Tucker Carlson had one mic drop that proved the media wrong

Tucker Carlson has very little respect for the media.

Carlson no longer hides his disdain.

And Tucker Carlson had one mic drop that proved the media wrong.

Carlson finds out how awful the Australian media is 

During an event in Australia, Tucker Carlson discovered that nation’s media may be even more contemptible than the American media.

One journalist asked Carlson if he felt “any level of shame or regret” over the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to an interview.

The implication being that Putin would never let a real journalist ask him questions.

Carlson’s been batting down smears like that ever since he rejected the Russia collusion hoax and called out the globalist foreign policy that sought war with Russia first over Syria and then over Ukraine.

This led to a 10 minute verbal destruction of this reporter’s question, and the media in general, by Carlson and how their support for the absurd war in Ukraine has hurt that country.

“I thought you were describing Putin as a psychopathic liar and yet now you’re taking his word for things?” Carlson stated. “I mean, let me just quickly unpack your absurd soliloquy if I can . . . Ukraine has been completely destroyed, and now Zelensky has passed a law allowing foreign corporations to own land there. So you tell me what Ukraine is gonna look like in 30 years when all of it is owned by BlackRock and multinational corporations and its population is not Ukrainian.”

Carlson said the West pushed for this war by constantly trying to bring Ukraine into NATO, and yet no one who supports the war feels any shame about the death and destruction inflicted on Ukraine, which is partly their fault.

“So the tragedy of what’s happened in Ukraine is orchestrated by the western powers, including by your government and driven by my government — I feel shame about it and I hope you do too — is one of the greatest crimes of my lifetime,” Carlson added.

Carlson mocked journalists, like his inquisitor, who think opposing the war equates to support for Putin.

“So the idea that somehow if you’re against that you’re for Putin, well of course, that’s absurd,” Carlson declared.

Carlson debunks another myth 

Carlson also shredded the idea that he considers the United States the moral equivalent of dictatorships like Russia and North Korea simply because Carlson pointed out the failings of past American foreign policy choices.

“I’m not saying that we are morally equivalent to Putin, I’m not saying that,” Carlson explained. “What I’m saying is, our concerns should be, first and foremost, how are our countries run?”

Carlson called out the tendency of the press to give U.S. leaders a pass for policy fiascos, such as the Iraq War, by claiming a murderous dictator on the other side of the world is worse.

Calrson agreed that is the case, which is why he doesn’t live in those countries and hopes the U.S. can be better than those places.

“And we give our own leaders a pass time and time again because they point to some other creep on the world stage and say ‘he’s bad.’ Kim Jung Un is bad, well, yeah of course he’s bad. That’s why I don’t live in North Korea. It’s why I don’t live in Russia. I have no interest in living in Russia. But the point is, you’re bad too.”

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