Tucker Carlson could not believe what Devin Nunes just got asked to do

Tucker Carlson dropped a bombshell when he claimed the NSA spied on his text messages and emails.

Carlson pleaded for federal oversight of the out of control spy agencies.

And Tucker Carlson could not believe what Devin Nunes just got asked to do.

Carlson said a whistleblower told him the NSA intercepted text messages and emails of his and offered proof by reading back the contents of communications that only Carlson and the recipient would know.

On his show Carlson acknowledged the daunting task of fighting back against the Surveillance State and admitted that only Congress had the power to rein in rogue Deep State operatives abusing their power to target their political opponents.

Carlson said he’d lived in Washington, D.C. long enough to know Congress rubber stamps reauthorization of the Surveillance State’s unconstitutional domestic spying whenever it comes up.

But House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy – a frequent target of Carlson criticism for his coziness with pro-Big Tech and pro-Open Borders lobbyist Frank Luntz – released a statement announcing his intention to investigate this matter.

“Now, there is a public report that NSA read the emails of Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Although NSA publicly denied targeting Carlson, I have serious questions regarding this matter that must be answered,” McCarthy’s statement began.

McCarthy said House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) ranking member Devin Nunes would lead the probe.

“Given this disturbing trend, I’ve asked HPSCI Ranking Member Devin Nunes to investigate and find answers on behalf of the American people. The NSA cannot be used as a political instrument, and House Republicans will ensure accountability and transparency,” McCarthy added.

Devin Nunes made a name for himself exposing many of the Deep State’s worst abuses in the Russian collusion hoax.

Nunes also helped Republicans poke holes in the Democrats’ first partisan impeachment of Donald Trump.

If anyone can ferret out the truth behind the allegation the NSA spied on Tucker Carlson, it’s Nunes.

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