Tucker Carlson dropped one truth bomb that sent Democrats running for their lives

Tucker Carlson is one of the most popular hosts on cable news because he takes on the realities that other cable channels and politicians try to avoid.

On Tuesday night, Carlson set his sights on the Democrat Presidential primary.

And Tucker Carlson dropped one truth bomb that sent Democrats running for their lives.

Two weeks ago, Bernie Sanders was the unquestioned frontrunner.

That all changed after the Democrat Party establishment rallied around Joe Biden beginning in South Carolina.

According to Tucker Carlson. Sanders rolled over and barely put up a fight as Democrat Party elites rolled over his movement.

“Yeah, Sanders is a socialist bomb-thrower who praises Fidel Castro, but it’s mostly talk in the end,” Carlson told his audience. “Underneath it all, Bernie Sanders may be the lamest revolutionary ever.”

Carlson said deep down Bernie Sanders is a loser who never wanted to win.

As evidence, Carlson cited Sanders never questioning Biden’s obvious mental decline and the time Sanders apologized after a supporter called Biden corrupt.

“You’re watching a professional loser. Sanders is all but admitting that now. He’s already promised to back Biden if Biden wins the nomination. He’s even pledged not to contest the convention if Biden falls short of a delegate majority… It’s pathetic, actually. Real revolutionaries go to the wall for what they believe, Bernie Sanders won’t even go to the convention, because that’s who Bernie Sanders is and who he’s always been,” Carlson added.

Sanders also never fought to win in 2016.

During a primary debate Sanders told Hillary Clinton he was sick and tired of hearing about her “damn emails.”

Millions of people invested their hopes and dreams in Sanders campaign by volunteering and donating money.

And Tucker Carlson said Sanders took them all for a ride with his sham campaign.

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