Tucker Carlson called out Barack Obama for one crime that will make your jaw drop

Tucker Carlson caught Barack Obama red-handed.

The former President has a lot to answer for.

That’s because Tucker Carlson called out Barack Obama for one crime that will make your jaw drop.

Governors and Mayors across the country are imposing economy killing lockdown orders.

As the country begins to reopen, Democrats and the Fake News Media are demanding the lockdowns continue because these orders allow them to control the lives of Americans.

At the same time prominent Democrats are not obeying these orders they claim are necessary to save lives.

During a recent broadcast, Tucker Carlson highlighted a photo from POLITICO of Barack Obama playing golf in Virginia and violating Washington, D.C.’s lockdown order.

In his monologue, Carlson called out Obama for hypocrisy especially after his wife Michelle recorded a robocall telling Washington, D.C. residents to stay home.

Carlson stated:

On Saturday, former President Barack Obama went golfing at the Robert Trent Jones country club in suburban Virginia. He’s a member there. Obama was driven to the course about 40 miles from his house in the District of Columbia by a government chauffeur. Here’s a picture of it, from Politico:

Obama is clearly enjoying himself. Why wouldn’t he be? It’s beautiful out on the links, and airy. You’ll notice there aren’t many people around. That’s because both Virginia and Washington, DC are still under quarantine. Everyone else is locked at home, as they have been for more than a month. Not former President Obama. For him, golfing at Robert Trent Jones was an essential activity.

The lockdowns are killing the American economy.

30 million Americans lost their jobs as governments-mandated lockdowns forced businesses to close.

In states across the country, governors are ordering police to arrest mothers in the park and people on the beach.

But Barack Obama flagrantly violates quarantine with no consequence.

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