Trump is set to unveil a plan that will shake Washington, D.C. to its core

While politicians come and go, the bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. just grows.

But that may all be about to change.

Trump was elected to “Drain the Swamp” and he’s unveiling a plan to do it by the end of his first term.

Details are beginning to emerge about Trump’s new budget proposal containing a “three year reform measure.”

Taking queues from some of America’s most successful private businesses and a few “well-operating agencies” he’s about to give the government a major overhaul.

And “The Swamp” isn’t going to like what they hear . . .

The Washington Examiner reports:

President Trump plans to take the huge federal Civil Service off cruise control, ending automatic pay increases that go to 99.7 percent of the workforce, trimming fat benefit packages, and for the “worst,” rolling out his trademark phrase from The Apprentice, “You’re fired!”
Officials said the overall goal is to bring the 1950s-styled Civil Service into the digital age, introduce automation, reward “the best” with bonuses, make it easier to hire and fire, and provide “flexibility” by moving employees where they are needed and even rehiring skilled retirees.

Gone would be the automatic reward of pay “step” increases of 3 percent to 5 percent which 99.7 percent of workers get, regardless of their performance. Also targeted, said the officials, are annual reviews that now give “everybody” a grade of four or five on a scale of five. And benefits, now 47 percent higher than in the private workforce, according to a congressional report, will be trimmed.

This sort of major reform is long overdue.

The report went on to summarize some of the major changes.

Among the changes proposed:

  • Creation of a bonus pool to reward good employees.
  • An end to so-called “step increases,” pay hikes of 3 percent to 5 percent that 99.7 percent of federal workers get even if they are poor performers.
  • Changes to the overall pay package, with a focus on generous retirement benefits, that align federal pay to the private world.
  • Retraining of employees.
  • Redeploying workers where they are needed.

We’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date on this as more details emerge.

What do you think about Trump’s proposed changes to Washington, D.C.’s bloated bureaucracies?

Let us know in the comments below.


  1. President Trump has just completed he first year and has accomplished much despite the phony charges and attacks of the justice system, the left and the rest of the swamp. He can continue to cut departments, programs, waste and spending in government, make it more efficient and secure. We can see that the DOJ and FBI have to be purged of all the Obama/Hillary supporters. There is so much imbeded. It takes time. I believe that behind the scenes progress is being made while the left wingers are trying to take him down. All the ducks need to be in order. God Bless America and President Donald Trump.

  2. It is more than time for it to come to them. Most are wealthy now. We need to get some fresh faces, and maybe some retired Generals, and other retired military involved in Senate and House of Representatives.

  3. I like that idea. also give our troops the health care that Congress gets, as well as their pay. Fix their pay scale so that they can’t change it any time they want to. And make them show work done for America, not just for them, before they get raise. Any ideas who should over see their pay raises?

  4. no it won’t be a win win situation. He needs to deport all of them, and get the Wall, e-verify, end anchor babies, end chain migration totally, no backlog permitted to enter USA, and end the diversity lottery. Then maybe allow the DACA / Dreamers to re-enter the USA legally if they are needed for certain jobs. Merit based immigration of no more than 10,000 a year for at least 10 years if at all possible and thoroughly vetted.

  5. I thoroughly agree with you. it would be nice if Trump would think about us while he is Making America Great Again. Since a lot of us are the ones that voted for him, particularly in the rust belt.

  6. Michael Hughes, Amen, I have been saying this for quite a while but no one seems to pay attention. After all we won’t be separating families, as so many Democrats are whining about.

  7. Thank you Maryann33. Don’t care what country they come from or why they are here illegally. Want to see our country save all the taxpayer money we are wasting keeping the illegals here. Deport all of them, when they are caught,

  8. Works for me. It is long overdue, but no one wanted to stand up and start overhauling the government. Hope we find another businessman to take over when Trump reaches 2024, and can’t run again. Go Trump!

  9. Hey think real, the swamp will never let him deport the DACA’s! Look at the 2 Liberal Judges who already put a wrench into the neutering of the DACA executive action! I’m more than OK to give 2 million Daca people amnesty if he gets the rest, this would be a win win situation for the whole USA!

  10. That’s why we elected him and that’s why they hate him. There’s no way to do what needs to be done without making those on the receiving end of all that pork get all riled up.

  11. I know my “Trumpster” will agree w/this adage,”the only way to reap rewards is,”THEY HAVE TO EARN IT”! a quote from the great John Huseman,Smith Barney!
    I always promoted this in my company & it did bode well & made all strive for accolades. Way to go my Pres!
    Former Spec. Op’s Vietnam,Marty Gannon

  12. I was told many do not even pay into Social Security……..If a retirement program had been available that they have I would be much better of. I know about the Individual Retirement account, Keogh, and
    Sep. Program. What they have was not available to the Tax Payers.

  13. The Democrats are all for crying crocodile tears for the poor little dears that were DRAGGED into this country by their illegal alien PARENTS. So why is there no cry to deport the PARENTS? These illegal aliens have been given the same rights, and even more, than the people who are the actual legal citizens of this country. So, if they want to exercise the RIGHT to not have their families torn apart, then by all means let the poor little DACA dears follow their parents into deportation (and take their illegal aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc., etc. with them!

  14. N0T Good ___ (for USA by Any means) & have complained re this Many x To WH … ivank Needs to G0 HOME/ Take Care of Family…Has No
    Biz in WH / much less ‘advising’ re USA/ World Political Venue…
    > Thank You, Maryann33 For Speaking ^up re ‘highly censored’ Subject matter as far as ‘daddy’ is concerned …

  15. Our raise amounted to 16 cents…Where should we spend such a raise???? What will it buy???? Can someone get through to Trump that it is time to help seniors who Obama tired to kill all of us and gutted medicare that is more expensive now and takes the pitance raise we get. I personally got no raise at all for several years now…1000 minimum raise a month for all of us is due….

  16. No DACA or amnesty ever again…Send them all home right now. He promised to send all illegals out of our country…

  17. If President Trump does not sign a DACA deal, then most will be deported. If he has them wait 12 years to become a citizen, a lot will get in trouble and be booted out anyway. Only the good ones will stay. By not allow them to collect welfare as a illegal, a lot will go home anyway. I may take a while and we can thank the democrats for that.

  18. Go for it, President Trump! Too many people getting too mucch money for too little work. Social Security recipients got a measly little increase this year, almost all eaten up by Medicare/insurance increases. Drain the Swamp!

  19. Actually, some sort of natural ‘housecleaning’ is Already happening… Many openings to fill Vacancies Everywhere…

  20. Having had relatives take advantage of federal government positions they weren’t qualified for with high salaries and great benefits, I totally agree with the housecleaning.
    One had gotten his scheduled raises and promotions for 35 years in a technical advisory position for which he had never been trained. His direct superior could find no other use for him than being his social secretary.
    A VERY well-paid social secretary.

  21. the Many Sectors of Fed. ‘Civil Service’ is complicated for sure, but have to begin somewhere in “waste, fraud, & abuse”…those words were Repeatedly Spoken in Campaign rallies …by 2019 or sooner – POTUS giving ‘early notice’ in prep for ‘a scramble’ …

  22. I left the military, in 1972, with a Medical Discharge. The only place that would hire a “Disabled Veteran” was the Government! During the Carter years, he wanted to bring wages under control. His idea was to freeze Government wages and use the “honor system” to allow private industry to follow his lead. Inflation was running at about 20 %. It only took 3 years to drop to less than one-half if what private industry was paying. Congress, was paid IAW the Civil Service pay schedule, divorced themselves from that schedule and formed the Congressional Pay Schedule and gave themselves a 100% pay raise. This was not made available to Civil Service because it would be inflationary. Since ONLY 400 Congresspersons got the increase, it was not considered inflationary. You claim that you worked for four and one-half years without a raise? I used to get a note with my paystub that said, “You did not get a pay raise this year. If the President had not declared an emergency your raise would have been ___%”
    It wasn’t until Private Industry started failing that Civil Service started to catch-up. You can thank Barbra Boxer for that.

  23. 1953 madalyn ohare got religion out of our schools. who said men are male chauvinist pigs ?? who got collage dorms co ed? who got the work place co ed?? who created the sexual revolution?? hilary clinton said there is a war on women .not true.there is a war on our culture our christian faith , and our families.a man a woman make a family not 2 females not 2 males feminism has corrupted america. united we stand divided we fall .strong families are the bed rock of a the garden of eden eve was seduced.padora and the box old greek tale america and feminisim our women need to come to there senses.when the ship sinks we all sinf together feminisim is corruption. jim moore

  24. Good luck. be careful when you open the valve this swamp has more turds than water.

    Only one comment I worked 45 years in the private non gov’t sector I never had any benefits or retirement or medical that even remotely came close to fed gov or state gov standards no auto cost of living. Was lucky to get a raise once a year without changing jobs or companies. Was with one company 4- 1/2 yr with out a raise but I loved the Work, had to leave! Shame! I had to be the hardest working man that had ever had.

  25. It’s about damned time we have a leader that has the GUTS to do this. One more thing, President Trump. Change the pay scale for Congress and the military. Give our troops, that are actually doing something great for this great country, the salaries of those wastes in Congress, and give Congress the poor salaries that our troops get.

  26. Go for it! I think they are great. It is about time that the Government Tit was closed down to those who suckle but don’t actually sing for their supper! I support it 100%. And I hope the next overhauls will come for those in Congress. It is about time they actually worked for their pay.

  27. 40% of Americans [anti-Americans] have failed after five [5] decades of SOCIAL ENGINEERING. THESE IDIOTS WILL “never” support down sizing and getting rid of the “dead beats” who only show up on PAYDAY.

  28. President Trump’s plan sounds like just what is needed to make government agencies more efficient. The problem is “The Huge Government Bureaucracy’s Bureaucrats” will fight this like the plague. Their “Ride on Easy Street” will be over. They will have to work harder, just like the rest of the American people.

  29. Oh my goodness! If only all of the above may come to fruition….. One Small Step ….. and the Swamp begins to drain, the Deep State begins to crumble …. and then there is the One Giant Leap opened for MAGA !

  30. I think the single most effective change that our POTUS could get behind and push is that of Term Limits on House Representatives and Senators. Get rid of and an stop the 30 40 yrs that we see so many of our current and past Reps and Senators part of. Put a limit on the time that a Representative can serve in the House (10 yrs or 5 Terms) and Senators (12 yrs or 4 x 3 yr Terms), then they need to retire or move on. And no more life time retirement for 2 or 3 yrs of service. If they serve 10 yrs in the House and then run for the Senate and serve 4 Terms in the Senate, they can get a retirement similar to what the military gets. Politicians getting rich while holding office should never occur. Also do away with what seems to be constant time off. Make it such that Senators and Representatives are in DC working at least 10 months out of the year.

    Also getting rid of some of the Agency’s such as Dept of Education, Dept of Energy, and a handful of the more useless agency’s whose functions belong at the State level and could be more effective and worth while than the BS we see coming out of the Federal levels.

    Yep, I only hope that President Trump could make some of these types of changes come to fruition.

  31. I completely agree with the previous comments. If, as the Dems say, “Better Together,” this is a good start to balance our laws for all!

  32. It isn’t just the military that took oaths to the Constitution so there will be plenty to back everyone up. My question is, when do we start getting rid of the vermin in DC? Time to start sending some of the upper level managers to Club Gitmo.

  33. Go for it Mr. President, civil service, as it is today is nothing but a floating craphouse. A basket of users and takers, clean out the Swamp and stay on course. Get rid of the Dept, of Education and allow the states to set the standards. Get rid of anything that smells LEFT.

  34. YES, absolutely! Government workers should be held to the same level of benefits that the regular American workers are experiencing. How can they help or represent their countrymen if they don’t even experience what regular people are experiencing. It’s crazy!

  35. i also agree with you i got rid of a union they wanted to much and i said no they went on strike and they all went broke they asked to come back without a union and i said yes i did better for them than the union

  36. i totally agree they don’t deserve what they get retires got 2 percent did congress or the senate no and they should get nothing for the way they work they he haw around and get nothing done my staff would have been fired the first 6 months i was on the job get rid of them trump or quite yourself


  38. Hey guys he is not talking about congressmen. He has no control over their salaries and very little over anything else.
    However, he does have control over the normal every day worker. Most of these positions are filled with non college persons who really work their buts off every day including shift work, holidays and weekends, I know because I was one of them. The biggest problem lies mostly with college grads who think they deserve more money for little work. A prime example are most of low and middle management persons manage jobs who cannot and have not done the jobs themselves. Most workers/analysts are over seas, away from their families, in lousy collection sites throughout the world and are being supervised by college grads that have never been or refuse jobs overseas or worked at any of these facilities. Criteria for low and middle management positions must be changed and filled mostly by those who have been at these collection facilities or have worked in the areas they are supervisors of. Also most of the promotions are given to those what kiss their supers ass or are their friends/fair haired children. Most government agencies, from the top down, need a complete reorganization. To do this intelligently, without harming the systems that are doing great work, is going to take between 10 to 20 years. If not he will do more harm than good.

  39. i agree get rid of the swamp Muller first unless you like fighting against him it would be worth watching TV again IT IS NOT WORTH MY TIME TO HEAR MULLER LIE AND TRY TO PICK ON TRUMP HE IS LIKE A 3 YEAR OLD CHILD GET SOME Adults IN THE CONGRESS AND THE SENATE ALSO they sit on their buts and accomplish nothing and my money pays for that grow up all when i worked many times it was 10 to 12 hours but i got things done and my staff did too they didn’t fight with me or they would have been gone

  40. What government Deems Good Enough for Citizens, They also should have the same results…Ex. be accountable by the same laws, same retirement, 401’s etc., same health insurance, Medicare, etc., If it’s Good Enough for the Goose then It’s Good Enough for the Gander…..

  41. If I said it before it must be that I read the same article by you before. Sorry if I took up your time and space.

  42. I worked for the federal government and could not agree more with President Trump. Incompetence is rampant and a lot of waist in time, equipment and material as well. It will help get rid of the dead wood that is way over due.

  43. Just visit your local SS office for an example of waste and ineptitude in action. Just the tip of the iceberg.
    In the private sector, I would have been long terminated if I ran my department similarly. I certainly wouldn’t have gotten a pencil whipped performance appraisal, nor a generous automatic pay raise. MAGA.
    Trump in 2020.

  44. lol you really think there not enough “PATRIOTS” retired from the military who still hold there oaths to the United States sacred, I for one still do and am willing to stand against “ALL THREATS” (which now seem to be the DNC), I do1 and will defend her to the “END”!!!!

  45. Long overdue and a huge task, but if anyone can do it, it will be a successful businessman like Trump, who knows how to establish an efficient organization. I just hope that Congress doesn’t throw the train off the track. MAGA!

  46. Follow Q Anon posts, Trump and the military are neutralizing the deep state every day. Besides, congress members are just pawns for the deep state, I don’t think they really care about them.

  47. will never get passed by the greedy idiots in congress, like term limits, they want toi keep their jobs so they can keep robing us blind

  48. I sure hope he can pull this off. It’s long, long overdue. They also need to get the same Medicare the rest of us get for their retirement rather than the “fantasy” plans they have now!!

  49. God Bless Trump…this greedy highway robbery should have been stopped years ago…these people are public servants and these career politicians should not be allowed…who do they think they are? They think they are the ‘elites’…they are wrong…term limits, border walls to protect our country…and get rid of these illegals who are another financial drain who have no interest in our country only their own personal gain…for FREE entitlements….and drain this sickening leftist swamp!!

  50. Before that can happen, he’s going to have to deal with the unions; and the cushy contracts that CONGRESS has allowed them to negotiate on our dime! They are the reason we still have crappy people working at the VA, even after Shulkin has tried to fire them and been forced to rehire them. Like teachers; these are almost “fire proof”; they end up just being shuffled around doing damage wherever they are. There’s no appreciable way to penalize poor performance from them. It’s obscene that these people are taking home salaries almost half again as high as their private sector counterparts who are paying those salaries, simply because the unions line the coffers of the leftist pols to get what they want. And that needs to stop too; they need to negotiate with the people actually PAYING the bills, not those who are not invested in keeping those bills down.

  51. Get rid of all the relatives and cronies who make $100,000 a year to run errands , pick up the so called “representatives” laundry and fetch coffee. Maybe if ALL the “perks” are stripped away we might get some real representation rather than people who just leach off of us. I like Warren Buffett’s plan – whatever they vote for “US” they get – and whatever they vote for themselves “WE” get it too. They are not elitist who are above us they supposedly work for us and it’s damned well way past time they realize that.

  52. President Donald Trump deserves our full support. Though Americans elected him to keep his promise to Drain the Swamp in Washington, DC, the entrenched bureaucracy will take our continued support to enable his continued support of us to finally get rid of the major parts of the problems that have been hurting those of us who would rather live in the greatest democracy the World has ever known.

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