all of you Trump haters out there, you all are blinded by the media lies and obviously want everything for free so you can continue to sit on your lazy butts, while myself and many other tax paying Americans pay for it, but we are done with it.. President Trump is and will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents of our time. He is a true patriot and I believe truly loves our great country. I can only imagine what he goes through every day fighting against the useless anti-American do nothing Democrat’s.. I pray for him every day to keep his strength, fortitude, health and spirit to keep fighting for our Great Country… Trump 2020 America 2020 and years to come!!!

  14. I think it’s obvious to everyone that Joe Biden is 100% unfit for office. I don’t even think he will be the Democratic nominee. My total support goes to Donald J. Trump

  15. Our President is doing all he can during this horrible time. He and his Team are working tirelessly 24/7. I voted for him in 2016 and I definitely will be voting for him in 2020. God bless and we will pull through this one way or another.

  16. I voted for trump in 2016 and will vote for him in 2020 he has done a great job even though the democrats made it hard keep making America greater again mr president

  17. President Donald J. Trump will win on Nov. 3 2020 – he will continue to be the best President we have had since Ronald Regan! Pres. Trump is a true American, one of us! I don’t trust anyone else. God Bless Him

  18. Trump is for the American public – all Americans. He needs to drain that worthless swamp of “do nothing Democrats!” The States like Washinton, California & New York are all in deep trouble – look at the “homeless” problem plus the illegals & crimes committed. I am a retired Veteran. Lets talk about the help OUR President has helped all Vets now! The “illegal @ Kenyon” should go back to his home country without the U.S.A Tax dollars in his pocket for the mess he & his cabinet created. Worthless piece of “GARBAGE” – take “Ms Wantabe Clinton” with him. They are meant for each other. I understand Bill much better today!

  19. Trump is an outstanding President and has done more in three yrs than the whole damn Democratic party and the Democraertic members of Congress had done in the past 50 yrs all the Democraertic party has done in 50 yrs. All in All the Democrats in Congress are nothing more than a bounch of cheap, lie thugs. That’s what the Democrats have revolved the into. Joe Biden is the joke of the Milenam. And I do mean JOKE. Love you President Trump. Don’t let the D C
    Thugs get you down. God Bless America and prayers for the America, the world during this crises.
    God Bless and take care.

  20. If Trump gets elected again it’ll only highlight the ignorance of our country. Quite honestly, as he list the popular vote last time, he’s likely to lose it again. Corona killing us just as fast as Bernies ideals are taking over Washington … But the Orange gets the credit. It would be hilarious if it weren’t true. God save us, please, from the Orange. Been a registered Republican for over 25 years, but Orange isn’t Republican.

  21. He is an American Idiot, you vote for a used car salesman that is what you get. Wake up white people read a book without pictures, stop banging your cousin.

  22. President Trump will go down in history as one of the BEST Presidents ever, He has fought for this Country for three years while The left has not GIVEN UP ON PURSUING HURTING HIM EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, He has proven that he’s a fighter and I for one am proud to call him my President

  23. The reason we are in this situation right now is because of the ignorance of President Trump and the information that was giving to him but he just did not wanted to leasing and put the whole country in danger.
    He is the worst President in the history of this country no more Trump and his lies.

  24. What is being done in each state to stop all kinds of voter fraud, (included)illegals voting at polls?!

  25. President Trump has been, and will be, an incredible President again! We are so lucky to have him in place right now with this horrible virus! Thank you God! 🙏🏻 Everyone vote on November 3rd! I do not trust these Democrats at the polls! Go Trump, best President ever! Trump 2020 🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸

  26. I am praying for Trump next four years to be twice as success as his first three, only with house & senate control, continuing to make us Great again

  27. I am not sure what the Dems are guilty of to keep trying to stop our president but I hope we find out soon!! I have seen and heard both side. President Donald J Trump has been doing a great job and with this virus he and his people and God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ name have gone above and beyond to keep as many afe and alive as humonly possibly. Please don’t tell me I am wrong as I still have the right to speak what I think and believe through our constitution!!!

  28. Tổng thống Trump là người yêu người dân và quê huong Hoa Kỳ. Ông đã vì người dân và mang tâm huyết của mình cho quê hương này. Chúng tôi cám ơn ngài tổng thống Trump. Con cầu mong cho tổng thống Trump dồi dào sức khỏe để leo lái đất nước này hùng mạnh trở lại. TRUMP 2020.

  29. I thank president Trump has done a great job and I will vote for him again if joe was elected you could kiss this country and way of life good bye

  30. What can I say? Biden is a blithering idiot! Putting this man in charge of parking lot patrol would be a stretch let alone in charge of nuclear weapons.

  31. I personally think Mr. Trump has done a fantastic job getting this country back on track. He may not be a perfect human, but certainly cares about the lives of all Americans. Prayer is a big part of his administration.

  32. If voting even matters in this world of illusion, then of course Trump would win. Reagan and Trump being the only presidents that actually pray for their people.
    That speaks volumes all on its own.

  33. President Trump is working very hard for the people of America. He loves this country and his fellow citizens. He is doing a great job. Please pray for his continued good health and ability to bring us out of this grave time.

  34. He did not make a good president what ever would you think he would make a good judge let alone a good American!!!!!

  35. I fully believe President Trump has the lead right now. My big concerns: 1) you never know what the Dems have up threat sleeve with fake news; and 2) people will become apathetic and not vote because they feel confident in the outcome. We MUST keep the momentum!

  36. When american solder whose asked by Chelsea hu you afraid the most?
    He answer Osama, Obama and your mama. That a popular joke.

  37. Biden couldn’t win running for dog catcher. He’s out of touch with reality. His mind is gone. Trump’s gonna win and win BIG!!!!!

  38. This is right wing fake and distorted fiction posing as news. I am certain you will not include this in your right-wing biased comments!

  39. Joe Biden is a freaking screwball selected by the DEM Party as their chosen candidate. He doesn’t have a chance in hell @ becoming President. He & the DEMs live in a fantasy world and will now use/exploit the CORVI-19 pandemic as their next strategy to bounce Trump in their desperate attempt for the return of the White House. What a nutcase organization. Interesting gust the DEMs have no real leadership to offer the American people and world.

  40. Democrats have set Joe Biden up to Fail. He is a Corrupted as Clinton and Obama. President Trump works for the American People and not for any party

  41. If Americans are smart and I think 90% are then yes Trump will be our president for another four years. The other 10% just needs to stop listening to the lies and fake news and realize Trump is the right answer, The only answer!

  42. We NEED Donald J Trump, especially at a time like this. He is doing an incredible job leading during this pandemic crisis.

  43. I’m not real sure how or why anyone would ever vote for Fondling Joe. My President is Donald Trump! Thank you for all you do for Americans.

  44. Trump already won
    Re-election, but we need the house/senate as well. These lying liberal clown shows called media are the real enemy !!
    Without them the insane liberal left
    Couldnt exist !
    Pete NW Wisc

  45. A nobrainer , trump has 90 percent landslide in our future! I will crawl to the polls to vote for this man, no other like him!!

  46. President Trump is this Countries only hope. He will win and must win. If no one has notices this Country is doing better, it takes time to fix what Obama had screwed up.

  47. Lmfao, I hope Joe beats him, Donald Trump is a damn joke, he has no clue, not to mention his cabinet….Denial is insanity! Who ever voted for him needs their head checked!bahahahahaha

  48. Well that’s a no brainer!!! Of course Trump will beat the pants off that IDIOT Biden!!! Creepy Uncle Joe!!! Are you kidding me??!! He doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in HELL!!! Hahahaha!! No way!!! Trump 2020 landslide victory!!!

  49. I, for one,think that our President makes the dems so mad that they hate him because he is a simple guy who just tells the truth about the state of affairs in our country. They see him as a buffoon and just cannot play fair with him. They don’t understand the whole concept of our government was created for the people and by the people and nothing else can cause it to run true and straight. They want to run the U. S. On their lying game and it just doesn’t sit straight and never will again because Trump has showed us the truth and it sits perfect with the American people.we understand that a lie can only work for so long and it is tested by the light of Truth

  50. Your results are flawed. You can’t have more than 100% – your total comes up to 106% I didn’t do good in math but even I know that!

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