Tucker Carlson dropped a truth bomb that obliterated the Democrat Party

Democrats push open borders and amnesty for one reason.

And Tucker Carlson addressed it on his show Thursday night.

The popular Fox host unleashed a truth bomb that should have every American up in arms.

Democrats have had trouble winning elections recently.

Republicans won victories in 2010, 2014 and 2016.

So instead of taking stock of why their policies are alienating Americans, Democrats want to stack the deck by creating a new electorate.

Tucker Carlson took this issue head on by declaring Democrats want to pack red states with immigrants and add them to the voting rolls so they can create an a new electorate that will tip every election to their favor.

Daily Caller reports:

“To the modern Democratic Party, Americans are an after-thought,” said Carlson. “Try to find a Democrat running this year for example on the opioid crisis or high energy prices, the collapse of the public schools or the decline of the middle-class. Hard to find one. Democrats are bored by these topics. What interests them is power. In order to win and maintain power Democrats understand they need reliable new voters, voters who will support them obediently without making difficult demands like a higher standard of living. That’s why the Democratic Party suddenly supports open borders so fervently. Immigration is really the only issue that matters to them because packing the electorate is the only way they can regain control of this country.”

And Democrats are already allowing noncitizens to vote in local elections in Prince George’s County Maryland and San Francisco.

The next step is for the left to push for noncitizens to vote in federal elections because they are being denied their “right” to vote.

Democrats in the media reacted to Carlson’s statement with horror.

Left-wing CNN activists Brian Stelter accused Carlson of “extreme rhetoric.”

But what Stelter and other leftists were really upset about was that Carlson blew the whistle on the Democrats’ plans to rig elections in America by stacking the electorate with imported Democrat voters.

Do you agree with Tucker Carlson?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Thank God there a few people who actually do there jobs of reporting the truth, news as it is, not as they want it to be. I feel like our country is crumbling into Russia, China,Cuba, etc. as it loses all integrity and honesty. If you don’t like living in a republic, PLEASE leave. We like what our forefathers established. We need prayer and a revival. May God’s will be done, not man’s. Did anyone ever have a thought… of “Why should God continue to bless America when we turn our backs on Him? “.There is such “intolerance of the tolerant”. The hypocrisy of people is so present when we don’t respectfully disagree without DEMANDING to have our own way for all. What are you really frightened of?

  2. I hate to tell all of you guys and gals this, but some people in Alabama Louisiana Mississippi are selling dead people’s social security numbers to illegals coming into this country. I know that because someone had my mom’s social security number and she’s been dead for 2 years when I first found out. I turned them in, but it didn’t do any good because they got a Hispanic lawyer to get them out. But North Charleston SC is a sanctuary City and nobody is taking about them. I lived there for a long time and have moved to the county. So if you have some one in your families that are deceased go online and look to see if someone else has their social security numbers.

  3. Keep it honest and honesty will set you free.Just think all animal shelters will be empty after 2020 election because the liberals will need therapy dogs and cats lol lol

  4. Pelosi has been shown in photos and video smiling at 3rd world “dreamers” like a fairy godmother. Send Pelosi to a Sicilian Mafia godfather or an Iranian backed Mexican drug cartel chieftain.

  5. Diane, I see your still living in your Liberal fantasy world where the truth is what you believe it to be. You can never look at the truth because it would expose the Left for what they really are, nothing but self serving liars that care nothing about the country or the people. So go back to the hole you crawled out of. No one cares what you have to say it’s all crap.

  6. Diane, I really can’t believe just how out of touch with reality those on the Left really are. If you want to find those who have committed criminal acts just look at you own Party. What about all those that where fired from the FBI, oh, those were all Democrats and what about Clinton?

  7. Stephen, first I would fight for my country, If I was not able to do that then I would apply legally for citizenship. I am 71years old and I am from a mixed race family and one part of my family was hear before the Europeans arrived. My ancestors had to assimilate even loose our language. Our country has more then accommodated those of other nationalities especially Hispanic illegals. It would be nice if our own people got the help they get.

  8. Love tucker for his no nonsense show. He is for our great country to continue to prosper. The demorats want us to be like a third world country.

  9. OLD VET. Thank you for serving our county!! I appreciate all who serve or have served, and their loved ones. Every American owes you guys a tremendous debt. You’ve risked it all to keep us safe&free here in America!! Y’l were willing to risk your very lives for us.. THANK YOU!! Every day I pray for those who serve our country in the Armed Forces or Law Enforcement, and their loved ones, and every American.

  10. The liberals are just trying to be inclusive. But if illegals can vote maybe we should let anyone in any country vote? LOL

  11. We need to become the loud voice of the Republican Party in our neighborhood, with friends, etc

    VOTE REPUBLICAN …to save America from likes of Nancy Perodi, .Chuck .Schumer, Maxine ?Waters, .Antifa

    This is a crucial vote to strengthen President Trump to continue his agenda to MAGA

  12. 100% corect – the democartic party in America is a self centered, elitist & very corrupt group – some can see what they are up to – they don’t care about their country, certainly don’t care about the American people and will do absolutely anything to gain power. Todays democarts are not the Democrats of yesteryear – I pray every day for the people of America to wake up before it is too late!
    Thank you to the brave men & women at Fox that keep us truthfully informed. Very brave – thank you

  13. I don’t know a lot of people, but those of you who do, can hopefully inspire them to vote in the mid-terms. As President Trump has said correctly, we must vote in order to have more Republicans defend and support his American agenda. We cannot afford to be lazy or disinterested in the belief that all will be well, just because he’s in office. Without the necessary votes in the House and Senate, the country will suffer. The Democrats will see to it. Get out the vote everyone!

  14. Larry, I’m a retired geologist and Nam vet (Navy) in California, living about 4 miles from my birthplace. You’re right about rocks. Earth’s history is recorded in them, and that ain’t dumb!

  15. This has been going on for about 2 years in California. You can go to the Department of Motor Vehicles. You tell them that you want to fill out the paper work to vote. You now able to vote! No questions asked!

  16. All white people should vote for Trump and the Republicans for their own survival before It’s too late and you become extinct like the Liberals commie Nazi party want you to be. Post-haste!Refer to Fake News CNN and MSM for details!

  17. She got that from the daily dummocommie briefing sheet that she enshrines above her toilet. There she can hurl it up again and not have too big of a mess to clean up. She has a statue of the Hildebeast there that she bows and prays to several times a day.

    Actually, she is nothing more than a troll for the demoscum and pulls data out of where she wipes.

  18. Diane, Where did you come up with 70 % of Americans Want Trump removed from presidency ???? It wasn’t those 70% that elected him. Stop and think what you just stated.. You are swallowing hook and sink what you are hearing on FAKE NEWS MEDIA. Also , the only way the Democrats will win will be with illegal votes.

  19. Love Tucker, he tells us the eay it is. Conservatives had better get to the polls in November. The demowits will undo all the progress potus has made for America.

  20. It has been so obvious that the Democrats , because of their insane left policies, lost so many democrat voters ,that they had to import 3rd. world country voters to replace voters that they lost…… Damn the country as long as they stay in power.

  21. We need the red wave to show these ignorant assh…. whats real and what isn’t. I don’t know how democrats got so stupid but I guess they have been like that for a long time. The democratic party needs to be dismantled and strewn to the wind. Looks like they are doing it to themselves with their talk of eliminating ICE, open borders, and communism? What a bunch of morons. They should check out #walkaway like over 200.000 have already. Go to youtube and check out some of their videos. Maybe they will learn something. Remember, as things stand right now, the synonym for democrats is collective stupid

  22. Tucker is spot on. If the DEMWITS have their way & take back the House, I’ll be thrilled to witness their lack of accomplishments for the Hispanics & other illegal drainers. Hussein Obama had 8 years and all he managed to do was to
    enroll record numbers of folks on the welfare rolls. Food stamps, free phones & all the other crap was not free, it was just free to the recipients while our tax dollars cover the inflated costs of spoon feeding a bunch of freeloaders!

  23. That isi nothing new it has been going on since LBJ Becca me president. More undercover until recently the last 10 years . The fix is in and it will happen. There will be another revolution in the nearfuture you have the ME generation and the ENTITLED generation trying to under the constitution

  24. Tucker is SPOT ON. How do we stop this, however. I am a Heritage member, make all kinds of contributions & regularly email my congressmen. I know of nothkng mote to do but fear the Dems & Rinod r “winning “. I suppose midterms will tell. Keep praying, friends, for MAGA!!

  25. I have notified them more than 6 different times now. Maybe I should go and vote there and before I do actually vote let the news media in on it.

  26. When you leave a state or a district it is your obligation to inform your voting district that you are no longer a resident and request your name be removed from the voting rolls. Not doing so leaves your name where it can be used by a fraudulent voter claiming to be you.

  27. She’s getting her weekly dose of demostupid hate speech through her recycled (multiple times and multiple demodummies) enema infusion. She should be spewing and time now. Unfortunately, it comes out the wrong end – her mouth!

  28. Democrats need to think, if millions of illegals live here they will take over our country if they can vote. Then they will be back to what they are running from & so will we. Look at our FBI. The corruption has been going on for years, Trump brought it to light. Mueller is getting over $1 Million a month, why would he want the investigation to end, that’s our tax money & Sessions is corrupt also Rod Rosenstein. Trying to Illegally unseat a President is TREASON. Mr. President, don’t meet with Mueller, it’s a trap.

  29. Get off the corrupted to the core NAZI Demoncrat Communist plantation treasonous party (RINOs too!!! You know who you are!, So Get ready to lose your seats) and on the Trump train to success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Those new voters will soon find that they voted for the same situation they left their home country to avoid, then what? The Dems victory will be short lived if at all.

  31. I had a guy on a crew doing a contract job and one day he told me he needed the next day off and he was acting like I’d be mad for him asking. I said Jose is everything all right he said yes but was worried I wouldn’t let him off because of the tight schedule. I said if you need it take it, he then told me he was going to be presented with his citizenship, this was a Wednesday I told him welcome home brother take the rest of the week off, Ill make sure you get paid. Thought I never would get him to stop crying.

  32. Congratulations on becoming a citizen, and thank you for doing it the right way. Your family can be proud of you and I am too.

  33. Congratulations! That’s the way it’s supposed to be done. Please tell your wife at least one other American is proud of her.

  34. I don’t think it isn’t that they don’t know how it’s that they don’t want to take a chance. They have been very good at failure lately. But if you play cards with a cheat he can’t stop and take a chance the cards will fall in his favor.You see to some their luck isn’t what they would like it to be so they learn to cheat to make it more in their mind’s favor. Most contest’s have patterns to increase the chances and increasing the voter’s rolls would serve their purpose.You know “The end justifies the means” but only for them.

  35. I’ve known for 10 yrs. that the Democrats have been planning to stack the deck for illegal immigrants to be able to vote. That was a no brainer. Why do you think they fought so hard against closing the border ? Against the wall ? against a new immigration law ? They’re bass turds of 1st class !

  36. The Democrats don’t know how to run a campaign without fighting dirty to win. They are still very pissed off because they didn’t win the election in 2016. That’s why I have said that the Democrats are crooked and corrupt as hell, because, they don’t know how to do anything right.

    The Democrats wants open borders for all of the illegal immigrants to come into our country to help the Dems to win an election. The Democrats are all crooked and corrupt as hell. They do not like being in control everything. They want to continue ruining the lives of every American citizen and their families. The Democrats wants every American citizen to need their help, by staying on Government Assistance, like food stamps, Medicaid, and any other assistance that the citizens will need.

    Democrats are afraid for the American citizens to be free of their control. The Democrats and Obama are the ones who ruined America. The Democrats do not like that President Trump is making things better for every American citizen.

  37. I too am 81 and have watched the good and bad changes. As a young person my DAD, bless his heart, often said being in office more than 2 years brought corruption! He was a dem and union man, BACK when they were GOOD! REALLY did help folks, not line their pockets and to HELL with us!

  38. You’ve got that exactly right. We need a way to make Democrates understand how much the party is a real threat to the US.

  39. If voters haven’t figured out the Democrats and their party are the biggest threat to our national security and our way of life for over 250 years, either they are completely ignorant to their history or they simply don’t care to pay attention.

  40. Rick
    This is not “Old” news.. It has been going on for decades and will still be going on in 2018 if we do nothing about it. So, rather than just dismissing it, what is YOUR PLAN??? We ALL have to get together to try to put a stop to this Illegal activity.
    We are the most effective as a GROUP!! If even HALF of us could Unite and do something like this, could you imagine how big this could become??? I just think we have to try something other than just post here.
    Please folks, either come up with a better plan or try to follow this one up.
    We can’t just sit back and complain. we have to actively get involved!!!
    Louis Albano

  41. Great idea….

    Returning Obama’s putting his Black Panthers in Philadelphia where they turned away voters

    VOTE REPUBLICAN to keep President with the majority he needs for…keeping tax cuts, getting another 1 or 2 Supreme Court Judges

  42. There are NO Constitutional “Rights” for illegal aliens, NONE, ZERO, PERIOD! They are CRIMINALS from the get-go!

  43. The other vexing thing is when everyone refers to “our democracy” instead of the proper “Constitutional Republic”, BIG difference there!

  44. Su Miscia. You forgot one very important thing that out weighs the free stuff…they are not supposed to be here….ship them the f#@$ back. Open door swing boot…outa here!!!!!

  45. Democrats cannot win an election with only U.S. Citizens anymore…..since they turned our country upside down under OBUMMA and all his BS, the now have to get Illegals signed up to vote, and it is totally unconstitutional………….Trump just needs to broadcast that ICE Agents will be posted at most Voting Sites, and immediate deportation will take place if any illegal trys to vote or actually votes! GONE~

  46. Pass time to end the corruption and unlawfulness in Washington regardless of what party you are. Democrat or Republican should not make the difference, but I am 81 years old and have watched as most of but not all- of our elected as they have made a career out of our government jobs instead of a Patriot, as it was in the beginning and suppose to be now. Most of them and their families become rich instead and of course never want to leave. Its way past time for a change– IF it isn’t too late to save AMERICA for future generations of families. We need to start over and let ever elected officials start over with Sunshine on everything in their past history. I’m sick of this drip, drip, of corruption coming to us. There is too much corruption for the average person too even keep up with, and most families are too busy making a living to even have the time. Common sense should tell us why once elected- they never leave and spend full-time campaigning for the next. election. Its time to vote for the person, honesty, and who is most qualified and not the party nor family name. We do not need Career politicians but Patriots, who serve our Country and not herself. Illegals do not have a right to vote in The United States until they become a citizen and then are Americans.

  47. Ramona…if you ever come across a Democrat/Liberal that supports secure borders, are pro-life, lower taxes, smaller government, less welfare, and vote with their brains, and not with their party, you will let me know will you not? That animal does not, and has NEVER existed…

  48. Regardless of what the polls show, I really, truly belief that the Right has learned it’s lesson from the Obama, Clinton, Bush Administrations, and will be much more vigilant in the future… I have very little doubt that the Democrat/Liberals believe they are going to have a “blue wave” come November, but we seen what the polls really did for them in 2016…and we all seen how that worked out for them also!!!I believe that we are going to see some changes from now on in this country, that are going to shock the WORLD…we showed the Left once that we are going to fight this retarded mess that the Left has put us in the last 50-plus years, and we aim to do something about it…I honestly believe we will take control of Congress, and give President Trump a fighting chance…FYI, his JAR, according to Rasmussen this week is slightly above 50%…3 months out from midterms that means a lot!!!!

  49. It seems like our majority is spineless in backing our president and what the people really want. We should all address this with our congressmen and senators.

  50. Agree 100%. An illegal should NOT get housing assistance, food stamps, welfare, nor be allowed to vote. Tougher stances will eventually stop people from storming this country.

  51. My gripe is; in addition to the more important points made; it is the “DEMOCRAT” not the DEMOCRATIC” party.

  52. Tucker is right, illegals don’t have the right to vote in this country. they shouldn’t get free services either. Sorry but if they don’t like it they can go back where they came from. Earn your citizenship and then you have rights.

  53. He is spot on. If you’re not a legal citizen of this country, you should not even be here, much less voting. the only rights illegals have is the right to remain silent ect., then ship them back to where they came from and those who don’t like it can go with them!

  54. The democRATs have learned from the last election that they need to do more to rig the election as the evil queen lost big time. Watch your polls for illegals. In Florida you must have a photo ID to vote. A tip to democrats, you are winning no friends implying minorities are too stupid to get a photo ID. On second keep it up, you are being very helpful to the conservatives.

  55. Tucker is so right, and the people in this Country had better soon wake up to what is happening around them. The reason the Democrats are successful with stuff like what happened in San Francisco with letting the illegal aliens vote in the school elections is because we are sitting on our buns watching the news when we should be out whipping up a vote to get rid of Jerry Brown, and enough of us there voting so the Dems don’t walk away with the election that now allows illegals to vote in the schools! What kind of a life are your kids and grandkids going to inherit if we continue to let this happen because we’re too lazy to work to counter act it.

  56. The dems are sick and republicans better get on the ball and eliminate all of them, NOW!! Our country will be lost forever. God can’t do it all by himself he needs our help

  57. All good and well but all immigrant needs to be legal. We our losing our country. No country with out borders and rules……laws. As for me being an immigrant, not really. Family here back in 1640…..

  58. Ed sir they are not paid. They have no job , mom tells them to go play outside and there you go. Anyone who has a job ,responsibilities, family does not do this. Need to be kicked out of moms basement…..


  60. Tucker – WHERE ARE You re PLANNED Aug 4th Events.
    > 0pen Your mouth.
    >Aug 4th ‘skinny’ IS E’Where excepts msm.
    > Beware & Be Aware folks.

  61. The bipartisan groups of election poll judges and poll workers do it in WV, but in questionable states no one is watching. Congress and Senate need to pass voter ID legislation to protect federal elections. They need to get on it and do their jobs.

  62. The problem is no one in California is going to check ID and they will glance at an illegals voter card and let them in to vote in federal elections.. Maryland is another problem state I am still listed as registered democrat, I have lived in West Virginia 12 years and am a registered non affiliated. WV asks for ID when I vote, MD says I don’t need it call RNC and DNC offices in MD and in the last two yrs still has not been corrected. I bet if I voted republican in MD someone would notice then and call for me to go to jail.

  63. Darlene, they are paid to protest is how they have time and on many occasions they ate bussed to the protest sights. So you have to ask, or at least I do why the government doesn’t gut the bussing. They could outlaw charter busses chartered to go to protest.

  64. the demorats are anti america fasist communists and the american people see it plain and clear. there will be a gop majority in november where these anti american remorats will never be able to obstruct any legislation which saves america. IF THEY WANT A CIVIL WAR WE WILL GIVE THEM ONE THAT WILL LEAVE NONE OF THOSE DEMOCRATS STANDING AND WE WILL LET THEM LIE IN THE STREETS TO LET THE BUZZARDS FEAST ON THEM. IF THEY WILL EVEN EAT THESE FILTHY COMMUNISTS

  65. Well that is a national thing. They cant DP that at the moment. And there are people ready to take them to court….like the supreme court. Think about those states, they cant take the vote out of the hands of the people no matter how bad they want to. Other wise why not vote with who ever is last standing as it will come to civil war…..then we can vote properly ????????????

  66. About time the American people woke up to what the Democrats were trying to do to take control of all of us. We need to fight for control of our America by making our borders secure and vetting all people trying to enter the U S.. yes we are a country of immigrants , LEGAL immigrants!

  67. The man is spot on. That is the only reason for all this uproar. They aren’t going to care about illegal aliens. Just their votes. Unfortunately, the vast majority will blindly think that they are helping them and will vote accordingly. They will not see that government handouts are slavery at best. They have the “If it’s for free, it’s for me” mentality.

  68. And several states have passed legislation that awards 100% of their electoral votes to the candidate that receives the most votes in the nation. Who cares how their state voted? And, anyone care to research the majority party in these state legislatures when this decision was made?

  69. rino is a key problem also the weed shares why are they allowed to operate let alone advertise on the intermate I find that is illegal an offensive

  70. The desperate for political power cultural Marxist democrats will probably put antifa domestic terrorist hoods and masks on illegal aliens as well and order them to attack citizens at the polls.

  71. My immigrant wife could not vote in 2016 (Filipina). now, however, the Donald will have TWO votes from my household, being as the wife passed her citizenship in Feb, this year.

  72. Louis Albano I could not have said kit better. American Citizens who regularly vote in elections who are of any party Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green Party, etc. should start protesting the loss of their votes because of Non-Citizens Voting. Only an American Citizen should be allowed to vote in Local, State, or Federal elections. Citizens should contact their legislators whether Local, State, of Federal to file bills that insure that Right according to the Constitution of the United States which is the Law of the Land for all Citizens. Contact your Legislators.

  73. Maybe I am missing something. If Voter ID is so important to the Republicans, why doesn’t their majority in the house and in the Senate pass it, and send it to Trump. I am sure he would sign that bill. What am I missing re this subject?


  75. The “modern”democratic party must think all Americans are ignorant and need guidance. You must be living under a rock if you do not understand what they are doing. They are making US citizenship worthless.

  76. For local and state elections, it is up to the locale/state. For Federal elections, only a citizen can vote. If a non citizen votes in my state, my civil rights are violated because my vote would be valued/weighted less than one whole vote. The non citizen that votes is committing a crime. In practice, I doubt most, if any, courts would allow a Title 42 lawsuit on this issue.

  77. I have no problem with legal immigrants. I think they should come here legally just as my grandmother and grandfather did. My grandfather was a translator for some of his fellow immigrants. In fact both of my grandparents on my mother and father’s side were immigrants, but they came here the right way. My dad and four of his brothers fought in WW2. The oldest brother was too old. All of their children were born in the states.

  78. Let me see now,,,,,We have Slick Willy (THE RAPIST), and Crooked Hilly, Who was so INEPT as Secretary of State the she got 4 Americans killed in Benghazi, Used a private server for her Confidential Emails, Smashed 8 (EIGHT) Blackberrys so they could not be used against her in a court of law, or CONGRESSIONAL HEARING, where she lied repeatedly, Held back more than 30,000 emails that could have been used against her,,,,,worked to arrange the sale of 20% of American Uranium, and then accepted$245,000,000.00 in the Clinton Foundation account, (FROM A RUSSIAN GROUP OF BUSINESSMEN) Which STILL has not released funds to the island Hurricane disaster. She is STILL traveling around the world bad-mouthing everything that is going on politically. WHY THE HELL IS SHE NOT IN PRISON ALONG WITH COMEY, MCCABE, STRZK and the 9 people that had to sign to sell the uranium????? BEWARE, YE WHO ARE SO DISHONEST,,,,,KARMA STILL RULES!!!, AND I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!! WHAT I CANNOT UNDERSTAND IS WHO IS SO STUPID THAT THEY PAY HER TO SPEAK????? MAYBE THEY THINK THAT SHE WILL BE ARRESTED WHILE SPEAKING ON THEIR SHOW,,,,,,MAYBE???!!! THAT WOULD MAKE TELEVISION HISTORY!!!

  79. Yes, I am in Florida and we still need to show our photo ID or driver’s license. They don’t even ask for a voter’s registration card — just the ID.

  80. Why is the illegal immigrant right to vote even an issue. Doesn’t the public understand that even LEGAL IMMIGRANTS are not entitled or allowed to vote. Only american citizens have the right. Of course, based on the past, I should have included dead people since they seem to somehow get their vote tabulated in Chicago and other large cities

  81. I have been reading these comments for months now. Almost every one says the illegals voting in itself is illegal!! This is true. But just talking about it will not change anything. What we have to do is somehow monitor each voting location. We all have seen tapes of Men accosting would be voters or intimidating them by carrying clubs or just by their demeanor and verbiage, doing the same thing. I have seen tapes of workers working inside taking bins of already counted Ballots and dumping them into
    Bins that haven’t been counted yet. Which is how some States reported more Ballots counted than there were People living in that State. I realize we Don’t have enough Federal Marshall’s to do this. What we need is A National figure like Tucker or Hannity to dig up these already documented practices and have them replayed now
    before the Election. If Shawn and Tucker can show them it would be up to US to forward them to all of our contacts. Then ask our contacts to forward them to their contacts. If we do this, it would mean a lot more than us just posting on here.
    Thank you
    Lou Albano (a Trump Pence Charter member)

  82. Yes, the Dims really look out for the poor. Just think of it, Pelosi and Waters are for the poor. Yea right! Both live in multi-million dollar homes while their constituents are dying in the streets, wallowing in used needles and human waste. Sure don’t see Pelosi or Waters doing anything to clean up their districts, but the sure do press hard for amnesty for illegal aliens. And, we all know that is only for their votes. Sooner or later those same people who supports the Dims, will be lying in the streets in the same human waste and used needles.

  83. Ditto Rick. I’m just not sure why we don’t hear more about it from the conservative side.

  84. Tucker spoke a truth that has been going on for years. Add to that the fact that the Democrats are the ones pushing so hard against voter ID. As for those places where non citizens are being allowed to vote, I would refer you to the Constitution, XV Amendment, 1st section which makes it clear that voting is for “Citizens”.

  85. Really our ancestors became proud citizens of this country. If We didn’t have free give aways the Democratic Party invented for votes after Mr. Kennedy ‘s removal from office, people would have worked those jobs, to feed and cloth and educate their children. But instead the Democratic Party figures how to get free votes. I am not that much younger than you so you missed what was going on.

  86. This country is headed in a bad direction, with George Soros supporting Antifa and any other hell raising group and the democrats(some of them) are pressing for open borders, they should watch National Geographic’s “Border Wars” series they might understand the extent that they are lying to themselves and to the real “Americans” they push us closer and closer to Anarchy or a second civil War, that is the last thing we need!!!!!

  87. No Gary…it is not “stupidity” exactly…what we are witnessing is Treason combined with the invasion of enemies from outside of the country, known as ” “illegal aliens who speak Spanish” and are united with those inside our own Democratic Party who seek FULL power by force and illegal methods… I am talking of those like Maxine Waters, Pelosi, Pocahontas, Schummer and others who could care less about you and me…but seek similar power as did Hitler, and now Hillary,,

    Just because I am not a Republican does not mean I don’t fear for my country from the evil I now see in my Democratic Party…

    I am serious about this not because alone for the party…but for the danger they wish and plan against my America…and our sitting president.

    Its time for ALL of us to unite for our country’s welfare…yes, Trump isn’t all of us’s choice for president…BUT HE IS OUR PRESIDENT who seems to be doing a tremendous job to make us proud…so I would be less of an America if I attacked the very “goose who is laying the golden egg”, getting us out of the problems caused by our stupid past…

  88. they removed the link so google this

    Democrat candidate Beto O’Rourke caught lying about lobbyist donations
    August 1, 2018 by Jerry McCormick

  89. Yes, and not only that, but give them OUR money so that we can be outvoted and made irrelevant. They shouldn’t even be voting, but going over the voter roles from the past has shown massive voter fraud from Illegals.

  90. ICE is suing Portland mayor and police force for standing down….big Antifa event planned for this Saturday too

  91. The Democrats have proven that they do not like to follow the Constitution or the Laws of the United States. They want to tear down the United States into a “Second World Country”. They seem to forget that Congressmen & Senators tend to go away also in that type. Putin gets elected. Also people tend to get killed over there.

  92. One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that that’s EXACTLY what the end game is for the leftist liberal Democommunist Party wants,and PRAYS for!

  93. Tucker is right on, as usual, the democommies will go to any lengths to get elected. When we lived in Florida, we had to show a drivers license or an ID to vote at the polling places, didn’t upset me one bit. Also we had to show ID to buy cough meds.

  94. So is anyone doing anything about this? Not that I have heard. If us Republicans or Conservatives didn’t have to work for a living to support all these lazy people and crazy antifa…and the rest we could shut down Washington and let it be known enough is enough. My husband asked me how these people have time for all this protesting and I told him the truth…because they have no life, no job, no responsibilities. God Bless America folks…and if the ones we voted into office can’t grow a set all that’s left is prayer.

  95. Beto has that innocent big eyed look….a youthful appearance…so who knows?

    Hee hee….the PAC he took from was anti Israel.

    Maybe that will help him. Israel not all that popular now….less so by the day. White Helmet dirt just came out on them.

    Those debates ought to be interesting now….Cruz is really going to ham it up.

    Looks like we are stuck with Ted “DARK ACT” Cruz again. He’s not clean either special interest – wise.

  96. time to stop the practices of people registering at DMV and other outlets. Their applications to register as voters is not authenticated or validated. Any one can register via this process. I would recommend Sec of States review all DNV registration and invalidate those that are not valid. The Democratic Party has already shown the American People that they will resort to all tactics to attempt (Attempt) to win the election. Such as taking actions against the rival of Hillary last election. The Dossier. If Americans want to protect themselves, their neighbors and this nation, they Will not vote Democratic. They will increase taxes, let illegals storm over the border without control and other anti people programs. They evidently do not want to honor or support the US Constitution for they are going to do their best to stop the Nominee to the US Supreme Court. A golden opportunity for us to have a judge who honors the constitution. Look at the actions of Durbin, Schumer, Warren, and lastly the horible examble of a noble congressperson, waters.

  97. Yes, and also this is why they are protecting the illegal Aliens in these sanctuary cities for their democratic vote. They protect them so they will vote Democrat in return.

  98. Tucker is stating the obvious. The heart of the Democratic Party is POWER not issues that matter to real Americans. This FACT has been self-evident for decades and was demonstrated in 2014, only the ignorant and brainwashed would vote democrat and illegals fill the bill fro 2018. Nothing is out of the realm of democratic deceit and dishonesty.

  99. It happened in Haughton, LA which is a very small town. I have to vote at a church, and it happened there (not the churches fault). I pushed the Trump button several times, and nothing happened. Hillary’s button worked, though. ,I called one of the workers over, finally, and told him about the problem. His response was that that problem had been happening all morning. He offered no solution because he didn’t have one, I kept hitting the Trump button until it finally worked, but I wonder how many just gave up.

  100. Their desent into the obese is rapidly happening. Soon there will be a political party which will truly challenge the Republican party for the hearts and soul of the American citizen by being truly representing their needs for all citizens not non-citizens. I believe it is time for this party to bury the politically correct left! That party is the Libertarian party.

  101. Democrats would rather rule from the top of a radioactive slag heap than serve in a garden. To them, it’s all about power and nothing else.

  102. Well blow me down, this is exactly what our Canadian much despised Prime Minister is trying to do with all the illegals sneaking across our borders, trying to build his own block of voters cause none of us are going to vote for him.

  103. I think the word “disgrace” isn’t strong enough. A better one might be like desertion in time of war.

  104. he hit the nail right on the head . the dems are commies it all started with the johnson pres. we have been going down hill since .the old dem are gone thats why i became an independent .vote pepublican .OLD VET

  105. We need to uphold our laws otherwise we will truly become a third world country. Third world people come to our country because it is the best in the world or should I say it used to be. Most want a free handout: welfare, housing, food stamps, medical, education, etc. If we continue letting illegals in soon it will no longer be a great country. I know of illegals who overstayed their visa’s and married american,s, their spouses died and they reap social security benefits and V.A. benefits. They actually live much better than most american’s who work hard for a living. It is so wrong and such a burden on this wonderful country. Remember to vote Republican, make Democrats a thing of the past.

  106. Who in their right mind would hand USA over to the likes of Nancy Pelodi, Chuck Schumer, Jeff Flake ( he is on his way out, Cory Booker, , Adam Shiff, Maxims Waters, etc

    ALL have made a fortune out of ‘helping’ the disadvantaged….yet they disappear after the vote.

  107. Isn’t it ironic that in today’s .America…it is an ultra rich billionaire Trump who is looking out for the less fortunate and middle class

    While Democrats , who have paraded themselves as the party of the less fortunate,…now cling to the elitist class in Silicone Valley, Hollywood and the Uber rich athletes…alluber wealthy Globalist who believe they not the voters know what is best for the individual

    Thank you for your response, I do in many ways agree with everything you say, I agree in part to what everyone is saying. Yes I served, since I was seventeen in 1960, yes I have been around the world. I have been what hatred for each other has brought, I grew up with immigrants, yes they worked hard for their efforts, different, time different circumstances, they came her for a chance at a better life, remember this country did not have the carrot before the horse (social services) as like today, diversity was almost non existent, everyone stayed within the neighborhoods where their culture was embraced and they were comfortable, and many, many others things. They were not pushed out of their countries because of greed, yes that does exists here because we as a people have allowed the rich rule over us, the old statement steal from the rich and give to the poor has been turned around and now says take from the poor and give to the rich, WHY? we in this country can’t seem to see past their own nose, we have allowed not only allowed the items you mention, but our government has condone it as well,
    We have done just what the rich wants us to, fight among ourselves. Look to others to put blame on our lives, no don’t look at yourselves for your lot in life, but look at whose running here now, let’s just coral them and send them back to be killed. Yes a few bad ones will past thru, but has that not been stopped then and now, no, but now we are up in army’s about it, go back in history but not too far back where people who were different were forced into a life of servitude, bought and solded like meat in a market, whose babes were torn from the breast of mothers, how long did that last, one year, two years, no still in part today just on a different scale. Each one whe reads this will know just what people I’m referring to. How about the Japanese people who were put in concentration camps during WW2, what was their crime, being human or being Japanese., again no social services. Work force of today, jobs that no one wants but are willing for the less of us should do, Day laborers, those that cut out grass, keep our homes clean because their are too lazy to do it themselves, who take care of our sick and elderly, oh yes I’m a retired nurse as well, my wife is as well. So I also have an insight for today. Why are the clinics so cowed, the emergency rooms, because they can’t afford to have a P.V.C. Why is that. As the Lord Jesus said,I know this statement is going to upset a lot of people, but I really don’t care. Jesus said, what Earthly Father would give his child a stone instead of bread,. Ask yourselves how would you feel if the shoe was reversed, and we were trying to escape from here because of blood shed from our leaders, or gangs fighting to take over neighborhoods to prove a point, (what point)? so turn to the other countries for help and either turned away or jailed. To continue later!!!


  110. Amen ????????! That’s the one and only reason the Globalist-Elitist Democrats want ‘open’ borders, so that they can turn the United States ???????? into just another third world country that THEY can control!

  111. Tucker exposed exactly the tatic the left is using.They know they can’t win now with THINKING AMERICAN CITIZENS so they will push for open borders and illegals voting in elections.If we are to remain a sovereign nation this must be stopped.

  112. 10-4 on that good buddy. Perhaps the time has come for Vigilantly patrols. It may sound bad but Texas patriots will have to step up to the plate to drive the illegals out once and for all. We must fight fir our state and our country. “Live Free or Die” just like our forefathers before us. It’s just around the corner. Texans better prepare. The state government and federal government are stalling. Build the wall inforce laws.

  113. It is very hypocritical of you to expect responses to your comments to be civil. If a fact is given that you don’t like, you revert to berating and calling names. Then when others respond in kind you are offended. Typical double standard.

  114. One thing about cronic liars, they spout their lies so much, they actually begin to believe them. Quite honestly, I believe they are not capable of learning, much like the aforementioned lemmings. The reason they keep shouting is, they were super embarrassed by losing an election to a smarter businessman. The Democrats do not understand business. Look at what the democrat unionist did to Detroit! They did it, no one else Look at what getting them out of the way is doing to our economy, which they are either too dumb to admit it or too embarrassed to. Hmm?? Maybe they are watching the fake news only.

  115. Hey SLT, you sound like a 75 year old bleeding heart that spouting the local fake news rhetoric. I’m 73 and have lived the last 40 years of my life in the medical field in a busy ER. I’ve seen and heard anything and everything you can imagine. Your right, we are all Immigrants. The difference is that when my folks came here they worked their butts off and assimilated, learned the language and earned their place in society. Today they sneak in and want everything for nothing. You can’t understand them, and call us stupid. I know of a family that owns four jewelry shops and are on welfare and he brags about it. Most of the times you go into a mom and pops shop it is owned by foreigners and I know several of them that are on welfare. I know you guys have your problems with the borders but look at Dearborn, Hamtramck and most of the suburbs around Detroit. Also look at all the candidates that are running for Governor of Michigan and then tell me that we aren’t being overrun by people who got everything including their education from the American people. Mark my words, we will be riding camels and bowing to the east in the future or taking siesta’s and drinking free tequila. I had a Doc. tell me one time “not to worry about it because soon everybody will be brown”. By the way, did you every serve your country in the armed forces. Mine started on my 17th birthday in 1962. I know the difference between hard work and dedication and what my flag and allegiance means to me. As far as the “babies being ripped from their arms” it is their fault for committing the crime in the first place. When you commit a crime here you go to jail and you don’t have your kids with you. Its hard for me to understand that your 75 and have the mindset that you do. This world is run by Greed and Stupidity, and most of the people that I have talked to have an IQ equal to their age.

  116. I was an Immigrant 1977when I came here.I had to go thru finger printing,go to Doctor’s office,learn about the Country,etc.and then go for an Exam,it took 11years to become a Citizen! I was really excited @that time! Don’t tell me I shouldn’t be angry!!!

  117. I agree with Tucker. It is a national disgrace that members of any political party would do this. Shame on them. They deserve to lose elections.

  118. GREAT COMMENT……..Time to get rid of obama’s muslim friends & brothers…..Be a good thing if obama was shipped back to his birth country after all he is ILLEGAL.

  119. Why am I listening to Asians speak in their tongue and mexicans in their native tongue while shopping, if the ENGLISH language is mandatory..Its time to get rid of all those illegals and stop using #1 to speak english on the phone…….Time to show the illegals that their lives are not worth 2cents…….Its better for them to go back to their foreign countries NOW than be carried out by 6……….


  121. Thought it was “Open Season” on illegals……..Was asked to participate while shopping at Wal-Mart……..


  123. Alberta, you are so right on this one. I thought about that one long time ago. Democrats want open borders and tell immigrates both illegals and legal they have to vote democRATS before they can come in..

  124. If anyone colluded w/ Russia it was criminal Hilary who should have been arrested years ago. If anyone was a fraudulent president it was your Muslim hero Obama who wasn’t even born in the United States and therefore not qualified to be president.( even w/ his fake birth certificate????)
    We have a President now (though not perfect in his private life& at least is twice the man Bill Clinton was in& out of office) he is putting our country first and that is the most important and necessary job that he is handling superbly! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! ????????????????????????

  125. It was proven after the 2016 election thousands of illegal voter fraud cases just in Detroit alone. The Democrats& liberals jumped right on that and stopped any further investigations across the country. I’m sure as I breathe we would have found more than thousands of illegal voters in California alone!!????????????????????????

  126. I agree with you except one one issue… My ancestors came over with permission from the government. They were not ILLEGAL! To fix this problem… Do as my ancestors did and COME LEGALLY, then you have nothing to worry about.

  127. And 75 years ago immigrants coming to this country did so LEGALLY because immigration laws were ENFORCED!
    Those same laws are on the books today and need to be enforced. My grandmother came here from Poland as an immigrant thru Ellis Island. She was never able to see her parents& younger brother again because he wasn’t allowed to come, he was considered a cripple because of a club foot. That
    Is laughable in this day&age but she accepted ‘being ripped from her parents arms’. I can live with that, she did. All illegals should be rounded up, arrested& sent back immediately! Do it the right way or GET OUT! Good enough for my hardworking grandmother good enough for the freeloaders!???????? BUILD THE WALL!????????????????

  128. Unfortunately in large state such as CA. …the illegals are now given ID cards which allows them to vote

    One ICE official says in CA for $120 you can get ID card, Social Security card and drivers license in CA.

    If only they would leave US , like they keep threatening to do., ..US would be a lot better off.

  129. Unfortunately in large state such as CA. …the illegals are now given ID cards which allows them to vote

    One ICE official says in CA for $120 you can get ID card, Social Security card and drivers license in CA.

    If only they would leave US , like they keep threatening to do., ..US would be a lot better off.

  130. Let’s be honest here, if they had a THOUSAND videos of photos, you would not believe a single one of them. You would roll over like the pavlovian party dog and swear they were phony and it was “just that biased fox news” slamming the Dems again.

    The story about Prince George’s county allowing non citizens the right to vote is true. Check it out with WAPO or the local news stations. Non citizens should NEVER have ANY voting rights in this country!

    The People’s Republic of Calicommia has been doing this for several years. That is why your queen Hildebeast supposedly “won” the popular vote. She carried the PRC and all of it’s ILLEGALS.

    Ask yourself this one question: What is so wrong with positive ID for the purposes of voting? You fools continue to point to Russian interference, yet you absolutely oppose voter ID cards as a security precaution. Stop speaking out of both orifices at the same time.

  131. The illegal invaders are also a standing army ready to fight for the liberal communists. Just hand them a weapon, and offer them citizenship in return for them being cannon fodder.

  132. Texas is still America. Tell them wet backs to go home and return legally. Why the hell cant we have our laws enforced. Lack of law enforcement causes more problems than solved. Perhaps citizens should start enforcing the laws.

  133. Diane
    You have been drinking way too much of that demostupid Kool aid spiked with powerful hallucinogens. Wake up and realize your party is desperately trying to open the borders just so they get SOME votes from the uninformed and save one of their two faces.

    Sadly, when you are confronted with facts you don’t like, you immediately discount, or ignore, what is said and start calling people names. The true moron is you for blindly believing everything the democommies keep telling you and the other lemmings.

    Keep following them for they will lead you down that path towards the precipice ahead.

  134. Hey Americans. The hot tempered rhetoric from the democrats means nothing. The only voice that counts is for patriots to vote Trump’s support group in office this fall. Patriots are the majority. Just vote.

  135. Do ou have any brain cells left after reading your dumb comment?!?? We The People know how the Dumborats work they are only for themselves!!!! Ya listening you fool?????

  136. I agree. Obama and the Democrats have become nothing but a bunch of gangsters. They think they are above the law. Everyone involved in Obama’s administration and Hillary’s mafia should be imprisoned.

  137. If any illegal was sincere about being an American, he or she would apply for citizenship. Those who live off America’s benefits but refuse to become a legal citizen deserves being returned to their country. I am offended by those who come into our Country illegally,demand we change, burn our Flag, curse our Countryand expect a free ride.Those illegals deserve no sympathy.

  138. There are many that believe that Texas and the southwest must be reclaimed for Mexico. At the very least they want to stamp their culture, language, and political stamp on the region.

  139. Don’t break the law, and no one will take your children. You act like this is a new concept. This happens every day, in every State. If, you are arrested, they will separate you from your children.

  140. U totally agree, I love in Texas we have an abundance of illegals. It wouldn’t be so bad but they hate America so why are they here?

  141. I Absolutely agree with Tucker Carlson. Anyone with a brain could see this coming on. These illegals only know to vote Democrat because they know the Democrats will let them live for FREE in this country.

  142. There’s a difference between legal and illegal, buddy. Your ancestors came here legally (I am assuming). Legal immigrants don’t sneak over here – like the illegals. Legal immigrants don’t expect government freebies – like the illegals. Find out the facts first before you spout off. You are pathetic.

  143. How about all the polling places where they push the button for Trump, but it defaults to Hitler. So they try again. Same thing. Try again. Same problem. Then you call over one of the attendants, and she tries several more times, to no avail. So finally just give up. I don’t remember which places this happened, because it happened at too many places. And how many didn’t catch it???

  144. Really now. Let’s take a little trip down south to Mexico, and stay for 10, 20 years, working and paying all the local and state and federal taxes, and let’s see what happens when you finally get caught. Oops. It’s prison time for you. Do you think you get to keep your children by your side while in prison? You should grow up. If we allowed any and everyone that wanted to get here entry, this country would be full really fast. Do you truly think the dems care about dreamers and blacks and homosexual people? They care about the vote. Period.

  145. And that is why the Dems are so caught up with Russian Collusion. Its a DIVERSIONARY TACTIC to take American voters away from real problem. Which of course are the Dems undermining our elections in whatever manner they can!!!!!!!

  146. When you live in the past, you do not have a future, America is full, overpopulated, it is not 75 years ago when jobs were plentiful and there was still room to roam, we are packed together like sardines, STOP ALL IMMIGRATION NOW, and use the military to stop the invasion from Mexico!

  147. Yes, those busloads of people go from precinct to precinct, voting multiple times. It was reported in Iowa during the presidential elel\ction.

  148. You are a moron ! People coming to our country and changing it to fit the life they are running from ! Is not coming for a better life ! Its called over throw of our country to make it communist ! And those who come to this country illealy have no rights under the bill of rights ! Its for those who are citizens of this Great Country! More countries are distorted by illegal imagration than anything else!! So to me you have your head up your democrats and liberal asses ! This country was about freedom ! Not slavery ! Democrats are about slavery and greed! And its time to stop the craziness! And your not helping our country if you think our bill a rights us for formers to come here and force our country to take them in!!!

  149. The Democrats know they will get slaughtered at the polls come next election and that is why they are trying desperately to allow illegal aliens the right to vote. Once was the Democratic party was a fairly decent party…and I say fairly decent party…but now I wouldn’t trust one Democrat politician to sit in ether house of Congress.

  150. Most Of today’s Americans have ancestors who came over to US…with literally nothing.

    The Irish, .the Scottish, The Italians ,the Hungarians, the Polish, etc .all emigrated looking for a chance at a better life

    They worked hard,long hours were taken advantage of …the lot

    The big difference comparing them to today’s ‘migrants’…is that they didn’t expect, housing, medical care, an interpreter, free food and clothing…paid for by taxpayers.

    They worked at miserable jobs,…( watch The Gangs-of New York movie, the series Peeky Blinders for example ) relied on family and friends …and got an education

    They all learned to speak English, take any job they could , , integrated into society and were proud on being the new Americans

    Unfortunately the majority of today’s immigrants, especially those from Middle East chose NOT to integrate, speak the language that will help them be lifted up in society..English, and make demands that American society conform to ‘their ways’, their laws

    You can’t live harmoniously with people who refuse to integrate…look to Europe today..it has Muslim ghettoes which are no-go zones .

  151. I have been an American since I was born here 75 years ago, My ancestors came to this country as immigrants, We all came from immigrants, We talk about the constitution, but I have not heard anyone talk about the Bill of Rights, Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Concervaties, and those who have affiation with any party, but I do hear is a bunch of know it alls, public and media looking for BLOOD, someone or something else to blame for their lot in life. Ladies and gentlemen we are all hurting, and looking for a better life for everyone. I wonder sometimes how each of you would feel if you were in your ancestors shoes, or the shoes of those looking to have a better life in this country, how would you really feel. How would you feel if your child was taken from your arms or side and placed some where else, how would you feel if after being in this country for 10, 20, 30, years or more, worked at manual labor, doing the jobs you yourselves would not do, paying your share of loca, state, and federal taxes, being waking up in the middle of the night, arrested all because you for what ever reason, did not apply for your green card or citisenship, served in the military even give your life, or limb and then told you can stay here, now with all the talk from everyone calling each other, untrueful, thieves, rapist, womanizers, etc. how many congressman, senators, judges, city and state officials who haven been doing these acts since slavery, Democrats, republican and the like, everyday people and we have the nerve to consider ourselves pure, none of us and I mean none of us except the newborn child is not guilty of cheating, causing friction in the workplace, talking behind others back including Our so called best friends. We in this country need to stop, regroup, and look at our own lives, we who call ourselves Americans, stop judging others until you have walked others shoes and foot steps, I’m waiting for the day when it is decided by someone, that all the veterans who were not so call American citizens but who died for this country, I guess it would be ok to so if their bodies were exhumed and ship back to the country that never lived in nor know about. To some who don’t know, this is the only country on earth where you are required to speak English, never has and just might not ever be, because we are all imagrents in one way or another.
    Thank you. Grow up complainers.

  152. I do my due diligence by researching the background of candidates. I’m an informed voter! A lot of people vote for a candidate just BECAUSE their family ALWAYS voted for one particular party. How do I know this??? Because I witness this in my community. For many, they don’t take into account what a candidate stands for, they strictly pay allegiance to a party.

  153. Tucker you are 100% right. They can only win if they cheat every election HOW DISGUSTING What kind of a party are they? The kind we do not want in AMERICA> Yes TRUMP in 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Tucker you are 100% right. They can only win if they cheat every election HOW DISGUSTING What kind of a party are they? The kind we do not want in AMERICA> Yes TRUMP in 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. Agreed! Anyone with half a brain should’ve already figured this out, I’ve been saying this for months!!

  156. Kausch, I’ll not challenge you, but give you food for thought!, VOTING, is one of your most sacred RIGHTS, it needs to be a right that’s yours and yours alone!, because you have your opinion about who should VOTE, that’s not your worry, but the problem of your local authorities!, when YOU VOTE do you know WHOM your voting for!, is that person “ WORTHY of your VOTE or are you, as many where this last election MAD because a WOMAN didn’t get elected!. I myself VOTE for the GOOD of the Country, & I’m very particular whom get that cherished VOTE!, God Bless America.

  157. You apparently lack a very critical mental capability. What you need is the capacity to gather together facts relating to actions and efforts of individuals to achieve open borders, the elimination of I.C.E., create sanctuary cities, pass state laws to permit illegal immigrants to vote, their having put all their political eggs into lies and fake news, having offered no policies to enhance the benefits to the working class (which the influx of illegal immigrants tend to depress) all in an effort to stop the will of the electorate’s choice for president, and you see how void your power of reason has become. You would do well to avoid making comments for all the world to see.

  158. If that is the best shot you have at Carlson, you must live with the mushrooms, you give 10 lines of superfluous nothing. Typical left wing wind that bears a strong odor of the kind that you would step on grass in the park. Maybe you would do better helping out the fraud fight that is being conducted by the Schiffhead, Adam from Califraudnia.

  159. Well Gus; during the Presidential election in November of 2016, there was coverage of that going on in Philadelphia, it showed “LIBERALS “, given $ to voters going into the VOTING POLS, I work in Texas, & watched it on National TV, come on!, there needs to be accountable Voting, everyone should have too regrister to vote in there HOME TOWN, & when any person Votes they need to prove who they are!, ALL State issue Idenification cards!, with proof of live identity!, which we ALL should have!. God Bless America.

  160. Remember when obama was having his second election, he had inspired the Black Panthers to make sure that they were guarding his election by not allowing whites or known conservatives to vote. They were stationed outside voting areas carrying different types of clubs and weapons to scare away the voters. We could try and guarantee that Illegals will not try to alter this midterm election or any future elections. At that time the crooked obama AG, was turning a blind eye at those antics and the left was not lifting finger to stop the situation. Why, because it was their Messiah and they wanted him re-elected. I still think that every voter should carry voters ID to stop this Left Wing Fraud that is perpetrated, each election. We need to kick Sessions out of office and strengthen our voting laws to demand honest elections, not engineered ones by the LEFT. TRUMP FOR 2020.

  161. The illegals are NOT showing up to the polls in busses marked “illegal immigrants”. They are embedded (notice I didn’t say integrated) into our communities. If this wasn’t the case, then WHY do you supposed the dems are so up in arms, and having a hissy fit over the census question, “Are you a citizen of the U.S.?”

  162. I too saw this reasoning on first sight because I know that democrats are anxious about retaining power any way they can get it, no matter how they can get the upper hand. They are willing to cheat, lie, steal, even kill, to get their way. Note this democrat future candidate and I’ll shout it loud and clear: “I will NEVER vote for another democrat candidate whether it’s local, state or national office. I invite many other citizens to join me in this seemingly never-ending war.

  163. If all of this voter fraud is so rampant , why doesn’t Fox news have film footage of this massive voter fraud. How hard would it be to film bus loads of illegals showing up to vote illegally at every election. Tucker could leave the station and go live at five with on the spot reporting of this taking place. Maybe he never heard of a picture is worth a thousand words. Talk is cheap. Now if filming is illegal at the polls, then they could film the busloads of illegal people coming to the polls. I am sure that as smart as they are they could figure something out even it they had to get a helicopter and fly overhead . I think this would be more concrete evidence about illegals being bused in to the polls than Tucker simply saying this is happening. The mid terms are only a few months away and now would be the time to grow a set of balls and do some real on the spot reporting.

  164. Diane, please take off the Democratic blinders, stopbelieving all the nonsense. Look at the proof that in all respects we are better off than when Mr Obama was president. You may not like President Trump, but if you are being honest with yourself, you have to admit that he is doing a good job. The Democratic Party has followed its corrupt leadership down the primrose path. Open your mind, do your homework. Just spouting nonsense doesn’t make it true. If you are intelligent you will discover the truth. I pray you will. You and others like you. Our country depends on it.

  165. Where does it say any person legal or illegal has the right to vote. This isn’t the way the Constitution was written for all citizens. Where is ALL THE money supposed to come from, especially the shape the middle class has to go by payday to payday. They are SOO self absorbed, not caring how it will effect the citizens nor Care. The whole democrats and rhinos refuse to obey the President or different Commities AND GET AWAY WITH IT . MUELLER THINKS HE’S THE BOSS, THIS WITCH HUNT HAS GOT TO END.

  166. Your vile language doesn’t surprise me one bit. You are, afterall, a Trump supporter. He’s just as vile. And JH, the only reason Trump won was because his campaign (including him) colluded with Russia (as Mueller will prove). He’s a illegitimate president (which will also be proved), so yes, I believe there will be a blue tsunami this November as 70% of REAL Americans are sick and tired of all his lies and perverted behavior. Time this embarrassment is kicked out of the Oval Office because he’s totally incompetent.

  167. The only thing news worthy about this article is that there might have been anyone left in the country that didn’t already know this.

  168. Even after brainwashing generations of students in our government schools liberals have discovered that they have not totally eradicated the ability of their “graduates” to evaluate the political climate and (sometimes) come to conclusions that do not follow the “progressive” platform in the unthinking manner that they prefer.

    Therefore, they HAVE TO import unskilled illegals who cannot speak the native language and couldn’t care less for the intracacies of politics so long as they are guaranteed “entitlements” for which they are nor required to work all that much. The liberals are eager to make all these immigrants, be they legal or illegal, instant citizenship with the automatic RIGHT to vote for their benefactors (the liberals), and thus guarantee them political power forever.

  169. I hope the majority of Democrats that really understand what is going on come out and vote in November for republicans that will make this country stronger and send the right message to the democratic leadership that strong borders, growing economy’s and lower taxes are important to all Americans

  170. Well, the Dim-ocrats are after all the Party of convicted felons & illegal aliens! Why are we so surprised?

  171. Tucker is exactly right. That is exactly why the dems are pushing for open borders. It does seem though, that something could be done to stop these cities enabling the illegals to vote. It’s just so stupid I can’t believe it’s happening.

  172. Tucker Carlson is right. It must be mandatory to know who votes. Our country can not stand for any more of them corrupting our government.

  173. This is not a new idea. I have been posting this for months. DemocRATs have lost their useful idiots and want to allow massive invasion of illegals to blindly vote for them. What the illegals don’t know is how the democrats will just dump them into ghettos until the next election. Then they will bus them to as many polling places as is possible in one day. California is doing this now.

  174. We can only get out and vote…tell all your friends to also make sure they understand…President Trump/Pence still needs to continue in Building the wall, drain the swamp, stop illegal immigration, etc. Trump 2020!!!

  175. Tucker Carlson is spot on. That’s why the furor on the left against the wall and purportedly against “separating” illegal parents and children. Like the Dems care? Doesn’t abortion permanently separate a child from its parents? And can you imagine a Democrat being against abortion? Not in a million years. It’s all a big distraction from Tucker’s original premise. we

  176. Tucker is 100% correct and what he reported . And that Cortez girl running out of New York she’s about as dumb as a box of rocks . We need her to keep talking because everytime she opens her mouth she’s getting us more votes .

  177. The Demon-Craps are replacing their black voting block with illegals because a lot of the blacks have caught on to the lies they’ve been fed for 60-80 years and have started to vote for Republicans or just not voting at all. Tucker has hit the nail on the head, as he usually does.

  178. The Dems have no other agenda now than to flood our country with immigrants and get them to vote. The big question is what will be done about this? Will it fall on deaf ears like all the other fraud and corrupt situations that have been revealed, i.e. FISA warrant/false dossier obtained by Clinton, Rosenstein, Steele and paid for by DNC to frame President Trump and sow misery and distrust on us. As a Country. We need to know that our laws are enforced and people are punished for wrong doing no matter what side of the political isle they are on. I don’t see this happening.

  179. The Constitution is being spit on by the DEM Party &
    no one wants to challenge the DEMS but Tucker, Rush, Sean & a few brave souls, who will probably be
    punished for speaking out. We are supposed to have a Representative Republic & only US Citizens vote, but even some Poll Workers turn a blind eye, if they think Illegal Criminals will help the DEMs Regain Power.
    If the DEMS are able to allow Illegal Criminals to replace US Citizens in the Voting Booth, then we
    American Citizens have allowed the DEM Party & their Alien Population to rob us of our Birthright, Citizenship in the Greatest Country in the World.
    If we American Citizens don’t stand up & fight this
    ENEMY, before the 2018 Election, I fear for Our Safety in this Country!

  180. That’s why they are are called demoLEMMINGS!! Run off that cliff ahead, it will only hurt for a little while.

  181. Tucker is absolutely right; the liberals only react, because they know it’s true and now, everyone in America knows it. Notably, the democrats have been getting away with this for the past 10 years, at least. Conservatives had already begun to take notice and have taken action to correct the situation; a group called True The Vote has been working for a number of years, to report and correct voter fraud and get cities and counties to clean up their voter roles,

  182. I’ll help. I’ve been advocating sending the people who do not like the USA for any number of reasons to foreign countries because surely it will be better for them there. It is time to do that.

    I will help.

  183. He is so right that has been my thought for awhile now with demorats wanting open boarders. I have said before in those area’s where that is apt to happen to put ICE at the polling places and deport them as they come in. I am sure they have thought of that also. So if the illegals show up to vote bam get em.

  184. The Demoncraps ( sounds like what happen after dinner at Toco Bell )will do what ever it takes to win and to hell with AMERICANS they don’t care about anybody but them self and power trying to get as much and trying to keep it.SO LETS GET OUT AND VOTE THESE EVIL SOB’S OUT OF OFFICE “DEATH TO THE DEMOCRAT PARTY” LET’S MAKE THEM A FOOT NOTE IN GRADE SCHOOL BOOKS

  185. Democrats lost the civil war in 1865, moved north and infested the rank and file in growing factories in order to push a union agenda (which has usually failed miserably), and then supported presidents who got us into WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and failed efforts to fight radical Islam, and Russian assertiveness.

  186. Yes! He is right on ~~ DEAD Center! There will never be Power in the Hands of Communists in this Nation! This a godly country, not a godless country!

  187. Amen brother. Honest hard work will advance you at least 99% of the time no matter your race, skin color, or ethnicity.Of course there are racist people, but I refuse to believe they are the majority.I personally try to avoid judging people on anything except the content of their character.

  188. Tucker is right on the money. democrats want only power so they can control the American people. that’s why they gotta cheat to get votes. don’t matter to them if people are legal to be here or not.

  189. Democrats are completely empty when is comes to coherent ideas. The lie is their main point when addressing any and all issues.

  190. I have voted in New York State for 50 years and have never been asked for identification. I have always found this odd but now I find it frightening.

  191. In short, Democrats want illegal immigrants that they can control , that they only obey, that do whatever they’re told to do, immigrants that are always afraid to speak up , immigrants that Democrats can take advantage off for the rest of their lives. This sounds like communism, democrats want power , want to be a dictator. Immigrants , be careful who you vote for during elections. Know these Democrats.


  193. Love Tucker, we need more like him to remind conservatives just how hard we must fight to keep our democracy. Pray every day for Trump.


  195. Voting is the right and privilege of CITIZENS. Non-citizens do not have that right. Illegals need to need to go home and make application for citizenship legally, become citizens, and then they have the right to vote.

  196. tucker is completely right on this one! The Demorats don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves and the only reason they care about the illegals is the fact that they won’t understand what they are doing until it is too late. Thank God for President Trump because he does see what has been happening and is working to correct it.


  198. Be careful about those polls and don’t gloat too soon. Remember, they are the ones that said the Hilldebeast would win easily and she LOST!! They conduct their surveys in metropolitan areas which are filled with demofools who blindly believe what their communist “leadership” tells them. They discount the small cities and rural areas.

    What you should be really worried about is the rest of the country. They are the ones that dumped Hildebeast and elected our current president.
    They have also seen the constant tantrums, hate mongering, sedition inciting and repressive behavior your party has been doing for the past two years. They are very tired of it and are gearing up to slap your party down hard, like they deserve. In the end, the only thing that will be really blue, will be the bruises on your backside from the severe spanking coming. Go buy a cushion before that happens.

  199. Did you know that in the 2016 election that a survey showed that Hillary Clinton had over 1 million illegal aliens vote for her in her election !! It is already starting and the Democrats are favoring the illegal aliens to use as illegal aliens voters with massive voter fraud in the 2018 election!! Sanctuary Democrat cities and state are already giving illegal aliens ID’s so they can vote and that is why they are protecting them over you the legal voters!! We have to turn out in force to stop them in 2018 with our votes!!!!…

  200. Blue tsunami will follow the biblical pigs over a cliff, and POOF they are gone. A FOOL NEVER LEARNS.

  201. For 70 years the de m party has relied on the plantation mentalitie,we will take care of you.most of the Democratic vote is in the big cities where you have millions in the dole.As a former Philly resident
    Between Philadelphia and Allegheny county,pittsburgh,you can come out with a 600000 plutrality.That is a lot of votes to overcome in the rest of the state.most blue states are the same.

  202. The DEMOCRAPS are only interested in one thing,,,POWER, and when they don’t have the majority, they feel subsurvient, which is exactly what they should feel,,,FOREVER!!! When the tally is taken, HOW MUCH DISHONESTY has been shown by the DEMOCRAPS for the past DEMOCRAPS presidency??? Look at THE BIG ZERO,,,look at CROOKED HILLY, AND her BENGHAZI FIASCO where 4 AMERICANS lost their lives, look at her INEPT term as SECRETARY OF STATE, THE EMAIL FIASCO, where she did not “REALIZE” the the “C” stood for CONFIDENTIAL on american documents, where she had 8 “BERRIES” smashed to make them unreadible, and had the Server at home in a closet so the emails couldn’t be traced, and when she lied to the congressional committee, and refused to turn over the emails, and then was “PARDONED BY COMEY” which was just a “MOCKERY” of justice. And then we have SLICK WILLY, (THE RAPIST) His “RAP-SHEET” would read like the WHO’s-WHO of the LIAR’S and MOLESTERS ASSOCIATION.

  203. Yes they can. However the global Republicans are the same as the Democrats. President Trump has exposed them and we all know who they are. All the politicians – Democrats and Republicans- who want open borders and voting in our elections – mostly are globalists. The globalists keep them rich and the globalists can hire cheap labor. It is the destruction of the American way and capitalism if they win. We now know who they are. We have to be selective with who we put in office or it will be the end of our country.

  204. I thank God daily for Pres. Trump. The un-American, anti-American democrats will eventually be the demise of this great nation. No illegal immigrant should have the right to vote in any American election. Where the hell is AG Sessions; why hasn’t Pres. Trump fired him long ago and replaced him with the likes of a Trey Gowdy or Judge Jeanine Pirro? If he waits much longer to fire Sessions, it will be too late to save this nation from demise from within!!

  205. I didn’t need anyone to tell me that was the reason the Democrat Party wants open border. They did the same thing with African Americans after the civil war. They were and still are the Slave party but now they want to enslave us all.
    We must demand voter ID for all Federal Elections. Only American Citizens are allowed to vote for federal positions.
    Any state or a city in that state that allows non citizens to vote in federal elections, than all votes in that state should not be counted at all.

  206. Tucker Carlson is about as smart as the guy sitting (fir now) in the White House. Dumb like a box of rocks. Obliterated the Democratic Party? That’s just plain nonsense. Wait until November, folks. A blue tsunami is coming because Trump is an incompetent corrupt blowhard and 70% of thinking Americans want him removed.

  207. Paul Ryan retires at age 45 with a $85,000 per year pension. Paul Ryan stated the only way to save social security with an average benefit of $18,000 per year is to raise the retirement age to 70.

  208. I lived in San Diego county for 30 years and when I moved to Arizona (thank God) I sent the registrar of voters in San Diego County a letter requesting that I be removed from the voter rolls of the state and I requested a letter of aknowledgement. A year and half later I am still waiting on a reply. California needs to be the very first state for a Federal crackdown on voting eligibility.

  209. Sad to say but illega immigrants have voted in CA fir years now. The effort really took off when the state started granting the privilege of driving legally b issuing drivers licenses to undocumented aliens. Their claim was a better ability to track the illegal eneant’s lication, a claim we all knew was nothing more than horse pucky! They don’t give a hoot where anyone is. IMHO the other 49 should just arbitrarily secede California for he good of the rest of he countr. They’re sucking it dry and falsely claiming the fifth largest economy in the world. Commiefirnians are no better liars than chillary and obummer

  210. live in Pa. contacted republican party before 3/18 election , have always been a republican @66yrs. called to check my wifes voter status and found mine was listed in active an have voted my whole life , this was at the time dems were redoing electoral map , have not heard why or what they are doing about it ,REAL PROBLEM

  211. Sure that’s has been there plan all along. That is why they resist any attempt to pass immigration legislation. There plan is obvious and it’s time for Americans to wake up. Nice work Tucker!

  212. I have an idea. To each and every person who will take a knee while the National Anthem is playing and the flag is unfurled to augment the wonder of the United States of America, let’s do this. Put each and every one on a plane ( at taxpayer expense-I will donate)
    fly them to Iraq, Saudi Arabia or one of the enemy countries of the U.S then put them on a bus and drop them off in the midst of all their new friends and tell them, ” here are your friends, go play with them.
    Any takers ?

  213. Why are we still paying him a retirement??? He should be sent to prison and then we wouldn’t be paying him a retirement.

  214. Tucker blew the whistle? Only to clueless morons, maybe. That’s a well known reality for many years, now. Dems saw what happened in formerly solid red CA, now Mexifornia, with an unabated flood of beaners and they wanna do it to TX, FL and anywhere else they can get away with it. It’s called the browning of America and if we don’t stop it, the entire nation’s gonna be $h1t brown!

  215. Tucker is spot on! When it comes to aborted babies they are mostly silent. When it comes to climate change they don’t mention 10,000 acres a day in Rain Forest loss. When it comes to the opiate crisis they support legalized marijuana for recreational purposes. When it comes to building a wall they say it is unnecessary. When it comes to getting votes and staying in control there is little if anything they won’t do. Wisdom, logic, and common sense be Dammed!


  216. how do you think oboma got elected , accorn busing people around to vote, filling out illegal mail in votes , voter intimadation , and illegals voting , if you need i’d to get welfare then you should need i’d to vote , none of the democrats excuses hold water , and even the blacks are waking up to them , there are still more normal americans then wierd’o’s perverts, lgbt’s illegals and criminals , and that’s the democrats voting base

  217. The Democratic Party has become the Party of losers who do not care about what is good for the country. They are a Party of people looking for handouts. They are too lazy to work but want what those who have worked have. Distribute the wealth I say distribute the burden and everyone work to get what they want

  218. I think he was elected because he made a lot of promise to get votes but did not follow up on any of them! Just made everyone want to fight, now Maxine Waters is doing the same thing!!

  219. I didn’t know they thought it was too expensive. Yes they should be on it. Hey if its such a good plant everyone should be on it including all of Congress. It seems that when Congress doesn’t think we are looking, they tend to act out and act like they are such good honest people. When in fact the deck is stacked in their favor.

  220. Pass a voting law that specifically states that illegal aliens DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO VOTE IN AMERICA’S ELECTIONS!! Only people born in America of two American citizens have a right to vote!!

  221. Tucker is 100% Correct. The DemocRats want to flood the country with NEW VOTERS. No matter how they get here.

  222. Bernice, You got that right, 110%!
    God Bless Donald Trump
    Make America Great Again
    Buy American
    Put America first

    God Bless America!!!!

  223. His skin color has nothing to do with it. The answer is he was not a natural born citizen. Unfortunately the Founders did not define the term in the Constitution, the definition is in The Laws of Nations. A natural born citizen is one who is born to parents, both of whom are citizens, within the country. Now (Thank God) Ex-President Obama’s alleged father was from Kenya, which at the time made him a British subject. Therefore only Barry’s mother was an American ergo Barry was not a natural born citizen and thus ineligible for the office of President.

  224. Do not forget that when Congress found out they were included in Obama Care. They went crying to Obama saying it was too expensive for them and Obama exempted them. Well B. S. Put them back on the bad plan.

  225. So who is really in control of the Voting in America? Can’t the Republicans do anything to stop this illegal Voting? President Trump needs to get control of these Democrats and their criminal Voting Habits.

  226. The DNC head Perez said for all Democrats to embrace abortion. So, what’s holding you up, get on with it.
    To all pro-abortionists, did your mother miss the memo?

  227. Nancy Pelosi said when Obamacare first came or, “Sign it, then read it later”!! She was and is stupid!! I want her GONE!!!








  228. THE (D) PARTY ANARCHISTS want to BURN the US Constitution and their UNIONIZED Teachers UNIONS have done JUST THAT …any wonder why so many ANTIFA, BLM, etc are such Uneducated IGNORANT MORONS???

  229. When have DEMOCRATS become FOREIGN People living in America as UNEDUCATED TROLLS in AMERICA HISTORY, the US Constitution, the RULE of LAW just to be NOTICED as TRAITORS???

  230. Amen. And finally, Tucker, someone of influence not afraid to call a spade a spade. Ohhh, did O just offend a snowflake???

  231. Only stupid people vote for color and ignore qualification. I would welcome any black president that wasn’t a commie hood rat like odumba. There are some conservative people of color.

  232. You know all this talk about Trump not being qualified to be the President. Has anyone ever read in the Constitution what qualifications are required?
    1) YOU have to be 35 years old
    2) A US Citizen (natural born)
    3) Have lived in the state which you are running in at least 2 years.
    Maybe more people should read the Constitution may learn something.

  233. Yes I agree with Tucker Carlson. The Constitution says no one but US citizens can legally vote in our elections.
    Any one caught voting and not a US Citizen should be jailed.

  234. If your enemy is freedom and individual rights you’ll vote for Democrats. If however you want a strong America with standup citizens, free thinkers, land strong families, you’ll vote Republican. Democrats preach more taxes, a constrained stagnant economy, Government funded baby murder and death panels for the elderly, many more people out of work and more people dependent on the Government, and living your life as directed by rich elitists in New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Seattle

  235. and it is ILLEGAL for them to vote. We need to stop it before it happens, once it happens we can’t identify them.

  236. they are using illegal aliens and the Constitution even says voting is for CITIZENS. so what the will be doing IS ALSO ILLEGAL. AND CANCELLING OUT OUR VOTES.

  237. Well, don’t … wait for this situation to get worse. The law do not allow this privilege to happen. The federal government must interfere to enforce this law. I wouldn’t want to wait another day to see this corruption to continue. End it now!

    Where’s AG Session?! Hello? Jeff, it is your job to clarify the law with sore losers in SF and Maryland.

    Hire more ICE agents to speed up the deportations. Arrest the liberal authorities for not complying with the law. And replace them with the right authorities.

    Can’t afford to mess up the voting count that is supposed to be lawful.

    American citizens in America come FIRST!

  238. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been saying for a long time that Democrats can’t win an election without their base voters i.e.Blacks, Hispanics, Women’s rights groups etc. They don’t give a hoot in hell about them except around election time! They must keep their voters in line by buying them.

  239. Fraud is the only way liberals can win on anything. They don’t give a flip about those illegals nor their illegal children, anymore than they care about Americans. It is all about taking back power so they can keep on with their corruption.

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