Tucker Carlson demanded this top Republican go to jail over this coronavirus scandal

The spread of the Chinese coronavirus is now a political scandal.

And it threatens to engulf the GOP before the 2020 election.

Now Tucker Carlson demanded this top Republican got to jail over this coronavirus scandal.

National Public Radio shocked Americans when it broke the story that RINO Senator Richard Burr sold $1.5 million in stock after receiving a classified briefing in February on the dangers of the Chinese coronavirus.

As Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Burr had access to the most accurate assessment of the virus, and in public, Burr was telling Americans the government was well prepared to stop the spread of the virus.

But in a private talk to donors for North Carolina’s Tar Heel club in Washington, D.C. Burr warned his high dollar supporters.

This enraged Fox News host Tucker Carlson demanded Burr explain himself or resign and face jail time for insider trading.

“You may have seen news reports this afternoon that chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee sold more than a million dollars in stock in mid-February after learning about how devastating the Chinese coronavirus could be. He had inside information about what could happen to our country, which is now happening,” Carlson told his audience.

“But he didn’t warn the public. He didn’t give a primetime address. He didn’t go on television to sound the alarm. He didn’t even disavow an op-ed he’d written just 10 days before claiming America was ‘better prepared than ever for coronavirus.’”

“He didn’t do any of those things,” Carlson. “Instead, what did he do? He dumped his shares in hotel stocks so he wouldn’t lose money, and then he stayed silent. Maybe there is an honest explanation for what he did. If there is, he should share it with the rest of us immediately. Otherwise, he must resign from the Senate and face prosecution for insider trading. There is no greater moral crime than betraying your country in a time crisis, and that appears to be what happened.”

This scandal threatens not only the lives of Americans, but the GOP’s political fortunes in the 2020 election.

North Carolina is a key swing state.

If the public thinks Republican Senators hid the truth about the nature of the virus and then profited off their insider knowledge, the GOP’s Senate majority could be at risk.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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  1. he was not the only one, the FBI also spoke to Dianne feinstein about her husband’s shady stock dealings to at the same time. My question is, How did she know to have documents ready to produce showing she was not involved? Who goes around and has documents at the ready? Guilty much from her Chinese spy chauffeur? It’s funny how this old hag always plays dumb hence Dumbocrat.. and Julio… Ease off the retard throttle

  2. It shouldn’t make any difference what party the insider trading belongs to; if he or she did it charge then try them. If found guilty then give them the same jail time & fine the same as any other person. Also remove them from their office in Congress. Or wherever they are supposedly serving their constituents.

  3. I do like Tucker Carlson and watch his program, but he needs to do some more in-depth research before he goes on air to lambasting these politicians for selling their stocks (I’m not saying it right). But he did omit one of the biggest offenders Diane Feinstein D-CA who also sold off over 6 million dollars of her stock. Which was great than several of these offenders combined

  4. Tucker Carlson was wrong when he called on Senator Richard Burr to resign and go to jail. Tucker forgot that in America you are innocent until proven guilty. Senator Burr has responded.

  5. There were 3 Democrats also. Diane Fenstra claims her husband did it. Two of the people said that their stock bets sold without their say. Whatever why is Tucker calling out a Republican but not the Democrats

  6. Mr Carlson claims that these specific office holders, after a specific briefing, all went out and dumped their stocks. The records do not support these claims. The office holders’ holdings usually go into blind trusts, managed by a third party – from professional investing groups. TC points out that trading was going on over 20-30+ transactions over several weeks, long before this briefing. And that the transactions were both buying and selling. So where was the dumping? Where was the insider trading? And where was the crime? My broker calls this activity a re-balancing of the portfolio – selling out of one group of falling stocks and buying into a different sector of rising stocks. This is a common activity among professional investing groups. I get dozens of ads daily to do just such a thing, and from every business channel… especially when the market is in flux.
    Most of these stories are pure BS, designed to stir up the partisan anger. These investors (office holders) are in the market for the long haul, and at arms length. They weather the ups and the downs. When some sharpshooting reporter cherry-picks convenient transactions at a particular time to insinuate misdeeds to create a story, and to get people angry, the story-tellers need to be looked at. Why are they trying to get me angry. Why are they attacking these particular people..and at this particular time… And NPR has always had a heavy thumb on the Left side of the scale with their story telling activities. Mr Carlson, we expect better from you. You are spending too much time with AOC and Donna Brazile. Their Leftist slime is starting to rub off on you. They are doing you no good service.

  7. I’ll bet most of the Democrats did insider trading also. The medis is just pointing out the Republicans.

  8. Grip grip. We better vote for freedum and our constitutionail rights or we are done socialst well not put up thith free thinking as i read your comments. On anthing

  9. I refuse to believe that all politicians are corrupt. Of course in a bushel of apples, you usually find a couple of bad ones and I think that’s the case here. To the point of this article, Lady Justice is wearing a blindfold and holding the scale of justice. As a member of Judicial Watch, I fully endorse their motto: “Because no one is above the law!” I hope Lady Justice’s scale doesn’t tip and her blindfold come off! Would I receive the same treatment that members of Congress will or will not get? Time will tell. Currently the information is only at the alleged stage. We’ll see. Interesting.

  10. If Tucker wants to request resignations, Check the other members of the Committee. It is not a Republican Committee, and as shameful as it is for Burr, you can bet your ass The Dem members did not lose money either. Hell, Nancy held up her own party’s bill to help on the Virus to allow more attention to Dems primary.

  11. Jail time for all culprits except for Kelly Loeffler! In Kelly’s case, I’d give her a creative punishment since she’s HOT and SEXY! The punishment for Kelly Loeffler should be that any guy who wants to take her panties off and boink her will be allowed to do so! I want to take Kelly Loeffler’s panties off and boink her!

  12. I believe there are 4 of them – Dianne Feinstein – California, Kelly Loeffler – Georgia (her husband is chairman of the New York Stock Exchange), Richard Burr – North Carolina and Jim Inhof – Oklahoma. Also there is some question about Sen Ron Johnson – Wisconsin. It’s suspected the number of shares dumped in such a short time period is what started the stock market crash. I do believe the truthful briefing induced the sell- off. Surprisingly Loeffler turned around and purchased shares in two companies involved in teleworking. Coincidence? Their holdings might be held by third parties but that’s not to say insider information was not passed on to them. Compounding their wrong doings, they then tell the American people not to worry, everything is under control (paraphrased). I hate the idea of losing the senate to democrats but they are not above the law. Maybe an outside investigator should look into these and others if suspected. If guilty they should be removed from the senate and go to jail regardless of the number of years they have held office. Profiting off of a national crisis is sickening.

  13. Fake Dan if any of the senate of either party committed a insider trading i hope that they get away with it. So go back to Vietnam and kill some more kids. And take ass wipe Julio with you.

  14. It’s jail time for all ! Didn’t Martha Stewart get prison time for that very same thing ? Or has the Congress and Senate put safe guards to keep themselves safe from the laws that bind all of us ?

  15. All the democrates need to be voted out and jb the asshole disaster governor here in Illinois needs to be kicked out too and the illigal Alians need kick out of the United States and take whatever the hell they brought with them and all republicans should be voted in the White House so this country can safe and peaceful again

  16. I am a long time Republican but whether the hasbeen done by Dem, Repub or Indep, clean the swamp and off they go to a Big House. So sorry to read of this happening.

  17. Burr pissed some people off when he suggest Grassley and Johnson to stop the investigation of Hunter Biden. The others were caught up in the crossfire, old Feinstein rode around for years with a Chinese operative as her chauffeur, she’s dumb as a box of rocks…Typical Democrat.

  18. Not really hearing much about the democrats who are guilty. Seem to be concentrating more on him. They’re all guilty

  19. Let’s not forget to include little Miss Sweetcheeks from Georgia. I think Martha’s Stewart would work well for her.

  20. Problem is this has been going on for years, who thinks this insider stuff is new has their head in the sand. Most everyone who is made aware of the problems about to occure makes a move of some type. Both Repubs and Democ’s do this, it’s nothing new.

    This is nothing new,insider trading has been going on for years. If a person wants to make a trade or deal with their own money,so what. That’s why they get elected as an average income worker and retire with millions. Both parties do it all the time, even in State Governments.

  21. Tucker is a straight shooter and I would agree with him if this had not been going on for 30 years or more.

  22. I think Trump should make them give the money to help with the checks Trump’s wants to mail out to the people. And fine them. Plus make them due committee serve where it is needed to help out with the cornavirus.

  23. The four insider traders who sold off due to inside information should have the sell off confiscated. This will serve as an example that the rules apply especially to Swamptown, DC.

  24. The four insider traders who sold off due to inside information should have the sell off confiscated. This will serve as an example that the rules apply especially to Swamptown, DC.

  25. Coronovirus or not, WE THE PEOPLE will not believe that we have “justice for all” until ALL those CROOKS in Congress are arrested, charged, convicted of all their crimes against WE THE PEOPLE (while acting like the laws don’t apply to them), and punished as the law prescribes. That includes the braying jackass who has been presiding over his so-called Shadow Government, too! For HIS crimes, a HANGING TREE is the ONLY acceptable punishment!!!

  26. First we need people in Congress not demorats and Republicans. This is the best argument for term limits any politician will become corrupt given time. I’m tired of the 2 party system. People should be elected according to their honest
    platrorm. It’s stupid to single out a party as being corrupt.
    Truth is they are all corrupt.
    We need term limits and oversight. If that isn’t true
    Why did the government loose
    1.75 million on accounting errore
    2 + 2 is still 4.

  27. My little brother sold his stocks after the coronavirus story broke, he just had enough foresight to do it while I held on to mine and lost thousands. I can’t offer too much blame if a congressman on senator did the same.

  28. The fact we were able to hear about the stock sale is enough. Until the Congress passes an insider trading law, what they do is legal. What would be ridiculous is briefing the Senators on something that will cost them a bunch of money and expect them to just go ahead and lose it. Their sticks are suppose to be in a blind trust, but they’ve all been there long enough to get around it. That type of corruption, if it is corruption, is the only truly bipartisanship there is in the swamp.

  29. I know someone who dumped some stock right as the Coronavirus was coming out just due to some foresight on on his part of what might happen if this did become a bigger issue. Well, it turns out he just made a smart decision at that particular time. Don’t know what circumstances these turd politicians had at the time they sold their stocks, but as it should be, as always, innocent until proven guilty.

  30. Now you see why everyone wants to be a Congressperson! Many arrive in D.C. with a modest amt. of money behind them and leave as multi-millionaires. Who wouldn’t want to join that gravy train?? They are all out for themselves, not caring one whit for the people they represent. It’s an oxymoron to say “honest politician” in one breath, because there isn’t one that could stand up to this title.

  31. TUCKER If you’re going to request Republicans to go too jail request any and all to go to Jail. Feinstein and others like Kelly and any others. Need all treated the same, so please do not be like CNN report news facts correctly you only state one republican there are several republics and also democrats. Need to include all not just single one out when there is more.

  32. It’s way past time to get rid of Feinstein. She ripped off we the people for decades. Not too long ago while she was going after our amazing president for Russian collusion we found out that she had a Russian chauffeur for over 20 years while she was making deals with the Russians. Now after her latest fiasco with the stock trading, she claims it was her husband. Lame excuse. As someone with knowledge of what was going on because of her position on congressional committees, who better than she could have told her husband what to do, thus making it herself in essence. Toss her out of congress and lock her up.

  33. TUCKER Ian you’re going to request Republicans to go too jail request any and all to go to Jail. Feinstein and others Kelly and any others all treated the same so please do not be like CNN report news facts you only state republican there are several republics and also democrats.

  34. Insider trading is rampant in all of Congress. If one is charged then everyone who is guilty must also be charged. Of course it would leave congress almost entirely empty on both sides of the aisle. Politicians have been using insider trading for decades. Going to charge even those who are no longer in office too? I would suggest big fines to be paid into Social Security that the politicians have stolen from since LBJ was in office.

  35. Until we know whether the sell orders were placed before or after the briefing occurred it’s too early to make a judgement call.
    If the sell orders were placed before the briefing, then it’s another non-issue that partisan hacks who self label as “journalists” are attempting to float on a gullible public.
    If the sell orders were placed after the start of the briefing, then this need careful investigation and most likely not just Burr but every other attendees financial transactions need forensic level scrutiny.

  36. Does anyone believe Feinstein didn’t know what Burr knew? That she didn’t pass the info to her (third party) husband? Not exactly hands off on her part either. Wouldn’t you thank all of our so call representatives in Congress heard the same info and got rid of stocks. If this is a political scandal, then both parties are guilty. Lets not make this the usual Democrat approach, where they are innocent but the bad old Republican is guilty.

  37. I respect Tucker Carlson and the stories he uncovers on his show but once in awhile he goes a little overboard with the indignation before all facts can play out. I thought he believed in innocent until proven guilty? After listening to Loeffler being interviewed about her situation and the information shared that is then out on the social media sites since no one in government keeps anything under wraps anymore, I think more details about each person’s specific situation and actions needs to checked before going to the extreme position Tucker takes. Makes me wonder if he has some underlying issue with Burr since there are others as well. That said, I’m sure we will see other liars and corrupt members of Congress jump on the this bandwagon. Sorry, but I really think a large n7mber of member’s of Congress are pathetic hypocrite.

  38. I’m not going to comment on these people, I don’t care. that isn’t what caused the market to go nuts it some shady people working behind the scenes. I watched Tucker every night I even recorded him when I couldn’t but I started to notice he is turning, I have found him to wrong more often than not. I believe he is a never Trumper. My feelings started to change with his distinguish way he Thank people for being ther it was a little much. What ever it is I haven’t watched him since he went wall to wall Coronas before anyone else did. I can’t explain it I have just lost my interest in him.

  39. our government should not be able to usurp the laws. under the constition, they should be held accounable for their illegal acts. and i hope our president trump will stop this practice for us and have these people aaressed, tried, and put in prison. President trump started cleaning the swamp and it needs to be escalated. If Barr doesn’t want to move on this get a new DOJ THAT WILL

  40. All of these people, except Feinstein, had their stocks controlled by a third party. The Senators were not responsible for selling their stocks.

  41. Anyone with common sense knew the stock market was going to get rocky with this incoming virus. Nobody from dc had to tell me a thing. Everybody already knew….i guess tucker carlson would be the exception. And if i mention what i did to protect my wealth is not…repeat…is not insider trading! Every man is in it for himself. People suggest things all the time. So tucker….are you creating crap???

  42. Most of these stories are pure BS, designed to stir up the partisan anger. These investors are in the market for the long haul. The ups and the downs. When some sharpshooter reporter cherry-picks convenient transactions to sell a story, and get people angry, the story-tellers need to be looked at. Why are they trying to get me angry. Why are they attacking these people… And NPR has always had a heavy thumb on the Left side of the scale with their story telling. Mr Carlson, we expect better from you.
    When the office holders take office their holdings usually go into blind trusts, managed by a third party – from professional investing groups. And this market move was no surprise. The media has been claiming for weeks. ever since the busted impeachment nonsense died down, that the market was going to “turn against Trump,” and we should all beware and sell soon. So why should we now be angry when people did sell?
    Then again, Sen Feinstein claimed her husband, a career agent for the Chinese government, sold off their shares. Not her sale, she claimed. Her husband’s sale. Third party? Was this insider trading? This author made no notice about the Fs transactions… fair and balanced reporting? Not quite. This story was really just another media hand job… Getting you all worked up, with nothing to show for it…

  43. Feinstein was also involved in this. Don’t you think they did the same thing when they passed ObamaCare. They invested in stocks. Martha Stewart went to jail for this but these guys will not . It’s a two way justice system.

  44. Why do you think Burr wanted Senators Grassley and Johnson to stop investigating Hunter Biden, he has this head right next to the rest of the hogs feeding in the Ukraine. Just another corrupt politician. Every country is vulnerable to disease Pendejo, quite watching John Oliver Julio, the only thing he ever done right was marry a ex – Army medic.

  45. julio, it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt. You prove yourself to be a fool every time you post

  46. We all know that the Democrat and republican are corruption in many ways! But it the Democrat who try to corrupt it the most! Nobody can afford a million dollars Mansion on 174k a years! Tucker shall not talk about just one of them! Because Burr wasn’t the only one who sold his stock! Diane Festrien a Democrat Senate also cash her in!

  47. be that as it may, humpitytrumpity, through his budget and fiscal policies, made this country more vulnerable to any pandemic.

  48. i agree with what tucker said.remember that sometimes there are brokers that move your money around all the time.the brokers for them may have seen what the market was doing and dumped certain stocks without the senators knowledge.but we’ll have to wait and see once it’s looked into.

  49. I feel that all four Senators involved with inner trading and profit off it should resign. If the Republicans lose their majority in the Senate it is because of their corrupt behavior. We need office holders with high moral standards. That is more important than the control of Senate by the Republicans.

  50. OH! but it is your money! we taxpayers are the ones he And Diane Feinstein steal from taxpayers they don’t earn a penny. they sit in congress and do nothing while laughing all the way to the bank.
    Martha Stewart went to prison for way less but it was insider trading and against the federal law maybe you should go back to school!

  51. ANTOINETTE COLE, I just do not see how you could be more wrong with your cognitive ability and moral compass. Before I retired, I never had a bank stash of 1.5 million dollars (and I was making %2K more than the house members made). Chalk it up to my spending habits – but I do not think any member of congress could be able to whip out a million bucks IF honestly earned (while making house payment, food, car etc.) There is a very good reason there are laws in effect that are trying to stop the insider trading. He sure makes the rest of the other Congress members look bad. He should be subject to the full extent of the laws he has broken.

  52. I don’t give a care what Burr did. It’s not my money, but it is his. He can do whatever the hell he wants to with HIS OWN MONEY. This shouldn’t be anyone’s damn business.

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