Tucker Carlson dropped the hammer on the one secret fear that keeps Nancy Pelosi up at night

Something is bothering Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the American Left.

Tucker Carlson figured out what it was.

And Tucker Carlson dropped the hammer on the one secret fear that keeps Nancy Pelosi up at night.

Thousands of National Guard troops occupied Washington, D.C. as the nation’s Capitol resides under a state of quasi-martial law.

Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden kept the troops patrolling the streets out of fear of a supposed right-wing militia threat to storm the Capitol on March 4, since March 4 was the original inauguration date under the Constitution.

March 4 came and went and there were no right-wing militia members to be found.

The whole thing was another fabrication.

That night, Tucker Carlson claimed the real nightmare that kept Pelosi and her fellow liberals away at night was a “peasants revolt.”

Carlson then mockingly described liberals’ fever dreams of Trump supporters marching on Washington, D.C. to restore Donald Trump as President.

“They’re terrified that someday an army of tattooed high school dropouts in Confederate flag tank-tops is going to rise up from the trailer parks of West Virginia and take over the country,” Carlson added.

“They’ll storm the cities with their 75 calibre AR-15 assault weapon machine guns with flash suppressors, each one of which can fire over a million bullets per minute when mounted on the back of an F-150 pickup truck, plastered with racist bumper stickers. That is their nightmare. That is the monster under every liberal’s bed.”

There was no attack on March 4.

Just like there was no pro-Trump coup on inauguration day.

But the troops are still occupying the Capitol.

And Carlson warned this is the latest version of endless wars.

“Next it will be something else. Bet on it,” Carlson stated.

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