Trump’s latest poll numbers were devastating for Democrats

Democrats went all-in on smearing President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

It turned out to be a massive failure.

And Trump’s latest poll numbers showed just how much it will cost Democrats in the Midterms.

Democrats may have made the biggest strategic error since nominating Hillary Clinton for president.

They thought they could delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation until after the Midterms when they would take back control of Congress.

But they failed on two counts.

Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation looks all but assured.

And now their despicable antics could cost them everything.

Rasumussen released its latest poll showing President Trump with a 50% approval rating.

That is his highest rating since August 14.

The Rasumussen poll shows 37% strongly approve of the President while 40% strongly disapprove.

The gap between Americans who “strongly approve” and “strongly disapprove” of Trump is at it’s smallest all year at -3.

Less than two weeks ago it was at -12.

This is very bad timing for the Democrats with ballot booths opening in just over a month.

Republican voter enthusiasm had been lagging behind Democrats all year long.

But the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings may have just woken up a sleeping giant.

And Democrats could pay dearly for their shameful smears and attempts at turning “innocent until proven guilty” upside down.

Do you think Democrats will pay for how they treated Brett Kavanaugh?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Right on Mary! I was democrat until i saw how communist the demo. party was going & switched to Republican But vote for the individual person; and i Always vote!

  2. Time is up! I’m almost thirty years old pro-life and pro-family relatively young woman and mother of six minors, six small children. I will never stay home on Election Day. I will go vote on this Election Day in November sixth too. I don’t vote pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Democrats and Republicans. I vote every election against these murders of the unborn children, sodomy, feminism, gender ideology and the Democratic Party. I’m going to vote and will vote only just pro-life and pro-family Republicans. The so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. The so-called Democratic Party wants ultra-left Neomarxist dictatorship in the USA! Politicians and supporters of the Democratic Party are Neomarxist extremists and the so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. Their pro-abortion and pro-sodomy agenda isn’t the agenda of the American people. This is agenda of the Democratic Communist Party U.S.A. and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration. President Donald Trump is doing wonderful job of trying to do his best to clean up the mess of last administration! Remember this, a vote for a Democratic Party is a vote for ultra-leftist pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Communism. Go Trump! Vote Trump! Vote pro-life and pro-family Republicans!! The Democratic Party and so-called Democrats want to control your life, tell you what you need to hear, what to do and tell you how to live. Unfortunately some people are just too stupid to know the truth and their ignorant gullable minds are of the sheep nature, being more than willing to be led to a slaughter by the filthy dirty ultra-left wing ultra-liberal Neomarxist dogs.

  3. I was a democrat, until Truman fired McArthur in Korea, for wanting to continue to finish North Korea. See what politicians do. USMC 50-54.

  4. Gee we have a page full of people who recognize the damage the dems have Done to themselves and along comes Steve with another pile of bs

  5. Democrats are turning too violent, and with their violence comes stupidity, I think they should be abolished, I used to be a Democrat, but back during the Kennedy administration i thought that they were leaning towards Communism and so I became a Republican and have never regretted it. But now I the the Democrats have crossed the line and have become full blown Communists and should be abolished.

  6. >>> ‘could be’ jellyfish Prevagen,
    of which BSdrjd Has Mentioned in
    ‘prev. posts. (Ahem)
    > Mind working 0vertime in ‘convoluted
    twist’.& Retired / collecting.
    > Definetely NOT USA PATRIOT.

  7. Of Course Norma. ie ‘paid’ etc. Some months ago,
    Soros Released 18$BILLION !!! That IS the Fund
    For All Paid in various orgs. Craigslist had
    applications for ‘Paid Street protesters’+ More.
    > The $$ Is Almost endless. NOT GOOD.
    #SAVEUSA. (which includes You/Fam/Friends.
    > E’0ne NEEDS to Seriously WAKE UP.

  8. ‘Plastic Shade’ jd is V. Good at ‘cherry picking’ info.
    . May have read Fords co-authered papers in ‘self-hypnosis’.

  9. I believe that the Dems will pay heavily in Nov. for their shameful and dishonest antics! They were stupid enough to pick on the wrong target…Justice Kavanaugh is NOTHING like they described him to be. I wish him well in his new role as Justice!

  10. The reason that lies backfire when truth is found, in this case that the appointee is fine and ready to be approved, is that the truth comes FIRST, the lie comes second. The truth was there all along and the LIARS now have to deal with the fact that everyone can now see what a ridiculous lot of liars they are! Well done, all who could see what was going on….any smear campaign will fail if it’s based on lies…the propaganda blos up in the face of the user once exposed.

  11. What the Democratic Party did during the confirmation process for now, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh was not just repulsive, it was disgraceful, and UNAMERICAN!
    Come November 6th, the American people will impose sentence on the Democratic candidates,and may it be a bitter lesson for the Democrats, as well as any elected lawmakers that choose to engage in such atrocious conduct in the future.

  12. Absolutely! I have NEVER seen my Republican friends and acquaintenances so fired up and interested in mid-term elections. They have usually had this ho-hum attitude towards them, but not right now. They are anxious to hand the corrupt hypocrites a big time defeat, after the confirmation debacle that we just witnessed on the part of the democrats.

  13. What the Democratic Party did during the confirmation process for now, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh was not just repulsive, it was disgraceful, and UNAMERICAN!
    Come November 6th, the American people will impose sentence on the Democratic candidates,and may it be a bitter lesson for the Democrats, as well as any elected lawmakers that choose to engage in such atrocious conduct in the future.

  14. John I to agree with you . And it would be so good that in November the American patriots put the dead Democratic Party to rest. Looking to read the obituary and come up with an epitath we need to bury them.judgement day is coming and they will be condemned. I will not vote for any thing or person having to do with the Democratic Party.

  15. Shooting themselves in the foot is more painful, then in head, cause the are so numb in the head they wouldn’t feel a thing.

  16. I believe the liberals just shot themselves in the head. The smear perpetrated against judge K will almost certainly be the death knoll of the democratic party. Not only could they not find a believable accuser, but they failed in every way to get confirmation of ANY of the charges against him.

  17. You are undoubtably a Democrat A——— to thank like you’d do we have never been in better shap then we have been in the last 20 year And it touch a man to have the guts to go up agenst the worst Democrat people in the Democrats in the last 50 years thay have went out of there way to indices everyone to riot and attack everyone who does not agree with the crazy and idiot thinking it’s no wander the Democrats are loosing more and more away from there party and not believing what the Democrats are spuing out about all thay say. Thay can’t be believed anymore. Thay are a bunch of false talk about every thing thay went the American people to hear. And this SOROS idiot who holds Citizens Ships From his own Country and the USA should be STRPED of his USA Citizen Ship and sent back to his Own Country and allhisMoney be Striped that he made in America and kept hear He is not a true American Citizen.

  18. Please let us remember which “party” removed Social Security from a “Trust Fund”….the DEMS……

  19. I believe the Dems paid these women big bucks to smear Kavanough. I believe the Clinton’s paid people to do their dirty work, too, when Bill was in office.


  21. That is really what needs to happen….put the Democrats out of business. Time for good people in their party to switch their votes and save this country, and save themselves and their families. The Democrats are EVIL and very destructive and are actively trying to take this whole country down. It is their way or else. Look at what they tried to do to a good an honest man! Get out and vote and do your part to help President Trump to save us from ourselves. He is doing a terrific job, but he needs our help and we need to stop the Evil party in its tacks if we want freedom for our children, grandchildren an beyond to have the freedoms we have had in our lives growing up. We can truly MAGA for ourselves and our children and beyond, but we must stand up now and say enough already, while we still can! It is embarrising to know that other countries see what is going on and they must wonder if we have ALL lost our minds. They are trying to come tot his country because of our freedoms and I am sure they think we have all lost our minds, along with the Dems. Get out and vote like your life depends on it…….because it does!!

  22. Hillary Clinton would take ALL the wealth for herself, and the Democratic Party would do little to stop her!

  23. Couldn’t concur more!
    The majority of the damage to the Democratic Party, has been inflicted by Hillary Clinton.

  24. It is unbelievable how D U M B the democrats have been. Not to see what they were doing to their base and to the rest of the country. I don’t want anyone in Washington planning anything to do with my childrens, grand-childrens future. These people are hateful, non-functioning calouse and evil. You know I think that I just described the DEVIL. You know that everyone worried about President Trump embarrasing this country, he might be rough around the edges but he would never have behaved as stated above.

    this will even hurt well meaning democrats in my state because the word democrat just leaves a terrible taste in your mouth.

  25. President Trump should tell people at the rallies that if they have received their Absentee Ballot; they should vote immediately once they go home. Trump should remind voters of how the country is on a roll with one success after another.. you don’t make big changes when you’re on a hot streak as Hillary and Democrats could have never brought the success as Trump.

  26. J.D. , listen to this. ????

    The Democrats care for the rights of transgendered to use women restrooms. What the f is that?! Seriously.

    I thought the feminists need to feel safe but yet they would welcome male perverts into their restrooms.

    College women screamed for protection on campus but you had to welcome male perverts into women restrooms!

    There are reports saying that these incidents happened to young girls.

    J.D., You are a JOKE! Get lost.

    Man-hating feminists SUCK!

  27. Not sure where you are getting your information, Steve, but it is bogus. I have worked with the GOP for years, even serving as County Vice Chair. And there has never been any discussion of what you are referring to. If anything it is the Democrats who will try to redistribute wealth by taking from retirees. Captain Jim Green, US Veteran, and Social Security Recipient

  28. The Democrats will pay dearly this coming election. For Conservatives who may not have been that committed to voting… they surely will now that they have seen how absolutely evil the Liberals are. The Dems shot themselves in the foot big-time with the Kavanaugh debacle!

  29. I guess none of you are drawing Social Security or on Medicare. The Republican Party is going to gut those two to give the lower class members A raise. So those of us who are retired will be become poorer and unable to suppprt our families. You cannot believe either party anymore they both lie.

  30. I believe you can may polling come out anyway the pollster wants. You are right, the critical factor is who did they poll? What was the total # polled. Where did this poll take place; San Francisco or Des Moines? What % identified them selves as conservative of Liberal; Republican or Democrats?

  31. Phil, I agree with you about the Dems going down big time. But that can only happen if “ALL” registered Republicans get to the polls and VOTE. And it would be even better if decent Democrats also vote for Republicans. It would almost put the Dems out of business.

  32. There’s an older 60 minutes interview that shows up when you research Soros. In that interview, he states he had no regrets for aiding the Nazi’s in rounding up his fellow Jewish people and said something like, if it hadn’t been me it would have been someone. He actually says a lot in that interview that shows his evil ways. Wish I could tell you more about the interviewer and the date but I found it while researching Soros.

  33. WOW! Thank you for revealing this about Soros. I’ve known for a long time that they have shady practices, especially with claims. A driver insured by them hit my Fathers BRAND NEW car & Progressive pompously told him his car would be fixed with USED parts. My Father, being the no nonsense guy he was, politely said “NO YOU WONT” and had his own company (State Farm) fix his car properly and then they simply sued Progressive. State Farm won and Progressive had to pay them back. I doubt they had the same pompous attitude when they wrote that check!

  34. Nor will I. I don’t like our current Republican running for the Senate but he is better than any Democrat.

  35. Believe me, he wants to. But there currently are too many impediments by the opposite side. Give him more time because we need more Republicans to pass his agendas. Let’s hope that the Republican base will get out and vote. God help us if the DEMONcrats get control of either or both houses.

  36. What a refreshing outlook! Your comments show your intelligence. I have never been a democrat and never could be. GOD be with you and lets hope that America wakes up to defeat those DEMONcrats.

  37. I agree also – 100%! He’s doing everything that I have hoped a President would do. He will need another term to accomplish ALL of this. GO TRUMP!

  38. My congratulations to Judge Kavanaugh and President Trump. The DemocRATS really stepped in it this time. They’re gonna go down big time!

  39. Rosemary, you are so right!! Dems are nothing but emotional children in adult clothing. They ALL need a huge “Time Out” for the next century!!

  40. I’m an independent and knew right from the beginning that she was lying and that it was a setup. I certainly know the Dem’s are Lying and all true Patriots need to stamd up for God and Country

  41. I agree with you Ernest! I can feel the RED WAVE coming and am tired of all of the negative BS coming from the left. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that what we’ve been seeing from the left for the last 2 years has been nothing but lies, deceit and resist. Please tell me if you can how these tactics qualify people to even occupy an office in our government. Donald Trump has accomplished more for our Country since Ronnie. Those in between were just going along to get along, made plenty of promises and never fulfilled hardly any. I encourage the left to move out of the way to avoid getting run over!

  42. Democrats act like bunch of babies. Look what the crowd did to Jesus. Mock Him for healing on Sabbath. His followers die for Him.In the end good always wins out. These people will answer to God and He will say I never knew you.

  43. Well I have independent friends and none believes Ford or the democrats party or that media fake poll

  44. The democrats have adopted the tactics of communists and fascists by repeating lies over and over again hoping people will accept them as truth!

  45. Please!!! I want to go back to the Obama’s administration of the economy, truthfulness and transparency. The Call from Bizarro World, eternal home of the Democrats.

  46. In my opinion, the worst thing we did was to elect Obama as our President, during his tenure America has gone down hill ever since, I am not racist, in fact I have a lot of friends that are black and have had black friends all the way back to 1956, when I was in the Air Force, but Obama surely is, our country has gone down hill ever since, until we elected Donald Trump as our President, and thank God that Trump has brought us out of the slump we were in. I realize thst in the past that some white people were racist, and some still are, but I don’t think the white people are as racist as the black people are now, and a lot of that I blame on Obama, and he has stirred up the black people, and set us back 50 years, and I hope that with Trump improving our economy and helping more black people to be able to get off of food stamps and welfare, that our relations with black people will improve, I liked it much better before Obama was ever President, I think our races got along a lot better then.

  47. Did everyone forget the 40+ million illegal wet backs that are and have been raping America for decades? Come on Trump stop celebrating, get off your dead ass and get some deportations happening!

  48. Hey Donnie it seems that you need to grab your ears and pull it out of your but!
    First of all there was no corroboration. The Liberals tried to pull this scam and it will prove to be their downfall. Their scam backfired. Get back with me at the end of Trumps 2 term when the American voters tell you the low life stupid liberals are dumber than we thought.

  49. I am a 65-year-old African-American woman. I was a registered Democrat until the age of 28. When I began to see their true colors, their anti-God agenda, I changed parties and have been a registered Republican ever since. So has my baby sister. The majority of my family are registered Democrats and still vote democrats into office. I, however, took a stand and don’t care whether family or friends like me love me or hate me. I will remain a conservative voter and registered Republican until the day that I die. Democrats have never done anything for me or any other African-American in this nation. I am proud to stand in support of president Donald J Trump and vice president Pence and every other conservative politician that respects and honors the will of the people and cares about us and the future of our nation.

  50. The orders come from a lot higher than George Soros, he is a puppet ,just like when he followed the orders of the nazis

  51. I totally agree that we will have a RED Tsunami coming in November especially for the way that the stupid democraps handled the Supreme court vote, that was shameful, and I really think they are going to pay for it come November.

  52. How could any body vote for this lying disgraceful party,that has to resort to try to smear a mans name and even attack his children,this party should hang its head in shame

  53. Absolutely, Audie – – – here is a good list – – Trump Jr., Jared, Manafort, Trump Sr., and perhaps Ivanka, along with the entire Trump Campaign staff.

  54. hey Rolie, aren’t you the country that got rid of most of the guns in the hands of citizens and found it reduced the murder rates? You don’t know America, the Democrats tend to live in urban areas, and the GOP tend to be old white males who live in rural areas. The rural areas are not financially doing well, especially after all the arbitrary Trump tariffs with China.


  56. Yes, I knew the Democrats were disgusting, but they really showed how low they had sunk, with this last debunkle.

  57. Well I don’t know about him turning in his own family, but I have read numerous times that he was of Jewish faith, and he sided with Hitler, and turned in a lot of his Jewish friends. How disgusting.

  58. You guys would be FOOLS to get rid of Soros, IF you could, because he provides you the EXCUSE you love to explain away all your problems. You poison your minds with this conspiracy BS your propagandists spout out, and worse, you believe it. As Atticus said: :”We drink the poison our minds four for us and wonder why we feel so sick.”

  59. Such BS, the Rasumussen poll is NOT being reported correctly and out of step with all other polls. Even in the article, it ACTS like Trump has 50% support but indicates that those who strongly disapprove of Trump are more than those that strongly approve. This article is cherry picking to skew it the conservative way. If you wish to look at the combination of national polls, check out Here is the latest on the effect of the sham of a hearing: A new a Quinnipiac poll showing changes to public opinion following the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh last Thursday. Of those who changed their positions following the hearing, none were more affected than independent voters—and they believed Ford.
    The last nationwide Quinnipiac showed Kavanaugh with a 45–39 support among independents. That has now flipped to a 49–39 opposition. That number closely mirrors the 46–38 result among independents who say they believed Dr. Ford compared to those who believed Kavanaugh. You guys make up stuff and then act like it is factual.

  60. Yes, maybe now we can have Conservitive control of the Supreme Court. And do away with these rotten laws that the Liberals have saddled us with. I know the Democrats tried their best to keep Kavenaugh off of the Supreme Court, but they tried in a despicable way, trying to ruin a mans life and possibly even his way to earn a living, and the way they hurt his wife and daughters with lies is awful, and I hope all of the Republicans make them pay for it on November 6th. I also hope a lot of Democrats see the light and switch over to the Republican party, I used to be a Democrat, but I saw back during the Presidentcy of John Kennedy that the Democrats were leaning towards communism, so I switched to the Republican Party and have never regretted it.

  61. I, too blame this on Soros, and he needs to be banned from the United States, and any other country that desires freedom, in fact he should be put in prison, where he should remain until his demise.

  62. Re the President’s poll ratings. I think that the nonstop and intense/frenzied anti-Trump message in the media is worth at least 15 points. To me, if his approval rating is 50%, it’s really at least 65%. I think that a lot of those that “disapprove” don’t tell the pollster the truth, because the message is “what kind of idiot supports Trump?” Also, I think a whole lot of people are turned off by the nonstop Trump hatred. And context and how the questions are asked is key.

  63. Yes even though I have had several people say to me that MY PRESIDENT TRUMP is the most hated President ever, life in this country, with all of its ills, has been so much better under his leadership and determination. I pray every day that God will continue to strengthen him, grant him wisdom and discernment, and surround him with people that will give him sound and godly counsel. Than you Lord for President Trump and Vice President Pence. The fact that they are in leadership proves your great love for this nation!

  64. They’ve tried the same smear tactics on President Trump and it didn’t work them either. Apparently they’re incapable of learning from mistakes

  65. I think we’ll see a red tsunami at the polls on November 6. Appalled and insulted are too soft of words to describe what we feel right now. I plan to wear red at the polls. See you there?

  66. I strongly agree! PRAYER FOR OUR NATION IS OUR ONLY HOPE. Then we must rally the troops, get out there and vote.

  67. PTL for what is finally happening, and PTL for PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump, who will undoubtedly go down in history as our GREATEST president ever!!! But, when will America wake up to the fact that it is not just the radical democrats that threaten our very way of life, but the inxidious influence, power and financial backing of George Soros that is to blame…??!!??


  69. They HAVE ALWAYS been disrespectful, filthy, and disgusting. What just transpired is nothing new. To a Dembocrat a lie is not a lie if it FURTHERS their agenda.

  70. GyLew Souder

    Do me a favor when you get a chance, take a real good look at the faces of: George SOROS, Diane FEINSTEIN and Nancy PELOSI – thdey are really SCARY looking – would make really great Masks for Holloween……

  71. Right on Gordon!!! Get the Republican vote out and get it out strong or we will have another Obama or worse Clinton to contend with.


  73. George Soros is a pig.. can you provide proof/links re. nazi sympathizer, turning in his family? I would love to show this to my libtard friends.

  74. Betty, you are exactly right. The democrats are so filthy and disgusting. Now I am hearing That the found another leaker from the DNC and it was known all along and Mueller was not investigating anything, but looking for a crime to hang on Trump.

  75. He would be do doing an even greater job if Denocrats and the 40 percent that strongly disapprove got out of his way. – maybe censor 4 times.p I have tried to respond to article

  76. PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE; Owned by George Soros. Is very hard for a repair shop to get paid and delays payment so long its not worth dealing with them. If you have their insurance you are paying for political unrest, illegal activist activity, and discord. George Soros is a WWII NAZI sympathizer who turned in his own family for personal gain. Is this the kind of person you want to do business with?

  77. I very much agree with all the comments l’ve read up to this point, and l must say l’m proud to be your fellow American! And Aussy Rolie Dingle, is a great example of why Australia is a Great American Allie! We Republicans, TRUE AMERICANS that we are, MUST convince our friends and acquaintances to vote this mid-term, and to make sure they vote Republican!!

  78. Those protesters have been trained and paid by a George Soros Political group. They are selected for their abilities to disrupt and have the biggest impact, to where to do their work, and do not fear for their lawless actions. The only way to reestablish law and order, and most likely common since, is to eliminate the source, the problem, namely George Soros who has violated his citizenship oath as a naturalized citizen and deport him from the USA. As a former NAZI sympathizer who turned his family in during WWII, I personally do not think he belongs in the USA, but should be deported.

  79. I hope and pray the Democrats will not take control of the House or Senate! Their actions were disrespectful and disgusting!

  80. This event took place because over the last 60+ years the Republican party had morfed into an arm of the demonRat party through a process called “crossing the aisle, getting along. That was never in the demonrat playbook unless the results were assured to be in their favor. Republicans essentially became an extension of the demonRATic party. Then Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring and suddenly change happened. No doubt the demonRATs hate this guy because he has exposed their devious actions and their agenda for America, and that has woke up an army of deplorable’s thanks to the arrogance of hillary clinton and the demonRats unwillingness to let go of their agenda of destruction of America and our Constitution. I am praying that the November elections will re-enforce America’s desire to recapture their commitment to government being the servant to the people instead of master of the people. This is a time for serious prayer by the people who love America.

  81. With the shameful actions of the leaders of democratic party which include the likes of Kamala Harris (D) Cal, Nancy Pelosi (D) Cal, Boxer (D) Cal, Maxine Waters (D) Cal, Diane Feinstein (D) Cal, Elizabeth Warren (D) Mas, Mazie Hireno (D) Hawaii, Clair McCaskill (D) MO, and of course Crazy Joe Biden (D), one has to wonder if they have either lost their marbles, common since, or are drinking bad water. Nobody can act as ruthless and or inconsistent as these people do and be seriously considered sane. the absolutely worthless, and at times lawless, direction of the vial and illegal actions by some of these women only shows the leadership of he Democrats has been corrupted, and more especially from the California Political women leadership. Their power hungary and often times illogical actions are utterly shameful from the baseless babble of the Hawaiian Democratic Senator Hireno, to the looney statements of Elizabth Warren. As a veteran who served this country, and gave my time and signed a blank check for the countries us of me, it shames me to think the rest of the world considers us all idiots for listening to these Democrats and even allowing them to stay in Congress. Then we get people on the outside such as Sharpton and Jackson who spread their vial and ever present hate. Where does it stop? The start must be to eliminate the vial infection, the people who have attacked our very Constitution and want to violate the very essence of our nation by voting them out of office, by enacting laws to stop the hate mongering by racists such as Sharpton and Jackson, to reestablish Constitutional law and order, and start controlling factions within the USA to conform as such. We need to hold those responsible for funding political unrest, riots, lawlessness, discretion, and if in violation of their naturalized citizenship, have it revoked and be deported. We need to have our government who works for us to be: For the People, Of the People, and By the People, so help us God.

  82. I do not know if everyone that has responded on this page had the poll question as to the approval rating for President Trump. I took the poll before reading further on, which showed that there is 77% that strongly approve of President Trump with 21 % that strongly disapprove and 2% that are not sure. I was surprised as I read further down to find the article was using a Rasumussen poll that shows 37% approval and 40% disapproval. No mention of the where the missing 23% stood on the subject. Now that I think about it this is always the Rasumussen poll results. I do not think I have seen even one where Trump is at the top. This is why I don’t do Rasumussen Polls.

  83. After trashing Kavanaugh and his family, and failing miserably at that, the Demorats are as good as dead at the ballot box.

    They demonstrated to the nation how partisan, far left and malignant they are. Scum like Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer and others have no place in the Congress!

    It gave me great pleasure to see the screaming protestors being forced out of the senate gallery. As a retired Army Colonel I have no mercy for those thugs.

  84. Watching and listening to much of the Kavanaugh debaucheries, I’m worried that this very same thing is happening to our young people, both men and women. Democrats can put a “spend on their wording” and make it sound believable. I pray that every true American(those registered) to vote, will Vote in November.

  85. As far I am concerned, it is a no brainer. If this past three weeks didn’t open the eyes of the “sleepers”, nothing will. Worst quote of all: Corey Booker…”doesn’t matter if he’s guilty or
    Innocent.” Also wants an investigation on how much beer he drank in High school and college. My God , who doesn’t drink in college! How many beers have you had Corey?

  86. “Feign-stein” Check your dictionary for the definition of “Feign”, that shows why I’ve chosen that nick name for Dianne Feinstein ! She is old enough to have known better than to try to pull a stunt like that, Smear campaign’s will no longer work for the New (or in her case, OLD) Far Left Dems, they’ve shown their true colors one time to many…..Again, if you haven’t already, Check your dictionary for the definition of “Feign”, & Just so you know for 50+ years I was a Democrat, No More….

  87. All that I can say is that Trump was born for such a time as this — I have great hope for our Democracy and for this great Nation — I love the fact that Trump is a man of true grit — it is what this Nation needs at this very hour — I am so very, very proud of this great American and a President who will go down in History as one of our greatest Presidents if not the greatest ever.

  88. Right on, Leonard. I, also, was a Dem at one time and only because it was necessary so that my husband could keep his job. The union came into his company and that’s the way it was. The company folded soon after it was taken over by the union. That’s when he retired and we became Republicans. It’s a shame that the Dems have become a “Political Mob”. Prov.17 – The Lord hates arrogance in the mouth of a fool and a lying tongue in the mouth of a ruler. That about covers it all. God Bless America and LET’S KEEP AMERICA GREAT.

  89. If the DEMORATS think our anger has stopped since Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed they are wrong.We intend to vote as many of th e m out as possible.Let’s start in Pa.Get rid of sleepy Bob Casey and Wolfe man.Two stiffs.

  90. I wasa Democratic for 45 years not anymore they’ve shown there true colors, they are not worth anyone’s time any longer

  91. This is the greatest thing since high top shoes, more and more people are jumping of the libtard band wagon. Go Trump, put these maggots in their place.

  92. They deserve EVERYTHING they are about to receive. Their true colors were unfurled and they certainly are not red, white and blue.
    Goodbye and good riddens. Go Trump. MAGA

  93. Rolie, we are glad to hear from other nations but ashamed at the Democrats display of stupidity. The Democratic party showed the worst of the US, and the best of the US. Thanks for watching and letting us know.

  94. The more insane, foaming at the mouth, and more violent the Dems got, made the Republicans a lot stronger. They did not see us coming. Bad career move Dems!

  95. Well said Steff. I have been an independent all of my 84 years. I will not vote for any Democrat ever again. Their treatment of one of the country’s finest jurists is loathsome beyond belief.

  96. It’s all about our cherished due process that should root out all the doubts. Cory Booker is black. He should be ashamed of himself for saying that it do not matter if Kavanaugh is innocent or guilty. Well, look at the history. Some blacks were lynched without due process. We can’t permit this to happen again.

    Shame on the Democrat Party. Sad that they forgot the importance of due process.

  97. Anyone who watched the trashing of Judge Kavanaugh with an open mind will never vote for a democrat again. Guilty because some nut job has a 35-36 year old alligation with absolutely no evidence to back it up is just not right.

  98. The reigning antique legislator of the Senate just got thru trashing Kavanaugh. Old DiFi herself just whined her way over, under, around and through her version of the truth. She lied about the supplemental FBI investigation claiming it did not cover the new “witnesses” that the second and third accusers stated backed up their accusations. These were the two women who told such outlandish and ridiculous stories that no one believed them at all. Some of their witnesses are already dead. How are those supposed to be interviewed? Schumer looks like the walking dead so maybe he could be the conduit. How are these Dems allowed to stand up there and tell one lie after another. There are citizens who actually believe them! Old Schumer complained that Kavanaugh did not say how he would rule on make believe cases. Judges are not allowed to go that! Schumer knows this. If Kavanaugh had given an opinion, the Drms would have screamed bloody murder. There is no way to satisfy the Dems. They don’t want to cooperate or to represent the citizens who sent them to DC. It’s disgusting.

  99. I am watching Cspan at this moment. I still do not know what will happen. In a 1/2 hour the voting should start minus Democratic surprises. I guess we will be watching a historic moment for our country. Will America be ruled by MOB rule? If Kav is confirmed there will be riots (I hope I am wrong). If Kav is not confirmed our disappointment should be directed at the voting booth. That is how a free people should react.

  100. The lies, obstruction, and corrupt maneuvering of the demonrats have awakened more than the Republicans, but they have also revealed themselves as the communist maffia. As a consequence of this, more and more of their previous party members are walking or running away. Thanks to the idiots Schumer, Feinstein, Pelosi, Booker, Harris, Blumenthal, Leahy, Durbin, Whitehouse, Klobuchar, Coons. and Hirono the Conservatives are growing in membership by leaps and bounds. They thought that We the People are too stupid to see through this terrible facade.

  101. I am an Aussie and have been following this with great interest. Before Trumpy was elected I was at a Rotary function in Australia where a comedian was performing. He berated Trumpy and asked if there was anyone in the audience who would vote for Trump. I was the only one to put my hand up and after a bit of “to and fro” my final statement to him was “I think you all will be surprised at the outcome of this election”. I was right – all the others were wrong.
    The Democrats in America are a spent force. I have never seen such bad behaviour and deceit by any political party that comes near the way that the Democrats have behaved.

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