Trump was grinning from ear to ear when a bombshell poll proved him right on one thing

President Donald Trump’s time in the White House was a huge success.

No matter what the so-called “mainstream” media claims, there is no denying the facts.

And Trump was grinning from ear to ear when a bombshell poll proved him right on one thing.

Since getting into the White House following the highly contested 2020 election, Joe Biden has completely turned his back on everything President Donald Trump did, despite the success of his policies.

In response, the economy is in turmoil, the border is being flooded with illegal immigrants from the third world, and our military is being weakened through efforts to root out so-called “extremists.”

But perhaps most notable of the changes, which the media isn’t talking about much, is the increase in crime following President Trump leaving the White House.

While the corporate-controlled media isn’t talking about it, a new poll shows that Americans are seeing the effects first-hand.

73 percent of Americans believe crime is higher under Biden than under Trump.

“Majorities think crime is increasing both nationally (73 percent say there is “more” crime), as well as in their local communities (54 percent),” according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday.

54 percent of polled respondents also said their local area has more crime now than it did this time last year, with only 23 percent saying their local area has less crime.

Another poll released on the same day shows that 30 percent of Americans feel unsafe in public due to that increase in crime.

These poll results have solid facts to back them as well.

According to Fox News, homicides have increased radically from 2020.

Chicago has seen a 22 percent increase, Los Angeles has seen a 127 percent increase, Minneapolis has had a 113 percent increase, and Oakland has seen a 132 percent increase.

Most notably, and with the largest increase, has been Portland, who have had a staggering 800 percent increase in homicides since 2020.

Portland is known as the de facto headquarters for Antifa, with their largest, and longest operating terror group, Rose City Antifa operating in the city.

Under Joe Biden, he has cowered to Black Lives Matter and other far-left activists, who call for defunding the police, and criminal justice reforms that put violent criminals back on the street.

In contrast, Trump was tough on crime, and the criminal justice reform he championed left out violent offenders, instead focusing on non-violent offenders who have been reformed.

If things keep trending in this direction, Democrats could be in for a reckoning from the American people in the 2022 midterms.

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