Trump’s lawyers smacked Robert Mueller down with the one word he never expected to hear

Robert Mueller is used to his intimidation tactics working.

But not this time.

That’s because Trump’s lawyers smacked him down with the one word he never expected to hear.

When the President submitted his written answers to Mueller over the Thanksgiving holiday, everyone took it as a sign Mueller was wrapping up and the President’s part in this investigation was over.

Not so.

Mueller came back with a demand for an in-person interview where he could ask the President follow-up questions.

Trump’s lawyers wisely shot back “no.”

The Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump’s attorneys rejected a request from special counsel Robert Mueller in recent weeks for a sit-down interview with the Republican, according to CNN.

The request was made after Nov. 20, 2018, when Trump’s lawyers responded in writing to a list of questions from Mueller, who is investigating possible collusion with Russia as well as obstruction of justice.

Trump’s legal team and the special counsel have been at a standstill on the issue of an in-person interview for around five weeks, CNN reports.

“Mueller is not satisfied,” one source told the network.

Mueller only has one reason to want another interview with the President.

The special counsel wants to spring a perjury trap.

This interview request was not made in good faith.

And President Trump and his lawyers were right to reject it.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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