Tucker Carlson dropped a bombshell about Vladimir Putin that stunned the Fake News Media

Tucker Carlson once again finds himself in the corporate-controlled media’s crosshairs.

But Carlson has a plan to fight back.

And Tucker Carlson dropped a bombshell about Vladimir Putin that stunned the Fake News Media.

Tucker Carlson has been one of the loudest and strongest voices opposing war with Russia over Ukraine.

For opposing war with Russia, Carlson watched as Democrats, Never-Trumpers, and members of the media slimed him as a Russian stooge and puppet for Vladimir Putin.

Carlson refused to back down in the face of that smear campaign.

In fact, Carlson doubled down and debunked the idea that America was siding with democracy by lining up with Ukraine against a potential Russian invasion.

“Ukraine is not even a democracy despite what Joe Biden endlessly claims,” Carlson told viewers. “Ukraine is a corrupt eastern European autocracy that has spent millions of dollars lobbying politicians in Washington, and, by the way, made Joe Biden’s family rich. Those are not Russian talking points. They are entirely true. And because they are true, no one in the administration is willing to debate or rebut them, not for a second. Instead, they just call you a traitor.”

Carlson then revealed that he put in another request to interview Putin as well as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“But we won’t be quiet, and not just because this is a news organization,” Carlson added. “Because we’re Americans and we can talk to anyone we want. We can have any opinion we feel like having. That is not treason, it is not un-American. It’s the whole point of America. It is our Bill of Rights, distilled. So today, we sent another letter to Vladimir Putin asking for an interview. We hope we get it. We also sent a message to the President of Ukraine. We would like that interview too.”

Even though Carlson attacked both President Putin and President Zelensky as tyrants, he said it was his job as a journalist to cover the story and present the fullest picture possible to his viewers about a Russian invasion of Ukraine and what that would mean for Europe and the world.

“Now, neither one of these men runs a democracy by traditional American standards. Both of them are tyrants. But they’re in the news and we would love to talk to them. An interview is hardly an endorsement.”

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