Tucker Carlson called out Barack Obama for one crime that will make your jaw drop

Tucker Carlson caught Barack Obama red-handed.

The former President has a lot to answer for.

That’s because Tucker Carlson called out Barack Obama for one crime that will make your jaw drop.

Governors and Mayors across the country are imposing economy killing lockdown orders.

As the country begins to reopen, Democrats and the Fake News Media are demanding the lockdowns continue because these orders allow them to control the lives of Americans.

At the same time prominent Democrats are not obeying these orders they claim are necessary to save lives.

During a recent broadcast, Tucker Carlson highlighted a photo from POLITICO of Barack Obama playing golf in Virginia and violating Washington, D.C.’s lockdown order.

In his monologue, Carlson called out Obama for hypocrisy especially after his wife Michelle recorded a robocall telling Washington, D.C. residents to stay home.

Carlson stated:

On Saturday, former President Barack Obama went golfing at the Robert Trent Jones country club in suburban Virginia. He’s a member there. Obama was driven to the course about 40 miles from his house in the District of Columbia by a government chauffeur. Here’s a picture of it, from Politico:

Obama is clearly enjoying himself. Why wouldn’t he be? It’s beautiful out on the links, and airy. You’ll notice there aren’t many people around. That’s because both Virginia and Washington, DC are still under quarantine. Everyone else is locked at home, as they have been for more than a month. Not former President Obama. For him, golfing at Robert Trent Jones was an essential activity.

The lockdowns are killing the American economy.

30 million Americans lost their jobs as governments-mandated lockdowns forced businesses to close.

In states across the country, governors are ordering police to arrest mothers in the park and people on the beach.

But Barack Obama flagrantly violates quarantine with no consequence.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Tina you are right. Obummer is the absolute worst president ever. A better choice would have been LtC Allen West bot the character assassins working for Obummer made Herr Doktor Paul Josef Goebbels look like an honest man by comparison.

  2. What kind of criminal record for drug trafficking is Barry Soetoro hiding in his sealed records and are there any outstanding warrants on him?

  3. Obama was the most corrupt President in our history. Now he is just flaunting his corruption. I can only pray that the Justice Department goes after him. He can golf in Guantanamo.


  5. victor shabanah: you sum it all up. Obama and his friends in Washington are the most heinous criminals in our history. It hasn’t come out yet.


  7. I am more concerned about the hundreds of millions of dollars he returned to Iran. Never give an enemy money!

  8. We should never use affirmative action to select a president ever again.
    People should be chosen for their merits, not their skin color.

  9. If these BASTARDS can break you they can control you. If they are so scared of getting the virus to go vote why are the Wal-Mart parking lot’s so full you can’t find a place. I may be wrong but I don’t beleive all these people are Republicon’s. Wal-Marts isn”t the only place. I broke the rules and come out of my basement on 5/3/20 and looked around and thir is what I found. If they can get out like this I believe the dimmercate leaders are telling A DAMN lie….

  10. Rudolph McNeill I hate to stoop to the level of most of the ignorant posts on this site. But when I find a supposed human that is dumber than a worm I have to say something. Rudolph McNeill you really should consider donating your brain to science.

  11. MmmmHM. The right more than likely pulled this from another time period just to use against former President Obama. Chump and his minions have been caught in lie after lie after lie since he took office. As for President Obama not being fit to be President is a joke. Chump isn’t fit to clean toilets let alone run this country. Although he is doing a bang up job running us into the ground.

  12. Seems to Obama has a lot to answer for. However I see him protected while the rest of American citizens are not protected. FBI totally corrupted. May as well be the gadtopa
    P ran by aObama a previous president.

  13. fuhrer Obama was never eligible to be president but anti-America criminal democommiecrats put him on the ballot anyway and clueless useful idiots voted for him, including illegal aliens and lots of dead people.

  14. Our great President is our greatest hope. May God Bless President Trump – all that he has accomplished – and will accomplish! There has never been a more competent leader in this great capitalist country than President Trump! Let’s get rid of all of the evil Democratic “leaders” in November. Vote again for the best President of all – Donald Trump!

  15. There is a shooting war coming between the conservative Americans and the commie liberals like Obama, piglosi, schitt, shum-shum etal. When Americans wake up to the antics of democratic governors who are stealing their constitutional rights and they see the demoncrat politicians in DC becoming millionaires while they starve, all hell is going to break out. So, be prepared to defend yourself and your families and your rights. GBA

  16. Might want to ask how much money the Dems have made off of the global warming hoax. And ask why Obama suddenly has millions of dollars, when he had nothing before becoming president.

  17. Hypocrisy of Obama, Biden, Clintons, Pelosi, Schiff, Omar are outrageously inappropriate. Do what I say, not as I do. Actions speak louder than words. All Communist Chinese puppets.

  18. Typical hypocrites. But, not surprising. When have Democrats ever obeyed the law? Laws are for the little people. Democrats are above the law or the rules.

  19. “Essential”.
    ‘Essential’ is defined by those that have power or by those who have ‘influence’ say it is. The most ‘basic’ thing that is essential is our liberty and freedom. The next, is the U.S. Constitution as it sets the limits on what an over reaching government can do…but it only works if ‘we the people’ stand up and make sure it works. This can be done using the ballot box or, if absolutely necessary, by reaching for the ammo box. The former is the best, but the latter should not be forgotten.

  20. Why is anyone surprised? Like his Administrations agenda, to flaunt and cause division. And your letting them…

  21. As all Democrats and Progressive Republicans (Ryan, Flake, Romney) fall on their knees in front of criminal Obama whimpering ‘Yes Emperor. Yes Emperor. We will do what ever you wish., Conservatives look on then look at each other then say ‘Let’s get a six pack and soda and take the kids fishing.’.

  22. Ah, yes, POTUS Barry. The man with a crease in his pants that made David Brooks swoon and Chrissy Matthews get that now infamous ‘tingle up my leg’. BHO and Moochie are making Clinton, Inc look like pikers. They also give the word grifters a new twist. In the mean time, life in the ‘hood’ continues to deteriorate.

  23. Democrats want to completely subjugate us to themselves and make us their slaves. Quarantine is for us, not for them. They rob us of the right to our work, to freedom of movement, to where to eat, to what we dress, to what we should say; hypocritically hiding behind the care of our health. I will never again vote for the Democrats, because my freedom is dear to me.

  24. That is just it Dan. There should never have been a darky as president in the first place!! Our country went to hell because of it. First, just his name tells you he is a POS. And he is a traitor. Never cared for America. So all the way around he was the biggest mistake ever. Black POS.

  25. Really, this did NOT make my jaw drop. Did it yours? This is what we expect from those who are above the law.

  26. The lockdown is a glimpse of our Obammunist future under the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mexico. We will live in government-provided housing, where we will wait for government checks and food and be confined by a permanent lockdown due to the global warming hoax. Our movements will be watched with drones, and we had better have our papers with us if we venture out. Our speech and thought will be surveilled with internet monitoring and government interception of our phone calls. We will, however, get to watch our leaders like The Mongrel go by in limousines en route to the golf course. If we do not put a stop to this with demonstrations and resistance now, and with votes in November, it will take a national revolution or state secession and partition of the country into a free country and a peoples republic.

  27. Barry and his husband , the former Michael Robinson have always yearned for a day when ” crackers ” will be placed at the bottom of the economy where rightfully we belong.

    A D.C. golf course is a fine place to breathe in the fresh clean air necessary to scheme against ” whitey ” with emphasis on defeating whitey’s rebellious uppitty nature thru allowing an overpopulation of ILLEGAL ALIENS and the continued devastation of ALL legal citizens thru the support of the Afghan people growing the U.S. protected poppy fields which are used for the abundance if HEROIN being unleashed into an ever growing market. The Bush & Clinton families benefitted greatly from the INSANE wars – ” conflicts ” based around illegal drug sales from foreign nations too , but Barry and crew were conveniently never questioned by the media which LOVES questioning President Trump about everything they believe is wrong here in the U.S.A. and for that matter WORLDWIDE. Barry and crew must always get a pass because they follow Globalist ruling and know the inner workings of the shuck and jive mentality.

    Please realize that Barry is allowed to do as he wishes and you must simply STFU. O.K. ?

  28. Why do we have to pay for Obama’s illegal day playing golf, and his government chauffer?
    Frankly, his law about former presidents being with secret service forever, should be cancelled. His policy is “gimme; gimme; gimme!” And the hell with the Americans who continue to pay for his follies! Why are you not printing this?

  29. Obama is a big black POS. He is a f____n traitor. He hates America. He is what I can’t say here. But his bread is buttered on the other side. And michael his partner. Even bigger abombination. Obama has been corrupt from day one. He will pay the ultimate price in hell. He is disgusting!!!!

  30. Satanism is rampant among Democrats–so evil, so corrupt, so self-centered. They hate President Trump because he is in the way of their anti-America New World Order agenda. Their main objectives are the takeover of America by Communism, and the slaughter of millions of innocent, helpless, preborn babies. I hope they will soon be hung as traitors should be.

  31. OSAMA OBAMA, SUCKS!!!!! Needs to be tried for TREASON!!! BUt that would start a race war per Pelosi, DEMOCRATS ARE ABOVE THE LAW!!! You idiots need more proof???

  32. Obama out having good time because Obama knows the whole lockdown gig is to make sure the economy goes south so Trump does not get the second term, well I got news for you Obama and KLANNN, I am voting for Trump AGAIN plus millions of other people that know Trump doing a great job compare what Obama would have done

  33. Donald J Trump greatest president ever. Wake up every body. Don’t vote Democrats. They want to distory America. GPE.

  34. Obama, J.B. Pritzker’s and his sister Penny who worked on Obama’s cabinet are a prime example of Illinois corrupt patterns at the highest levels of the establishment. Pritzker’s wife leaves town during his quarantine and gets pissed off because a reporter ask him why. Always double standards with these pricks. All the Pritzker’s got rich off the Hyatt hotel chain, but you have to look close at some of their other activities and how they helped the Shoe Shine King of Chicago become the worst person to every hit the Oval Office. At least Al Capone had some morals about people he killed and they were gangsters, these scum bags kill their own people slowly…

  35. If you believe in FREEDOM AND LIBERTY AND PURSUED OF HAPPY IN LIFE. Then you wouldn’t vote DEMOCRAT! Real PATROIT AMERICANS CITIZEN will stand up against any Congress either Democrat or Republican. To keep our country free and our CONSTITUTION LAWS WORKING FOR AMERICA! IF YOU want to be control by wealthy people who want POWER AND MONEY FOR THEIR OWN LIFESTYLE. THEN VOTE FOR THE PARTY THAT PUSHING IT! You will regret it later!

  36. ELL will break outClimate change is a hoax but the terrorist obummer isn’t and his boss soreass isn’t either. Go after them plz! Vote the demturds out and we will get rid of all our problems. We have the power and we can do it! If a demturd wins I predict ppl will not take it and all he’ll will break out. Ppl are not stupid and we know who is behind the slow taking over of America. All the demturds belong in jail

  37. Barak is the number one criminal in the US,all he wanted to make as hard as possible for small business, the back bone of the economy. All people he recommended for chief of all federal departments such as FBI,CIA,National security,Attorny general, etc.. are all CRIMINALS as Come or Brennan.Then left us with additional debt of 10 trillion dollars which we have nothing to show for it. Actually there are a lot more crimes.

  38. Everyone needs to ignore julio he’s a troll and ignorant illegal. If we do not respond to this moron maybe he will leave.

  39. Just goes to show that we the little people have no say while the swamp of Washington Democratic Party continue to do as they please. Stand up America for fight for your Constitution and Americans. Be sure to vote in the State elections so we do not end up with the Democrats running Congress. These people have committed every crime in the book and still the Justice Department and the Supreme Court do nothing. It is sad when you realize that the highest court in the land can’t or won’t give the American people justice.

  40. Obama is financially tied to the Wuhan Labs and is out golfing – not a worry in the world – why? If this is so damned dangerous. deBlasio in NYC has asked NYC residents to report on their neighbors for making un-necessary outdoor trips – leaving their homes. He busted the funeral for a prominent Jewish Rabbi – yet he was filmed going all the way across town to Brooklyn and walking in the park with his wife. The Democrats don’t even try to hide their hypocrisy anymore. Gov. Newsom in California just purchased a billion dollars worth of PPE’s from China – NOT from AMERICAN companies – yet he is still begging for more federal aid? WTF??? I guess they feel like they have gotten away with it so far nothing will ever change.

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