Tucker Carlson ended this CNN host’s career with one truth bomb

Tucker Carlson and fake news CNN are at war.

At various times fake news CNN tried to get Carlson kicked off the air by falsely accusing him of racism or anti-immigrant bigotry.

But now Tucker Carlson ended this CNN’s host’s career with one truth bomb.

Fake news CNN’s Brian Stelter is one of the most prominent Democrat Party cheerleaders in all of the fake news media.

Stelter claims to be a media correspondent, but his show – the ridiculously named Reliable Sources – boils down to this framing: “this is what the media should to do take down Donald Trump,” and “Orange Man bad.”

Now Stelter is teaming with HBO for a documentary about the rise of fake news because of Donald Trump.

Tucker Carlson mocked Stelter as a completely unremarkable dullard whose sole talent is acting as the sock puppet for CNN President Jeff Zucker.

“I can tell you as someone who has watched his career all this time — amazing he has a job, much less one on television,” Carlson told his audience. “Hard to find someone duller or more talentless.”

“I want to live in a world where impressive people rise to the top, and unimpressive people park my car,” Carlson added. “Brian Stelter should be parking my car, but he has an HBO show.”

If Stelter wants to examine the rise of fake news he has to do nothing more than study the programming decisions at fake news CNN.

CNN recently settled a lawsuit with Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann after they smeared him as a racist at last year’s March for Life.

That was just one of a long list of stories CNN botched because once Donald Trump became President CNN officially got out of the news business and began producing narratives, which meant so-called “reporters” and hosts began spinning events to fit pre-conceived anti-Trump storylines.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Thank God for Adam Shiff. Every time he opens his mouth, he reminds all just how stupid and untrustworthy the Dems, especially the California morons who elected him, really are.

  2. Basically the fake news began a full twist during bill Clinton’s impeachment. The media went full tilt to sell the impeachment as just oral sex between consenting adults. You heard that argument everywhere in the news. That was the big test to where we are today with a worthless, inept media.

  3. You have my permission to use my name if you want to. I believe President Trump was falsely accused with hearsay,conjecture,wishful thinking and unfounded accusations as facts by the liberal left. Americans are not fooled by the left or their propaganda media, and that includes complicit Americans who know this is all a lie.

  4. Speaking of a “Truth Bomb” – – – Trump has a new record. Whereas George Washington could not tell a lie, Trump cannot tell the Truth:
    Fact Checker
    President Trump made 16,241 false or misleading claims in his first three years
    Three years after taking the oath of office, President Trump has made more than 16,200 false or misleading claims — a milestone that would have been unthinkable when we first created the Fact Checker’s database that analyzes, categorizes and tracks every suspect statement he has uttered.
    We started this project as part of our coverage of the president’s first 100 days, largely because we could not possibly keep up with the pace and volume of the president’s misstatements. We recorded 492 claims — an average of just under five a day — and readers demanded that we keep it going for the rest of Trump’s presidency.
    Little did we know what that would mean.
    In 2017, Trump made 1,999 false or misleading claims. In 2018, he added 5,689 more, for a total of 7,688. And in 2019, he made 8,155 suspect claims.

  5. CNN is just a puppet on a string for the Demonics. I don’t personally know anyone that watches CNN (Communist New Network) or the other fake news (opinions). They are a joke?

  6. Brian Stelter is nothing but a butt kissing deplorable fat slob wannabe journalist dumber than a rock left wing radical democrat

  7. Scott and earl,2 leftist turds that need to be flushed.trump living in your fat heads rent free.driving u 2 crazy isn’t it?

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