Trump’s lawyers smacked Robert Mueller down with the one word he never expected to hear

Robert Mueller is used to his intimidation tactics working.

But not this time.

That’s because Trump’s lawyers smacked him down with the one word he never expected to hear.

When the President submitted his written answers to Mueller over the Thanksgiving holiday, everyone took it as a sign Mueller was wrapping up and the President’s part in this investigation was over.

Not so.

Mueller came back with a demand for an in-person interview where he could ask the President follow-up questions.

Trump’s lawyers wisely shot back “no.”

The Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump’s attorneys rejected a request from special counsel Robert Mueller in recent weeks for a sit-down interview with the Republican, according to CNN.

The request was made after Nov. 20, 2018, when Trump’s lawyers responded in writing to a list of questions from Mueller, who is investigating possible collusion with Russia as well as obstruction of justice.

Trump’s legal team and the special counsel have been at a standstill on the issue of an in-person interview for around five weeks, CNN reports.

“Mueller is not satisfied,” one source told the network.

Mueller only has one reason to want another interview with the President.

The special counsel wants to spring a perjury trap.

This interview request was not made in good faith.

And President Trump and his lawyers were right to reject it.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. There’s and old saying ” Who’s Checkin The Checker”? Just means that someone should be checking on The Guy Doing the Checking. Like Mueller!! He’s supposed to be doing and investigation, But instead, It’s turned into a Witch Hunt to Charge, Arrest and Convict President Trump! So Who’s is Checking on Mueller’s Actions?? He is spending a millions of Our tax dollars , just trying to Take Trump Down! Enough!! Someone should Be Putting a STOP to this! Mueller should be the one charged and Arrested!!

  2. I really wish President Trump would finally fire this guy Mueller.
    He has spent needless amount of taxpayers money on a witch Hunt.
    We the American people are just sick and tired of all this crap.

  3. If the new Att. Gen. opens the MUCH NEEDED case against KILLARY and her ACCOMPLICES the ‘investigation” goes away IMMEDIATELY!!!

  4. Mueller should be in a cell along with all those at the FBI in on the TREASONOUS act of trying to keep Trump from getting elected and then trying to remove a LEGALLY DULY ELECTED President on LIES cooked up by the other party.

  5. There should be a time limit on these investigations. Mueller has been at it with no results on Trump collusion for coming on two years. Money going down the toilet.

  6. President Donald Trump’s attorney general nominee, William Barr, told a Senate panel Tuesday he would not interfere with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Barr later added, “I don’t believe Mr. Mueller would be involved in a witch hunt.”

    Barr pledged to release “as much as I can” of Mueller’s findings to the public, to provide Mueller with the resources and time to finish the job, to not terminate Mueller without good cause and to notify Congress if he denied a major request during the investigation.

  7. Mueller is part of the Devil clan.He is part of the Clinton Crap and has been for a long time.You can tell what kind of a person he is because of his dedication to ruin our President.I think if his background is checked you will find just how bad of a person he is.He has abused his power and people of the United States of America.Other countries are surely envolved with his abuse.He has his fellow workers and friends snowed.-Mark my word –He’s rotten.

  8. Too bad somebody doesn’t “Smack” CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump right along his Sick Minded head like the Insane Idiot & The Two Faced Pile Of Walking, Talking Gutter Trash mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM has certainly repeatedly proven himself to be.

    • at least he is much much better than the rats that so called ran this country–they were the BIGGEST FRAUD and CROOKS ever–get over it he was ELECTED PRESIDENT

      • I think she suffers from Demorat syndrome or derangement Cortes style. Mueller has been running a pro-Clinton type of hearing and investigation from day one. I will say one thing, if Pres, Trump is ever removed from office for these fake charges and accusations, this is one vet who will never vote again. MAGA RVN 68-69

        • why is it that all the people working with Mueller are democrats. Where are there not some Republicans on this panel. Something fishy about this whole investigation.

    • Betty, President Trump is way better than an trash the dumbocraos could ever put in office. The last little twit, Barry went around the world apologizing for WE the people for things we never did. How about we cut off all money to all foreign countries that do absolutely nothing for us and spend it on our own homeless people, and drop welfare. you dumb shit.

      • There never should have been charity to the government of foreign nations provided for by the taxpayers of this nation, those who care more about the the alleged suffering of people from foreign nations should have beared the financial resonsibility.

    • Betty, please! do all rational, law abiding, and patriotic citizens a favor and this time when you take your routine dose of Psychedelic drugs decuple it, but please, please! spare us from your completely delusional and insane rantings, your opinions and you are totally irrelevant.

  9. The people who think Mueller is an honorable man should think again! He acts just like the Gestapo in Nazi Germany which I can see so clearly since I grew up during that time. My family has suffered greatly during the 1930/1940’s and we have paid the ultimate price. No one man should have this much unchecked power and the President’s lawyers are correct to avoid this deviant Gestapo imitator.

    • Trump’s AG nominee thinks Mueller is an honorable man, as did most people on both sides of the aisle when he was made special counsel. The right wingers do as they ALWAYS do and just sling dirt instead of letting the investigation finish its job. A clue, Helga, is that ALL special counsels/investigators have that much latitude, but also with the oversight of both the law and the attorney general. Ken Starr had that much latitude during SIX years of the Clinton Investigation.

      Are many of you just afraid that the EVIDENCE will show that Trump is compromised, and that his connections run much deeper than previously known – – and it affects his decisions currently – – like how Trump has continually worked to remove sanctions both on Russia and on Russia mobsters. Don Jr. bragged that a great deal of the Trump business was with Russia – – and not we have found evidence Don Jr. was right.

      • You have to admit the fact if there was any truth about Trump involvement with Russia regarding our election Mueller would have uncovered by now. The British guy that the FBI asked said his information could not be proven with a shadow of doubt. Hillary was more involved with Russia than Trump ever was that is why Trump told Putin to reveal her emails because Putin had them.

  10. Muller is clearly out of ammunition and is desperate to continue shielding the deep state operators. He knows once the investigation concludes the tables will turn and that scares the bejesus out of them. As it should.

    • Mueller is stalling until the election in 2020. He has nothing to reveal. Congress should shut this investigation down because it is not going anywhere and costing us million that we should be spending building our border wall.

  11. I think President Trump should sit down with Mueller.

    In the same conference room where he met the congressional leaders, with ALL MEDIA PRESENT.

    Have a Bible on the conference table, when Mueller enters the room, the first comment made is:

    “Mr. Mueller, we understand you have questions for the President, but first, he has some questions for you.
    You will need to be under Oath during these questions.
    Do you have a problem with that?”

    Listen to the excuses, and reply with; “We understand that you may not have the exact answers, but we know you to be an Honorable Man, and I feel certain that none of the questions will be difficult to answer Truthfully.”


    “Going back to your days with the FBI, I have questions concerning Whitey Bolger and your relationship with him and your justifications for puttin 4 men in prison for crimes they did not commit.
    Two of those men died in prison, but the other two were finally exonerated and won substantial awards from their lawsuits.

    Do you consider your actions to be within the bounds of your authorities at the time?”

    I’m pretty certain, with the news media live streaming to the internet the deep state will be in dire straits.

    • WHY . I CAN NOT RECOLLECT OR HAVE HEARD OF À PRESIDENT BEING ORDERED TO ANSWER QUESTION TO A KANGAROO PANEL OF DEMIGODS (democraps) except for clanton to cover up or trying do it by making a bald face lie to the population of the UNITED States of AMERICA. Opps oslumbo did it.

    • Not to mention Mueller’s involvement with Hillary’s sale of 20% of our uranium to Russia in return for millions and millions donated to the Clinton Foundation. As for Russian collusion, Mr. Mueller, what about Barack Obama caught on a hot mike telling the Russian diplomat in 2012 that after the election Obama will have more flexibility to deal with Putin. Why was that never investigated? As for President Trump being anti-American, who was the president who went overseas and degraded our country in front of the whole world? Mueller is unable to see the forest for the trees and thus he is incapable of conducting a legitimate investigation. His only aim to take our president down while he is making big bucks from the American taxpayer.

      • IF you believe in Truth and that it will set you free, you need to be aware than Uranium One conspiracy is false and has even been debunked on FOX NEWS: Shep Shepard of Fox Debunking Uranium One BS

    • I’ll chip in for that – BIG TIME!!! With what they wasted in time and money, they could have helped BUILD THE WALL or helped veterans.

  12. Still not sure why Trump picked Barr. Barr said he and Mueller had been friends for more than 30 years. Could be an establishment Republican that once worked for G H Bush.

  13. Trumps lawyers know he is guilty as hell and that their client has no credibility due to his propensity to not be truthful.


    • Oops! I forgot this propaganda site was inhabited by dumbasses with limited vocabularies so I will hep you out.


      an inclination or natural tendency to behave in a particular way.

      If you still do not understand, ask a fifth grader, I am sure they could help you to understand.


      BYE BYE


      • You cannot even use correct grammar and punctuation in your post name “You’ are so stupid”. It’s either “ You are” or “you’re”. You pegged yourself perfectly with your name. Too bad we’ll never be able to fix your kind of “stupid”.

      • Grey, be patient the evidence will be presented. Remember the time period with “I am not a crook” (Nixon) Trumps sly dealings will make Nixon look like a saint by comparison. Be patient & stay tuned.

      • try figuring out how come Hilary lost. That should take you into next year. She hasn’t even figured it out. There are Winners and their are Losers and Hilary lost. People need to realize that Trump isn’t your everyday Politician. He is a Business Man and he has tried to keep every promise he has made to the American Taxpayer and he doesn’t even take a Salary. So he makes mistakes, so he doesn’t pamper the Elite. So What, he isn’t perfect like you. Now we see there are at least 20 people on the Democrats side trying to win what is laughable.

      • and at the very same time, trump is doing an equally a Great Job Regarding 800.000 Federal Workers. Turning Them all into Unpaid Slaves,Driving Them right into the ground of Financial Hardship & Possible Homelessness.Wondering how they will able to feed their families & pay their bills,

        • You know that it isn’t Trump, that is causing the shut down, it is Congress persons Schumer and Palosi, that are doing that. All they have to do is give 5 billion dollars, to fund a wall, that is what the people want. It is that simple. Mueller is a criminal and should be hung, for his traitorous crimes to the USA. The people he has working with him, belong in jail at best.

          • Eugene! Trump took responsibility for the shutdown before it happened and he SAID he would not even blame the Democrats. He said it would be on his mantle. The Dems gave Trump what he budgeted, $1.6 Billion, and Congress almost unanimously approved it. THEN T-R-U-M-P changed his mind when right wingnuts gave him trouble on the air.

            Truman could take responsibility and said “the buck stops here!” But Trump is always blaming everyone else for problems, and claiming all the credit for what appears to be successes.

        • You are a complete a$$> The dumbocrats are the ones that don’t want to talk to the President. He was waiting for them to negotiate but they went to Hawaii and then Porto Rico paid for by the left wing lobbyist. MAGA,GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PRESIDENT TRUMP.

        • well blame the shut down on the Democrats as that is who is causing it because they will not work with the president to get anything done. As long as they say no I don’t care if it takes 2 years on the shut down it is making the democrats looking petty and more concerned with the illegals than us Citizens.

    • WHY . I CAN NOT RECOLLECT OR HAVE HEARD OF À PRESIDENT BEING ORDERED TO ANSWER QUESTION TO A KANGAROO PANEL OF DEMIGODS (democraps) except for clanton to cover up or trying do it by making a bald face lie to the population of the UNITED States of AMERICA. Opps oslumbo did it.

    • To our dismay, that will never happen. The Democrats have set it up so that any move to do that will totally make Trump vulnerable to impeachment or anything else. Nope, we are going to have to wait till his infamous report comes out. Probably after the 2020 election.

  14. they have been at this for two years now and it is time to move on. They have not found one iota of proof that he was in cahoots with the Russians. Stop spending our money and work and making America Great. Instead of listening to people who wish to make up stories to unseat an elected president. AMERICA YOU BEST WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TO LATE.

  15. Smart move by President Trump and his legal team. Mueller has nothing on the President, he was trying to get him to say something that would conflict with his written answers. The President has a country to take care of and not waste time on a possible perjury entrapment on Mueller’s part.

    • Extremely smart. As I said, I wouldn’t throw a life preserver out to Mueller if he was drowning – he is an evil man. EVIL.

  16. It would be nice if Mueller could be sued for malpractice. If not how about all who have been hurt by him file their own complaints with an ethics board.

  17. Unlimited power corrupts and Mueller is a prime example. When will the Congress or whomever has the power to stop this clown do so? This country is on a downhill pull to destruction if we do not stop this Congrssional B.S.

    • Robert, all those who voted for Trump have to make sure to vote for him again in 2020. If the Dems get in the presidency, any chance we have to save our country from people like Mueller, etc. will be gone. I hope people are listening.

      • No more special prosecutor. Our system of government is being undermined by the left. Remember to the rest of the world an American is just an American no matter what you call yourself.

      • The only people who consider ever voting again for CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump in any future elections is the Asshole Kissing republican Retards who supported in the first place that Oval Office republican Retard & Insane Idiot!

  18. I wouldn’t give Mueller a lifeboat if he was drowning in the ocean. He is a horrible man. Not just with Trump but with everyone he “thought” was involved with Trump, bankrupting them and threatening them and their families and taking them bankrupt due to attorney’s fees when they had nothing to do with anythng.

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