Trump’s efforts to cut the red tape are going to Make America Great Again

Liberals love to grow government through regulatory actions.

When Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress, Obama famously said he had a “pen and a phone” to continue implementing his policies through regulations.

But Trump campaigned on cutting the red tape and just one year in he’s already blown past the goal he set for his administration!

Trump delivered a statement standing between two stacks of paper — a giant one to show the federal regulations as they exist today, and a smaller one showing where they were in 1960.

Trump said:

“One of the very first actions of my administration was to impose a two-for-one rule on new federal regulations. We ordered that for every one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated. You heard me say that on the campaign, many, many times. As a result, the never-ending growth of red tape in America has come to a sudden, screeching, and beautiful halt!”

“Earlier this year, we set a target of adding zero new regulatory costs onto the American economy. Today, I am proud to announce we beat our goal by a lot!”

“Instead of adding costs, as so many others have done, and other countries are doing, and it is hurting them. For the first time in decades, we achieved regulatory savings! Hasn’t happened in many decades.”

“Within the first eleven months, we canceled or delayed over 1,500 planned regulatory actions, more than any previous president, by far,” he said. “And you see the results, when you look at the stock market, the results of companies, and when you see companies coming back into our country.”

“Instead of eliminating two old regulations for every one new regulation, we have eliminated 22!” he said.

“22, that’s a big difference,” he added. “We aimed for 2 for 1, and in 2017, we hit 22-1.”

“And by the way, those regulations that are in place, do the job better than all of the other regulations. It allows us build, create jobs, and do what we have to do.”

He went on to say that by the time they’re done there will be fewer federal regulations than there were in 1960.

What do you think about Trump’s efforts to cut the red tape and free American entrepreneurs?

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