Tucker Carlson dropped one truth bomb that sent Democrats running for their lives

Tucker Carlson is one of the most popular hosts on cable news because he takes on the realities that other cable channels and politicians try to avoid.

On Tuesday night, Carlson set his sights on the Democrat Presidential primary.

And Tucker Carlson dropped one truth bomb that sent Democrats running for their lives.

Two weeks ago, Bernie Sanders was the unquestioned frontrunner.

That all changed after the Democrat Party establishment rallied around Joe Biden beginning in South Carolina.

According to Tucker Carlson. Sanders rolled over and barely put up a fight as Democrat Party elites rolled over his movement.

“Yeah, Sanders is a socialist bomb-thrower who praises Fidel Castro, but it’s mostly talk in the end,” Carlson told his audience. “Underneath it all, Bernie Sanders may be the lamest revolutionary ever.”

Carlson said deep down Bernie Sanders is a loser who never wanted to win.

As evidence, Carlson cited Sanders never questioning Biden’s obvious mental decline and the time Sanders apologized after a supporter called Biden corrupt.

“You’re watching a professional loser. Sanders is all but admitting that now. He’s already promised to back Biden if Biden wins the nomination. He’s even pledged not to contest the convention if Biden falls short of a delegate majority… It’s pathetic, actually. Real revolutionaries go to the wall for what they believe, Bernie Sanders won’t even go to the convention, because that’s who Bernie Sanders is and who he’s always been,” Carlson added.

Sanders also never fought to win in 2016.

During a primary debate Sanders told Hillary Clinton he was sick and tired of hearing about her “damn emails.”

Millions of people invested their hopes and dreams in Sanders campaign by volunteering and donating money.

And Tucker Carlson said Sanders took them all for a ride with his sham campaign.

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  2. justicefortrump….You are extremely sick. This is a Christian site and you have no clue. God forbids your sick hate and lies. And it is GOD who gave us Pres. Trump, as He knows how evil Hillary is. WAKE UP!!!!!!

  3. I have a Bernie/Biden doll , and I’m going to stick a nail in it and see what happens !!! (Fingers crossed).

  4. I’m a white Mack Ewing but by posting you show yourself as just a typical white trash racist that likes Trump.

  5. JusticeforTrump, its your party the denies science. You science deniers are the ones trying to tell us there’s more than one sex,or people can change their sex,or people can be both sexes,or no sex at all. WTF!

  6. FluffyPIllowFive,H Manuel Montes,John Pliaka,Randall,Linda,Frances Janzen,Steven Sipes and of course Dan Tyree are all crazy conspiracy idiots who through their hatred for modernism attack science, good government and having allies. They have been mesmerized by the evil of Trump, Limbaugh and the lies of Fox News, the real fake news network.

  7. You are so right Dan. And he didn’t get it done in 2016 so he will not in Nov. He just needs to back out and go sit in his rocking chair and do us all a favor.

  8. The corona virus was perpetrated by the dumo deep state with chinese deep state to
    infect Americans then blame Trump to establish more fake grounds to impeach him before the election to stop him from further exposing the mass corruption of the dumos. They are desperate to stop all the exposure of their pervasive corruption. I think they threaten anyone who gets close to it i.e. AG Barr, Duram, etc.,etc. Lindsey Graham.
    Why do you think Graham has not followed through with any of his promises to “investigate”???????? The DOJ and FBI are rife with corrupt players. Probably are
    being paid by dumos. Sorry, off topic of Sanders and Biden but, very relative to them and all the other corrupt liberals. Why do you think they want Biden in????? to run
    rampant with their corrupt MO.

  9. The only thing saving this country from the Coronavirus is we do not have BernieCare medicine yet, (AKA CubaCare). Make sure you don’t forget your toilet paper, clean sheets, and soap when you go to the hospital.
    If people are worried about the virus crashing the economy just wait ’til democrats get back in power and bring us social ism.

  10. This is sad. There was 20 different candidates on the Dems side. And the best they came up with is a man that remember anything. And a man that had a heart attack, who will most likely have a stroke before November. And ideas that are soo far left. That the US has fought wars against the stuff they are pushing. The Dems are going to lose so badly that the Dems Party will fold! It will be fun to watch the Dems cry so hard. And they still will not be able to figure it out why they lost so badly. So far the contest has been like the show Survivor except this is the winner loses.

  11. Tucker is correct, Sanders is the political equivalent of “gay-for-pay”. He used BOTH campaigns to enrich himself. Like most Career Democrats, he has never had a REAL job, only living on public wages as a politician. Obama was the same way. So were both Clintons (I admit Bil was not COMPLETELY useless). Sanders’ salary has never exceeded $174K, yet he owns three homes! Obama owns at least two and did even before those moronic book and hulu deals. Sanders NEVER wanted to win, he only wanted to compete. He is ill-equipped and he KNOWS it…But I’ll bet he has plenty of money in his campaign coffers. And the unspent money becomes his after a period of time…

  12. Lately it’s common knowledge , that Democrats haven’t a clue to what Americans want ! Their open boarders illegal immigrants voting ? chain migration , Russia collision , Ukraine, impeachment, how does any of this help America ? I guess only Republicans want to insure we are better off now than when Democrats run the country . President Donald Trump has addressed all these problems. Thank you Trump he’s my pick for 2020 .

  13. Bernie is all talk and no show. He rolled over and let retard joe take the nomination away from him. No problem. Trump will beat either of them idiots like a drum. Right Julio?

  14. bernis not a fighter after last election his own party under cut him hilliary and her cut throats he said nothing who would want this commie for president he is in it for the money witch he will get after he drops out $ millions under the table

  15. I think Sanders is on a par with Al Sharpton as a huckster. He promises free stuff to the young, who are the most gullible, in return for their donations. He KNOWS that his promises are totally impossible to implement but it gets him donations. He is not the first to use campaign funds to enrich themselves and their families (Biden) Biden’s sister pulled 3 million out of the last campaign he ran for President. He has turned running for President into a cottage industry and made millions in the process, all the while screwing his donors. He is smart enough to not take it directly but pay people like his sister, and who knows who else, for “consulting” fees or advertising contracts.

  16. Since the last Prez election, Bern didn’t fight for sure. This primary period is the same as mentioned by a commentator. The bottom line is that since 2016 Bern made money to buy three houses and nice vehicles. His motivation is money, wining be damned. He’ll be set to do what most Americans can’t. He’s a good soap box snake oil salesman. Period.

    So why fight the opposition?

  17. Just more utter nonsense from Tucker Carlson, who plays on the gullible and easily fooled Trumpocrats!

  18. Most communists lie low when they know they’ve lost. Bernie doesn’t even deserve to be a citizen. He is trying to turn freedom into control.

  19. How many student loans could Bernie payoff if he liquidated his wealth?
    Not that Bernie would ever do that. We all know social ists only like using other people’s money.

  20. Sanders needs a fourth mansion to live in. Now you understand the whole purpose of his campaign.

  21. When I saw Warren accuse Sanders of calling her a liar on TV and he backed away I could see he’s not much of a fighter.

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