Tucker Carlson broke the this news about how Democrats used dead people voting to win

Donald Trump is contesting the results of the 2020 election on the grounds of widespread voter fraud.

The Fake News Media is saying there is no evidence to back up the President’s claims.

But now Tucker Carlson broke the news about how Democrats used dead people voting to win.

There is such a thing as voter fraud.

The Fake News Media claims it does not exist.

However, voter fraud does exist.

The question that authorities must answer is whether there was enough fraud to affect the outcome of the election.

On his Wednesday night broadcast, Tucker Carlson detailed two examples in Georgia of dead people voting in the 2020 election.

Carlson stated:

In some ways, it’s an inspiring story, the triumph of voting over death. And no one quite embodies that story like James Blalock of Covington, Ga. Mr. Blalock was a mailman for 33 years until he passed away in 2006. Fourteen years later, according to state records, he was still mailing things. James Blalock cast a ballot in last week’s election. How did he do that? Maybe he was just one of those extraordinary mail carriers; neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night nor even death itself could keep him from the mail. In his case, maybe voting from the grave wasn’t really fraud, it was just commitment.

Then there’s Linda Kesler of Nicholson, Ga. Linda Kesler died in 2003. Seventeen years later, she was still voting in presidential elections. Edward Skwiot, of Trenton, Ga., spent his life working construction and teaching school. In his spare time, he loved bluegrass music. According to those who knew him, he played multiple instruments and enjoyed jam sessions. When he died five years ago at the age of 82, it seemed like he was gone from this world for good. But no, last week he voted for president and he wasn’t the only one.

Tucker Carlson explained that Democrats helped make that happen by pushing for universal mail-in voting.

Carlson recounted how in Nevada, a woman named Rosemarie Hartlet received a ballot in the mail and someone cast that ballot despite the fact that Hartlet died in 2017.

Coincidentally Joe Biden won Nevada by about 40,000 votes.

It’s important for Americans to know their elections are on the level.

Democrats pushing for risky forms of voting and the media claiming there is no fraud when there clearly is some level of voter fraud leads many to distrust the system.