Trump’s bodyguard made a jaw dropping admission about what happened in Russia

The biggest question in the Trump-Russia collusion dossier has finally been answered.

Donald Trump’s bodyguard spilled the beans about what happened in the hotel with Russia prostitutes.

And the jaw dropping truth will shock you.

One of the most scandalous allegations in the fake news Trump-Russia dossier that was put together after the Clinton campaign colluded with the Russians was that during a 2013 visit to Moscow, Donald Trump hired prostitutes to defile a bed the bed that then President Obama slept in on his trip to Russia.

Trump bodyguard Keith Schiller shot down the story as a hoax.

He testified to Congress that one Russian made a joking offer about prostitutes, but that Schiller rejected the offer.

Schiller also stood guard outside Trump’s door and no one entered the room that night.

The Daily Caller reports:

“In his testimony, Schiller reportedly said that he told Trump later that evening about the “five women” offer and that the pair laughed it off.

He said that he accompanied Trump back to his hotel room and stayed outside for a while before retiring to his own room. Schiller acknowledged that he was not with Trump the entire night but that he is confident that Trump slept alone.

Schiller also reportedly told the committee that he and Trump were aware that the Moscow hotel could be bugged. Trump has raised the same point in speeches denying the dossier allegations.

Two sources in the interview told NBC News that Schiller described his reaction to the dossier dirt as: “Oh my God, that’s bull—-.”

Schiller’s testimony matches up with a Daily Caller report from January, just after the dossier was published.”

The fake news dossier – which the media used to promote the Trump-Russia collusion story – has been revealed to largely be a hoax.

If the media thought they could use this fake news to run Trump from office, that strategy has blown up in their faces.



  1. I believe every attack, every fake news story makes Pres. Trump stronger and even more committed to his vision. The countless smear stories written about him that we find out later are false must keep him dancing in the streets and almost assures a second term.

  2. Hillarys minions came up with a too far fetched story. The peeing on the bed just shows how down right in the gutter their minds are….Still waiting to see Hillary get charged…..waiting….

    • If the Clintons did that, it would be billed to the taxpayers and arranged through their lawyers. Like the false claim that Trump was responsible. It’s pointless anyway, and who would even think of something like that? Oh. Right. We know who thought up the accusation.

    • Yes, we are all waiting for the Attorney General to get around to appointing a special counsel to investigate Hillary and company and charge them. We definitely don’t want Mueller to investigate her. We have been waiting for quite a while now.

    • DK: I’m waiting also, what is wrong with Sessions? If he isn’t going to do his job, then get out and let someone else in there that will do it.

  3. I just hope we will get a decent AG who has the guts to really go after The Clintons and all the other terrorists that has been causing all the Problems in the US including the black Terrorists groups.

  4. I am so weary of this witch hunt against our POTUS.
    They are really grasping at straws in this dossier.
    When are they ever going to look at Hillary and the Dims?
    Will the REAL guilty “party” please stand up and come forth to
    accept your fate(s)? Funny how yet another person who has dirt on
    her just “disappeared”! Isn’t ANYONE the least bit suspicious?

    • I so agree Susan Dix. Suspicious covers it pretty well for we the people. Now if the witch hunt would start digging into Hillary and her gang, we might get somewhere, and be able to drain the swamp.

  5. Leave it to the Media to LIE like linoleum! The ONLY truth they know is their own brand of truth which is usually a lie and convenient to their agenda!

  6. The truth is usually the opposite of what the left claims it is, but it boggles the mind that Hillary would defile the bed that the Obamas used……..

  7. It doesn’t surprise me, but rather reinforce my theory that Hillary and her little band of desperate and corrupt politicians will do anything to distract the public from Hillary’s crimes. The sh*t is about to hit the fan and they know it.

    • Agree. Hillary and (probably) hundreds of her familiars have devoted their lives to unearthing some dirt on Trump. If that didn’t work then they invent some sort of dirt from their fevered imaginations. Even with imaginations, it’s best to spin a lie out of your own experiences, isn’t it?

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