Tucker Carlson destroyed CNN with this Earth-shattering confession

Left-wing activists at CNN led the corporate-controlled media crusade to cancel Tucker Carlson.

But CNN got some bad news.

And Tucker Carlson destroyed CNN with this Earth-shattering confession.

Under disgraced former President Jeff Zucker, CNN made it a network mission to cancel Tucker Carlson.

One of the lines of attack was that Carlson – by citing data and statistics – drove vaccine hesitancy without ever revealing his own vaccination status.

Jim Acosta claimed that because Tucker Carlson was actually vaccinated, in shunning the vaccine, he was supposedly encouraging his audience to take a risk that he himself was unwilling to accept.

Acosta ranted:

My sense is that he’s almost certainly been vaccinated, and I would be shocked if he wasn’t boosted. But yet he hosts this continuing parade of clowns that propagate this nonsense that, you know, that somehow vaccines are harmful or that this is somehow a liberal plot to subjugate the masses. And what he doesn’t tell his viewers is that virtually everyone dying in the United States right now of Covid-19 is unvaccinated.

And let’s just say right now a challenge to Tucker Carlson as we’re talking about this from yours truly and from Dr. Reiner: Tucker Carlson, tell the American people if you have been double vaccinated and boosted.

We know the truth, we know you have been, but just tell us. Tell everybody the truth. That’s all we ask.

Carlson put this CNN lie to bed on April 2 when he spoke at the Awaken Church in San Diego, California, where he admitted that he refused to get vaccinated.

“I skipped the first three, I’m not getting that one either,” The Daily Beast’s Source Material newsletter reported Carlson telling the congregation.

Carlson added that he grew up a stone’s throw from the Salk Institute – named after Jonas Salk who invented the vaccine for polio – but that the coronavirus vaccine advocates were lying to the public about the safety and efficacy of the COVID jabs.

“Audio provided to Source Material by the nonprofit investigative outfit confirmed Carlson’s remarks, which further included him citing having grown up “next to the Salk Institute in La Jolla” as evidence that he is “obviously” not opposed to vaccines. “I’ve had like a million of them,” he said, but regarding the COVID shots, Carlson added of its proponents: “I look at these people, like, this just does not make sense at all. And I have no idea what’s up here, but whatever you’re telling me it’s just not true,” The Source Material newsletter also reported.

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