Tucker Carlson aired the one video that is the end of CNN

CNN spent weeks trying to cover up one massive scandal.

But now their lies are being exposed.

That’s because Tucker Carlson aired the one video that could spell the end of CNN.

CNN just so happened to have a camera man on the scene at just the right moment to capture the FBI raiding Roger Stone’s house to arrest the Trump associate after Robert Mueller indicted him on seven felony counts for process crimes unrelated to Russian collusion.

It was obvious to all that Mueller’s office or the FBI tipped off CNN.

CNN tried to claim their reporter knew to be at Stone’s house because of “solid reporting.”

But like everything else CNN reports, that was fake news.

The video showed their crew arriving and hour before the FBI and being allowed to remain on the street even though the FBI cleared the block.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Almost exactly one hour later, trucks with heavily-armed men arrived in front of Roger Stone’s house. Immediately CNN’s cameraman jumps out of the car, camera on shoulder and captures the footage,” he added. “The feds assemble on Stone’s driveway, they’re wearing ballistic armor and carrying assault weapons with 30-round magazines, red dot sites and tactical flashlights mounted to the barrel shroud. One has his gun hanging by the strap while he’s carrying battering ram in the left hand.”

All of the men have a side arm holstered on their waists. A second camera mounted on Stone’s front door shows another angle of the raid. A heavily armed FBI agent approaches the door with the gun drawn while others stake out positions behind. It looks like a high-stakes raid, but the cameraman is 40 feet away filming it all. One agent swings the firearm around as he scans and surveys Stone’s front porch. Behind the home a third camera captures agents approaching the back of the house from the side yard. Behind the property, a boat arrives with at least two agents on board.

“Within minutes, Stone exits his home to greet the agents who have the rifles pointed at him. Stone raises his hands, spins around apparently trying to show he is unarmed. Another FBI agent approaches Stone from behind and cuffs him,” he concluded. “It’s just after 6:00 in the morning. It’s still dark out. Twenty minutes later, the same camera shows agents leading Roger Stone back into his house. He is barefoot. Stone is wearing a T-shirt that says, ‘Roger Stone did nothing wrong.’”

CNN’s narrative was fiction.

The FBI wanted CNN on hand to film a paramilitary raid on Stone’s home to send a message to anyone that would stand up to Mueller that he would send an armed Gestapo with fingers on the trigger and a license to kill if you make one wrong move after you dared to fight back against his rigged witch hunt.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. If people can’t see pass these smoke and mirrors, then they are just refusing to see it, are they are complete idiots on the left. But we already know the secondary. And these idiots will be the death of our country!

    • ALL BLLSHIT ALL THE TIME IS the message of the DUMBOCRAP party and their MSM news cronies. and anyone who buys into it is a fool

  2. “Democracy is two wolves (democrats) and a lamb (republican) voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb (republican) contesting the vote.”

  3. Mona; it IS sad. You are seeing the results.of no child left behind, the dumbing down of America, political correctness and a lack of morals.and ethics being taught at home and in the schools. When people hold up foul mouthed, vulgar rapper/gangsters, disgusting displays like grabbing your crotch entertainers, or the imbecjlic “F” word ussd in everyday speech what would we think would happen when this became acceptable and these people became our ideals? Now we expect them to be able to read between the lines on news articles or TV journalism?

  4. The word “liberal” should no longer be used in the description of the democrap party. They are the REAL tyrants in our society. “Bolsheviks” would be a better description!

    • “Democracy is two wolves (democrats) and a lamb (republican) voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb (republican) contesting the vote.”

  5. I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and feel very let down when things like this happen. I hate to see this country run by Liberal’s and see the lawlessness that goes on, the illegal aliens doing as they please, people like Hillary not going to jail and nothing is done about it. I feel that if something isn’t done and soon this country will not be able to recover. Who would have ever thought we would be hearing anyone talking about killing babies as they were being born?

  6. Robert Mueller should not be allowed to use the FBI has his private SWAT team. To use a SWAT team like that on a non-violent arrest of 60+ year old man, was absolutely not necessary. They could have told his lawyer and he would have surrendered to the FBI at an agreed upon time. This was nothing but propaganda for the Liberal loons that are convinced that Robert Mueller is going to unearth something that doesn’t exist. Mueller tipped off CNN so they could film the “takedown” of the “dangerous” criminal who is only being charged with process crimes! This is what a police state looks like, and it is all Democrat, all day long!

    • Scary what our justice department and media have become. The only honest media we have is Fox. I hope the American citizens of this country wake up soon. Its unbelievable what has become of most of the media. They are brainwashing the people who cannot seem to decipher information correctly.

      I do not think the American citizens in this country realize who is controlling most of the media.

  7. Same thing here Arlyss. This article should be a wake up call for your 2nd amendment right. I honestly believe the F.B.I. was trying to murder this guy. All it wouuld have taken is “ANYONE” discharging a round and they would have opened up. Waco, sagebrush rebellion, the murder of the Nevada rancher earlier this year, and let us not forget Muehler’s part in Ruby Ridge. Why do you think the Dems are trying so hard to abridge your rights? They have created a powder keg and an unarmed citizenry cannot respond to these gross exhibitions and abuse of authority. This is only going to get worse now that the Dems think they are in control. Mark my words a d remember them well. If AANYTHING will cause an insurrection in the United State it will be because of foolish bureaucrats playing with the Constitution. “Trade not one of your liberties for a false sense of security”!

  8. I am hoping that CNN withers on the vine and just shuts down.
    I don’t like to use swearing, but no other language fits: “CNN are not just liars, they are f*****g liars.

    I hope they have to liquidate their assets, and DIE.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  9. FBI need to obey the constitutional laws.

    Or the FBI Gestapo agency can find themselves entirely surrounding by tens of millions of armed law abiding citizens that can demand the dismantlement of their agency.

    FBI, you must obey the constitutional laws. Or we kick your ass.

  10. This is a load….the fbi is a worthless pos arm of the nwo….time to drop the hammer on this crap. The two things I find hilarious are them saying they were there because of good investigative work and the idiots with the fbi in full tactical there to arrest a white collar.

  11. That because the piece of shit George soros bought 80% of CNN last year to influence viewers!! Bought in Netflix’s to in the Disney deal, but dumped stock in Goldman Sachs,Netflix a d few months ago! CNN totally full of shit since he got involved and should be shut off in your home, I did 2 years ago! Fake news!

    • I’ve been saying for years, “Soros “Owns” the Dems, Lame Stream Media, Unions, and more big companies in his portfolio than you will believe. He founded his “Open Borders Foundation” back in 1985, and has funneled about $40 Billion to it since. He “Broke the Bank of England back in the 1970’s, read about what happened then. That’s when the U.S. dollar became the “International Currency”. Check it out, all facts. That’s why we lost so many factories, the unions made it impossible to run a company profitably, so they went “Offshore”. Today Ford and Chrysler make “No cars in the USA”. Write Soros and tell him, “Thank You”!

  12. Why is it this dam site wont send half your comments! Ba kup and resend over and over and wont send!! This dam site being monitored by democraps! Influenced by democraps, if not print the dam comments!! Dont see the quack leftist comments blocked!!get your site together!

    • I deleted Facebook and Messenger because they silenced my Freedom of Speech. You couldn’t say anything about a Muslim They never silence the Muslims. They can call our President a MF and nothing happens.

  13. Yeah why arent they sitting across the street from Gitmo filming democraps going there for treason!! Why arent they following obama and his bitch secretary of state corrupt lying Hillary!! Why aren’t they sitting on texas border watching drug cartels and ISIS, coming across with illegal imigrates! Why arent they filming anything real!! Corrupt bastards!! Democrap deep state funded piss pour excuse for news!! Shut them down!

  14. The most egregious part of the affair was that there were 17 FBI vehicles at the site during the arrest. Stone had already indicated that he would be happy to surrender to any FBI office they would name. TOTAL ABUSE OF POWER.

    • IF people can’t see the lopsided actions Libs versus conserv they need help. Talk about Gestapo, the left have Hitler written all over them and THEY yell the loudest that it is the right. AMMO up people!

  15. It is so obvious that the leftists are undermining our culture and government! Any demoncrap that can’t see that is in for some real surprises. Look at how they have taken down some of their own to try to throw conservatives off their trail. Better watch out, libturds! You may get thrown under the bus just like the gov of VA and friends!!!!!!

  16. We can only hope that the slime Fake News CNN will go out of business, for it would help get rid of the loathsome slime of the lowest form so called News Media People. Most of them should be put on trial for Treason, found guilt and shot.

    • I used to watch them to laugh and make fun of them, but they are so sad now that i feel bad for them. Now i watch the broken bobble head Rachael for laughs.

  17. Last night I was watching a documentary about the Boston Bombers. The two brothers that placed the bombs at the Boston Marathon. They mentioned at one point that police – FBI et.al, were furious when a news network falsely claimed that the suspects had been captured and released other information the police did not want to disclose regarding the suspects appearance. They had not only NOT made any arrest at that time they did not want to let the suspects know what they knew already. Which station was it that caused ALL of these problems? CNN. They should have been taken off of the air a long time ago.

      • There was another person of interest in the Boston Marathon BOMBING- who Michelle Obama visited in the hospital. He was under a deportation order for his family ties to high-ranking al-Qaeda members.
        His status then changed to “witness”, and the cause for his deportation = missed his family and was voluntarily leaving the USA. Or US Senators wanted to have this person of interest/witness to be questioned about the bombing. But Usurper Obama, the subversive agent refused, and let him leave USA – w/o any consequences.
        Hopefully, both Obamas will be held accountable for these ACTS of TREASON.

    • Someone connected with that mule faced pos muller…time to bring him and a bunch of the left wing zealots that are pushing an investigation that hasn’t brought one word of truth to the “collusion” bullshi—

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