Trump’s top doctor handed down one sobering warning about coronavirus

The American people approve of the job President Trump is doing managing the coronavirus because Trump gives a daily briefing on the administration response.

But Wednesday’s session took a dark turn.

And that’s because President Trump’s top doctor handed down one sobering warning about coronavirus.

During Wednesday’s press briefing Dr. Anthony Fauci warned Americans that the coronavirus would pop back up once this current outbreak subsided.

Dr. Fauci cautioned that coronavirus would act like a seasonal respiratory ailment.

“If in fact they have a substantial outbreak, it will be inevitable that we need to be prepared that we’ll get a cycle around the second time,” Dr. Fauci told the press and the American people.

That being said, Dr. Fauci did assure the public that the administration would succeed in putting down the current outbreak, but that it had to prepare for the coronavirus to rear its ugly head this fall when the flu season started up again.

“I know we will be successful in putting this down now, but we really need to be prepared for the next cycle,” Fauci said.

Talking about China, Fauci added, “They have very, very few cases, but what they’re starting to see, as they’re relaxing the constraints on travel, that they’re getting imported cases.”

Dr. Fauci did also note that in China the new cases of coronavirus are from travelers coming in to the country.

That fact – Dr. Fauci stated – is why the federal government would likely need to keep travel restrictions in place and lockdown the border.

“I think we’re going to have to remember we don’t want to import cases in,” Dr. Fauci concluded.

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  2. Fascinating you can always tell the democrats/progressives/commies posting as they dream up happenings and changing sentences and words to match what they want President Trump to actually have said. Notice even their examples when and if they even have any are twisted to say what they claim President Trump said. For instance President Trump was talking about the democrat/soros media when he said “hoax” not the virus. The problem with the virus as he explained during his report was we were not getting the right information from China and actually still aren’t but you don’t hear the democrat/soros media saying that, they’re saying President Trump said the virus was a “hoax” which he did not say when you listen to what he said during the whole speech. A communist technique well practiced by the democrat/soros media. The President talks to all leaders of countries because he has to and he tries to get what he wants from them by negotiating with them instead of swearing at them or calling them names to their faces like the democrats/soros people do. China is still tied up with the sanctions on them, President trump has not released them while still talking to the leaders. These communist leaders are not any democracy’s friend but why don’t the democrats/sors get that, oh, right the money they personally get from China while hugging them as in really physically hugging them.

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  8. I am so glad we have a leader such as our President and VP Pence leading us at this time. I was just thinking what a nightmare it might be if any of those running on the other side would be at the helm….I hate to even think. He has done a wonderful job and had sought the best advice from the top doctors on this…he has worked across the aisle hoping to be united in the task of holding the country together during this turbulent time. Everyone is just doing the best they can…we are all at risk! I pray every day for wisdom and guidance for them…tough jobs for all of them involved.

  9. The US, under the leadership of “Dear Leader” Trump, has been recognized by world leaders. They awarded the TRUMP SUPER HATCHERY prize to our LUCKY country.

  10. I agree Craig. Who is a bigger Globalist than The Orange One? Just last year Trump and Dictator Xi were together almost as much as Dictator Kim and Dictator Putin and Wannabe Dictator Trump! Hmmmm, makes one pause to think about this global pandemic, eh?

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