Tucker Carlson asked one question that left his viewers speechless

Tucker Carlson was one of the earliest members of the media to sound the alarm about the coronavirus.

But now Carlson is raising his biggest red flag yet.

And that’s when Tucker Carlson asked one question that left his viewers speechless.

The economic toll of the government imposed lockdowns is staggering.

In the last two weeks, at least 10 million Americans joined the unemployment lines.

The loss of life from suicides, drug overdoses, depression, and alcoholism could be greater than that of the coronavirus.

Tucker Carlson used a recent monologue to question if the data shows these lockdowns are even working.

Carlson noted the Italian village of Lombardy – which was the hardest hit in the nation and also lived through one of the strictest lockdowns in the world – saw studies which showed that out of 60 people who gave blood for it, 40 of them were found to have the virus.

“Keep in mind that Lombardy has been strictly locked down by government order since March 9, that’s almost a month ago,” Carlson stated. “Yet about 70 percent of this group got it anyway.”

Carlson pointed out we are learning more about how easily the virus transmits and we still have no idea about when the virus got here and how many people really had it.

The popular Fox News host said the nation was crushing the economy based on faulty or incomplete data and that it was time to re-evaluate the mass population based mitigation strategy.

“Once again, coronavirus is not the only bad thing that’s happening in America right now, horrifying as it is” Carlson stated. “We should never minimize the danger of this pandemic, or minimize our obligation to respond to it wisely. We’ve been saying that on this show for months.”

“No thoughtful person wants to reopen baseball stadiums tomorrow or book a cruise to Shanghai, but there has to be a more balanced course than the one we are on now. For most people, going to work cannot be more dangerous than buying produce at Safeway twice a week. And if it is more dangerous, tell us how it’s more dangerous, and be specific when you describe that,” Carlson added. “Otherwise, it’s time to start caring about the entire population. Healthy people are suffering badly too.”

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  1. COVID-19 is not your garden variety flu; it is lethal, which is the reason for lockdown mandates in all affected nations. COVID-19 is unknown as to its incubation, transmission, vaccine, and, cure. Communist China secretly hid the deadly infectious contagion, for two months, thereby exposing countless throughout the world, with the free exchange of visitors, goods, staples, pharmaceuticals, textiles. The subterfuge has exponentially compounded with global deadly devastation. Lives first, for families. The economy will be restored, but, people are not disposable. Communist China should be justly penalized with reparations and restitution to every country for manslaughter and economic abuse.

    writings..look at his 1st letter of his (3) names..JRL!! If you ignore EVERYTHING HE WRITEs ..he will shut up!! HIS INITIALS TELLS YOU WHO THIS ENITY IS!! It’s not JULIO RICHARD LAREDO!! No such animal exists!..but it sure gets you going, eh!! Put your energy in asking our President to FIRE Dr.Fauci and Dr. Brix, certified members of the DEEP STATE bunch..check out both of these traitors backgrounds all the way back to 1984!! Also check out Eric Arthur Blair, (George Orwell), and his “1984” book, written in 1949!!! First book I ever read, I’m 80 yrs old…don’t forget..get rid of Fauci and Brix!! BOTH OF THEM ARE BIG DEMOCRATS..far left which proves they both are sick humans!!

  3. This is so true I’m fortunate that I work for a company that is a trucking company and we Haul Goods to the American people the stores that is and we continue to work but I see people that are not working that really need to be as he said I can’t be worth going to a grocery store or Supermarket or or Walmart to buy clothing Goods or whatever a TV or whatever cannot be any worse than going to work people need to keep in mind to watch what you do I’m put your people back to work

  4. Consider this- China developed this virus in one of their labs. Letting it loose nearby to one of them, gives them plausible deniability. If any country suggests the obvious, they will deny it, stating ‘why would they infect their own country’, forget the millions of Chinese Mau killed. The timing of this event could not have been better, for them. I BELIEVE this is all about the desire to bring down one man, our President. Donald Trump is the biggest threat to the status quo of CHINA, [and us] that the world has ever seen. His instincts are sharp, and incredible, as he has been correct on almost all of them. China wants the deal they had with Obama, not the one they have now, and they risked it all in an attempt to bring Trump down, and return to ‘the good old days’.

  5. Trump 2020!🇺🇸 Democrats are trying to steal next election!All Democrats need voted out!Wonder what Paul Ryan was paid to give Republicans House over to Nancy Communist Pelosi,Schiff,Mini Mike? Bill Gates & his Monster followers want to CHIP there VACCINES SO we can be tracked 5G is also involved.Bill Gates & Who & Dr.Frusci & Deborah Brix are involved in this Take over.Brix Daughter works for Gates.Pray this sickos are put down.Use the Maylaria Drug been around 60 yrs.NY has at least 80 wet markers Cuomo Gov is a grifter wake up

  6. Everyone the local health dept can reach need to be tested otherwise there is no real data. In addition test for resistance within the blood.

  7. I am amazed that the nation does not hear more from Dr. Michael Savage. A friend of President TRUMP, Dr. Savage warned us all way back in January that this virus was s-e-r-i-o-u-s! Savage was obviously right, while certain media outlets called it a version of the flu.

  8. Tucker is not the President and doesn’t have to answer to the people. Trump will be to blame for shutting things down and the virus turns out not as bad as expected. Trump will get blamed if opens everything back up and the virus is worse than expected. Damned if you do damned if you don’t.

  9. BJ that idiot Julio doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s just a pathetic loser. And someone made the comment about the people on the task force not being republicans. Who cares? We have a national emergency and Trump doesn’t have time to explore people’s political persuasions. And I don’t see any political hacking going on in the task force team.

  10. julio, NO it did not!!!! But you just keep coming here and making a fool of yourself. It is obvious that you do not have a brain to check it out. The answer is not going to change no matter how many times you ask. You have no concept of the truth

  11. julio richard Laredo,
    On March 14, 2020, John Bolton described the changes made to the team as streamlining. He tweeted: “Claims that streamlining NSC structures impaired our nation’s bio defense are false. Global health remained a top NSC priority, and its expert team was critical to effectively handling the 2018-19 Africa Ebola crisis. The angry Left just can’t stop attacking, even in a crisis.”
    The Trump administration disbanded the “pandemic response” team, but most of the team members were reassigned to roles that included pandemic response.

  12. This insanity will go on for as long as Trump takes advice from Fauci and Birx. They are shills for the pharma companies and want nothing more that to convince everyone that a “vaccine” is the answer. Why have they not given any advice on how people can strengthen their immune systems? Fauci and Birx are taking advantage of this “virus” to push the same agenda they have pushed their entire careers. I don’t understand why Trump is following their advice which has proven to be wrong many times. They update their “model” when it becomes unbelievable time and time again. They are not practicing science they are practicing propaganda. Even if they are using science it is science from the 1950’s. They are very close to people who are pushing vaccines continuously…the Clintons, Gates, Zuckerberg and others. Trump needs to take his advice from people like Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai a man with four phd’s from MIT one of which is in immunology. I hope that Trump is “keeping his friends close and his enemies closer”. Look up and read about the careers of Fauci and Birx. You will be shocked that these people have jobs much less jobs of powerful influence.The “virus” is real. The response is the scamming of our citizens so some people can profit.

  13. i did read that book while i was staying in.the name of it was “romeo and julio”it was about a gay couple living with aids in nyc!romeo contacted the virus and julio said ” well you’re going to die anyways so which do you prefer”?i’m not finished yet but when i do i’ll update you on how it ends!

  14. I think the virus has been in this country since late last year, and I heard a doctor say that shutting down the economy will just prolong this pandemic. The doctor said that there’s something called herd immunity where you want more people to be exposed to build up an immunity or else this virus will just keep coming back. He used other virus outbreaks as an example to make his case.

  15. Julio lay in your bed and keep scratching your ass and licking your fingers. Justice for Trump might join you.

  16. Limon condemns Trump for being a cheerleader says we need facts not hope. CNN is tunnel vision FEARLEADERS

  17. I like watching Tucker Carlson because he tells it like is no mixing of words. You know what he says will be the truth and you can take that to the bank. But there are am sure a lot of people who will disagree because they have been brainwashed by the democrats and can’t think for themselves. they would rather let someone else think for them. If people would use common sense and think about things they might be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel

  18. Well stated Tucker. I have been singing this song for some time now. We need to think outside of the box and figure out how to get people back to work.

  19. Tucker questioning if the lock downs are working is stupid. If not for that the death tolls would be much greater. This too will pass. People should try to keep their will to live.

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