Tucker Carlson blew the whistle on this ugly coronavirus conspiracy theory

Americans feel that something strange is going on.

They have no idea how right they are.

And that’s because Tucker Carlson blew the whistle on this ugly coronavirus conspiracy theory.

The coronavirus pandemic hit America in March.

Nearly nine months later, Americans are still in lockdown with Democrat Governors imposing new restrictions.

Tucker Carlson tore into Democrat elites over the coronavirus lockdowns.

Carlson played a series of clips from prominent Democrats promising to use the coronavirus lockdowns – not as public health measures – but as a chance to “reset” society.

“We should not be intimidated when people say, oh, you can’t use this COVID crisis in order to peddle a solution to climate change. No, we have to recognize the necessity of this moment,” Washington Governor Jay Inslee stated.

“If there is any silver lining in the midst of this terrible, terrible and unprecedented moment in American history in terms of the economy, in terms of the pandemic, it is that maybe we start rethinking some fundamental tenets about the way our government and society works,” Bernie Sanders exclaimed.

“This would be a terrible crisis to waste as the old saying goes,” Hillary Clinton declared.

Many on the Left are becoming bolder about proclaiming how the coronavirus pandemic has set the stage for a “great reset.”

The idea of a “great reset” was first floated by the World Economic Forum as a way to do away with capitalism and reimagine the world economy.

John Kerry even went so far as to say that if Joe Biden becomes President he will “reset” America’s posture toward so-called “climate change.”

This is no longer a closely held secret or a conspiracy theory.

If the Left gets power next year by winning the Presidency and capturing the Senate by winning the two Georgia runoffs, they will impose a “great reset” to use the coronavirus to impose socialism on America.

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