Trump was devastated when he found out this Republican betrayed him on Impeachment

The Democrats’ attempted coup against the President is gaining steam.

Day after day, Democrats conduct hearings in secret to try to take down the President of the United States.

And now Donald Trump just got some really bad news when he found out this Republican betrayed him on impeachment.

Former Trump administration Senior Director for Russian and Ukraine affairs, Fiona Hill, testified behind closed doors that she and former National Security Advisor John Bolton expressed horror and concern about Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s attempts to contact Ukrainian officials to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden for corruption.

Hill said Bolton went so far as to call what Giuliani was doing a “drug deal” and ripped the former New York City mayor as a “hand grenade.”

The New York Times reports:

The aide, Fiona Hill, testified that Mr. Bolton told her to notify the chief lawyer for the National Security Council about a rogue effort by Mr. Sondland, Mr. Giuliani and Mick Mulvaney, the acting White House chief of staff, according to the people familiar with the testimony.

“I am not part of whatever drug deal Sondland and Mulvaney are cooking up,” Mr. Bolton, a Yale-trained lawyer, told Ms. Hill to tell White House lawyers, according to two people at the deposition. (Another person in the room initially said Mr. Bolton referred to Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Mulvaney, but two others said he cited Mr. Sondland.)

It was not the first time Mr. Bolton expressed grave concerns to Ms. Hill about the campaign being run by Mr. Giuliani. “Giuliani’s a hand grenade who’s going to blow everybody up,” Ms. Hill quoted Mr. Bolton as saying during an earlier conversation.

This testimony thrilled the Fake News Media.

It added to the “air of scandal” without actually leveling any specific charges at President Trump.

Hill also provided no evidence to back up the central claim that President Trump withheld military aide to Ukraine to force the government to investigate the Bidens.

That’s because Trump proceeded with the sale of the guns to Ukraine anyway, regardless of what the whistleblower’s fake account stated.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Renewed Right , so your censoring comments , so the Liberal snowflakeys don’t get all butt hurt . RR U are traitors also , the way you take up for these SIMPLETON TROLLS , who haven’t a lick of COMMON SENSE WHATSOEVER . Fiona Hill she will get her day of Reckoning , she can count on that , along with all of the rest of you Simpleton Liberal Traitors . Just keep lying , making false accusations , and being immoral , and thou shall receive a serious attitude adjustment , courteous of The Red White and Blue !!

  2. President Trump pull the damned trigger, let the 2nd Civil War Begin! We have 40+ Million to kill. No more Hollywood Stars along with their entire families, ditto for all Anti-American politicians w/families, ditto MSM w/families, ditto Islam/Mosques/entire families, my guest-imation may even be low, who knows, Silicon Valley will be gone with most of California & entire westcoast, New York & most of east coast, Texas & 3rd coast all smoldering because of useless people doing dumb things.

    • I’m with u. While there looking for the right bathroom we can end this nightmare the constitution says we can take back this government of corruption by force if necessary starting with brennan

  3. The President made his own way to success. It is my opinion that these (RINOS) are not only envious, but their self-centered mode of operation over-rides their obligation to their constituents. The story is obviously true that politicians promises are put in the closet back in their home area when they reach the borders of the scandal District of Columbia (Washington,DC). Their integrity is given away mainly because it was flimsy initially.

  4. So it’s okay for Obama and his bunch to try and find dirt on President Trump, but it’s not okay, according to them Giuliani to ask for investigation into the wrong doings of others. Two faced Hippocrates.

    • Trump has been the best president in a long time. The Democrats are mad because he’s done a lot for our country and the Democrats didn’t.

  5. Jes look at all the trump-butt-bumps posting on here. Same old ignorant jokers as their greasy headed poor pounding pappies were. They worship trump more den God. hahahahahahahahahaha

  6. Renewed Right your site sucks Camel COCKS , you communist bastards . If your offended , that’s damn good , I don’t give a rats ass what the hell you think , you bunch of chicken Shits .


    • Agree. They got their feelings hurt and now want revenge because he rejected their recommendations. Trump promised less war and less foreign entanglements that never end. They thought they had a POTUS they could control. NOT! That’s why we elected him and why we’ll put him back in office. HE IS HIS OWN MAN. Sad they are compelled to tear him down and undermine his efforts to keep his promises of pulling our military out of harm’s way for the Military Industrial Complex which is what Bolton is part of. Bolton and Fiona Hill have served both Obama and Trump. They thought they also owned the power to advise/influence/control Trump’s policies. They may blame Giuliani but it’s their own fault they’re gone. They hate Giuiliani because he’s the messenger and we know how people who get bad messages hate the messenger. They should show some class and shut up and go write a book or take a vacation. Their very public tantrum because they didn’t get their way is very glaring example of their own shortcomings in the field of foreign affairs. Best they shut their mouths and show some class and professionalism and move on.

    • I don’t know about Hill, but Bolton seems to be one of the neocons, like McCain, that loved Hillary simply because she was the biggest war hawk in Congress.

    • I agree that Fiona and Mr. Bolton will do everything they can for revenge on our President. I could not imagine why the President got rid of Mr. Bolton, a couple of weeks ago, but now I get it. So many times when people are ostracized or put down in any way, even “slighted” they come roaring back with Offensive Remarks against the President.

  8. Why would Bolton tell his aide to call a lawyer. In his position why didn’t he call a lawyer himself. If he thought something was going on why didn’t he inform Trump since he was supposedly working for Trump or was he. Was he looking for a problem he could use or the democrats could use.

  9. Lock Trump Up !!
    The biggest criminal admin in the history of politics.
    Can’t wait to see him and his loser family in jail. Make America respectable again , impeach the idiot

      • it is easy to call other names when you do not agree with them. Trump is such a liar it is pathetic. Should the evidence prove he attempted to gain dirt on Biden from the Ukranians, then he should be impeached just as Nixon was. Our founding fathers were very concerned about foreign influence in our country. Trump is a sore loser and will do any immoral and illegal trick to get re-elected because he is so self centered. He will be in Ripley’s
        Believe it or not as the president whose advisers left the administration because he would not listen to him. Nazism is here with him.

        • Joseph, your first line says it all. And go talk to your cowardly masked brownshirts about your feelings on Naziism, maybe they will listen to you and let you back out without assault.

        • Try to get dirt on Biden? Heck, all he had to do was watch the video of Biden bragging on how he withheld funds from Ukraine until they fired the prosecutor that was investigating his sorry son!! I wouldn’t call that “digging”. I’d call that using your brain. (Which you dufus libs can’t do because you have sawdust in your heads.)

    • Like you fools even have a clue what ‘respectable’ is?
      Oh, right, your Bizarro party seems to think Pantiefa is a respectable bunch.


    • Trump is playing 3D chess. Make Europe protect the Kurds from Turkey, then they’ll have to kick Turkey out of the EU and possibly NATO. Brilliant! Then Turkey can’t flood Europe with Illegals anymore! More Brilliant!

      • Donald Trump was elected as the America First President. Not Kurd’s first.Do you think it is our children and grand children’s place to die in their stead.I think NOT.

    • in the meantime, we have betrayed the Kurds, gave our allies a clear message that we could pull out of any war anytime, allowed Russian troops to enter the fray, left hundreds of thousand Kurdish refugees, in all probability gave ISIS the go ahead to continue to fight when Kurdish and our special ops troops were making headway in defeating them, and what is the scariest – ISIS will be emboldened to attack the US more. Is that what you want – more suicide bombers attacking malls, stores, etc. FBI reports an increase in hate crimes since Trump took office – is this what you want for our country – I do not – God created all people equal – thus we have not right to violence to anyone. Do unto others as you want done unto you.

  11. Its really sad at how many of our Politicians can be bought by the highest bidder!,they don’t hesitate at selling their Country and their fellow Countrymen Out!,as Long as they get rich doing it,they Absolutely don’t give a Damm about the average Hard Working American!,Demoncrats or Repupicans,there’s not one Congressman or Woman in the house or Senate that when they leave office are not Multi-Millionaires!,That’s a Simple Fact!

    • Robert, that is why I say that, for the most part, we have not had an actual two party system in years, but rather, a dual named kleptocracy.

  12. The Republicans who aren’t supporting President Trump aren’t really Republicans. Also President is criticized for everything he does no matter what it is. I don’t trust some of the Republicans any more than I trust Democrats. Soros is paying people off and he pays big bucks to go against the President. Pretty sure there are Republican crooks taking money from him to work against the President.

    • Shirley, Trump is not really a Republican. That is both why the establishment hates him and a big reason why I trust him. He is independent with a good business sense, exposing the Kleptocracy.
      I have voted Libertarian and Constitution Party for quite a few years, but will vote Trump this time. 2024, who knows. I’ll wait and see who they come up with.

  13. Well MR PRESIDENT, time to make a declaration and call out the troops
    You have it in your “power!” Have the white house surrounded – but my God man, please watch your back. soreass and the benghazi bitch have scored big on the “suicide” trick. Tyey want your carcus baddd! I’ll certainly be voting for you AGAIN !! ????????☺????

  14. Schiff and his company well known as a lier,President Trump never told us this is going to be an easy job.but if we the people behind him 100% he will get rid of this parasites,and after “America become Great Again”

  15. No doubt our president will be re-elected in 2020. Thanks to the Democrats roll out of their generous and endless red carpet that just keeps on giving. 🙂

  16. Why do honest and decent people like John Bolton resist the investigation of the hideous corruption of Joe Biden and his son in Ukraine or China? After all, the whole country has already learned this secret. Is it really possible to turn a blind eye to such crimes?

    • I used to be fooled by Bolton just as you are. The truth is he is neither honest nor decent. He is lying, war mongering globalist scum and he is angry because the light of truth is being shown on the deep state corruption of which he is a part.

      Meanwhile, Biden is on tape talking and laughing about the fact that he forced the government of Ukraine to fire a chief prosecutor who was investigating corruption at the Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma Holdings. Hunter Biden, with no knowledge of natural gas, was given a seat on the board with a 50,000/monthly salary. This seat was in return for political favors from VP Joe Biden. Joe Biden had told the Ukrainian officials that his plane would be leaving in 6 hours and that Ukraine would lost American aide if their highly honored prosecutor was not fired. They fired him. Now it is all coming out and the Dimocrats are trying to blame Trump for threatening officials; something he has not done. But they did.

      All of this is well known and documented. I have been following it for several years. Now do you understand what side Bolton is on?

      • Yes once the cat is out of the bag, or the genie out of the bottle there is no easy way of putting it back in. Rather dumb of him to brag about his crime and he will have to pay for it.

    • John Bolton cannot be trusted in his opinions about President Donald Trump. Not anymore, because he’s negative because of his foreign. He must be looked on now as an adversary to the Trump Administration. He is “poisoned” against President Trump.

  17. Who ever said living people living off of the back of hard working people.need to check they self.we the people in this country.are here to take care if each.what do you rather them to take care .only rich and white people only.are take care of the folks .in other country.

  18. Republicans you are all spineless fish dont have what it take to do what right, you all coward your tails between your legs and cave. What a pathetic party the Republicans have become today.

    • Riiight. Go tell it to your Chinese masters your Dems are kowtowing to. They apparently bought the lot of you right along with Biden and son for their $1.6 billion. They got a good deal, too good, in fact, due to leftist greed.

      • Trump is an expert at the chaos theory and corruption – he has no morals and thinks he is above the law. I base my statements on the teachings of Jesus Christ on social justice as found in the Bible. Jesus would not approve of his policies on immigration, the poor, enviornment, medical access for the poor, etc. Read the Bible

        • Since you claim to read the Bible, please show us in the Bible where it states that:
          – Allow illegal immigrants to enter your land unfettered;
          – The poor will ‘not be among [us]’;
          – Climate change is man made;
          – Medical access for the poor is a right;
          Judge, not lest you be judged. Remember that? For ego-driven and shame based judgement.
          – Any human being has the ability to ‘read’ what’s in another human beings heart.

        • Here we go again, the party that despises religion suddenly becoming “experts” on the Bible whenever they think they can twist it to fit their narrative. I have heard, many times, that the devil himself does the same, so the only thing that would surprise me on it would be if anyone with more than a single digit IQ believed any it.

  19. That’s what the lying woman said. We really don’t know what Bolton said. He’s not there to testify. Unless he is the whistleblower.

    • Trump is the whistle blower and should demand the same protections that the fake Gossip blower is getting and more because he is president

  20. In 2016 When Trump was campaigning for the  presidential primaries, Republican Lawmakers where on every news show furiously ridiculing Trump and calling him out for his crimes, dishonesty and his sexist and racist activities that he showed in his past. 
    Then right after Trump became the Republican nominee for president, these same Republican Lawmakers immediately switched from ridiculing him to complete PRAISE.

    It was then that Republican Lawmakers announced that Trump was the most perfect man for the job of president.

    Why did Congressional Republicans Hate Trump so much and called him out for being a Racist a Sexist a Criminal and a Pathological Liar before he became the Republican nominee.??


    • Because he is not one of them. None of the career politicians like President Trump, Republican or Democrat. We need term limits.

    • finally a statement which makes sense…thank you purple man…all because they are intimidated by Trump,…what a shame, especially since I am very pro-life!!!

      • great that you are pro-live – but if you truly are, then, you would be pro poor, union, enviornment, access to health care for the poor, against nuclear war, euthansia, etc. Pro-life means all of life after a child is born. Trump is against the enviornment, against immigrants and against medical access for the poor. This is what Jesus would want us to support.

  21. Day one of President Trump’s oath of office the Demo(n)cats have been trying to impeach him. Demo(n)cats have done nothing for the American taxpaying citizens they are supposed to represent. They’re more concerned about illegal immigrants who want a better life on the backs of hard working American taxpaying citizens. Demo(n)cats used to be for the American workers now they’re for illegal immigrants who don’t pay taxes but receive welfare, medical, food stamps and education for their children on the backs of hard working American taxpaying citizens.
    I will vote for anyone other than a Demo(n)cat.

  22. Nonsense and more nonsense. Nonsense answered and supported with more nonsense. Keep
    speaking and publishing nonsense again and again, until someone believes the nonsense.
    Worked for Goebels in the 40’s until the tanks rolled over his nation, so why not
    Pelosi, Schiff and company ??? As Goebels said – People believe large lies more than small ones.

  23. Isn’t there a law to get rid of Congress? I am not talking about being a communist country but they are getting paid to do what? Also is there a law that the president can sign to make himself President fit at least 10-20 years?

    • Heidi no this government has never suspended congress not Constitutional. And they are doing exactly what we flipped the house to do which is to obstruct everything tRUMP tries to do just like the Republithugs did to President Obama.

  24. Did anyone notice that these “betrayers” are FORMER members of the establishment? It takes a while to clear out the trash left by the Obama “administration”.

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