Tucker Carlson dropped one bombshell video that will terrify Fox News

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Fox News does not want this truth out there.

Tucker Carlson doesn’t care.

And Tucker Carlson dropped one bombshell video that will terrify Fox News.

More evidence continues to point in the direction that Fox News caved and fired Tucker Carlson as part of the demands from Dominion Voting System to settle its defamation case against Fox News.

Carlson posted a video on Twitter sharing an interview with Chadwick Moore, who is set to publish a biography of Carlson on July 18.

In the video, Moore explains that his sources at Fox News confirmed that the network agreed to Dominion’s demand to include firing Carlson as part of any settlement.

Moore claimed sources at Fox News felt management agreed to throw Carlson overboard to stop Chairman Rupert Murdoch from testifying and answering embarrassing questions about Fox News.

“Although Fox felt that they would win the trial with Dominion, they didn’t want Rupert Murdoch to testify. This is what I’m told,” Moore stated. “And as a condition with the settlement, hours before they were supposed to go to trial, they reached this agreement to pull him off the air.”

Moore acknowledged that Dominion denied this was the case, but said his sourcing on this matter was air tight.

“Dominion has denied this, but this is what sources have told me at Fox, that they are sure is the reason,” Moore added.

Moore said he had “multiple sources” who were “people who are very, very close to the situation and who would know, and who I have no reason to believe that they are lying.”

Critics of the Dominion lawsuit claimed the company’s main goal was embarrassing Fox News.

Court filings from Dominion containing text messages from Fox News hosts and executives that had nothing to do with the 2020 election confirmed in the minds of many that was the case.

Sources claimed that Dominion’s goal in demanding Fox News fire Carlson was that it wanted to punish the network.

A biased judge’s rulings limiting Fox News’ defenses it could present at trial made winning the initial case difficult.

However, the judge’s decisions to restrict Fox News’ defenses also made it likely that Fox would ultimately win on appeal.

But winning on appeal takes time and money.

And Fox News clearly wanted this suit behind them and were willing to agree to anything to do so.

Many wondered why the settlement never included Fox News issuing an apology to Dominion.

The fact that Fox may have agreed to fire Carlson as part of the deal could explain why Dominion was willing to let the case go without Fox issuing a correction.

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