Tucker Carlson blew the whistle on who is funding the George Floyd riots

Americans are watching their nation’s largest cities burn and are asking one big question.

Who is paying for these coordinated terrorist attacks?

They have their answer because Tucker Carlson blew the whistle on who is funding the George Floyd riots.

During his Thursday night broadcast, Tucker Carlson dove into who is funding the race riots terrorizing cities all over America.

Carlson explained that it was America’s largest corporations that pumped money into the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Daily Caller reported, “The Fox News host then listed several examples, including CISCO’s $5 million to the Blacks Lives Matter Foundation, Airbnb and Dropbox’s $500,000 to the same group, Intel’s $1 million pledged ‘to assorted antiracism groups,’ and others.”

Carlson went on to explain that these massive corporate donations funded groups that support defunding all police and abolishing all prisons.

“So the question is, now that it’s getting all this corporate money, what exactly does the Black Lives Matter Foundation believe?” Carlson continued. “Less than a week ago, the group launched a petition to defund all police departments nationwide. The group’s cofounder, Patrisse Cullors, says we should abolish all prisons. So, does Intel want 1.7 million felons released onto America’s streets? Do they want all 700,000 cops fired tomorrow? It’s not clear what they want. But they are paying for that.”

But according to Carlson, the support for Black Lives Matter and their violent demonstrations is not really ideological.

Rioters destroying small businesses eliminates the competition.

“So with all this money flowing out of this country’s most profitable corporations, it might be a nice gesture for these corporations to donate some money to rebuild some of the small businesses that have been destroyed over the past week,” Carlson continued. “There are a lot of them. They desperately need the help.”

“Because for a lot of big corporations, the total annihilation of small businesses is one of the best parts of this new revolution,” Carlson concluded. “There’s always an angle. Someone’s always getting more powerful.”

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