Tucker Carlson dropped the hammer on one GOP Senator for this unbelievable reason

Tucker Carlson is the most popular host on Fox News Channel for a reason.

Carlson is unafraid to tell the truth about anyone – regardless of Party – who sells out the American people.

And now Tucker Carlson dropped the hammer on one GOP Senator for this unbelievable reason.

Tucker Carlson’s been a leading voice in the media – one of the few – sounding the alarm over Joe Biden and the foreign policy establishment blundering America into World War III with Russia over Ukraine.

Ukraine presents no national security interest for the United States.

But that hasn’t stopped neocons and supporters of the Washington, D.C. foreign policy consensus from agitating for a full-scale conflict with Russia.

Tucker Carlson explained how self-defeating this was by playing a clip of Iowa Republican Senator Joni Ernst.

Senator Ernst was among the many Senators – both Democrat and Republican – demanding tough new sanctions on Russia to try and deter President Vladimir Putin from ordering an invasion of Ukraine.

“So we do need to go ahead and impose sanctions on Russia now,” Ernst stated. “We need to show them that we mean business, and we will be there for Ukraine should they invade . . . Certainly we need to make sure that any defensive aid is in the hands of the Ukrainians as well as as much lethal aid as we can provide at this time.”

Carlson ridiculed these comments as Ernst doing nothing more than reading a script.

“Those are our leaders. Totally ignorant, just reading the script. It’d be nice to hear someone in the press corps – because it’s their job – ask the obvious follow-up, which would be, why exactly, Senator Ernst, do you believe it is so vital to send more lethal aid to Ukraine into and to quote, ‘Go ahead and impose more sanctions on Russia?’”

Carlson pointed out that U.S. sanctions would only drive Russia further into the arms of the Communist Chinese – who are the true global threat to the United States.

In addition, Carlson warned that sanctioning Russia and strengthening their alliance with China could bring about devastating economic consequences for the United States.

Carlson explained that Russia and China could convince nations around the world to stop using the U.S. dollar as their reserve currency, which would plunge the United States into economic catastrophe.

Of course, Senator Ernst and other establishment figures in Washington, D.C. who are pushing for war with Russia never address these concerns.

They act like a shooting war between the two biggest nuclear powers on planet Earth is no big deal.

Tucker Carlson is sounding the alarm about how foolish they are.

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