Tucker Carlson got one phone call that was the worst news of his life

Tucker Carlson is one of the top-rated stars on Fox News.

The left despises Carlson because he supports Donald Trump and questions the globalist policies of mass migration and open borders.

But while he was at work he got one phone call that was the worst news of his life.

A left-wing mob – Smash Racism D.C. – descended on the street Carlson lives on.

Gang members blocked off both ends of the street while thugs marched on his home.

They chanted that they knew where Carlson lived and that they knew where he slept at night.

Antifa members also demanded he “leave town.”

Democrat supporting goons even damaged his door when they tried to push it in.

Carlson’s wife was so terrified that she locked herself in the pantry and called 9-1-1.

The Daily Caller reports:

A left-wing mob showed up outside Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s house Wednesday evening, posted pictures of his address online and demanded that he flee the city of Washington, D.C.

Carlson, a co-founder of The Daily Caller and host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” was at the Fox News studio when the angry crowd showed up outside of his house.

At least one of the protesters went all the way up to Carlson’s front door, where they left a sign with his family’s home address written on it and rang his doorbell. Carlson’s wife Susie was home alone at the time.

The group “Smash Racism DC” posted video footage to Twitter showing one of the mob’s ringleaders leading the crowd in chants of “racist scumbag, leave town!” and “Tucker Carlson, we will fight! We know where you sleep at night!”

The left-wing violence is the most underreported story of 2018.

So-called “journalists” cover it up because a) they think conservatives deserve it and b) it helps Democrats if conservatives believe it isn’t worth it to oppose the left.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Or these Antifa Communists Liberals can be escorted to the Mexican border after their citizenship is removed for violent terrorism against America.

  2. The moment these fools are told that violence begets violence they will realize that they don’t have the monopoly of violence. Conservatives are too law abiding. That’s why the left takes them for granted.

  3. If you read instead of judging you would know that the helicopter was grounded because of the weather at the pilots discretion. President Trump went to another cemetery closer and did honor the Veterans. It was raining and GLORY BE he even held his own umbrella, he didn’t even need some soldier to hold it for him like Obama did. Amazing isn’t it?

  4. The 2nd admendment was sanctioned by the SCOTUS for self defence. Also for defence of freedom. Use it if needed. Refuse to be a victim.

  5. Legally? It’s not LEGAL to trespass on someone’s property and damage their property.

    It’s not legal to disturb the peace.

  6. She is telling the truth which you wouldn’t have the slightest idea of. You only believe what your party tells you to.

  7. When these thugs lay dying in streets due to lead poisoning They will not understand what it means to do the crap they do. It will not be long before these idiots will figure out we are fed up with their BS. It’s time to send a message and see if they can figure it out. The more that are left bleeding in the street the better. I’d like to see them try this BS in a state where concealed and open carry is legal. We have a right to protect our selves from trash like this.

  8. I’m sorry, country girl, you obviously don’t have a clue about the world, so you’re forgiven for such an absurdly dishonest reply. Be well. I wish you the best.

  9. Obama never honored the military so why do you bring this up now. I’ve seen President Trump honor our Veterans all the time, rain or shine! He even gave them his salary. So you must be talking about the Muslim president who didn’t allow National Day
    of prayer but he honored The Muslim holidays. The one that has
    Caused so much violence in America and is escalating it. The one who called ISIS the JV team. The one who golfed while Our bravest military was being killed in Benghazi because hillary, holder and Obama gave them the guns to kill them and then lied about it? My relatives have served in the military also you yahoo! I’m sick of you demoinrats twisting everything around!

  10. Interesting… apparently not one of you yahoos can attempt that explanation. Go ahead, continue ignoring truth and reality. It WILL come back to visit you.

  11. All other things aside, I’m pleading with all of you alt-righter and Trump supporters to help me understand something. It’s Veterans Day. I have relatives who fought and died fighting for this country in the bitter cold, the rain and the mud. How do you justify a president… a president of the United States… foregoing an opportunity to respect those fallen heroes who made this country… because it was raining? Please… explain that to me.

  12. People, remember they are anarchists for a reason. NYC roads are run by the criminally insane. The thugs have taken over NYC, and the NYPD have their hands tied.

  13. Exactly. Nobody deserves this, no matter what side of the political aisle they may be. They should be arrested and charged. This is really getting out of hand. Somebody is going to get hurt. This is just wrong.

  14. It is a terrorist organization not a protest organization and needs to be treated as such. Jail without bail. Charge with sedition and a death penalty.

  15. I think we should do a way with the laws and neglect them as our politicians do. Go back to being a bunch of vigilantes like in the days before the civil war. We need to teach these snow flakes what they should have learn in school and higher learning places, in stead of letting these kids rule their lives. All theses snow flakes want to do is drink,dope up,and party because they daddie an mom will take care of their bill’s

  16. why list them as terrorist first they wanted to tear down statues of lee and jackson but are to stupid to know why those statues were for, if you say slavery you get the idiot award, because both were against slavery in fact jackson broke va law and helped setup the first african american colony in va. lee had 194 slaves when he inherited his mothers house but they were all released by lee in dec 1861 before the war and talked davis out of starting the war 4 times so think and you will figure it out

  17. The black panthers are listed as a hate group by the southern poverty law center, whom happens to be libturds.

  18. You’re so right! FOX NEWS is the ONLY news station who reports ALL the news, while the other news stations, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and others are all Democrats, so they only report what they want to!

  19. Antifia Terrorist Group attacks Tuckers house. Where R the arrests who frightened his wife & their home?? These Liberals have to be stopped, time to put them in jail. U just can’t go to peoples houses & threaten them, banging on their doors, telling them we know where U sleep. What about the threats not written here, yelling to his wife, they have pipe bombs?
    I can only imagine if the kids were home, how frighten they would have been. It would have scarred them for life, his poor wife, how scared she must have been. I think it time for her to get a gun to protect herself & her children, when Tucker is at work.
    I hope police will do drive bys to check on them.
    Arrests need to be made when people go after others like this w/ threats & gathers at someones house. STOP letting them get away with this behavior.
    Civil War is almost here. Lock & Load.

  20. Exactly because they are breaking the law and if anybody else did that they would be arrested snap of a finger. They should be deported to another country of their choice just not here.

  21. I don’t understand why Antifa simply cannot be outlawed and its’ members be arrested on the spot, especially when wearing those cowardly masks!!! We need to be smart about it and just do it, not just to be stupid and just allow them to be free.

  22. George – These thugs are being financed by Soros. His criminal past goes way beyond Antifa. The DOJ and FBI have been in the process of deep cleansing. Rosenstein needs to go. Whittaker was just hired as acting DOJ. I think the handcuffs have been removed and they can start doing their job. Antifa is on the to do list.

  23. Man from Grey – I thought the Ethics Committee had been looking into MaxiPad’s unciting violence. I haven’t heard where it stands yet though. I don’t know if it indeed started, or is in process or is completed. She should be punished. She is the antithesis of ethics and civility.

  24. Antifa should be called Protifa. They are the 21st century’s version of Hitler’s Brownshirts, the Sturm Abteilung. They also went around beating and killing those who disagreed with their political philosophy. I would expect them to start burning books which go against their point of view. I fear for the future because of the past.

  25. john – Protecting your family and your property is hardly at the same level as these liberal thugs. Would you not protect your own in the same circumstances?

  26. You are so right 73 and packing ,women should get your perments and learn to

    Protect yourself join a gun club.

  27. Because DC is a Democommie sinecure which prohibits the necessary tools for self-defense. Gotta keep their scum safe.

  28. Albert – The order to stand down probably comes from their boss(es), the mayor or the governor or whoever is in charge.

  29. unfortunately if in va i think they have tobe in the house or you can be held guilty but i agree they should be allow because anyone who new he was at w3ork did it because of that is a coward. please remember my memory is from 25 years ago so i hope they have change for they people not the criminals or animals who would do this

  30. excuse me i served my country proudly i am liberal but not like any liberal you ever saw i don’t agree with trump or his actions but please forgive that is bull crap you have a problem you take it to them not there kids or there spouses who are not involved in this and to me if i have a problem to me if you don’t have the guts to do it this way your nothing but a wannabe thug who is a coward has to scare innocent people. i have a problem i will walk up to you face tell you how i feel shake your hand say i’m sorry if i disturb your family and walk a way that is how you make changes because this bully crap doesn’t get remembered the action does and if people are to stupid and deserve jail. do i feel trump is wrong yes for the way he is dealing with things yes he should go in front of a congressional review and held accountable for it but pelosi and waters and everyone else should be right there next to him, i hold everyone who is involved accountable not the innocent who should not have to be involved, sorry i hate bullies

  31. Let’s try a “for instance” !
    What if …
    – Suzie felt threatened enough that she pulled out that shotgun that’s sitting in the hallway closet ?
    – if she shot towards the front door that was being beat upon by an intruder (who was already on their property ?
    – if took that shot – and hit ?

    Being IN her home … what would have been the police reaction…with the understanding that the typical police reaction is usually something like, “People shouldn’t take the law into their own hands and they should wait for our official response” …kind of crap? DC is unquestionably a Democrat stronghold. Their street violence and arrest history is very poor … what is a person to do when confronted with freewheeling violent acts, such as these THUGS perpetrate on their victims. When poltically-motivated city officials turn a blind-eye !
    My prognostication is … Suzie would have been prosecuted to the FULLEST extent of the law! We are advancing to the entrance to the abyss, my friends, and only an avoidable catastrophe will wake us up to its inevitable lesson!
    Nowhere in the Bible, regarding the end-times, does it mention the survival of a just and righteous USA ! Food for thought !

  32. I think he cops should be arrested when they don’t do THEIR jobs! Cops seeem too be working more for the politicians then the people.

  33. This is the type of thing people like Maxine Waters have been calling for. These Antifa people should be prosecuted and Maxine waters and her ilk should be prosecuted as accesories to the crime.

  34. Disorderly conduct, creating a disturbance, vandalism, personal threats and harassment are illegal acts… where were the police? Told to stand down?

  35. If someone comes to my home masked they will be considered gangsters and dealt with accordingly. Time to call the undertaker.

  36. Someone should publish a list of the leftwing news outlet leaders so the conservative mobs can do the same to them. I forgot we don’t have mobs that do these things.

  37. Why wait until some of the family is hurt or killed before doing anything? I want to protect my family from harm so I will do whatever I have to, to do it. Tuckers wife was definitely in danger, nobody knows what they would have done, had they gotten into his home.
    Nobody comes into my home uninvited if I can stop them with whatever I have to do stop it. Deadly force needs to be applied any time you or your family in in danger and in this case, it was definitely called for.

  38. Locked up for life is best for them. Also the wives should get training for self defense, weapons and arm themselves. Obviously the DC police are not going to help.

  39. Perhaps if the FBI would release the list of the various organizations that includes names and addresses and photographs to the general public this will stop their illegal antics.

  40. Where were the law enforcement people. This was trespassing on private property and endangering citizens life. Had the family confronted the thugs and asked to vacate the property, I have no doubt that harm would have been had.

  41. If this situation became more violent and this mob of terrorists broke down the door and entered the home and found the wife hiding and beat her to death then the police would be there just in time to call the coroner and have a toe tag ready for the victim. That is why you have to rely on yourself for protection an why the politicians want your guns. You can not protect yourself so the country then becomes like all dictator run countries as a police state, just like Adolf Hitler started out with his plans for Germany in killing his opposition and taking weapons away from people and rounding up the Jews and killing all them they could. This is done in steps so it is not as noticeable to people unless you are informed. That is why you don’t hear a lot from main stream media is they do not want to inform you and are on the radical side of the agenda.

  42. This is what a communist takeover of America by liberal communists looks like, America. LIBERALS ARE COMMUNISTS AND TERRORISTS AND ARE NOT AMERICANS. The Democratic Party is now the new Amerikan Communist Party. Americans need to eradicated these communist creatures from American society by whatever means necessary. America is fighting for its existence.

  43. Just knocking someones door down or attempting to would and should not warrant such an action.Now had they gotten inside and hurt someone,,ie ,,his wife or children,,THEN the use of deadly force would and should apply

  44. It is time to put a halt to these terrorists. They should be declared terrorist groups. They use the very same methods that all dictators use to control the people. They use violence and fear to get you to shut up or they will harm you. These people need to be locked up and put away for a good period of time to make them think of what is right and what is wrong. They apparently don’t know that this is a form of assault. If they came to my door and tried to break it down I would have no recourse but to defend my home and my person.

  45. I also want to know whether the police arrived “in time” a(before Antifa gang members left) and whether anyone was arrested. It’s way past time to start arresting Antifa gang members and announcing their identities. I thought it was illegal in D.C. to wear covers over their faces. Arrests must start!


  47. We play by the “rules” and get screwed every time. Time to start playing dirty. 50 years of Republican timidity has got us here. Fight for America, grow a “pair”.

  48. NONE!! But they did it anyway. I am sympathetic to the police force(s) throughout the country but the DC Metro police behave like keystone-cops, sometimes. The PD should have arrested them AND torn down the blockades at the end of the street

  49. Evil aggressors have ALWAYS thrived on appeasement using the capitulations of the good to strengthen their cancerous spreads. It ALWAYS ends the same way in
    havoc and horror where the feckless good end up suffering for and with the insolent
    and impenitent evil. There has been 40,000 Wars across 6,000 years averaging 6.6 Wars per year many of which could have been averted if the good had acted with courage to make evil fear good. Cowardice isn’t Christian.

  50. I still do not understand why the DC police did not make arrests.Everything about Washington DC sucks. They have no honor, no morals, no civility! The Democrats almost all have broken the law or lied to the FBI. Liberals are trash.

  51. I can under stand why no arrests can be mad IF, and I repeat “IF” the masked, modern version of the KKK disbanded before the police arrived but,if the attackers were still in the area and the police ma on arrests I can only assume that they, or the superiors, were on the take and were paid not to do their job. The Soros arm seems to reaching out in more directions. I’m seeing way too many exampled of this when it comes to these ANTIFA terrorists. It’s becoming a blatant fact that the police mission is NOT TO PROTECT but, to come in and pick up the bodies. Like I always said, YOUR SAFETY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND YOU CAN’T COUNT ON THE POLICE TO PROTECT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. These terrorists know that WHEN SECONDS COUNT THE POLICE AR 30 MINUTES AWAY!

  52. It’s unfortunate that this is what we have become as a Nation: people protesting on both sides, albeit legally, at others’ private residences; others threatening to bomb or shoot fellow citizens as the answer. Shame on all of us.

  53. Where is the money coming from to support these
    criminals. If SOROS is financing the criminal
    activities he should spend the rest of his life in jail.
    Where is the DOJ and FBI ?

  54. Action against honest individuals will sooner or later result in a response! These fools have started this war, so they are responsible for the outcome. If they show up on someones property ARMED, it will be met with ARMED RESPONSE! Be glad they’re not in Texas!

  55. I’d say since no one was arrested, the police chief and all officers should be fired. Start over with those who are impartial. This is ridiculous!

  56. the right to protest does not exist on private property. a couple of automatic shotguns will bring out the coward in them


  58. So, how long did it take the cops to get on the scene? What did they do after they got there (if they even came)? For some they seemed to know where he lived and they probably knew he was not home. I think I would set a trap and after it was sprung I would remove the mask from the body and know who some of them were. You want push back then I will be willing to do just that. The fact they cover their faces means they are cowards and they know it is illegal to do what they are doing. Make an example of one and the rest will run like crazy.

  59. “We know where you [live].”
    “We know where you [live].”
    “We know where you [live].”
    “We know where you [live].”

    How sickening is that?!?! Where are the justice? We can’t permit this kind of uncivility to roam recklessly across the nation. Why the f is Maxine Waters getting away with it?! Where are the Ethics Committee that should expel her from the Congress?

    Not happy with our government.

  60. This assault on Mr. TUCKER’S family is shameful. What would have happened if Mrs. TUCKER HAD A HEART CONDITION? Then what? Would NBC CBS ABC CNN MSNBC OR ANY OF THE NEWS ORGANIZATIONS HAVE COME OUT AND REBUKED THIS? Hell no. They jump at any chance to blast Trump or any of his supporters but, when it comes to their own nothing.
    It’s in the air. People can feel it. They have been pushed to the breaking point. They’re going to push back. Maxine Waters wants to push back, cause a scene, draw a crowd. The Democrats are going to get just what they’ve been asking for.
    They are pushing this country and this people into a REVOLT. The likes none has ever seen before. You think the Civil War was bad just look out. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Its coming.
    All this crap of impeaching Trump and Kevenaugh. Hold on to your hats…I feel and Ill wind blowing and it ain’t going to be a good day for the left and the cowards they call followers.
    Thank you and may GOD BLESS THIS COUNTRY.


  62. A bunch of cowards covering their faces and forming gangs like a bunch of wolves, they will be identified and dealt with accordingly

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