Tucker Carlson dropped the hammer on Mitt Romney and sent the RINO running for his life

Mitt Romney’s attack on Donald Trump outraged conservatives.

They saw it as an extreme act of disloyalty.

But then Tucker Carlson dropped the hammer on Romney and sent him running for his life.

Romney attacked Trump in his Washington Post op-ed because of Trump’s “character.”

The former failed Presidential candidate also laid into Trump for daring to question the globalist consensus in Washington, D.C. that foreign wars are always good and open borders make us stronger.

Carlson tore into this mindset as being symbolic of the ruling class being divorced from the country class.

Breitbart reports him saying:

“Mitt Romney refers to unwavering support for a finance-based economy and an internationalist foreign policy as the “mainstream Republican” view. He’s right. For generations, Republicans have considered it their duty to make the world safe for banking, while simultaneously prosecuting ever more foreign wars. Modern Democrats generally support these goals. There are signs, however, that most people do not support this, and not just in America. In countries around the world — France, Brazil, Sweden, the Philippines, Germany, and many others — voters are suddenly backing candidates and ideas that would have been unimaginable just a decade ago. These are not isolated events. What you’re watching is populations revolting against leaders who refuse to improve their live”

Romney’s op-ed backfired.

It united Republicans behind Trump.

The only support Romney found was among Democrats, the fake news media, and Never Trump RINOs.

That’s because Carlson highlighted a growing sentiment in the GOP base that establishment Republicans like Romney lie to them every election season for their vote, and then go to Washington to advance an agenda that works against the American people’s interests.

Trump won because he challenged the bi-partisan consensus in the swamp that endless wars, free trade deals, and immigration are all benefits to America.

Do you agree with Tucker Carlson? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.




    • Greed and lack of knowledge! Ask the people in Hungary who want him executed and a whole host of other countries like Poland who won’t let him in their country. Even Russia has a price on his head because he conned them.

    • I agree with Tucker! Romney just has to say something to keep his name out there. He was quite pleased to have Trump support when running for Congress. President Trump does not need Romney to get his massage out. Romney needs to realize that he can lose the next election. He certainly doesn’t have the American people in the center if his plans.

  2. We agree with Tucker, the swamp has been bleeding us, We The People, dry for many years. President Reagan started to work against the swamp but his focus became taking the USSR out.
    President Trump is the best thing to happen to us, We The People, (the ones paying for all of the swamps goodies), and We will support President Trump for as long as he keeps working for us, We The People.

  3. I agree with Tucker. The Rhinos have lied over and over again, to be elected, and once in D.C. they turn their backs on those who elected them. They opt for one world government that would take away our freedoms and basic, God Given Rights! Somebody, please name me just one bill they have passed that is a benefit to We the People?

    • It’s so much FUN watching the RepubliCON party tearing itself apart over how ideologically pure each faction is.
      We Democrats will sit back and watch the carnage and elect a POTUS and a Senate that has a veto-proof majority in less than to years.
      Thanks for the help, guys.

      • Now that Nancy’s back, we will be the ones who have the last laugh. Already the horror act of Chuckie and Nancy have gone a long way in making even the most apathetic and deceived (brainwashed) democrats begin to come to their senses. They have proved what we have been saying all along…..the democrats do not care about the citizens of this country. They want to change our republic into communist. No freedoms and no successes. There is NO WAY that the dems will have their way, because there will be a rebellion to save our country. So sit back and watch, because you will have many more tears to shed. Semper Fi!!!

      • OldDog – HaHaHa!! Your Leftist Liberal statement is Funny!!! Btw…. It’s actually “Two” & not “To”. Lol The #LiberalLogic that you’re talking about is Exactly why I LEFT the “DemonRat” Party in 2016!! I literally Thank God for #TRUMP & with the way y’all have Pelosi & Schumer running things right now, President Trump will Definitely WIN Again in 2010!! So, I would like to “Thank YOU” & all of your Liberal Followers!! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!! HeHe!! #BuildOurWall #AmericansFirst #BorderCrisis

      • The “Republicons” deserted the party and Trump in 2018. They had been undermining everything Trump, and all the reasons Americans elected him, said he was going to do. They are scum and I’m so happy they are gone. There are a few of them left, “Comney” being a prime example. He won’t last, particularly showing his colors so early in his new office. He perfectly exemplified the weak support Rhinos have in his bid for the Presidency. He couldn’t even beat Obama. That’s sick. And Disgusting.

      • The old dog is dillisional. The Democrats will never beat our president.
        As far as what I think about Zucker Carlson’s opinion about Mitt Romney, he’s spot on. I simply love Tucker Carlson. Mitt can pack his bags

  4. Tucker sounds American to me and Romney sounds Muslim To me he was a Plant in the Presidential Election against Obama he and Ryan just shut down and collected the payments from the Obama muslims. If you don’t know yet they is the Democrats and their crime unit against America and for ISIS

  5. I wish God would drop real rhinocerusses on all RINOS, neocons and Dumbocraps.
    And yes, rhinocerusses is a word. Listen to the song.

  6. Mitt Romney is a sad and disappointing embarrassment for Utah. Still, electing a democrat would have been far worse. The UR Party needs to do better with candidate selection. Mitt, support Trump!
    Too bad the dem’s can’t see being able to say along with Pres. Trump, we did this together.
    1. Build the Wall! Sage saying, “Good” Fences Make Good. Neighbors.
    2. Restore compound interest to personal saving accounts. A conservative strategy that anyone can chose to participate in. It is protected and a good supplement to retirement income.
    3. Our leaders are expected to be good role models. Gutterish talk/behavior is not one of the characteristics.
    4. Score spending bloated billions outside our country, use it at home, first!
    5. Defend free speech.
    6. Defend the second admendment. Serious consequences for those who abuse this privilege and right.
    7. Defend and continue to fund Social Security, Medicare. and Medicaid for all legal citizens. Illegal aliens have not worked and paid into these systems for these benefits.
    8. Hospitals, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, prescription drugs, other health professional costs are too high and out of control. Do something about it now! The “free market” isn’t!
    9. NO more sneaky tax hikes on all of us at the federal, state, and local levels.
    10. We voted for Donald Trump. Because he says it like it is. Things many of us have been saying for years. He won because he is what we and this country needs. Time for Republicans to stand behind him. He will meet and listen. He is a man of action. He is not afraid.
    11. Members of all parties step up and be honest and true statesmen. Work together for our common good and be able to say, “We did it together.”

  7. I watch TC because he is very intelligent, knows the facts and tells it like it is! Keep doing what you are doing because we want to know what is going on for real and I know where to find it by watching you!! I love to watch you knock the socks off the crazy leftists. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK TC.

  8. The majority of his ‘base’ in Utah did not expect him to attack Trump, the majority of his base were lied to, the majority of his, once base’ is gone, he will get no majority of Trump supporters… who is left to vote for him? It Isn’t conservatives.. so who?
    Romney will assure a loss to Dems after splitting the baes, this is how Clinton got elected… who is Romney really trying to help?
    Romney is not looking to the citizens of the party he claims to be part of,,, so who is Romney anyway.. just another RINO at best. At worst, the RNC’s equivalency to Hillary Clinton.

  9. He is a typical Smile while screwing you Politician. What do you expect from a political hack ass hole. Should never have been allowed to run his true colors were apparent when he lost the Presidential Nomination. Utah should know better.

  10. I wonder if Romney realizes that the reason we rejected him is because we believe him to be the conman, liar, & phony RINO. He would just be another Bush type globalist who is willing to let the UN take over the world and run things. We know he can’t be trusted with being President, it looks like the same goes for being Senator.


    • I agree yes. With Tucker.
      I never cared for Romney. The people like Trump because he’s good people.
      He treats the working man as if he were a rich man. Not afraid to shake his hand.
      How many Democrats have you seen go out of their way to shake hands with the working man.
      Hillary Clinton had a rope around her to walk in to help keep people at bay.
      She didn’t want the everyday people to close to her.
      Remember when she said,”we’re going to put the coal miners out of work and close the mines”. Then turned to Tim Kaine and said,”Right Tim”? He was stunned.
      You could hear a pin drop in that room. Lol. She forgot she was in COAL country. The heart of it.

    • I do most emphatically agree with Tucker ! Romney is like a lot of other elected officials that chose a party to affilliate then run on based on where the opening was and which party didnt matter. Come on Mitt, eliominate the swamp, build the wall, help install term limits to all federal elected offices, and stop the purchase of government with $ .. We need spendiong limits on campaigns, no donors or outside support from PAC’s, Unions or large individal donors. Limit the $ spent to 1 years salary for the office. Also stop the bidding for committed chairmanships they should be assigned by background knowledge or regional familiarty but not by the amount of $ given to the party

  12. Romney is from the past. What we participated in with President Trump; was a peaceful Revolution. He was not a politician. He was one of us. The people fed up with politics as usual voted him in. He as been wonderful in returning our country back to us. We are seeing at every level of government the betrayal. The enemy from within does not understand. when they get what they want they will be the first to go because they can not be trusted. The second amendment is in the constitution so we the people can act to get rid of those who have betrayed their oath of office and are trying to establish a dictatorship.. This is outlast chance.

    • I agree with Tucker Carlson. I also agree with the comment just above me. Go Robert. Democrats are made up of Nazis blood. Probably even Nazis are better than these Democrats. Hating President Donald Trump hopefully will not further the democrat’s agenda. I pray the American people no what their agenda is and they stick to it supporting President Donald J Trump.


    • That is exactly what should be happening. If an elected senator or representative Change totally from their persona while campaigning there should be a way for immediate recall of the win. What kind of people are running for office, Rhinos and totally wacky people. Maybe the minimum age should be raised because apparently 30 in not an assurance of intellect or maturity. Let’s begin testing for maturity, basic knowledge of our country & mental stability before elections

      • The educational system in place now in elementary and High Schools offer very little in the accurate teaching of our Constitution and how government works. This could be due to the fact that the colleges they graduated from have become so liberal and anti-conservative that they promote their agenda on their students which in turn become teachers and parents who then convey their lack of knowledge and their Liberal ideas onto the children. Ask most H.S. students what they know about the Constitution or How a Bill is passed, or even what the Check and Balance System is supposed to be, etc. and you will find they know little. Yet the majority of them are easily BRAINSWASHED by a biased news media or Left wing programs in college rather than doing any positive research on their own. Puppets ruled by a group of Svengali’s. These facts now represent the basis of educational and parentling failures. Mitt Romney should become the head spokesman for them. Once a loser, always a loser. Good job, Tucker. Call out the other Demo idiots working for Fox. And now Fox has placed another RINO who undercut Trump by making promises and not following through with them, Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, on their board. Ryan is now advocating undercutting Trump and taking a stronger verbal discordant stance against Trump. Another liar, whose wife is an ardent Democrat, that I’m glad is out of office.

  14. Romney wrote those words to the Washington Post in that ludicrous. Op Ed piece because President Trump did not make him Secretary of State. Romney is a whore who will say or do anything to get something. It is that simple.

  15. I unfortunately campaigned vigorously for romeny in 2012. His lack of guts put Obama in office for a second term. Now he is showing his inner self. Mr. Romney you can go to hell. The Country does not need your sour grapes whine. I have an equally low opinion of his running mate, Ryan.


  16. Interesting that he never questioned the “character” of a sitting president who organized a government gun-running operation to Mexico to “prove” the need for more gun control, nor did he raise the question of “character” when a Secretary of State compromised defense classified documents risking the lives of military and CIA field agents … or when they BOTH abandoned and sacrificed brave and dedicated patriots in Benghazi to die to avoid making themselves look bad. No, Mitt was “okay” with all that but doesn’t believe Donald Trump is up to his standard of character. How pathetic.

  17. I find it interesting that Romney had to move to Utah to throw his money around to get elected to the senate! Was he really elected by the people of Utah? He has expressed anti-trump sentiments all along except when the Judas thought he could be part of President Trump’s administration. What a worm/RINO. All he is doing is obstructing progress with his rhetoric. Hated Obama but glad Romney never made it to the presidency!

  18. I never liked Romney, he was sore loser in 2012 with Ryan. Ryan is reason why we lost House. But Romney is another McCain, laid to his constutuance, outbidding its opponents. I heared on radio Friday people of Utah dispaised this Rino with double R. Romney have enoght guts to say who you really are. Loser a Democrat hiding behind diffrent party. Mr. Preaident we love you MAGA!!!!!@!!!

  19. We learn more and more who the swamp rats are! In 2020 when Conservatives re-elect Donald Trump, and the House changes guard again and the Senate HOP gets even stronger, maybe Romney, Pelosi, etc., will learn, and ESPECIALLY if Sen.Ted Cruz’s term limits bill passes!!!

  20. Maybe it’s time for all the true Mormon voters of Utah do a recall and get Mitt removed immediately. He lied on how he would support President Trump and he got elected, now he shows his true colors, I’m so tired of these politicians saying one thing to get elected and doing just the opposite once elected. How can his family even look at him and call him a man, he’s a lying cheat. Is this what the Mormon faith supports?

    • Do not judge members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by this person The teachings of the Church are of Jesus not Mitt Romney who is human and has free will
      I believe Romney is behind the times and is wrong by attacking the President
      Hopefully getting called out by Tucker Carlson and uniting the party against him will teach him a good lesson
      He lost Trump omwon

    • No, this is not who we really wanted in that position. But putting a democratic in as a senator would have been equally devastating. The lesser of two evils. But then,look at Harry Reid who also is a Mormon and who is a dirty nasty representation of a Mormon, but a great representation of a democrat. We conservatives can’t win in Utah. Romney was pushed on to us. He moved here to take Hatch’s Senate spot. I voted for him only because we needed to keep the Senate. Not because he was our choice.

  21. Mitt is a true politician. He just proved it. They will do or say any thing to get elected. Lie, cheat, steal. Anything. If he thought it would get him any help he would gladly go to the front of the line to get the mark of the beast.

  22. So much for a Mitt Romney and Governor Kasich of Ohio they are both traitors to the United States. They should be hung. No if ands or buts they are not Republicans anymore they are definitely Democrats. They only do what’s best for them and nobody else in the United States they can care less about the people just themselves and their own wallets.

  23. We on the left love to see right wingers squabble among themselves as to which faction can out True Believe the others.
    Keep up the good work, righties.

    • (Don’t insult dogs!)
      Hey, how about the Lefties creating such chaos in the House that poor old Nasty Pelosi can’t get them to agree on anything? They are all over the place, from “Moderates” if there is such a thing among Democrats, to outright Communists. I’m sitting back watching the fur fly, while Nasty uses her mallet ⚒️ to try to restore order! What a show! It will get even better when Meuller is exposed for the lying, corrupt snake he is, and takes others down with him! Did anyone bring popcorn for the Second Act? Great entertainment!

        • ASK the Mi muslim woman(in Congress now) what
          she Said to Her Young SON. & guess what she is
          teaching him. That’s Your Dem party. Defend them.

  24. Thank You President Trump i know it’s a pain dealing with so many morons. May be climate change or solar flare will get them. Stay on the wall we the country need it. MAGA ps, romney is a twit.

    • How about we stay on health care, Walter. Or infrastructure? Or clean water? You know, things that can be effective and were promised too.

  25. UnfortunatelyTucker Tucker you have maneuver in the Media swamp! Not easy to get the truth out! We need term limits NOW!

  26. Romney has hurt the Republicans two different times. The first when he ran in for President in 2012 and now when President Trump went out of his way and supported Mitt for Republican Senator! Once again Romney turns his back and not just on any supporter but the President of the United States! WHAT IS WRONG WITH MITT ROMNEY? He baffles me and his track record indicates something other than a DEVOTED person. GROW UP MITT – OR JUST BECOME A SCUMBAG DEM. You are too much for Conservatives to ever trust again!


    • Dave, I agree, Romney is a loser, loser, loser! I think that the majority of the turmoil surrounding our most excellent president is about extreme jealousy!

  28. Washington DC is nothing but a money making country club. They go there and become wealthy beyond words. The reason they hate our President is because he doesn’t need or want their money. He doesn’t owe favors to powerful people and that scares them. They can’t control him. President Trump is my favorite president of all time. Stand behind him, everything he’s doing is for we Americans. He didn’t need us, we needed him.

    • Your last statement is so true! As Conservatives, we all know that. Thanks, Tucker, for outing Romney as the two-faced, Rino Loser he is!

    • You are 100% correct. He is the best president this country has ever had and the only one with the heart of America as his number one priority. Reagan was a good president, but Donald Trump is a great president and I will vote for him again.

    • I think that Romney has soiled himself beyond any chance of redemption with his act of willful hubris! He has demonstrated that a lack of ethical leadership is why he got his clock cleaned by Obama in 2012! His slavish clinging to an ever more irrelevant and shrinking Republican Establishment is laughable. It shows just how out of touch he is. I do feel sorry for the citizens of Utah for electing such a person devoid of any discernible character however, as Obama once said, “Elections do have consequences!”….. Let’s see if this clown has learned from his faux pas. Note: He has probably done more to steer folks who were not “Huuuuge” Trump supporters firmly into his camp, much to the detriment of the week-kneed establishment and the anti-American Dems! For what its worth!

    • Do you know why? Read up on the “Open Borders Foundation” and it founder and supporters. They want “No Governments, Borders, or Religion (Christian”! Their goal is for the “Elite Billionaires” to rule the world! Go to their website and read it for yourself? Mr. Soros founded the foundation back in 1985. It funds over 2,300 liberal groups in the USA. And liberal groups in 140 foreign countries. Now Soros isn’t happy with the “European Union” the foundation bought for him! Try to find info on the voting in all the European countries to agree to the “European Union”. Please reply if you do! There are many Billionaires like Soros that want to “Rule the World”. Just so they can be in control and not have any governments interfere with their getting richer! Prove me WRONG! Please!

    • You are so right, I could not have said it better myself, President Trump is doing an awesome job for We The People, now we need to Build The WALL

    • Your statement is 100% correct!! It’s always been amazing to me how regular people go to Washington & then return home after 4-8 years a Millionaire! We desperately need Term Limits for all of these Swamp Creatures!!

  29. Mitt when you previously ran for the presidency against Obama, I was with you even though your communication with the general populace was lukewarm at best….you sir, lacked luster! Right now, president Trump is doing what I believe the American people want, and he’s outlined time and time again his accomplishments especially for the nay sayers.. Shame on you for not backing your and my president. You have to honestly stand on your principles and put on the backburner your political ideology.

      • There are bad apples in every religion! Mitt Romney and Harry Reid are two of the worst! They don’t represent anything about the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints or it’s teachings! It’s sad so many members of The Church voted for Mitt, expecting he did share their values. I didn’t vote for him! I could tell from his behavior in 2016, what his true values and intentions really are. He’s nothing more than a deep state political opportunist! He disgusts me!

  30. Exactly right, Tucker. Calling these rinos out is necessary for the nation and it’s best interests. Love your book, btw; very telling how we got to where we are now, and why Trump resonated with the American voter.

    • Hang in there Tucker Guy….Trump was and still is the Person that God used to Clean up America! We the Voters have for years needed God to intervene for America and He did just that…just what We needed! did anyone expect the News Media to go this Far in trying to Kill the Spirit of Trump within him and Us? They are so naiive and stupid to think that the Everyday Man or Woman in America and especially Us Old Guys and Gals that have been here and alive for Years,..We Are the Smart Ones …Not the Young who have not experience or wisdom that need along with their knowledge! My
      Dad trained this Girl growing up to be a Patriot and not to to allow this
      trash to happen that has come in to take us Over…Us old Gals and Guys did not put the enemy of America into Our Government…the enemies of America should have to be removed from America or shut up!Having the enemy if every area of Our Government is like have Poop Poured all over us..the more they pour the Poop more Poop they find to torment Us with. I have an idea and “Bacon” would be the way to spray it all over America to put them running! There is no such thing as a good enemy in our midst and We have a Poop load of them to remove!

      • Romney’s medical plan, as gov of liberal MA, was the precursor of Obamacare and what “o” based his plan on. Progressive, if ever there was a progressive (communist) plan. What were the voters of Utah even thinking when they elected him; and just because he’s a Mormon?

    • Because he thinks he is the smartest thing on 2 wheels..pray for him ..God does not like ugly! God will REVENGE all the Wrongdoers and wrongdoings by them before long!

      • “God does not like ugly! God will REVENGE all the Wrongdoers and wrongdoings by them before long!”

        Your god sounds like a rather unpleasant fellow.
        I prefer the god of love.
        So sorry about yours.

    • He’s a jealous, petty, two-faced, childish RINO just like the other 15 who along with him, tried and failed to get the Repunlican nomination in 2016.
      That’s what’s wrong with him. He thinks he can replace the Traitor McCain by obstructing Trump in all he tries to do. I know if he was my husband, he’d find the locks changed and his stuff in the street, Mormon or no Mormon.

  31. I live in Utah. I am a Mormon (member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and I am furious, fit to be tied. The things I have seen that Romney is saying make me sick. We don’t need another McCain or Flake. We certainly don’t need global order thinking. I hope he can get his head together and support our President in voting and in speaking.

  32. You have to question the Utah voters. Why Mitt?


    Why can’t Mitt register himself as a Democrat? He’s nowhere near the conservative status. Utah people, he sucks!

    • Sorry, but the idiots in Srewtah are just like old Mittens. Stupid people that believe that some guy looked into a top hat, through two “seer stones” and translated golden tablets. When that got “lost”, to give proof it was real, Smith said he was told he couldn’t use that tablet anymore. That’s why the translation wont be exact. No dummies. That translation wont be exactly the same, cuz it had to be redone from Smith’s memory. In other words, dear mermens, it’s like the other false teaching, praying to the moon.

      • I think we should keep this about Romney and his lack of character! It is not about his religion and, that should not be on trial here! Truth be told, we should keep in mind all of the sadly “misinformed” voters that elected Flake, McCain and Obama and the rest of these “Merry” Globalist, mental midgets? Romney is just a shallow, Crony-capitalist who is trying to be the darling of the misinformed left and the ever shrinking RINO contingent (the latter that is thankfully is in a nose-dive decline)! Romney and the left have been left much weaker because of this Romney “mistake”!

    • Romney is not a Conservative or even a Republican he is a very liberal Democrat in Republican’s clothing. Any one who pushes the New World Order like he does cannot be a real American let alone a Republican!

    • Honorable and rino are an oxymoron. rommeny is a communist aka democrat.
      America: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  33. Talk about a hypocrite, Romney virtually cried and begged for President Trump’s support as a candidate for the Senate. Too bad President Trump was willing to forgive and forget his condemnations before the 2016 election so the other Republican could have been elected. Then as proof of his lack of character and his support of the establishment in DC, he turned around and stabbed President Trump. He didn’t win the presidency because the people know he has NO CHARACTER and is a liar like the elitists in both parties. He will be lucky to survive his 6 years as a senator, because we the people are preparing to run all the commies, elitists, and deep state operators out of government and put a large number in jail……………or worse. Watch the bullseyes!!

    • Can’t we demand he be thrown out of the Republican party? It’s not like he’s going to vote for anything we want, anyhow.

      • You got that right we need just pray God will take control the dems think they hv the last word better start opening their bibles

    • But Ben, Trump has the backbone, heart and love for his country (the USA) and it’s citizens. What do YOU have? As for Romney, it’s already a telling tale, he is a turncoat, a disgusting rino. Well the fakes news and dems will turn against him eventually.

    • Check how close Bill Clinton came to criminal charges after he left office. Do know what character is/ Did Barr have it?

    • I classify myself as an Independent but have voted Republican; the last Democrat I voted for was Bill Clinton. Why, I can’t stand the anti-American posture of the past several Democrats. I held my nose and voted for Romney but wouldn’t do it again unless he was better than a Democrat. Romney is why Republicans lost the W.H. to Obummer. Romney is Democrap Lite, which is why Obummer Care was patterned after Romney Care. Romney would do the Republicans a huge favor by not pretending to be Republican if he can’t close ranks and support Our President. MAGA.

  34. When you look at establishment Republicans and Democrats alike – they have ALL become very wealthy in D.C. in jobs that don’t pay what their bank accounts and mansions indicate. Hillary herself whined about being broke when they left the White House. A meaningless term as a carpetbagger senator from New York – A failed presidential run -then she became Secretary of Take. One term at that job and voila – the Clintons were not only not broke they were fabulously wealthy. Of course as always the Clintons live in denial but the proof is in the pudding. Since Hillary second failed attempt to retake the White House – Mittens lost twice too – actually tried and is still trying to STEAL the White House – but back to the proof – ever since she lost – her book sales were a joke – her book signing tour a disaster – “donations” to the Clinton Trust – I mean “Foundation” 😉 have all but dried up and her current fund raiser “An Evening With The Clintons” is a dumpster fire. Hillary fantasized about filling the joints with $1000 a seat ticket holders falling all over her – the reality is tickets selling for $7.00 and EMPTY venues – With no “Pay For Play” to offer Hillary is worthless to those who used to support he and line her pockets. During the Uranium One fiasco Bill Clinton made a speech in Moscow and was paid $500,000 – is anyone making that kind of an offer now?

  35. I don’t understand what does Mitt Romney wants to do? If he likes Dems he can register to Democratic Party or to stay in Republican Party with dignity

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